Charlie Nicholas reckons Arsenal should take £100 million from Man Utd for Aubameyang

Arsenal is desperate to keep hold of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang beyond his current deal, but they say everyone has a price and Charlie Nicholas seems to agree with that sentiment.

The Gunners have just the next few months to convince Aubameyang to sign a new deal or the Gabon star can speak to other clubs about a free transfer if he isn’t sold in the summer.

Reports have linked several teams with a move for him, but one team that Arsenal fans wouldn’t want him to join is Manchester United.

The Red Devils have got into the habit of poaching Arsenal’s best players in recent seasons with Robin van Persie and Alexis Sanchez, two top players that have swapped the Emirates for Old Trafford.

However, Nicholas seems to agree that every player has a price, and he has urged the Gunners to take the money if Manchester United offers them £100 million for the Gabon striker.

Nicholas told the SportingLife: “If Arsenal were to get £100m for him to sign for Man Utd, I would take that.

“It will make them better, that is why they would pay big.

“Arsenal were the challengers to United for the title, but now neither of them are. Man Utd offer £100m for Aubameyang, sell him.”

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        1. I know plus Aubameyang is almost 31 no one is gonna pay that 😵 Charlie should lay off the champagne 🍾😂 I have begun watching Ozark Sue very good my new favourite show 😛

          1. Well if it’s that good, I’d better take a butchers!!
            Another 3 weeks, at least, of lockdown Kev.. hope you’re ok 😊

          2. You being a Netflix fan I thought you’d be on season 3 by now Sue lol. Yeah I have a feeling it will be longer than that unfortunately 😔 yeah I’m good Sue I can’t complain, how about you ? I hope you’re well and little Coco too 🐕

          3. What can I say Kev – I’m slacking!!
            Glad you’re all good…yes we’re fine thank you!
            There’s live darts on tonight – Gerwyn Price from his living room 😉

            Do you honestly think Auba will stay with us? I don’t….

          4. Slacking indeed Sue 😂 that’s good I’m glad to hear that 😊 oh well I think you’ll enjoy that more than any studio appearance Sue 😛 probably not as we can’t usually keep hold of our best players but you never know he seems like a happy chap haha I’d rather sell Lacazette 😵

  1. if they offer 100mill we’d be silly not to. 100mill can get you actually quality players instead of Arsenal always shopping in the bargain bins for players that usually turn out not to be good enough. Get some real defenders, and CM’s for once, my goodness. The club has been fooling around with lower budget transfers and lesser players for far too long. If this money actually went towards getting top players I’d be fine with the transfer. But Arsenal love to try and be clever and get players like Torreira, David Luiz, Guendouzi. None of them are good enough, and none of them are going to bring us closer to a title. Get Partey for starters or we will continue to be a joke.

  2. MAN UTD WILL NEVER PAY ANYWHERE NEAR £100MILL FOR AUBA AT ALMOST 31, SO THIS ARTICLE IS RENDERED MEANINGLESS. Any fool can propose fantasy and then discuss the so called, though non existent in actuality, “chance” of it happening.

  3. Auba is a player with no resale value in 2 years time on 200k p/w in post covid 19 market place is probably not worth any more than 27m. What ever happens we are going to lose mega millions on the initial 60m outlay.

  4. Abu has been with us for now over 3 seasons and his presence has not taken us anywhere. so for me i would support the idea of selling him if the amount was offered to Arsenal. i would welcome the idea of selling Lacazette as well. Then Arteta can use it to buy some talent of his own and build them. one season after next season we would ably compete.

    1. The only reason we haven’t gone anywhere is because of 95% of the squad, and 4 managers in 2 years, not Auba.

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