Champions League final appearance helps Tottenham to earn more money than Arsenal last season

Tottenham finally move ahead of Arsenal in revenue

Tottenham’s run to the Champions League final and their move to a new Stadium has helped them beat Arsenal in terms of revenue for the first time.

Arsenal has been struggling to enter the Champions League for some time now and that has impacted greatly on their revenue.

Although they reached the Europa League final last season before losing to Chelsea, they still fell short of getting as much revenue as their neighbours, Tottenham as revealed by the Times.

The Lilywhites reached the final of the Champions League before losing to Liverpool, but their run to the competition’s final helped them to make £108 million in gate receipts and prize money, that was £45 million more than they made the previous season.

Tottenham made £460 million last season and that was £65 million more than Arsenal made as they tried but failed to return into the top four.

With the team still struggling to break into the top four or even make a return to European football next season, Arsenal fans can prepare for the worse.

Mikel Arteta’s side is still a long way from the top four, but the top five is still within their grasp and if Manchester City’s ban is upheld, a top-five finish could see them return to the Champions League.

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