Charles Watts believes Eddie Nketiah will leave Arsenal this summer

There has been much discussion on JustArsenal recently about whether Mikel Arteta should do his utmost to persuade Eddie Nketiah to sign a contract extension and stay at the Gunners next season, especially since his two goal display against Chelsea.

But the fact is that the boyish-looking 22 year-old has only made 4 League starts this season, which matches his total from last season, and he is desperate to join a club where he would be a regular starter.

It’s possible he could become a regular next season, but he will be very aware that Mikel Arteta is aiming to get a top striker in the summer, and now the Arsenal expert charlie Watts, has said in his Podcast: “I don’t think they will [convince him to change his mind about going] because he’s rejected plenty of contracts in the last sort of six months to a year, that Arsenal put in front of him.

“So I think him and his agent’s mind seems to be pretty set on leaving, which does feel like a bit of a shame potentially given the way he’s playing at the moment. But he’s put himself in the shop window.”

Eddie definitely looked good against Chelsea, and he had six attempts against West Ham, but without scoring, which is Nketiah’s usual form, so I don’t think that Artetta will go all out to persuade him to stay, although he would likely be a very able backup to any new striker that comes in.

So I think we will not be seeing Eddie next season….

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  1. Good.
    Let him leave. He’s trying, but he’s not what we need.
    I hope to see him succeed elsewhere and blossom in his career, but it’s time to move on.

    1. Good god!
      What on earth gave you the impression that Eddie isn’t Eddie in his own right?

  2. People want us to shed average players and improve. Sokratis, Mustafi, Bellerin, AMN, to name a few.

    Yet want to extend Nketiah’s contract? Best for both sides if he moves on in the Summer.

    He isn’t clinical enough, Laca’s “holdup play” is a distraction from his lack of pace and scoring goals.

    Scoring enough goals has been an issue last couple years, and both Nketiah and Laca need to move on.

  3. I think the plan has always been to renew Nketiah and bring in a new striker. If Eddie leaves, they’ll renew Laca and bring in a new striker.

    Clearly Eddie was frozen out because he hadn’t signed a new deal. Now he’s getting games, will he change his mind? Maybe. Let’s hope.

  4. Sometimes, I laugh at those who make decisions about players who they clearly don’t represent.

    You think your opinion really matter on whether players stay or leave. It’s an opinion I get, but some of you go on to give it as if you represent the players themselves.
    If it’s about opinion, xhaka won’t still be playing here and so does many players.

    What I don’t understand in this report is, it was stated how nketia has been rejecting all the offer being given to him by the club, but some how the reporter made it sound as if we are the one who have refused to give him another contract.
    For what reasons, i don’t know .

  5. People talk about a thin squad, but counting the players listed in the keep/sell/loan article I make it 31.

    So many out on loan who may need another home or they’ll end up on the books next season. Bringing in a top CF is a priority but only if the CL football, otherwise options are limited so it makes sense not to spend big on a second rate striker.

    So I guess tha’s why MA sees what happens with Laca and Nketia as something to be decided at the end of the season. If a top striker can be persuaded to come (with CL or with just EL football) it’s a different decision than if no-one good can be bought.

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