Cesc Fabregas tells Arteta what Declan Rice’s best position is in the Arsenal line-up

Cesc Fabregas has emphasized how our Arsenal manager, Mikel Arteta, can get more out of our record signing, Declan Rice.

Since joining us in the summer, the Englishman has been a revelation. He fits right in with Arteta’s project. Indeed, he has transformed the dynamics of our engine room. It’s the one position we don’t have to worry about. Since his debut for us, he’s played as a holding midfielder and, more recently, as a box-to-box midfielder.

Fabregas believes Mikel Arteta can get the most out of Rice if he is allowed to play as a box-to-box midfielder rather than a holding midfielder, which limits his ability to play with the ball at his feet.

“Rice’s physicality allows him to cover so much of the pitch that sometimes, as a lone No 6, you lose a big part of his capabilities, especially physically,” Fabregas told Premier League Productions via quotes by 90min. “He has grown with the ball.

“I think he is capable of giving final balls now, even to go to the edge of the area like Rodri. We have seen him a couple of times, edge of the box, Champions League finals, and scored the goals. Rice has that talent, as well.”

Rice can certainly “explode” in an attacking role, according to Fabregas’ words. The Englishman has only scored one goal in 11 appearances for our club, but he has tried nine shots, four of which have been on target, making him the fourth Gunner with the most on-target shots (only Martin Odegaard, Bukayo Saka, and Gabriel Martinelli have more), indicating that if he is to play in an attacking role, he has enough potential.

But would Arsenal lose out on Rice’s defensive qualities if he is permanently moved forward?

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  1. I agree with Fabregas. That’s why I keep emphasizing that we need a quality holding midfielder to allow Rice to venture up-field and add goals to his game.
    Partey is the ideal man, but he is injury-prone and will be away at the AFCON for a while. Jorginho does not inspire enough confidence to be Partey’s replacement.

    1. Rice shld play upfront (box to box) while Quentin Timber shld be signed in January to complement partey in midfield, jorginho shld be sold to Barca or fernabache please we are tired of flops in Arsenal

  2. Fabregas should concern himself with Barca and Chelsea where he became legend winning a lot of trophies.

    We have not forgotten, when he went on strike to force his move to Barca.

    Wenger was hurt because he betrayed him as a Captain and at a time the team was built around him. Wenger refused let him back as a result.

    Fabregas, kindly talk about Barca and Chelsea and leave us, Arsenal alone.

    1. What is the point of holding a grudge? Is the point valid or not¿? Who wants to work all his life without success??? At the time to you talked about it was obvious to everyone that our club
      was more interested in playing “beautiful football” and making money, not winning trophies. If he was your brother what would you advise that he do???

    2. Why the anger against Cesc Fabregas? Even Henry went on to play at Barca but he is a fan of Arsenal . I hate idiots who hold grudges on other people . Fab is as much a legend of Arsenal as Patrick Viera

  3. I agree CM.I believe Timber was bought ,not just because he is an excellent defender but because he is sufficiently skilled and adaptable to be used as a defensive midfielder, where he played for Ajax on the odd occasion.It will be interesting to see where Arteta uses Timber when he recovers as I cannot believe he was recruited to play as an inverted LB .

  4. Rice is so good that he seamlessly slots into both of those positions. I don’t know which is his best position moving forward but he is one hell of a ball-winner.

    Right now our midfield three picks themselves and Rice is the box-to-box. Like with Vieira even when he plays box-to-box he is the best defensive midfielder on the pitch, and arguably the best defensive player on the pitch.

    If he adds an attacking threat to his game he will be one hell of a formidable player. I will admit though that before he joined the AFC I thought Rice was a six, like for England.

    Maybe Rice and Partey will take turns venturing forward because Partey has a nice deft touch when passing and we know that Rice can slot right in. Arteta likes his players to be versatile

  5. Personally, I always saw Rice as the Xhaka replacement when it became obvious that Arsenal was very keen on signing him. But then, almost out of nowhere, Havertz was signed. From that point I’ve been wondering if Rice was signed to play at 6 or 8. Whatever the case, I think he’s a brilliant player who can do well in either position. Recently he’s said the ex-Arsenal player he is trying to emulate is Patrick Viera and that is an excellent target he’s set for himself.

  6. I think Fabrigas is spot on. A set up like the towards the end of a recent game against Manchester City. Thomas Partey in holding midfield and then Rice allowed a free role upfront.


  7. Agree with fabregas. The thing is, rice does give you the option of playing the holding role, so can cover for injuries in that position. The trouble is, we don’t really have another who’s suited to the “xhaka role” particularly for the bigger games.

  8. Personally I think Rice was parteys replacement. We all know partey plays box to box midfielder. Same should be to Rice if he so feels he can manage it. Party has the physic, strength, fast running superb recoveries. Its all to arteta and Rice agree on what is best for two and club and us as funs.

  9. No any grudge against fabrigas allowed. But I think he’s among those players who betrayed the club and he should never talk anything about arsenal. Let him join the likes of Van persie ,Nasri, just to mention. Players who left when the club needed them.you can’t share ideas with a betrayer ever.

  10. You are right, who doesn’t want to win trophies, fabrigas was right to leave to a club he thought he would win them. He has good advice to our coach.

  11. I think Fabregas and those that left the club when the team needed them are mercenaries and therefore cannot be club legends.They sold their skilss everywhere..like me I HV a fabregas Jersey and its screaming betrayal whenever I see it…yeah talk about Barca, Chelsea and Man city were you all went…leave us alone

  12. Yes, Fabregas is a betrayor, he left the club when it was in dire need of him. How can he pretend to wish success to the club now and not at the time of his departure?

  13. Noticed that my earlier comments have disappeared but glad to read that others have similar opinions regarding Fabregras and his irrelevance.

  14. Fabregras played his final season at Arsenal with one leg already out the door and put in some half hearted efforts. Then there were the shenanigans around him wearing a Barcelona shirt and cozying up with his future teammates. It was probably karma when he gave the ball away at the Bernabao stadium in that Champions league game. I know it was not intentional but his mustn’t have been in the right place.

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