Chambers loan showing Arsenal close to signing defender?

With Arsenal already looking as short as a sausage dog in defence, with Gabriel and Per Mertesacker ruled out for quite a while, not even Arsene Wenger would think it was a good idea to let one of the few central defensive options left at the Emirates leave the club, whether om a temporary or permanent basis.

So with the Daily Mail reporting that our versatile young star Calum Chambers set to be sent out on loan, or at least made available, you have to think that the manager has something lined up, as that would leave us with just Rob Holding to partner Laurent Koscielny at the back.

The reason the former Southampton star is going on loan is to get the regular game time he needs to progress, with no suggestion that his career as a Gunner is coming to an end. I can understand that but it only makes sense if the boss has something up his sleeve in the last few days of the transfer window.

Whether that means that the much reported move for the Valencia and Germany centre back Shkodran Mustafi is back on, or whether the Arsenal transfer rumours linking us with the West Brom star Jonny Evans or the Euro 2016 winning Jose Fonte from Southampton are closer to the mark, only time will tell.



  1. Hopefully we get a defender if we loan Chambers…Not just loaning Him but hope he plays regularly wherever he goes..

    In one of my post, i said Arsenal need to loan one of Chambers or Holding…then I said i would prefer Chambers to go on loan.

    Hopefully we get the striker and CB … Maybe not the names we wanted but they can certainly improve the team…

    lets see how it goes before the window shuts down…..

    1. Hope you are right.
      In any case, I don’t see him being good enough to play for Arsenal, if we actually do have ambitions to win the title or winning the Champions League, one day.
      See if he develops, and sell him if he doesn’t, seems to be a god idea.

      1. I am not sure why people are thumbing you down. He is at best a contingency plan and an accident waiting to happen.

        At CB, Kos, New Guy, Holding, Gabriel and Mert are ahead of him.

        At RB, Bellerin and Jenkinson are ahead of him.

        May be keep him on loan till Jenkinson sis fit and then let him go on loan like you suggested to a PL club and prove himself. He needs to play regularly to get his confidence back!

        1. Agree about Chambers with you guys…but I think we need proper backup for Bellerin cause Jenki is not good enough!

  2. Chambers has been good on a number of occasions.
    Most notably against Chelsea Leicester and Tottenham
    Hopefully he can become world class one day

  3. Omer Toprak’s name has re-emerged… Again!

    Several newspapers and media outlets are claiming an Arsenal interest (with the asking price, now known) with Wenger giving the ‘go ahead’ to seal the deal, for the Bayer Leverkusen defender for £14m.

    Leverkusen announced their arrival of a new defender on Wednesday, which will apparently pave the way for Arsenal to sign Turkish defender Toprak. 

    Even though Monaco’s Marcel Tisserand and Newcastle’s Chancel M’Bemba have also been mentioned in connection with a move to Arsenal, recently. My moneys on Toprak making the move. ?

    1. Between Mustafi and Omer who would you pick- quality wise?
      The boss needs help in the air; is Toprak the guy?

      1. I would rather Mustafi but Wenger won’t pay that kind of money for a CB and Tbh he isn’t worth the 40 odd million they are asking for.
        I hear that deportivo la coruna have already rejected a bid from Arsenal for Lucas LOL!
        Wenger offered a £100,000 less than the players release clause Hahaha ? and he wanted to pay that in installments, aswell.. ffs! ?
        It doesn’t sound as if Wenger really wants this striker, my guess is that he is just trying to manipulate Everton into selling Lukaku, so that other doors open in Wenger’s favour to sign Griezmann ?

  4. Atleast today like every summer, all the ‘ITK’ are outed as fraud. But oh wait, there will even be more new twitter accounts as we approach deadline day. People claiming to be ITK saying ‘X’ player is at London Colney’. Please just don’t follow them.

    Save yourself time and keep away from these people.

  5. chambers loan doesnt mean anything. We loaned Campbell when we know Ox and Walcott are certain injuries waiting to happen.

    1. eye opener, that’s a valid point. Or may be we might sign some cheap defender, or we might wait for our usual new signings to come back from injury (Gab and Mert)

      1. I think it’s CC going out because Holding has had a full competitive season playing CB, also Holding’s nifty on his feet and with the ball, Wenger likes the ball playing one’s. Whereas CC has played bits and pieces of games and been shifted about. If he had a full season playing CB I think the decision would’ve been a harder one to make. But playing out from the back is a big plus for Wenger.

    2. I think we are looking at someone and my money is on James; not sure if he is what we want. Lucas Perez if we get him should be a good signing given the hole we dug ourselves into.

      A good solid defender and we will compete at the least !

  6. Ramsey – done
    Iwobi – done
    Oxlade-Chamberlain – in progress
    Walcott – in progress
    Sanchez – in progress
    Koscielny – in progress
    Ozil – in progress

  7. Assuming Wenger has CD lined up because he is willing to let Chambers go out on loan is assuming a level of control and planning on Wenger’s part that I don’t believe is present.

    Nothing predictable has been managed or anticipated by this lot. I am talking to the predictable late return of Euro stars (some had to be rushed back – Ramsey was clearly not ready for that), and the predictable injuries we would pick up (Mert and Gabriel in particular). After Mert went down anyone could have predicted that if we didn’t move fast that a second injury (Gabriel) to our CD’s would mean all clubs would increase asking prices.

    Same as the predictable affect of waiting to close the deal for a striker. After Higauin went for 90 anyone with any common sense would know Lacazette’s value would go up. We haggled over 5 or 10 million (most likely) and now have to bottom fish.

    This lot don’t manage, they barely react so don’t expect them to be proactive.

  8. Only a few more hours to go and then we can have a good old chuckle at the champions league ‘rigged up’ draw! ?

    As always, its either Munich or Barcelona in the group stage, We will probably end up in the so called group of death this year! ? When it rains, it pours @ The Emirates.

  9. This is ARSENE! We have less defender so lets do good idea and LOAN CHUMBERS!? Yes that make senses! Next he loan GIROUDS!!! NO AMBITION

  10. Perez and Toprak combined cost 30M Sterling. I do know that transfer fee is not everything, but are these the type of players that Sanchez and Ozil are looking forward to playing with? Are these the type of players that are going to create a buzz and lift the spirits? Are they really actually better than the options we have in youth like Holding or Akpom? Is it worth blocking their development for these players?
    I know we all want the best for Arsenal, so is this it? Is the the best Arsenal can do?
    What about Lukau, Greizman, Aubumeyang, Lewandowski, Mustafi, Manolas, cant one or two of these players be bought with the money we are supposed to have? wont the combination of Greizman and Manolas actually create that buzz and lift all of us and the team and give everyone a new sense of purpose.
    Yes they would probably cost close to 100M more but so what, Arsenal has the money right, If we spent this money today, would anything at all happen to AFC financially. No nothing negative at all.
    Would we be able to compete at a higher level – absolutely – would we be able to receive more prize money – for sure – would we sell more shirts, you bet we would.
    So why do we keep going for mediocracy, instead of shooting for the stars.

    1. Tell you what not sure about Toprak but Lucas Perez is 10 times what Apkom is. He will give you goals and “assists”.

      However i see your point and that’s a valid one. I still think we are working on a big deal (for someone who is not wanted in his team ) and we all know who he is. Will we finally get him and will he make the difference? Only god knows!!!!

      1. Also I do believe in the news that we tried for Griezmann. The fact that Wenger is a big fan of Lewandoski is a well known fact but pause for a moment and think why any of these players would want to come to Arsenal? Players always look for upgrades either in terms of wages offered or in terms of trophy winning chances and we are competitive in neither!

        We need to carefully listen to Thierry Henry. He is one of our greats and when he says that he is not sure whether we have the “pull” I think he knows a lot more than we do.

        On Manolas, not sure but there was talk. I met the Roma team in Boston and asked Manolas about Arsenal and he smiled and said “not done”; don’t know what to make of it!!!

        1. the “Pull” comes from wining and we are not. But there is also the “pull” of CL, the pull of London, the pull of wages (we can pay better than most). So I do think we have enough of a pull still, but i agree that it is becoming less and less.
          Great players want to play with other great players and want to win trophies.
          Ozil first and then Sanchez we were on a roll. For me the biggest mistake Arsene made was not to buy a top player last summer. Vidal was available for example and would have cost less than Xhaka did. Manolas was also available, we could have solved midfield and defense problems last year and concentrated on a striker on this one.
          Progress has to be contiious. We cant sit out a transfer window with so many glaring holes in the team.
          All the players see this and they see that we have no ambition. Having said all this, I would like us to bid the right price for Lukau, or Greizman, or Manolas and then see if the player wants to come or not instead os speculating if we have the “pull”

          1. How do you know that we have not bid? i think before making a formal bid, clubs enquire about the players interest to come and the owners interest to sell; and I think Arsenal knows the answer. There was news about a failed Chelsea bid of almost 65M for Lukaku..really that’s crazy money for a player who misses 50% of the scoring opportunities. All Lukaku has is potential to be WC. He is not in the same bracket as Griezman!

            Coming back to the point, London is great but is not a deciding factor. Also when you say more wages? than who???? Chelsea, Man city, Man u and even Liverpool can blow us out of the water with their wages !!! then there are the PSGs of the world. Answer a simple question: Lets assume Griezmann is available and both Arsenal and PSG are interested- why will he choose Arsenal?

            I think the best chance we had was to win last year PL; get Sanchez and Ozil new contracts and then players would look up and say “may be Arsenal move makes sense”; Right now it simply doesn’t and that is truth no matter how much we hate it!!!!

            1. But overall my aim wasn’t to contradict what you said- all i am trying to say is that we don’t know for sure whether we did actually discuss Griezmann with Athletico and we never will (Wenger is very secretive in transfers) but I am sure that he is trying to bring that kind of top top player and time and again we are falling short !

              ***This is not to suggest that wenger is not at fault. Everyone tries but only the successful are remembered ****

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