Champions League results reveal Arsenal’s weaknesses

Are Arsenal preparing for next season already?‏ by KM

Hello guys, how’ve you been after an interesting week of CL football? I can’t ignore the topic that, after seeing the games, I feel like we are so far behind other European teams right now. The main point is other teams have a plan to equalise their chances, even though the quality gap is swinging in one favour.

Atletico were well capable of beating Barcelona if the ref hadn’t decided that UEFA’s favourite club just has to win and Suarez was sent off as he should have been. Wolfsburg completely caught Real Madrid off guard and it could’ve been 3 if Schurrle managed to score from close range.

Benfica denied Bayern of any clear cut chances and only lost 1-0, while in the final tie, Man City despite their defensive struggles managed to get an important 2:2 draw at a PSG side which is full of quality but suffers from the fact it plays in a league full of average teams.

If those teams can do it, why can’t the Arsenal do it? We accept any result. We don’t have the winning mentality that champion winning clubs do. A lot of Arsenal fans say, it’s not Wenger’s fault, that all the board wants is to earn more money, but even if that’s the case, it is no excuse for the manager to live happily with any result coming our way!

We need to already be hunting down the names for next season. That guy Draxler dismantled Real Madrid and with Wolfsburg unlikely to play in Europe next year we should be dropping an offer even it is 40 million in demand. We need to be bullish, create a fear among other teams that Arsenal is a force as it once was more than 10 years ago.

Ozil’s growing frustration with the Arsenal policy is now public and if we don’t react, he’ll be off – sparking what happened in 2011. Wenger is still talking about the title, but I sincerely hope he’s prepared for West Ham, who are not too far off us in the table and in fact we are yet to secure a top 4 spot. And the truth is Leicester pretty much have one hand on the title already.

And I firmly stand on the point that this is a result of the destructive approach the top teams in England take rather than it being really good for the league. Leicester will be badly exposed against any decent side in Europe. In England, though, people accept everything as it goes and refuse to look at the real issues, which is why England has slumped to the point it risks it’s 4th CL spot to an the Italian Serie A featuring one decent team in Juventus!

Usually a persons biggest critic is himself, unless you are Arsene though! The fact we are always happy with ourselves is why we do not feel the need to push forward. A new manager may be another ‘yes’ man, but it may also be an ambitious man that will not be just satisfied with 4th, just like Ozil is not.

We need more characters, more ambition and a plan for next season. Right now I see little to nothing from all those things being applied at our club.


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  1. Let’s just wait and see what happens against West Ham on Saturday, as Wenger always finds a solution when champions league qualifications are at stake.

    Talking of the champions league results, we could see a shock winner there too, as the big four could all be eliminated this time next week… That’s if UEFA don’t have a say in it, as they are under investigation in Switzerland.

  2. Arsenal MUST never play the kind of fruitless game played yesterday by Real Madrid at Wolfsburg. Wolfsburg exposed Real Madrid players weakness to my Surprised which I didn’t know of it period to yesternight game at the Volkswagen Arena.

    Real Madrid players were very direct in their playing against Wolfsburg as they relied on their pace and physical man power to break through Wolfsburg’s defenses which was blocked as Wolfsburg were able to resist Real’s physicality playing by close marking them as they closed their offensive play down.

    Real Madrid have no answer to Wolfsburg closing them down as they marked their strong directness offensive playing because Real Madrid appeared not to have schemers and wrigglers who can take on Wolfsburg defenders and scheme or wriggle pass them centrally and wingly to size their goalkeeper up.

    Arsenal have both direct players, schemers and wrigglers to take on the West Hammers on Saturday at their Bolyn ground as they’ll collect all the hammers in the hands of the West Hammers and hammer them with the hammers thoroughly by: WHFC 0-5 AFC at FT 90m +.

  3. Well what do you expect, same mistakes made every season.

    The Mancity and PSG game was riddled with mistakes.

  4. What’s the point of pointing out weaknesses when EVERY season Wenger doesn’t fix these problems

    Last summer we needed a top striker and DM
    We have needed a top striker since rvp left and a top DM since Viera left.
    I’m happy we got Eleney in January but Wenger still didn’t get a dm or striker

    Now this summer we need a striker, DM, rb and CB in my opinion. If Wenger had made all necessary transfers last summer we would only need a rb and CB this summer. I seriously doubt he will get all 4 this summer and if he does they will probably be average

    1. Isn’t it crazy how things can quickly change in football… at the start of the season, many (including his teammates) tipped Ox to hit the top of his game, and now we have Iwobi riding high. However, in recent years, there has never been a more hotly contested topic in Arsenal football than the issue of a striker! I think this will be a hot topic for a while…

  5. Off Topic:

    On this site there is a ‘no swearing’ policy, and rightly so. Which effectively means there is a ban on certain words. If Wenger is still in charge next season, and I have no doubt about that, then I’d like to see the ban widened to include such words as:


    I just don’t think I can handle hearing one more of these meaningless words under Wenger’s reign.

        1. The one I hate the most:
          Bounce back??

          ffs that makes me more angry after a defeat when I hear that word..

  6. Arsenal are strong, especially at home. They have been very good in stretches this season, they haven’t been consistent enough in their own ways to set the pace in the title race.

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