Charles Watts confirms ‘loan with obligation’ deal for French youngster

Charles Watts has confirmed that Matteo Guendouzi has agreed to join Marseille this summer, with the French outfit set to pay Arsenal around £10 Million for his services in total as part of a loan with an obligation to buy deal.

The midfielder has been frozen out by manager Mikel Arteta since his disgraceful behaviour was highlighted during a Premier League match with Brighton shortly after the restart after the Coronavirus pandemic.

Guendouzi was eventually sent out on loan to Bundesliga side Hertha Berlin, where he enjoyed regular playing time as he impressed over in Germany, but he is now set to leave Arsenal on loan with an obligation to buy, where he is also expected to be joined by fellow Frenchman and team-mate William Saliba.

It certainly is a shame that the youngster couldn’t have matured to save his Arsenal career, as under the right tutelage he could likely have become a star, although I am a little shocked at the minimal £10 Million fee which is being claimed. In March we were supposedly in want of £25 Million, as stated by the Football Insider, while more recently it was claimed in TribalFootball that we had turned down a £10 Million offer in want of £17 Million, but we now appear to have accepted a future deal worth just £10 Million in total, supposedly including a loan fee…


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  1. A failure by Arsenal to realise the potential of this guy. Nothing is surprising me at the moment with this club. NOTHING! A better player and a better prospect than £10 mil. Very badly handled, just like the potential Saliba mismanagement and the Willock.

    1. Arsenal always seem their players for relatively low sums and seem to be always paying over the odds for players we sign. This reeks of poor management of resources. This is why we desperately need an owner who can drive accountability. Kroenke is clueless in this regard. Guendouzi was valued at 50M not so long ago. A spat with Arteta and now he is worth only 10M. Pathetic! Saliba will likely suffer the same fate and may thrive elsewhere. The real question is why the club allow an inept manager to be so casual with our available resources. Beggars belief really.

  2. Its pathetic really.
    Captain of french u21. A real talent. Dortmund would be selling him for 45mil.
    I believe he should stay and Arteta should make him better. And if sold…. at least get 20mil for him… our selling strategy is beyond my understanding

    1. Agreed, wether you like him or not, badly managed by Arsenal and value lost in spades because of.

  3. Off topic… but we should target Dolberg.
    He is such a cool elegant striker. Has a bergkampesce vibe to him

  4. Nivo and regie, it’s a 10 mil loan with an option to buy not a total sale. There will still be negotiation if they are interested in keeping him otherwise he returns to the Emirates. Maybe he would have learned. Stubbornness doesn’t look good for young footballers; his brother, his youth coach, the coach of his last German team MA all of them. Good riddance.

    1. Wrong way round, its a loan with an obligation to buy after a year. Thats what i understand anyway. I stand corrected if wrong, the whole deal worth about 13 mil.

  5. That is my understanding also. We should insist on money upfront to go towards replacement, not appear so eager like a virgin bachelor in a cat house.

    Never understand Arsenal business tactics. Buy high, sell low (if at all), give excessive wages, rinse and repeat.

    Too bad Kronke doesn’t value the club like he does the players, that way he would sell cheap.

    1. Unfortunately, a major issue with Kroenke is his inability to hire Board members and managers competent to manage the financial and player assets of this Club.

  6. awful business in terms of selling him. But the club did everything possible to ruin his value and sell him for as less as possible. it’s quite amazing.

    1. It is a terrible thing at Arsenal now for a player to show fight, step up to protect your feloow players (in Guendouzi’s case Leno) and then stand firm and not apologise for your actions. Yes Guendouzi shot his mouth off denigrating an opposition player, but at least he didn’t accept the situation meekly and showed aggression, fight and pride in the shirt. Patrick Viera and Martin Keown wouldn’t last a season under the current Arsenal.
      I wish Matteo Guendouzi well in proving Arsenal wrong.

      1. Standing up for a fellow player and playing with determination are 2 things, ozziegunner and that is admirable. I doubt that Vieira and Keown would have shown insubordination to Wenger as it was reported that Guendouzi did to Arteta. It begs the question- who runs the team?

        When HB took Guendouzi on loan was it just meant to be a stop gap? Fine if it was but otherwise it looks as though they weren’t impressed enough either to seal a deal for him. Unless he tones it down he will undermine his career

        1. When asked about how Matteo Guendouzi is behaving at Hertha Berlin after reportedly having attitude problems at Arsenal, Arne Friedrich told the Guardian: “When you talk about Guendouzi and see his skills, you realise that he is a great player.

          “I’ve also read that he had problems at Arsenal but here he behaves very well. He puts all of himself on the field. He is a great professional.

          “Guendouzi’s situation confirms that we must always understand how to help the players, with a talent like him it is worth it.”

          1. SueP the only reason i posted it is because you weren’t not sure why HB didn’t go for a permanent move if we were to go with what they said about MG i reckon you were right into thinking that it was just a stop-gap MG said that MO told him it would be a good experience and I’m sure he didn’t want to waste 6 months not playing and being around MA but what i find interesting is what he said about managing/coaching young players.

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