Cheeky Pelligrini is downright disrespectful to Arsenal with public Alexis plea

The cheek of the man! Okay we know there are lots of shenanigans going on behind closed doors between agents and players that are never reported, but for the manager of another team make a direct plea to a player to leave Arsenal and join his club, in a national newspaper, is downright disrespectful.

The ex-Man City manager Manuel Pelligrini has done just that, and he has basically told Alexis Sanchez that he would sign him right now, and is also openly hinting that the Chilean could earn as much as £500,000 ($620,000, 595,000 euros) a week at Hebei China Fortune, which is what the Argentine star Ezequiel Lavezzi is nearly earning at the ambitious Chinese club. This sort of money will certainly give Alexis some food for thought in a negative way for Arsenal during our contract discussions, and is certain to anger Arsene Wenger.

Pelligrini is reported as saying in the Sun: “If Alexis wants to come, we have a club for him right now. He can come to join us in China immediately.”

“Step by step Alexis has led a career with a lot of intelligence.

“He started in South America, always playing for big clubs.

“After that he played in Italy, Spain and now in the Premier League, which is the most powerful in the world.

“Alexis has always done things the right way. Chinese football is growing every day and the interest in going there is increasing all the time.

“Maybe at this moment it is difficult to get elite players to leave Europe for China.

“But once they understand the environment and the great project that is building there I am sure many will come over.”

If this is true, then there should be widespread condemnation of the Spaniard. To try and openly destabilise a player knowing that his present club is currently in contract negotiations is totally out of order. Obviously it appears that these FFP regulations only apply to European clubs and Chinese clubs can spend what they like.

But what about the charge of ‘bringing the game into disrepute’? Personally I think it is disgusting behavious!



  1. Pablo Picaso says:

    I am sure he was asked a question and of course he had to answer. I think Pele is professional and I have had no issues with though. I just question the timing of this report with the City game coming up plus the contract extension fiasco.

    Such tricks should be expected, we are doing so well at the moment against the pundits and media expectations therefore they will try to unsettle our key players, I mean look how they are making Wenger all worked out in each press conference with all this Sanchez and Ozil talk.

    The players should also take some responsibility, if they will stay let them state as such or if they want to go then its goodbye and we should move on and find playing willing to represent us. No one is bigger than Arsenal. We need our team focused on winning this title at all cost this season, they owe us the fans that much.

  2. Ugabooga says:

    How is it disgusting?

    He is telling how it is.

    If Alexis let’s it affect him, well then he ain’t who we thought he was.

    Rubbish article

  3. Break-on-through says:

    I was angry when reading this too. Arsene was on good terms with Pellegrini, and the media used to say that these two were the classy managers, very respectful. Now it turns out he was only respectful of the written laws. He’s Spanish/Argentinian so should we be surprised, Pochettino admitted that S Americans train from an early age diving techniques. Pep had no-one stopping him from doing this when everyone was in awe of what he built, but lately Spanish teams are getting punished.

  4. Midkemma says:

    I hope Arsenal sell some deadwood and free up wage money to be spent on keeping our star players.

    Debuchy is on around £75k per week yet never plays.
    Szcz is on about £70k per week and loaned out… Unlikely he will be forcing his way back in at Arsenal now.

    From what I read Alexis wants £250k and we offered £180k currently… Selling just 1 of those 2 players… heck GIVE THEM AWAY and we save enough to increase Alexis offer to what he reportedly wants.

    I hate to say this but maybe we pay our developing players too much, Iwobi gets paid 3x what Iheanacho gets paid at City… Ox is on 65k per week and he is still a developing player who can’t perform consistently enough to be a regular.

    I wonder if the wage some of the younger players get is actually having a negative effect on their development as well, given too much money to quick and ending up a bit like a spoilt brat who smokes in the shower room or gets in the media when out clubbing…

  5. enfieldgunner says:

    Pellegrini is Chilean sane as Alexis

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