Charlie Nicholas issues stark warning to Kieran Tierney ahead of Arsenal transfer

Kieran Tierney is a very good player at Celtic and confidence is very high that he can transfer that form to the Premier League in the event that he signs for Arsenal.

However, former Gunner and Hoop star Charlie Nicholas has made it clear to the young left-back that it will be very very tough.

“Well he’d be a big loss (for Celtic),” he said on Sky’s Transfer Talk podcast.

“I’m not over the top about defenders all the time because being an ex-striker, I like people who are creative and get goals, because it wins you football matches.

“But I do respect the art of defending.

“Tierney has vastly improved at Celtic, become a real top, top defender in terms of the domestic setup in Scotland.

“But in England it’s so much harder, it’s very, very tough.

“If he does come then Arsenal will get an improvement on what they already have by a fair distance in my opinion.

“It would be damage for Celtic but it’s a full-back, it’s a position that you can refill. People will find that.

“They might not get someone as good but in time they will fill the position.”

Obviously, there have been many players from the Scottish Premiership that have made the successful transition to the Premier League but there have also been many that have not.

And while Nicholas does highlight the jump in class he also believes that the 22-year-old will be a vast improvement on what Arsenal already have.

Tierney has played at the highest level in the Champions League, he is a Scottish international and does play for the best team in Scotland so he is well set up to be a success in English football.

But it will not be a walk in the park and his signing does carry a risk but in my opinion, it is a small risk.


  1. Not convinced (for the price of someone who has not played in a competitive and physical league). Its a bit of a gamble really. Do we have the cash to gamble? Question is, who else is there available?

    1. I agree, it is a gamble especially with his injuries. And yes what are the other options.

    2. Lennon cited the 50M manure paid for the young palace player they bought,thanks to that desperate club we all have to pay over the odds shut!!

  2. Can’t we just get this deal wrapped up already, anyone that has watched our preseason games will know another season of kola and monreal at left back is suicide.

  3. Bale and Salah used to be LBs. Their ex-managers realized their desire and prowess in attacking, hence the managers changed their positions and we saw the most lethal wingers in the world as the results

    After seeing Salah’s tears when he failed score as an LB, his ex-coach moved him to the front. I saw Tierney has similar drive and playing style on his YouTube highlights, which is very risky yet highly rewarding to his team

    Arsenal need more high risk wide players like him, but there should be a decent backup personnel in case he gets injured

  4. There’s a huge difference between the Premier league and the SPL.

    It may take him time to adapt

  5. This is not knock on epl but when was the last time a player produced from epl won player of the season. I can’t seem to remember. Leagues are different but football player is a football player and if a player has a desire and the trust of his coach and teammates which league is he is coming from is inconsequential. Sallah struggled to score 20 goals a season in seria A came back to epl and scored over 30 epl goals in his first season. It is not right to say epl is inferior seria A. There numerous examples Hazard, Marhrez, Kante, etc. Since 2010 only 2 players out 9 developed in England has won it.

    1. I’d guess that that is the same for Spain and Italy too, I haven’t checked and I could be wrong. But the odds seem to me that an import is more likely to get the top award. Your cherry picking from nations rather than relying on the one nation, it seems to me that the imports are likelier to do more favorably over the long haul.

  6. With the season getting closer, day by day, and the signings now looking likely to take place as we all knew they would, it isn’t too difficult to work out exactly who is going to be considered First Team starting Eleven/Bench and who is going to be on the Europa/Carabao Cup rosters atvleastvup until Xmas.And competition for even the second string is likely to bring some healthy competition for players.
    So if Everton joins,and we go with a 4/2/3/1 who actually fits into this attacking line up?Who fills those two CM positions?
    Let’s say Torriera and Xhaka are first choice,their competition will come from Guendouzi AMN Willock and Callibas.That is a healthy position to be in.
    Same in the three – Ozil will start every game but he has back up in Nelson Mykitarian ESR who can all play there as well as the talented Callibas who proved at Euro’ U21 how he is able to play zany cdntrak midfield role.
    Out wide we have Everton Mykitarian Nelson Saka plus Aubsmayang
    Centrally it’s Lacazette Aubamayang And Eddie.
    If we sign these players which seems likely we have a very healthy and balanced squad compared to last season due to natural width in Everton and our younger players coming through.
    Sort out the back line and that’s a Top 4 Squad

    PS-I don’t think I left anyone out !!!!!

    1. Who the f. is Callibas? Is it the same guy as Cellobas AKA Cabellas?

      Or are we talking about Dani CEBALLOS of Real Madrid?

      FFS, it’s Ceballos. And Kolasinac, not Kolsanic. And Mkhitaryan. People, at least learn the spelling of our own players if Ceballos is so difficult. I understand most folks are not linguists and knowing it’s pronounced Mhitaryan is beyond them, but these spelling errors are getting ridiculous.

      On topic – I don’t think Ceballos would be a backup to Xhaka unless Emery wants this season to be his last.
      He may be the dumbest manager when it comes to interviews, but the man knows his football.

      1. Really? A manager pairing Guendouzi and Elneny TWICE as a midfield centre pairing and you feel he knows his football?Perhaps he meant to play Torriera and Xhaka but spelt their names wrong on the team sheet

  7. Tierney will more than hold his own in the Premier League .He will shine like Robertson and VVD of Liverpool who disprove the concerns of many who regard the Scottish Premier League as a joke.It’s the individuals we are judging not the League.Where would the Premier League be without its overseas players many of whom started their careers in poor leagues.If the Premier League were totally dependant on English players it would not be much better than the Scottish League.

    1. You are absolutely correct @Grandad-Who questioned the Guendouzi signing from Ligue2?Of the player has the talent that Tierney has then what difference does it make where he is from.

      1. As well the common perception of Tierney is of a very talented, level headed young man, who is hard-working and seeks and listens to advice. Surely this would be a receipe for success anywhere, even in the EPL?

      2. Where a talented player is from does not matter, but how much we pay for him does

        If we had to pay 25M for Guendouzi, many would question his signing too.

        15M is about the right price for Tierney. Few would question his transfer if that is what we have to pay

  8. It’d be surprising if Tierney doesn’t move to the Arsenal this summer, this story is definitely true there’s too many people offering their 2 cents for it to be mostly rumour. It is worrying how long we’re taking with it though because we seem to be ok on the price but are dragging our heels over the installments and bonuses. I haven’t seen him play must admit, haven’t checked out highlights, I hope he is as promising as they say. I’m just wondering are we gonna see a CB arrive this summer though, it seemed like we were counting on Koscielny until recently, Saliba is a good move and all but I was hoping for a shake up back there, I think everyone was.

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