Cesc Fabregas says Arsenal just to get that first trophy under their belts

According to Cesc Fabregas, Arsenal’s victory in the 2023-24 Premier League might mark the beginning of Arsenal’s dominance in English football. The former Arsenal midfielder told PA News agency, “Obviously you can imagine what it will mean. More than just winning a title but the belief will be back, the trust between the players and the staff and the fans and the whole club.

Fabregas to PASports: “Obviously you can imagine what it will mean – more than just winning a title but the belief will be back, the trust between the players and the staff and the fans and the whole club.

“The family that was there when I was there will be back, the moments of ‘we are strong and we know we can win’; at the moment it is a little bit ‘are we ready, are we not?’

“If they can manage to win the first one [under Arteta], I believe it could become a constant threat for Arsenal to be challenging for all the top titles.”

Listening to the ex-midfielder speak makes me even more hungry for Arsenal to win the Premier League.

For the second season in a row, our Gunners have been in the title race. Last season, their lack of experience and a thin quality squad, hampered by injuries, prevented them from winning the title. This season, they’re demonstrating their will and determination to sustain the title charge. They presently lead the Premier League with 71 points. Liverpool has the same number of points as them but trails them on goal difference, while Manchester is third, one point behind the two.

With seven games remaining, our Gunners have their job cut out for them—win them all and lift the league. With a league triumph, our Gunners may not only end their 20-year League drought, but they may also celebrate their efforts over the last few seasons under Mikel Arteta. With the league title win, some may eventually look at Arsenal and conclude that they are not league pretenders, but rather true title challengers for seasons to come.

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Life is good for us Arsenal fans right now

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  1. Arsenal must win against Aston Villa and Bayern Muenchen, otherwise it’s going to be another trophyless season

  2. Though the big German wasn’t brought in as a leading striker, he was and continued to be dangerous in that position, his adaptability between midfield and attack maybe just what the gaffer saw us lacking to get that first trophy under our belt for sometime.

  3. The only trophy for Arsenal this season will be FA Community Shield in August 23. This fixation with titles is so childish. The BIG thing is that Arsenal FC is back on top level. Winning or becoming second or third, who cares? Learn to enjoy the long and winding road from August to May, and you will realize that it’s not so importand who gets the Silverware.
    By the way: If Arsenal shall be able to win titles, the club must get a proper striker, and the only man to strike for The Gunners is the Swede Viktor Gyökeres. Fight for his move to Emirates, or stop complaining. Get Gyökeres!

  4. As it stands at this stage of our progress, we have to identify our priority/target and then go for it. We can’t afford to mistake Greediness/Neivity to AMBITION. We have to be smart and professional in our plans, and the set target shall be attained comfortably!

  5. Yes. Arteta must win the big 2 soon to avoid the physiological block of always coming up short.

    There have been promising, capable and talented managers with outstanding teams but always coming up short on lifting trophies.

    The longer it goes the longer it develops a psychological hurdle both to the manager and the players.

    1. The longer it goes the longer it develops a psychological hurdle both to the manager and the players.

      Thats a paragraph straight out a Sigmund Freud book

      Let’s see how we fair come the end of the season
      Hopefully we can win at least one of the two you mentioned

  6. It’s looking like we won’t finish with any major trophy this season.

    I pray they prove me wrong and win at least one of them.

    The Bayern match just showed me we still can’t handle nervy moments.

    Hopefully, they can learn a vital lesson and do their best and try to stay calm and composed in the rest of the games.

    1. It is this kind of negativity by SJ that annoys some of us! Why should a real gooner be so negative about the team? Is this a neutral person’s or a fan’s comment? Some people pretend to be realistic when in reality they are outright negative. Where do you base to assert that they won’t win anything? Any team can have nervy moments because it is a human instinct but what ultimately matters is whether the team overcomes those nervy moments like the boys did against Bayern. Obviously we had a bad history of losing to Bayern so it was not strange that we were a bit nervy especially after conceding that kind of goal. However the fact that we overcame those nerves and finished the stronger side should be a cause for optimism.

      1. Why should his opinion annoying others concern him ?
        That’s your issue if a strangers opinion annoys you
        Are you saying he should say Arsenal will win title just because it makes some happy ?

        Isn’t Fabregas saying the same ?
        That this young squad just need that one trophy to get them over the line ?

      2. I love Arsenal FC to the core. I just try to be realistic.
        We have 4 difficult matches that might see us drop points and lose the titles.
        But I’m hopeful that they prove me wrong.

        Bayern A
        Chelsea H
        Tottenham A
        Man Utd A

        These are obviously difficult matches. How sure are you that we can win all 4?

        Of course, I want us to win them all, but I wouldn’t place my money on these 4 matches though.

        Since you are very optimistic, you can place your money on those 4 matches that we will win them all.

        We messed up our league position with the losses to Westham and Fulham. We would have been 6 points clear by now, which would have strengthened our grip on 1st position.

        1. SJ, I am not one of JA s many” we wil win everygame we everplay” types and I always preach realism..
          But to my mind, the away game at United will suit our style admirably and I DONT SEE HOW THEY CAN COPE WITH US.
          Chelsea esp playing away are , frankly, a ragbag lot, with talenr but no discernable shape whatsoever and will be easy meat for us.
          At Bayern, I expect us to lose and thus get knocked out of a comp which to my mind , we were NEVER going to win anyway and that will free us up to put allour resources and effort into the Prem.. The single game where i agre with you is Spurs away and that to me is the game where we will either effectively win or lose the Prem.
          I have just , as in minutes agi watched Mickey Van de Ven , make two dreadful mistake sin three minutes to lead to Newcastle winning 2-0 against Spurs approaching halftime at St James’s. I only pray he has some more dreadful mistakes left for when we play them.

          But overall, I am more confident than you sem to be about our Prem chances. I suggest that total realists know that far from biung a bad thing , the best thing that could happen to make our Prem chances VERY GOOD, is for us to lose in Munich.
          THAT and SPURS away will decide our Prem fate, one way or the other..

          1. We won at Spurs last year for the first time in a long while, so we might be able to do it again.

            I can’t remember the last time we won at Old Trafford in the league.
            It has been years.

            I hope and pray that we win all our remaining games though.

            1. SJ I only WISH, that I too were so YOUNG that I too could not us remember winning at United. Fans of my age have seen us win there a good many times, but if given the choice between being so old, as I AM, that I CAN EASILY remember so many wins there, or being so young that I COULD NOT, I would, in truth, opt for being a kid again!

              Enjoy your youth while you still can, as it will soon be gone and you will be middle aged before you know it!

              1. Oh, yes. That’s right. Thank you.

                Aubameyang scored a penalty goal that day for us to win 1 – 0.

                Hopefully, we replicate a similar win their come this May.

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