Charlie Nicholas makes very surprising suggestion to help Arsenal out

Arsenal should bring Arsene Wenger back according to Charlie Nicholas.

Charlie Nicholas is not slow in giving his opinion on Arsenal and his latest comments will have people sitting up in surprise.

The former Gunner reckons Arsenal should bring Arsene Wenger back as technical director to help out Unai Emery.

Emery led Arsenal to the final of the Europa League last season and they fell just short of finishing inside the top four. However, this campaign hasn’t built on those achievements like most fans expected.

They are now a team that can’t keep a clean sheet, neither can they create enough chances to trouble their opponents.

Nicholas believes it is mad to have Wenger doing TV punditry and touted for the Bayern Munich job when his footballing brain could assist Arsenal.

Writing in his Sky Sports column the former Scotland international made his strange suggestion.

“I suggested on Soccer Saturday that if you want to overlord the process, I would go in for Wenger and get him on the board or get him in as the technical director. Why let him talk to Bayern Munich and float about on TV when you can have that brain, fabric and understanding at the club right. He could work with an experienced manager to get it right. He can also improve the decision making. Why did Arsenal miss out on Gary Cahill, for example?”

“Wenger couldn’t sort his own problems, but he could help Emery in certain ways. I was always teased about the hierarchy not being right, but we have around four guys arguing over transfers. Is Edu the one who says these are the players Arsenal are getting? Is he in strong communication with Emery?”

I am not sure that suggestion will go down too well with a large section of the fan base. Personally, I think it is worthy of discussion, however, I will admit that it is fraught with risk.

You would have two managers working together that a section of the fan base has abused relentlessly. Can you imagine how they would react? They would be apopletctic.


  1. Reggie says:

    Charlie speaks with fork tongue. If any person should be brought in, then it should be someone with defensive expertise, we have Emery, we have Freddie and neither are know for defending. Roy Keane, Martin Keown or even Big Tone (did i say that) would be far better than geriatric wenger, whose knowledge of defending is written on a pin head.

    1. Viju Jacob says:

      And you are the most knowledgeable, right?

  2. Neil says:

    Someone’s started on the Xmas sherry a bit early this year…

  3. RSH says:

    “Why did arsenal miss out on Gary Cahill?” Ugh, does he seriously think out defense would be fixed if we got Cahill? We’ve gotten Cech, David Luiz from Chelsea and both of them suddenly drop in quality once they come to Arsenal. This goes beyond personnel, and I honestly don’t see how Arsene is the man to fix it when a ton of his signings post-invincibles have been duds. Especially IN defense.

    1. Diogenes says:

      Wenger is only good as a coach, in fact I think still better than Emery and a lot of touted coaches like Everton’s Silva, for example.

      He is, however, not the guy who should be put in charge of transfers, except for attacking players and attacking midfielders.

      I think Charlie was just joking anyway.

  4. jon fox says:


    1. Skills1000 says:

      lol. Very funny.

  5. TOM says:

    Wenger wants a managers role not a directors role…hence he told Bayern he is interested in their vacancy and why he didn’t call up AFC and say I want the directors role.

  6. Liam says:

    Wenger ain’t going to get another managing role. Whilst people respect what he has done it’s pretty clear he’s long past it and only at a club like Arsenal would he be allowed to remain. Rumour has it Bayern had a little laugh over his application and had to apologise. No to Wenger anything involving Arsenal if I’m honest.

    1. Viju Jacob says:

      You have first hand information about this?

      1. Stewart Macintosh says:

        Viju, the Bayern posts basically said as much, at least on attribution. They distinct impression was thanks but no thanks.

  7. Kev82 says:

    I think Charlie needs to stay off the single malt! How is this club gonna ever move on from Wenger ? Wenger done great things for the club but now that’s over we have to stop bringing Wenger up every time we face a crisis! We need a new manager,new players and a competent board not Arsene Wenger.

  8. Viju Jacob says:

    If Wenger is coming in, what is the need for Emery? He can work directly with Freddie and prime him for next season.

  9. Daulat says:

    There is only one man who can actually help Arsenal and it’s Emery. We can just hope he makes the right calls in the games to come so as not to drain any more points like we have done because even if he screws up and is sacked, Arsenal will have dropped a way more points by then and maybe the damage done might just be irrecoverable. Many would argue enough damage is already dealt for us to recover, but there is still hope, just theoretically, but without going out of bounds of realism. But by the time of his sack, it might just be too late to recover.

    So, I’m just hoping he gets things right, whether by pure chance or deliberation, I couldn’t care less now. But Arsenal must not drop points at least for a month to build the right momentum. I’m not positive if Emery, by his tactical genius, can turn this around, I’m just hoping for freak events and chances, or some sparks of individual brilliance, VAR to the rescue, Ref’s decisions in our favor, to see us through the disaster we might be heading towards.

  10. Break-on-through says:

    Wenger would be great as the head of scouting, some might say what about his bad buys but a lot of that was other guys watching them and Wenger believing in these guys. If he was doing all the watching, with the way he gets talking to family members and all, he’d have more pull than your average scout, let him set up base in France, it could be a great move and it’s not like we have to take everyone he identifies.

    Wenger could’ve had a job easy if he wanted, but a top job is another matter. He could’ve had his pick of leagues if he was willing to set his sights lower. Prem teams would’ve asked him, France, Germany, I’d say he’s had loads of offers.

  11. Reggie says:

    Hooooraah!,thank god wenger has a new job, thats that put to bed now. Get over him!
    Good luck in your new job Arsene 🥳

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