Charlie Nicholas reveals what will eventually make Ozil leave Arsenal

Charlie Nicholas has revealed that he believes that Mesut Ozil will eventually get bored with not playing a game at Arsenal and leave the club.

The German has been arguably the most underperforming player in the current Arsenal team.

He is also the club’s highest earner, yet he has struggled to replicate the form that made the Gunners give him his current bumper deal in 2018.

He hasn’t played for the club since the restart of the Premier League in what should be the clearest indication that Mikel Arteta is prepared to go on with his rebuilding of the club without him.

The German was photographed in a recent Arsenal game holding on to an umbrella and shielding himself from the hot sun while his teammates played. But Nicholas believes that he will not want to do that for too long.

Although his agent has said that he will remain with the club until the end of his current deal, Nicholas believes that the German will eventually get bored and leave the Emirates because he has already amassed so much wealth as a footballer.

“The wages that Ozil has been getting has been ridiculous, but that’s not Ozil’s fault,” Nicholas told Sky Sports.

“That’s down to the committee and the board who gave him the money and said, ‘we think you are well worth this value’. I don’t know how they got to that assumption.

“This is a fabulously talented footballer with a brilliant CV at Real Madrid and at national level, we know that.

“But Arsenal have struggled to get consistent performances out of Ozil. He doesn’t offer the same guarantee as [Pierre-Emerick] Aubameyang.

“Ozil has made so much money and he will be bored. He will be frustrated and fed up, and when he gets the right deal he will eventually move on.

“He won’t be sitting around with his little umbrella in the sunshine for much longer as it’s a habit of life! He wants to go and play.”

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  1. It’s down to more than poor performances, everyone in the squad has had their share. Has to to be more to it than what the public knows.
    The board, management, and ownership all agreed to his wages, they are responsible for that. Ozil allegedly declined any reduction in his wages, what makes anyone think he will voluntarily walk away from the sum total now?
    He’s here until the contract expires, any hope otherwise is just not tethered to reality. Praise him or hate him won’t change the situation.
    How many of you would walk away if your job paid you and didn’t require your presence? Yeah, me neither.

    1. Doesn’t make it right. If you had a passion and loved what you do, you wouldn’t mind taking the pay cut if it was the only way u would get to showcase what you loved doing. Money doesn’t motivate you as much as much as passion. You only enjoy taking money for doing nothing for a job you have no passion for.

    2. I hope next season he is a Goner not a Gooner, period. I am sure he played quite many games for us in the last 2 years but I can recall only the leicester game in which I noticed he actually played.

      For me, pay him up, do whatever it takes to make him not be at Arsenal next season, I dont care…his presence as a sideshow distracts the team ..and when he is in the team he dont make any difference 90% of the time. So let just move on…

  2. As above 👍👍👍

    Time and again, both he & Sokratis are adamant they won’t leave until their contract expires. So we’ll just have to live with the fact they’ll be on our roster next season.

  3. money talks….getting paid and not doing anything ..why would he wants to leave?

    he has 12 months left in his contract ……he will leave next June 21

  4. I have posted this before, but I think it needs to be said again: if Ozil refuses to accept a reasonable offer to leave Arsenal this summer, assign him to work with the seven or eight year olds at Hale End.
    And, if the media want to know where he is, don’t be shy about letting them know that he has been assigned to work there.

    I’m sure that there’s no guarantee in Ozil’s contract that he will have a place in the first team or reserves to prevent the club from doing this. If he thinks that he can just hang out with the team and collect a paycheck for doing nothing, it behooves the club to provide him with motivation to adjust his thought-process. If pride in his own abilities isn’t sufficient to motivate him to be willing to play elsewhere, perhaps only being allowed to play with the kids at Hale End will cause him to re-evaluate the effect that staying at Arsenal will have on the future of his career (and earning power going forward).

    Humiliation can be a powerful motivator when other inducements are ineffective.

    1. We have a law in this country called Constructive Dismissal. Basically if you make an employee’s life hell by making him or her do something unreasonable and/or not in their Contract of employment and they feel they are being forced to resign, they sue the arse off their employer. He gets his full contract paid up plus compensation.

        1. The point is well made though do employees have to fulfill certain criteria in return for being employed? It can’t work one way only surely?

  5. Why would Mesut Ozil get bored, when he is paid very well to not play, doesn’t have the hassle of travelling with his team mates to away matches, he and his wife can enjoy the good life living in London on high wages and he is given leave to travel overseas rather than support his team mates in Arsenal’s most important game of the season at Wembley?
    Ozil has been blessed with the talent to play at the highest level and earn top money. However, to whom much is given, much is expected. By staying at Arsenal, not playing and deciding not pursue his career elsewhere, when he has more money than he can spend in 10 lifetimes, he is destroying his reputation and legacy.
    “For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, but lose his soul?” Mark 8:36

    1. I’m guessing that as he wasn’t going to be in the match day squad he could go to Turkey as no fans etc are allowed at Wembley

      That said, your last 2 paragraphs sum up the whole situation

    2. You can say whatever you want about Ozil as a footballer but he has been and still is a good humanitarian,supporting good causes, barely the actions of a man who has lost his soul, don’t you think?

      1. Siamois, Ozil spoke out for Urghers which is commendable, yet he is friends with Erdogan, who gaols or kills his political opponents and journalists, purges the military and would carry out genecide of the Kurds if given half a chance. Ataturk, the founder of the modern and previously secular state of Turkey would be turning over in his grave.
        You can tell the character of a person by the friends they keep.

      2. Having agreed with ozziegunner on his last points I would absolutely say that Ozil has been an extremely generous man in giving to the needy. His humanitarian gestures are indeed sincere

        We are frequently reminded by his agent that Ozil will see out his contract even though he must know by now that Arteta does not see him as part of the future. This puts Ozil in the extremely difficult position of being humanitarian on the one hand but looking greedy on the other. Notwithstanding that he is absolutely entitled to his contract being fulfilled it is pretty irksome all the same that this money cannot be put to a more useful purpose rather than training a man on a weekly basis not to get on the team sheet

        However, this is the reality

  6. It’s not just Ozil . Who came up with the figure for his wages? Surely the whole board are equally to blame
    And they have got off lightly
    Biggest mistake was the board ganging up and getting rid of David Dein
    We wouldn’t be in this mess if those stuck up board members hadn’t run him out
    shame on all of them it’s not Ozil’s fault those idiots gave him a 50 million pound contract
    Fair play to Arteta for putting his foot down as he’s planning for the future and Ozil is not in it

  7. Ozil will stay till the very end of his contract.

    He has got nothing to lose. The board should take the blame for giving such a huge contract. He has never put up any performance to deserve such huge pay.
    Even when ozil was at his best playing for real Madrid and the German national team, he never deserve such crazy pay.

    I wonder what the board saw in him before giving him such pay rise.

  8. Bloody hell, we’re in a final in just over 4 hours time!!!
    Time for my Delia impression “Let’s be havin’ you!!” COYG 🎗

  9. I think you are wrong Charlie, he’s won the lottery at Arsenal and he wont mind picking up his massive wonga for zilch, he is living the dream. JACKPOT!

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