Chambers does NOT need to worry about Arsenal place!

It might seem to the Arsenal and England international youngster Calum Chambers that things have gone a bit wrong for him recently. Our young Spanish defender Hector Bellerin has done brilliantly in taking his chance to impress in the absence of Mathieu Debuchy. And Arsene Wenger has finally moved to fill the hole left by the sale of Thomas Vermaelen by signing Gabriel Paulista.

All this and the fact that the former Saint has been out of action with illness has meant that Chambers has not started a Premier League game since the dismal defeat to his former club on new years day. And I suspect that the next time either Mertesacker or Koscielny are rested or subbed, it will be our new signing that takes their place.

But I do not think this is really a problem for Chambers. For one thing he did start both of our FA cup games against Hull and Brighton. And for another, he was always going to be a work in progress after signing for Arsenal in the summer.

In fact, our early season injury problems gave Chambers plenty of chances to impress and he did that well, both at centre back and right back. So he has already proved his worth and ensured that he is a proper part of the Arsenal squad this season, with more than enough time to improve and secure a place in the starting line-up on a regular basis. Do you agree?

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  1. Well if Bellerin is doing brilliantly at RB (with Debuchy coming back next season) and Paulista who is our back up CB and will definitely be chosen over Chambers, I would be worried if I were Chambers. I mean he will only get a chance to play in FA Cup and if Bellerin gets injured.

    Next year, it will be a bit worse as I said Debuchy will come back. However, we will definitely NEED him for FA Cup and League Cup.

    Chambers is young and has time to improve and he will get chances to play, but most likely won’t be a regular starter for a while.

    He is definitely our future though. Debuchy and Mertsacker can’t play forever. I’m glad we have Chambers

    1. He will be a Cb for us, probably used as cover when Gabriel takes over from Mert.
      He is too slow for a RB, I don’t think he was ever intended to play there.

    2. Calum will be absolutely fine for us – just needs time to adjust, train and work out the long-term plan as to where he will eventually play. His problems to date, after a decent start, stem from a loss of confidence and too much responsibility early on didn’t help either, nor did switching RB to CB and back again. I have noticed he is very decent on the ball – almost looks too accomplished for your bog standard CB.

    3. I tend to agree as people seem genuinely worried about his alleged lack of pace. He is certainly not lightning but I wouldn’t categorise him as slow. I was interested to hear G.Neville talk the other night that he went in to different matches with different plans, if he knew the player he was facing was faster than him he was prepared for it and adapted his play accordingly. In other words, he wasn’t fazed if someone was faster and it certainly didn’t mean he would be skinned each and every time. Most of CC’s problems as a part-time stand-in at RB have stemmed from positioning and decision making not lack of pace.

  2. I think the rest will do him good and watching arsenal play will do him even more good. He had to play with most of the first team out and he started to make some bad mistakes. I think he and the new defensive buy will be arsenals back line starters in 2 seasons. I think we need to play a very tight game this weekend for 60 min then take them apart with super sub AS coming on. COYG keep a clean sheet

  3. he’s a 20 year old CB, he has a ton of years ahead of him. nothing to worry about, its his first season at a big club and he got overplayed and was expected to fill in for Koscielny which was just unfair. he’ll come good if fans are patient.

  4. Off subject.
    Memo to Chelsea football Club.
    I have no problem with your fans or players.It’s you
    r managers gob and smarmy 2 faced persona. that follows him wherever he goes.He’s won trophies With Real and Inter yet he’s left a bad odour at both clubs. Succesfull yes but untrustworthy. The last person you’d have as a friend.His limp handshake with Lampard tells you what sort of ‘man’he is.

    1. pretty cold. you become the poster boy for chelsea for all those years only to get a dead fish handshake.

    2. and he looked a proper sour cock tonight in his pre-match press conference. He claims his silence on the Costa ban did the job – insinuating the world had now learnt a lesson and could see how right he was all along. This creation, every year, of a “Chelsea against the world” syndrome is f*&^ing tedious – give it a few hours and the media will be beating off and talking about a masterclass in psychological warfare. Mickey mouse, toddler antics.

  5. earlier in the season i definitely thought calum is going to make a serious case for the PFA young player of the season, i hope he forms a solid defensive partnership with gabriel.

  6. let’s not forget he is only 19. Plenty of time to develop his game. Injuries will happen no matter what as we know, so there’s a good chance he’ll get a decent amount of playing time.

  7. No one is commenting on the repeat “Wilshere stunt” (I can guaranty you that guy is smoking and drinking cosily in the comfort of his own home, for sure… But that is his problem) because most Arsenal fans do not give a f*ck…
    We are more concerned with the squad who are being professional and are doing the job on the pitch.
    With a fully fit squad, Wilshere would not even have a place on the bench, that is how good the depth is in midfield…

    For people who “love” the stats… Wilshere has a pass completion of 78% which is the lowest in the all squad. Chambers, who is still adapting to the move to a bigger club, is on 84% (the second lowest).

    And they are talking about Wilshere leading England soon…!!! Yeah Right!!

    1. I don’t wanna bother with Wilshere because if he doesn’t learn thn he doesn’t. Case over and Hand the #10 jersey to someone who deserves it (Sanchez our real #10)

    2. nobody commenting because nobody cares anymore. We play better without him in the squad. Wenger can’t get over his favoritism for Jack.

  8. @RSH

    Well said 🙂

    I might get some sticks for that, but we will not miss him if he was sold next summer and promote Gideon Zelalem (as well as Bielik coming up hopefully).

    1. I am with you to be honest. A few world class cameos since that night in the Camp Nou but basically flat-lined ever since. I bet the last thing he wants to see at the moment, with his team mates moving on and improving, is Bielik ripping it up in the 1st team squad training. I confidently predict now, and am prepared to be shot down if wrong, that KB will make a PL appearance before the end of the season.

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