Chambers and Holding OK but Arsenal MUST cough up Mustafi cash

It is being reported that Arsenal are being asked for a bit more of a transfer fee than we were ready to pay to sign the Germany international Shkodran Mustafi from La Liga club Valencia. This is hardly surprising as the Spanish club are sure to know that Arsenal are desperate and are running out of time, especially after the loss of our first Premier League game of the season with four goals conceded.

Despite those four goals I was impressed with the performance at the centre of our defence from Calum Chambers and the new boy Rob Holding also looked alright and gave us a lot of encouragement for his future career as a Gunner. I do not think we can rely on them as a defensive pairing though, because they need an experienced player to help and guide them.

In theory it might be okay with Koscielny and one of the two young centre backs playing, but what if the Frenchman cannot play due to an injury, fitness or disciplinary problem? How many times has this sort of thing cost Arsenal dear?

That is why we need Mustafi and why Valencia want more than the £20 million for him. The Daily Mail says £10 million more while The Mirror says around £5 million more. Both reports claim, however. that Arsenal and Wenger are baulking at the demands and I just do not get it.

The transfer situation may not be ideal but our squad situation is even worse and so Wenger must bite the bullet in order to fix it. Stop messing about Arsene and get the deal done.



  1. Once again, if United can swallow their pride and spend a fortune to bring back pogba, we could’ve spend the 8 million roma paid for tv5 and bring him back in addition to mustafi.
    Mertesacker is done, chambers should go out on loan, holding must stay to develop and as insurance for injuries. So mustafi and tv5 battle for the right to partner lk6 and Gabriel as the 4th choice cb.

    1. Chambers is not good enough. Holding seems talented. Let Debuchy and Chambers leave. We need a new CB and back up right back. Oh yeah, new striker and winger, and now midfielder. Idk if I’ve ever seen the team this bad?

      1. Chambers did exactly the same mistakes Kos did when he joined. Is a classical case of not playing minutes in EPL. Besides, let’s not forget the blunder made by Wenger pairing Chambers with Holding where Holding was the RCB and Chambers LCB. If you really want to pair them it has to be the other way around. He basically crippled Chambers from his best foot. Chambers is also known as a RB so why the fsck Chambers paired him with Monreal I have no clue.

    2. The Mustafi deal is taking so long to be sewn up I’m starting to lose hope and the truth of the matter is we all know why the deal is stalling it’s because Arsenal don’t want to pay the money Valencia want but we are desperate and all clubs out there know this!

  2. Wenger is too smart not to know in which areas of the team he needs to strengthen (ST,CB, RW not a necessity but if upgrade possible)! It is clear as day!
    He has also heard the boos and knows that this situation that has been on going is about to reach it’s peak with the fans and it’s going to get ugly…I believe he is aware just look & listen to his post game. He looks like man in distress. Like a coup to disposed him is about to occur.
    The sad part is that to make this frustration go away (for a while), get the fans back on your side is to refresh the team by making it stronger. To do so, simple: START SPENDING THE MONEY AVAILABLE! You have to try and if you fail even after trying and sustaining a challenge for the title. It’s ok.
    But you expect to do better with the same team that failed 3 times now and a team that in it’s most part as failed to bring a major title to the team.
    Unless everything was a lie/not the entire truth and we don’t have much or nothing allocated to transfers, it begs questions: Where is all the money? And the part that wasn’t used in previous windows? What is the strategy, the agenda? Who are the persons responsible? Who holds them accountable? What is the money we have used for? Why did we move stadium if we can’t compete on the market? Can we compete? Do you or don’t you want to spend? What is the priority? How do Arsenal value players exactly? As we seem to have a different valuation to everyone.
    1) 7th revenue in world football (could be even better if we won major silverware)
    2) 2nd biggest stadium in England
    3) 1st in ticket pricing in the kingdom
    4) Kit deal (30m/year), TV deals (around 100m/club), commercial deals, competition prize = loads of money
    5) Cash reserves (executives of the club have bragged about it more than once)

    Now we get it not all the money is for transfers. You have to pay salaries, maintain the facilities, pay creditors, investors and other stuff. But a good chunk should still be there every year.
    Stop using the excuse that you’re working hard (for more than a month now) and get it done. Action speaks louder than words. Stop saying your looking for a player that can be a clear upgrade in quality.
    Anybody on this website can name you at least 5 CBs better than Holding & Chambers as well as Gabriel & BFG. Same goes for the ST position & RW position where you’ve tried many but none have been satisfactory thus far. Matter of fact the 3 names mentioned the most this window in rumours would make us better in all those positions: Mustafi, Lacazette & Mahrez.

      1. @Dr. David Banner it seems they’re afraid to have a team that can actually challenge for the title because if it doesn’t work there will be not many excuses to explain why

  3. Admin deletes our comments because he says we are negative but it’s hard to be positive when Wenger hasn’t given us anything to smile about,the start of a new season should be filled with excitement but season in and season out it’s the same old Wenger who doesn’t want to pay up what clubs want for their players!

    1. I doubt it’s just because of negativity. There is a scale factor with these sorts of things, and some comments from some people, will obviously push the boundaries of that scale factor.

  4. I think we fans are buying a lot of stories from Wenger and the board and in reality we’re buying mediocrity.
    Let’s remember that Holding comes from a team that GOT RELEGATED from the Championship, wtf are we doing? No wonder Liverpool scored 4 and should’ve been worse.
    United got a really good CB, same City, Arsenal get a 20 year old from a team relegated to League 1. Abysmal

  5. I too saw enough in the lads to think, either one, or even both might go on to have great futures at the Arsenal. I was impressed especially in the first half, the second half was too difficult to watch properly. In that first half, I thought Chambers aggression shone through, especially when he went to challenge someone for a high ball. It’s just a pity that some of our more experienced players left them completely exposed, soft spots left vulnerable, and wide open. What I liked about Holding was, you know the way they say about a defender that when you cant recall the good or bad very much, means they kept it simple, and didn’t get themselves into too much difficulty by making unnecessary challenges. The second half was more difficult to judge the defending from the back. A bit more experience would surely have helped us out some more. I think we’ll have that soon enough, with Koscielny returning, and in my opinion we’re also getting a new CB. The new CB will be Mustafi or else it will be another, I hope it’s Mustafi.

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