Champions League draw – Arsenal handed a tough route to Wembley

One of the best parts of being in the Champions League, apart from the games of course, is the draw. It is a time of anticipation and hope. The quarter-final and semi-final draw has been conducted at the UEFA headquarters in Nyon, Switzerland, and Arsenal have been drawn against Bayern Munich in the quarter-final and will play either Real Madrid or Man City if they progress to the semi-finals.

This is the full draw

Quarter Finals

Arsenal v Bayern Munich
Atletico Madrid v Borussia Dortmund
Real Madrid v Man City
Paris St Germain v Barcelona


Atletico Madrid or Borussia Dortmund v Paris St Germain or Barcelona
Arsenal or Bayern Munich v Real Madrid or Man City

So, what do you think to drawing Bayern Munich and Harry Kane in the quarter-finals and possibly Man City or Real Madrid in the semi’s? Let us know in the comments below what you think of that draw and also the route to the final.

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  1. Wow, it cant get tougher than this.
    To be the best you have to beat the best.
    We will be up for the task, i am hoping no more injury setbacks.

    1. First time in years the great team like Bayern, Barca, PSG are looking vulnerable and beatable. I am confident that we can sneak to semifinal this time around and avenge our past failures. But its true that we have most difficult road to final.

  2. I was expecting Bayern. It’s the perfect draw for us to get our revenge.

    It won’t be easy but we can knock them out if we play our best.

  3. That’s the problem with the champions league!! You got the 4 best teams in it destined to play each other and 3 eliminated before you get to the final. I genuinely believe we will go through but anything after that is anyone’s guess . Bayern can’t bring any fans to the emirates as they are banned and I feel this will be decisive. 2-1 bayern in Munich. 3-1 Arsenal at the emirates

  4. Anything but City in the Q, I thought. Now it can be City in the semi. Arsenals half looks tougher. But the best team wins. Let’s hope for three straight pens. Ödegård takes the first.

  5. If we are going to win it, it is going to be the hard way.
    IMO, the best we can do is to get to the semis.

  6. TBH we are a better side than Bayern
    And if Man City and Madrid end up having a tough tie which they should I would be confident if we beat the winners the trophy would be ours

    1. We have the advantage of BM not having fans allowed in the first leg at The Emirates. That will be a massive advantage to us 🙂

  7. Let’s beat Bayern then I want real I believe this team will beat real if move on from Bayern. We will have high confidence dont want city because we already need to deal with them in the league let’s beat them to pl title then real in cl.

  8. What a draw.. personally I think it’s okay as it stands now this is not the same Arsenal Bayern usually roll past it’s a different Arsenal with huge mentality on the other hand this is not that Bayern Munich that has steamrolled us in the past… We are up for it and will revenge for the pains of the past.
    We can beat them for sure.
    Let’s do this boys
    Come on Gunner’s.

  9. Bayern aren’t gonna park the bus and stay in their half all game. It will allow Arsenal to play free flowing football which we are so good at right now. So perfect draw!

  10. It’s actually a decent draw, because although Bayern have great individual players, they don’t play very well as a team. They’re midfield isn’t that good, and they’re pretty awful at the back.

    The obvious issue is Kane, he always scores against us.

    1. I agree with you Jen. I’m not exactly complaining about the draw. Arsenal supporters have been screaming their knockers of for 7 years wanting to play Champions League football. You’d have to be a mug to be complaining about getting Bayern Munich in the quarter finals. You can’t have your cake and eat it as they say. At least we’ll know where we’ll be at after the two legs when it comes to progression as a football club. Things aren’t all that rosey at Bayern Munich of late. Manuel Neuer has been coming out in the media blasting his team mates regarding attitude. And it hasn’t been isolated with him coming out. Bayern Munich have been up and down this season with unconvincing performances. As long as Arsenal don’t get too far ahead of themselves, as there’s a massive match coming up on the 31st of March. Take each match as they come, and take them on their own merits. One would hope that Arsenal learned alot from themselves after those two matches against Porto. All players need to show up and be counted. Can’t afford players to be ghosting in these massive matches.

    2. Let him score 1 we beat them 3 and above.we are going there knowing that he was our troubler together with his Bayern but we’re going to trouble them this time round.

    3. Jen, I agree with your assessment of Bayern Munchen, regarding their cohesion as a team and relative quality of their midfield. To progress in the Champions League you have to beat the best from Europe; however Bayern Munchen have been on a downward trajectory over the last two seasons, notwithstanding the outstanding efforts of arguably one of the best strikers on the planet
      Arsenal needs to control the midfield and cut off the service to Harry Kane. When he has the ball, Arsenal defenders have to close down the channels and passing lanes and mark Kane strongly in the box, as he is a major threat
      Arsenal’s forward line can’t afford to be profligate in front of goal.

  11. It’s just unfortunate that Kane will after all not lay his hands on a trophy this is season as it’s going to be a total revenge. We can not forget in a hurry the damage Bayern did to our reputation. After that, we will over come Madrid or City which brings us to another big revenge on Barcelona. We can’t forget 2096 finals. Let’s do it Gunners !

  12. Finally, Bayern at Emirates and without their fans. We need a 6 – 0 win. If we get to the final, we will have a chance. I hope it will be Barcelona as a final rematch is long overdue too. My only worry is the semis: Man City/R. Madrid will be a tough one.

  13. This has all the makings of a fantastic tie! We can beat them if we play at our best. But, we will have to be at our best. because If we play like we did against Porto, we’re going out..

  14. The difference this time is that we do have a very good chance against Bayern. And what humour if Harry Kane ends this year on a trophyless note

    1. Not real :classy” to laugh at the misfortune of an opposition player, who always gives his best and ranks among the great centre forwards.
      Hopefully Arsenal wins well and with good grace, demonstrating “class”.

  15. There’s been a much easier side the last few years. Unfortunately we are on the harder side, haha! I’ll hope for Madrid to handle City. We have a decent shot against Bayern, and a chance to create a full circle moment obviously. It’s a tough draw, but is what it is and cant shy away from these challenges. COYG!

  16. I’m not certain about our advancement to the next round but i’m proud of our team regardless the outcome of this tie. Pl should be our priority, COYG!!!

  17. ‘Bingo ‘ best possible draw if you ask me, and since we are not held prisoner by our pass, Arsenal must now go on and dip their bread.

  18. It’s a lottery and it could have been worse than Bayern tbh
    If we overcome them it’s either City or RM in the semis.

    We don’t have the pedigree that the 3 clubs I’ve mentioned have, but you have to start somewhere in the CL and there were doubts at the beginning of the season regarding progressing from the first round, let alone the last 16, so it’s a win, win for the team to have made it this far. They are very together and last year’s disappointment seems to have galvanised them this season.

    Why not give ourselves a chance?

    1. SueP, its an awesome draw if you ask me, not sure it could have gotten any better.

      That very same Porto won it when all odds were against them, no wonder they felt so horrible crashing out.

      But if we have any doubts on facing the German Champion, we could get an advice or two from Xhaka the former Arsenal man

      1. You are very confident Gunsmoke
        I’m confident-ish right now but I’ll be super nervous on the night. These players deserve a chance at glory

      2. best draw is a scenario we don’t have to face City or Madrid until a final. If we do manage to get past Bayern we are massive massive underdogs.

  19. Could have been worse, probably the right time to meet Bayern and to finish the history on our terms. I’m optimistic about a potential semifinal against a team with lots of layers 🔴⚪️

  20. Nice draw to be honest

    We will beat Bayern Munich hands down

    Remember they won’t park the bus like Porto, and so our free flowing forwards will have a field day. I can’t wait to see Upamecano having a nightmare against home boy Kai Havertz

    And in the semis, we can handle either Madrid or City

  21. I still remember the outcomes of the 3 matches played with Bayern most especially 10/2 aggregate score line. I hope there will be a positive reactions, if you call it revenge so be it,

  22. So pleased we missed AM – they are the original “dark arts” team in my opinion.
    Nor do I believe that it’s a foregone conclusion that city will beat Madrid, as the Spanish club will have revenge on their minds after last season.
    Bayern Munich is the draw I wanted, as we have a chance to get that humiliating 10-2 defeat off our backs – two completely different clubs now of course, so history itself won’t play a part in the result.
    As for Kane, we know all about him and MA will ensure he will be neutralised.
    Just hope we have a fukky fit squad and, if we have, can’t see why we won’t qualify for the semis as a minimum.

    1. Madrid are not like last yr. This time they are doing better in both domestic and champion league and they have enough fire power to knock city out. But the thing is if they can knock city then they can knock anybody else to hold 15th. So I think if we get to semis then either will do. This is the charm of champions league as you play with the very best and to play with the very best is the dream of every football players

    2. For Ken
      Based on the draw, I can see the dark arts masters reaching the final as I feel they can get past Dortmund and the winner or Barca and PSG.
      I hope we win it of course but realistically it is a long shot. If not either I hope our side of the draw like City or RM win it with the exception of Bayern Munich whom I hope we knock out.

  23. This happens when there is no blockbuster game in knockout phase, all the contenders got in QF as there were no major shocks in knockout. Now there is no easy ride for any team and each looks blockbuster. Each of the remaining team will face tougher and tougher opponents on the road to final. Last yr after mancity knocked RM, there was inevitability that they will run away with the cup as italian teams are no longer as strong as they used to be, though they are ever improving. However, as top 4 contenders of RM, city, Arsenal n Bayern all fell in same group, other group got little easier path to final.

  24. This is not scary Bayern of past years. I can’t see them stopping us at this stage. It is the next stage that will be extremely challenging.

  25. This is a tough draw, I would have preferred Dortmund or even PSG. Bayern are one of the most consistent UCL performers, I believe this is their 17th consecutive last 16. This competition is their only chance of silverware so they are going to be up for it. I have watched a few of their games this season and the two standout players are Kane and Musical, keep them quiet and we can win this. Unlike teams like Porto and Atletico they play an open game and always give you a chance to score. We would probably need a two goal lead to take back to the Allianz. I believe that we will shade this and get to the Semi’s hopefully against Madrid.

    1. Not sure I agree that we must have a particular advantage to take over to Germany. Given the way Bayern play there will be chances wherever the game is played.

  26. Repeated draws all over the place.

    Anyway, if we go past Bayern, we’re headed to the final.

  27. Kane is a bit of a worry and the fact BM have beaten us 5-1 in each of our last 3 games with them, but they are not having a good season (we are) and we are down to the nitty gritty of the CL, meaning every team in the last 8 are capable of winning it but, we are The Arsenal !! COYG.

  28. This is actually a very tough potential route to the final. Bayern will create problems but Arsenal should edge it even if Bayern bring their A-game.
    If we make it through we will probably be considered slight underdogs against either team.
    The good thing is that all our remaining matches in the CL this season will be heavyweight clashes.

      1. For the first time in years we will be up against the elites of European football in the CL. For the first time in a very long time we can expect to be competitive rather than just hoping.

  29. Well we are better than when Bayern was thumping us every year and they aren’t as good but will be the favourite. Rough to have to play either City or Real if we win that one…yikes.

    Still we are in it, play Bayern one round later than in the past and survived a tough slog with Porto.

    It will be a really fantastic couple of games. We get a bonus with the traveling ban for Bayern as well.

  30. Thank you arsenal fans all of us we’re positive about this great team. Arsenal fans all over the world have come in boldness to hype the team nomatter what challenge looms around the corner. This is what the team deserves. I’m here to declare that it possible for us to win champions league regardless of whom we might face. Let’s keep praying for the team till the end. Arteta by now have learnt on to neutralise each troubler we face. Epl and champions league are coming to emirates

  31. Arsenal fans, we too get mouth

    I’ll love for us to win it all but remember domestic form and Champions League form are different

    Liverpool won it while on a woeful form at home

    I watched Athletico Madrid lose to Cadiz just before playing Inter & their game was irritating and repulsive – yet they knocked out a team that is on a better form than we are (in Inter Milan)

    Let’s not be Cocky
    I also want us win, but sometimes Champions League experience wins the game…

    …ask Man City how long it took them to win it though they’d been amongst the best teams in Europe for years

    1. No need to ask city anything Babasola!!
      We had the Invincibles, at that time the very best, yet still couldn’t win it!!
      We’ve been trying to win this for over two decades, so let’s see if MA can do what AW couldn’t.

  32. For the sake of English football, it should be Arsenal vs City in the semis. If not, there is a possibility of having no English representative at the finals.

    1. ken, remember Arsenal had very competitive teams when English teams were banned from the competition, because of the transgressions of Liverpool fans. I am still dirty, due to those strong but lost opportunities!

  33. Can only concur with the positive views above that this is Champions League and we want to see what our lads can do against the best. So here we are. Actually I believe we have a good shot against Tuchel, Kane and Bayern.

  34. I believe we Arsenal will win them home and away,
    first leg.
    Arsenal 3 — 1 Bayern.
    Second leg
    Bayern 1 — 1 Arsenal.

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