Chances of fans returning to stadiums take yet another hit

Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden has admitted to inconsistencies when it comes to allowing people to attend public events, but he insists that football fans cannot be allowed in the stadiums just yet.

Fans were expected to start returning to the stadiums at the start of this month, but a rise in Covid-19 cases forced the government to backtrack on that decision.

That plan has been pushed back indefinitely for now as the country deals with what looks like another wave of the coronavirus infection after the first wave earlier this year.

Football clubs have asked the government to allow fans to return to stadiums in a socially distant manner, but they have said no.

However, some public speaking events have been allowed to take place with attendees forced to be socially distant in their sitting and football fans are not happy with the inconsistencies.

Dowden admitted that the inconsistency didn’t make so much sense before insisting that fans cannot return to stadiums yet.

‘Of course I accept people’s frustration at the inconsistency there,’ the Secretary of State said via Mail Online.

‘In relation to sport, we had sports on a path to normality. At that time I was being attacked by the arts for prioritising sports. The next stage was to have pilots to move to a point from October 1 whereby we would be able to have socially-distanced spectators in stadiums.

‘That is what I desperately wanted to happen. But there is very clear evidence from the scientific community that at this stage of the disease, with rapidly rising infections, we should be imposing restrictions – which we are – not further easements.

‘We are doing things that are positively hateful, but the reason we are doing it is to secure public safety.’

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  1. Can someone tell me the difference letting people crowding into the palladiam than letting people into stadiums

  2. Can someone tell me the difference between non league and professional football? Non league are allowed crowds in the stands and as far as i am aware, without too much restrictions.

  3. Apparently Corona only spreads at certain events haha! Yet more proof, as if any more was needed, that this is a government controlled scaredemic, and NOT an out of control deadly virus!

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