Changing tactics has taken Arsenal to the next level…..

Last season Arsenal surprised everyone by going to Manchester City in January and destroying the Citizens 2-0 on their home turf, which showed a signal change in the Gunners previous form of always losing to title rivals whenever they met. There were many rumours after the game that the players had called a meeting to discuss the tactics at the Etihad and they had decided to concede possession, defend strongly, and hit our opponents on the counter-attack.

It worked excellently, and according to Per Mertesacker they decided to adopt the same tactics against Man City on Monday which led to the 2-1 win. The BFG said on “We are capable of doing different things sometimes and that is what makes it harder for the opponent,”

That is why we implement it in games sometimes but we are still dangerous on the counter-attack and that makes us a real threat.

“Last season we played at Manchester City and showed a different kind of gameplan. That is what we had in the locker already but this year we are more consistent and it makes us a bit better as a unit.

“Sometimes we need to adjust, we don’t have all the players available at the minute so we [thought] that was the best way to win against City. We need to trust that way as well – it is not only thinking about it, it is also about putting it into practice.

“That is what we are doing really well at the minute but that means a lot of concentration and work in training, and everyone is up for the challenge.

“When I see our players up front working as hard as they did [against City] that makes a difference for us defenders – it makes it much easier to defend our goal.

“We go game by game and concentrate on having a gameplan and trying to implement it. That has been our strength so far against the big teams and it makes us stronger as a unit.”

Whatever the tactic, and who decided to implement it, it has worked admirably this season with wins against many of the top teams (including Leicester!) and has guided us to second in the Premiership going into Christmas. The ability to change our approach depending on who our opponents are is a totally new thing for Arsenal fans, but it certainly seems to be working!

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  1. Sam, need a striker says:

    You guys have to chill out, it is not like we already won the league or knocked out Barca … Calm down …

  2. kelleson says:

    With the way Arsenal played against Man City i worry not about Barca match. Imagine having Coquelin and Sanchex in the pitch the match would be bomb and Barca wouldn’t be able to withstand us. We are in another planet as far as football is concern, the League is ours.

    1. SoOpa AeoN says:

      @kelleson………Go easy bru…… The League isn’t ours just Yet….. But THE LEAGUE IS OURS FOR THE TAKING…….. If we fail somehow to take it, it will be ourselves to blame……. But i do hope it doesn’t come to that…..if we keep showing consistency, fight and determination, We are more than capable of Lifting the EPL….. I have no doubt bout that!……certainly none

  3. Dav SA says:

    Its all the years of suffering that’s got us so excited at the possibility of our first title since’04, we cant help it Sam….

    The way we approach games against teams with similar quality is a sign of maturity, I honestly feel that there is no team in England that can stop us…COYG

  4. Dav SA says:

    That was my first post on here but I have been reading articles on this site since 2012….now’s the perfect time to add my 2c lol

    1. SoOpa AeoN says:

      Welcome aboard……….. Grab a uniform!

      1. Dav SA says:

        Hahaha Thanks

  5. SoOpa AeoN says:

    we had been crying for a aLteration in methods/Tactics for quite some time…… Can’t u see attack is the best kind of football? Coupled with our strong possesive kinda play……. Now we are asking for a few additions to the squad ……only a few, cuz we dn’t wanna upset the balance of this team and become another manure without direction………. U CAN DO THIS WENGER….U GOT IT……..THIS GOTTA BE UR SEASON!!!

  6. SoOpa AeoN says:

    Go easy…… The League isn’t ours just Yet….. But THE LEAGUE IS OURS FOR THE TAKING…….. If we fail somehow to take it, it will be ourselves to blame……. But i do hope it doesn’t come to that…..if we keep showing consistency, fight and determination, We are more than capable of Lifting the EPL….. I have no doubt bout that!……certainly none

  7. Colin says:

    I agree, it’s too early to get carried away. What I like about the recent games, however, is that at some point you know we are going to attack. And by gads we are going to attack. Giroud gets into the box. Theo gets into the box. Ozil gets into the box. Campbell gets into the box and Ramsey gets into the box. It feels much more positive much more direct more pressure on the opposition goal. And that is even without Alexis. Loving it.

  8. ozildatrequartista says:

    The only positive is dat we’v beaten bayern i mean barca b4. Lightning does strike twice. With everyone jack i mean back i really think its our title 2 lose. I’d ratha win the elusive 1st champions league though. Bring on anyone.

  9. Koktafo says:

    yes,in modern football you adapt your tactics with the team you face.i think wenger et players have finally understand it and when we play a team which win possession we let them the ball and kill them in counter attack!!! what is amazing is that when we go in counter attack there is always a threat of goal.thank you wenger you are a genius. gunner for life! come on southampton.

  10. Koss the Boss says:

    Dont get carried away gooners Arsene Wenger did create the Invincibles, he does know what hes doing so teaching an old dog new tricks has nothing to do with it, but im gonna say he never had the money or right players for this type of counter attacking football and times even in fabregas era we saw flashes of brilliance that Arsenal have based that around the philosiphy of the club and maybe just maybe its finially coming to fruition and every player/coach has bought into it. Im not defending him as he pisses me off alot as a fan but we will all be eating humble pie if goes on and wins the league and has a big push at it all next season… hes on course to do it so he knows this season wont be a better chance or platform to take off to the next level. If he fails he will question himself guarnteed!

    Could we have asked for better position in the league… No.
    UCL he made huge errors but were through and on to a match im personally looking forward to v Barca, come on none of us thought we were winning our group with Munich.
    He is actually getting the best out of our players, even the no2s.
    We couldve done woth more players in the summer but hoping he rectifies that in Jan with A DM

    At this moment a very happy gooner getting ready for xmas and a boxing day battering of southampton ?

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