Charlie Nicholas makes bold Arsenal prediction against Liverpool

Arsenal will play arguably their toughest match among their remaining fixtures this season when they welcome Liverpool to the Emirates on Wednesday.

The Gunners suffered a defeat in their last game against Tottenham after the Lilywhites came from behind to beat Mikel Arteta’s side.

Prior to their last game, the Gunners had been on a fine run of form that saw them win four and lost none of five games.

They will look to beat a Liverpool side that has nothing to lose in this game to get all three points which they need to keep their European hopes alive.

Charlie Nicholas has predicted the outcome of the next set of league games and the pundit claims that while Arsenal has some of the best attackers in the game, their defence makes them vulnerable and he has boldly predicted that Arsenal will lose the game 3-1 against the Premier League champions.

He wrote via his Skysports column: “Arsenal had plenty of the ball, but then Sead Kolasinac makes a mistake, Shkodran Mustafi makes two or three. On a positive note though, Arsenal look like they have goals in them.

“This Liverpool team are still 10-15 yards off the Premier League champions they are. They will pop it about against a weak defensive side. Arsenal’s shape has improved, but their defenders have not, and that could come back to haunt them again.”

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  1. For those that are old enough to remember, Charlie Nicholas was an Ozil like figure in his time at Arsenal only worse as he was very unprofessional partying, drinking and womanising rather than performing on the pitch. Thank goodness George Graham moved him on and then we started competing for the league title. For this reason alone I couldn’t really take Charlie seriously. Well done to sky for employing him to bash Arsenal. Dinosaurs like him better beware the PC world is gonna make you exist.

    1. What does his past life has to do with him saying the truth about this club??
      With our defense, are you really expecting Arsenal to win tomorrow against Liverpool??
      You know he speaks the truth about the poor defenders so the best thing you can do is bring up his past mistakes.
      Petty I must say

      1. Some fans think keeping up with the bullshit that is our team has now become is being a true fan.

      2. The point I was making is that he is bitter and somewhat biased. And do his opinion is unworthy of serious consideration.
        FYI our awful defence has a better record than Chelsea, Sp*rs and Wolves. I don’t often hear their weaknesses being slated like ours.

    2. We should not act like some dogmatic over sensitive fans.
      Just because someone outside our bubble makes the exact criticism we ourselves make does not mean we should just dismiss them.
      That’s like we are trying to bury our heads in the sand.

    3. Gunner4life, you need to move on Charlie is talking about Arsenal 2020 and he is right they are a very poor defense and I also think they will get beat by Liverpool I LOVE Arsenal and it feckin hurts me when we see them like toothless tossers play the young ones blood them in we are out of Europe

  2. “You are not in the Champions League and because you are not in the Champions League, you say, ‘Okay, I don’t invest because I don’t have the financial ability to do it’. But the other clubs invest and then the gap becomes bigger.”

    “If I do want to invest and [take the] risk and then I don’t reach it, what happens? That’s the mistake.

    “You have to make a decision, whether I want to aim to make that gap closer and go for it or I stay where I am.”

    “What I need to do is to do my work as good as possible, improve this team and the players individually as much as possible and get the maximum out of them,” he said.

    “Then at the end of the season, we need to look at the direction we want to take, agree on the ambition of the football club, realise that where we are the demands are still going to be huge”

    Mikel Arteta answering a UCL question.

    It’s obvious this man knows what needs to be done and what he’s doing, even he’s aware that the club is field with average players and this is the third he’s singing it out loudly to the board that this club needs serious investment. Right now he’s just trying to get the best out of the poor players he has, at the ending of the season he’ll take the next steps with the board, but one keyboard warrior will tell you he doesn’t know anything and he’s just an assistant manager who’s poor and a yes man.

    I hope the board members are listening and they plan to invest, like I said like it or not, with or without European football, this team needs to be balanced, this team needs to be reshuffled.

    1. So far all indications he is a yes man. This team is good enough with the right coach. So far Arteta has been worse than Emery. I am looking at results and nothing else.

      I love Arteta but his lack of experience has shown. I have yet to see anything to indicate that he will take us forward.

      1. HH
        It’s an interesting point you make but I propose to you that had Emery stayed we would have been fighting relegation right now.

        1. SueP I disagree he could see what he had to work with and the board bought their players not his will the same happen again

          1. Hopefully Arteta will have more say. He certainly seems to have a good relationship with Edu.
            I’m not exactly sure what you mean but I can only say that Arteta has at least stopped the rot and made improvements to a chaotic situation a few months ago. He would have to be a genius to have done very much more

      2. Did you really say this team is good enough with the right coach? What’s good about this team that indicates it’s good enough to be in the top four?
        This is how we fans keep deluding ourselves and settling for less.
        Have you heard how many pundits that has said even Guardiola won’t go any further or do any better with this team??

        Also what indicates he’s been a yes man? All I see is a man who constantly says what he wants and does what he wants, I guess I should believe you over David Ornstein who said he’s a man of his own choices and refuses to be told what to do and how to handle his team. Is that it?

      3. Really? This bunch of average arsenal footballers are good enough? but can’t beat a very terrible spurs team?. If guadiola or klopp takes over the team, you’ll still say the same thing. Why is it that Arsenal players always need someone to get the best out of them instead of performing? You don’t sound like you know much about the sport. I’d advice you choose another sport.

  3. There is no reason why Arsenal cant beat Liverpool.If the defence can play as a cohesive unit,Arsenal can win.
    Arsenal have potent strikers. As for Pepe,I hope he doesnt dribble too much. In a one on one he is awesome but defenders have cottoned on to his style.
    Football is ateam game. Everyone has to act as an attacker/defender.
    The only caveat is the defence better not go awol

  4. Nothing to add to it.; perfectly said.

    We have team to do it. But it all come down to line up strategy

  5. Will be interesting to see what team Arteta puts out, because if he has an ounce of sense in him, he’ll rest all his key players for the cup semi. Although the Liverpool fixture is a big one, it’s completely meaningless as the league is dead.

    It’s a long shot, but we’re only 2 wins from a trophy. Arteta must rest players. I don’t want to see Holding, Tierney, Auba, Laca, Pepe, Xhaka, Ceballos, Saka against Liverpool.

    1. Very sensible suggestion. We cannot get into CL now and nearly impossible to get into EL barring miraculous results in our remaining and our rivals remaining games but can by winning two cup games.

    2. Thirdman, we have a better chance of getting a draw against Liverpool than beating City with this current squad in a semi final game. Don’t over think stuff

    3. I agree with you Third Man

      The Liverpool game is pretty meaningless as the chances of EL next year are remote.

      Since the semi final is on Friday, Arteta can’t field 2 strong teams in such a short time period so going after City is the option I’d go for.

      I’m not a gambler as the bookies are not paupers so anything can happen- I just hope a win on Friday comes our way🤞

      1. Is it likely that ManC will take their eye off going for the FA cup?

        The final is on 1st August with the fixture against Real Madrid just a week later. RL will have played their last match this Sunday giving them masses of time to recover and prepare. Which cup means more to City? Probably both matter, but with fitness and multiple matches still to be played Pep will have serious decisions to make

        Just a thought

  6. Realistically, we have more chance of beating a Liverpool side which is winding down than a Man City team which will be rejuvenated by winning their FFP case and which will be determined to regain the Cup.On top of that, with a huge war chest for the transfer window,their players will be busting a gut to impress their Manager with next season in mind.I think we might get a point from Liverpool , but as for the Cup,no chance.

  7. I’m really surprised we haven’t had the delights of Mike Dean as yet…. thought tonight or Saturday, for sure… but no, Paul Tierney tonight and Saturday, my favourite little weightwatcher Jon Moss….

  8. I don’t feel Arteta has a chance to put his stamp on this team. Too many fans are already questioning his tactics. After only a handful of games and the guy is condemned!

    Can he do anything about Kolasinac’s inability to pass 5 yards?

    Does he have to fit Mustafi with braces to keep him upright?

    Does he have to take the final shot for Laca?

    Does he have to position Xhaka to face the opposition after every pass?

    We are talking about so called “Professional footballers” who simply cannot fathom responsibility, passion or commitment. The team’s makeup has been reconstructed time and again from the constant problems that have been reoccurring for years. No manager in the world could change this squad in such a short time.

    So, can we please get off Arteta’s back and at least give him until this time next year? He deserves that at least I would say!

  9. We are in 9th place. We are a 9th place team. How often does 9th place beat 1st place? Just because the badge says Arsenal does not mean the players will automatically step up for a big game when they have hardly done so this season. The gulf in quality is huge, and even with Liverpool winding down, Klopp has made them that hungry that they want to strive for their personal best. Guys, we need to be realisitic about where our team is in terms of quality AND passion, and it is very low.

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