Cheer up Arsenal fans! And laugh at Man United!!

Pay to Win by Big Gun

Hello Arsenal fans. The transfer window ended on a bit of a low, but quite honestly it has been our best window in a long time. We made some really good signings in Chambers and Sanchez and contrary to what most people think about Welbeck, I feel he was a pretty decent buy as he has all the attributes we have been looking for in a CF, pace in particular, which will only make our attack as a whole more effective.

I’ll admit, I was pretty green when I read that Man United had signed Falcao, but the more I think about it, the more I’m realizing he isn’t really going to add much more to their team than what they already have. There is no doubt, he is an immense player, and if we had landed him I would have been ecstatic, primarily because we desperately needed another decent CF. But in United’s case he was added more for squad depth than anything else. We need to ask this question. What can Falcao do that RvP cannot? The answer is, not much.

In fact, Falcao has no BPL experience at all and is also injury prone, so who is to say he will score as many goals for United as he did for Atletico? His performance at Monaco was a little over average, scoring just over one goal every two games in a star studded team playing in a weak French league. Also, United’s midfield is mediocre. Without Mata there is not much creativity there so a player like Falcao will have to rely heavily on their wingers to create assists – which in my opinion is a bit of a limitation.

On top of all of this, Wayne Rooney will have to be played out of position again this season, meaning he will under perform just as he did when he was played behind Van Persie last season and the season before. Rooney is the type of player who needs to be right up front to shine, as he is a natural poacher and goal scorer. Rooney was quick to express his feelings about this and I can remember his nose was quite out of joint when Van Persie knocked him off his pedestal. This season, it will happen all over again with Falcao, not just because Falcao will be their No.1 CF, but also because he is now United’s highest paid player. What will happen when RvP comes back from injury? I’m sure the little traitor won’t be too happy to lick the boots of Falcao.

On paper, their attack looks deadly, but I really think Van Gaal has failed to address a lot of the issues they had last season. Their midfield, especially the defensive area is a lot worse than ours and it doesn’t matter what type of strikers a team has…if the engine of the team is not up to scratch, the whole team will fall apart. I’d say Luke Shaw was an okay signing, but Blind is overrated and didn’t impress me at all in the World Cup. They still have not replaced the solid partnership of Ferdinand and Vidic too.

I have never liked United, in fact despised them since I can remember, but I always had a type of respect for them that like us, would not spend ridiculous amounts on players, focus on youth development and still were able to achieve the highest honours. That has all changed now after spending (and I stand to be corrected) about 150m over this window alone. They might as well be called Man City 2.0 and although I agree that some money needed to be spent to strengthen their squad, it reeks of desperation. We have some problems of our own, but we need not to be intimidated by one player as the last time I checked, football is a team game and with those gaping holes still in United’s midfield and defense, it is going to take a hell of a lot more than money to fix them.

I am really excited to see Welbeck get given a decent opportunity, especially with our star studded midfield and pacy strikers, he can do no wrong.

Proudest Gooner
Big Gun

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  1. IMHO this transfer window was far better than the last one..
    We got upgrades in Sanchez and Ospina (“still to be fully convinced about if Debuchy and Chambers are upgrades or replacements”)…
    Plus we have got Campbell, definitely better than Bendtner…
    I am not happy with the Welbeck signing… but still is an upgrade to Sanogo with PL experience..
    What scares me is the lack of defensive depth…
    I really hope per,kos and chambers or may be even Bellerin hold the fort atleast till the Jan window…
    Other that that we will be just fine once Walcott, Gnabry and Diaby returns…

    I am damn sure wenger will sign defensive cover in the Jan window….

      1. How was it a disgrace!? We have addressed our lack of pace in all areas, replaced the departed players with improvements, and signed a quality goal threat in the form of Sanchez!

        What I find funny is if we had signed Debuchy and Sanchez on deadline day we would all be raving about the great business. You have to look at the whole summer. The only regret I have was letting Miquel go, but in all honesty would we have been comfortable with him as our cover? Seeing how little Vermaelen played, and we have replaced him with Chambers who is comfortable on RB and CDM, I don’t think this is an imminent problem. (He says knocking wood).

  2. Welbeck is a good investment I guess. Nobody would expect him to perform superbly, but if somehow he clicked into gear with arsenal, I couldnt even possibly imagine how much we can laugh in man United’s face.

  3. Don’t forget that he’s the man who lead MU that trashed us 8-2, and right a year after, He was the man that SAFerguson Believed over Rooney in the UCL match against RMadrid.

    I dunno what’s behind LVGaal by selling him to us. Hopefully what SAF saw in him, could be capitalized in Arsenal. Just like what Sturidge has become now. He didn’t even got a chance as the main striker at Chelsea, but he became a machine goal with Suarez last year.

    1. Do not underestimate Van Gall, he is sweeping the Alex Ferguson era away, so that no one at the club will be left in doubt that he is in charge. The sale of Danny to us will be a calculated psychological riskon his part. He will be saying Man U under me are good enough to play with Falcao, Arsenal on the other hand Welbeck. Remember he plays mind games, and Ozil’s tweet about goals may just be the first sign of demoralisation for someone who played with the likes of CR7. This is a dangerous season for us, and Wenger must get back to his best to compete with Van Gaal.

      1. I think the bigger danger is over-estimating LvG. The only genius we have glimpsed thus far is his skill at opening a cheque book.

  4. This squad is stronger than last season. Our first eleven is onr of the best. If our defenders stay injury free we will be defenitely challenging for title. I believe in arsenal. Coyg. This is the best window we had for years now!!! Cheer up n support the team

    1. Too meny weneger licker in this forum and not meny Arsenal lovers.u morrons support the club not ur lord weneger, who by the way made our club in to a joke, a full decade since we won epl not evn champion league. We are happy to play for 4th place.evn this year we won’t win the league, we can’t compete with man city or Chelsea with danny or snogo up front.i mean come on club like arsenal should have world class striker not some reject s from other team but no u morrons weneger licker dont care cos u only care more abouts weneger not the club.look how meny excuse u morrons already making for ur lord weneger. Let go of the past u morrons.

  5. Worried about the defensive situation. Why a rich club like Arsenal has to bear with 3 CBs. Only justifiable to a club with financial crisis . Not sure out of PL clubs, which club will have only 3 CBs. Every season we have holes in our system. Even a small kid knows dat we needed a Cb after Vermalin’s departure. Can’t Wenger find a CB in 30 days.
    Are we title contenders?. On paper no…
    Only if some one like OZIL starts dominating the midfileld and provide regular assists. Then we can be a real force. Until den, we have to hope teams llike Chelsea and Man city have to ‘fail like City’s loss to Stoke. If chelse plays like what they are playing now whole season.. Then not possible did year.

    1. Finding a defender willing to sit on the bench in 30 days is a hard task. Manolas will be a starter at Roma and Nastasic would rather not sit on th

      1. But that is where the art of rotation comes into play, do you think our club captain would have left if he knew that he would be allowed to play some games, and get a chance to get back to first choice?

      2. 38*yepes 6″1 prev napoli
        colombian international world cup(ospina*)
        left sided centre back
        wants to move to prem
        very good=intercept,heading
        lacks=pace(merts backup)
        last season;
        #86%pass completion,
        #won more tackles per game than kosc,nearly twice as much as verm and merts
        #58% of duels more than koscielney 50.91%, slightly less than tv and per
        #65% areal duels/7 clearenses/game similar to per last season

  6. Hmmmm,…… I just checked out Danny welbeck in and it’s a little strange seeing him in an arsenal kit, just like it is seeing cesc in a chelsea kit and few years ago, RVP in a united kit. Looks a little surreal but i have hopes for him. I haven’t really paid attention to his game but i know he is very industrious and wenger has his way with young players like this. Once he starts clicking as i hope and pray for, my next prayer is for the British media to please stay the hell away from him and not kill him with their stupid hypes.

  7. I remember how folks (myself included) wanted so badly for Wenger to sign Josip Drmic.
    Now Welbeck is no worse than Drmic talent-wise (techniqe and pace). Infact, Welbeck has more strength and height. Welbeck has more experience playing in the EPL. And Welbeck is as young as Drmic. I truly hope that he improves on his goal-tally with us.

  8. If there is any laughing to be done, let it be done in May and not anytime before that!!!

    There is no guarantee that Welbeck will be a hit for us or that Man U and Falcao will flop. United have a decent squad if not edging Arsenal in some areas. Its going to be hell of a season and a lot of heart breaks for many teams this time around as there over seven teams able to squeeze into the top four.

    If our team can quickly jell / find a way around the injuries / and give 100% in each match (like the CL qualifier) we can achieve a lot actually.

    Lets not look down on any player or club.

    1. I never came up with the laugh at man united heading to this article. The point of the article was to make people realize that just because Falcao is setting Manure back 350k a week, does not mean he is going to score 30+ goals this season. We need not be intimidated by him or the media hype surrounding the whole transfer. Arsenal always seem to have this jinx against United, even last season at their weakest, we couldn’t break that mental barrier. I remember the commentator going on about how the respect between the two clubs could still clearly be seen on the pitch. It is this mentality going into any game that can either make or break us. Having respect, is completely different to underestimating the opposition and Arsenal need to go into games like these with a winners mentality knowing they can be better than their opposition. The problem is, does Wenger instill this type of mentality into our players?

      1. As always on point Big Gun!!! You are one of the most knowledgeable out here. I got that much from the article but the title and most of the comments out here led to my comments.

        Absolutely true, Wenger has to smack the fear factor out of our players. Now that we have Danny maybe he can convince our players that Man U don’t bite. Plus Danny and Sanchez are big match players as seen from their previous clubs and country (Sanchez), hope this rubs off our other players too.

        Winning has to start from the dressing Wenger, prepare our players physically and mentally aswell!!!

        1. PS: Man U don’t bite, but our players have be careful at Old Trafford, there rats might. – Careful if we play Barca too, one who is not mentioned plays there now!!!

          Agent out.

  9. I don’t agree that united have become like city… You have to respect that united have earned the money that they have spent, as hard as it is to accept! On the other hand, city literally bought the title!

    I think Arsenal need to learn from united a bit actually. They have one crap season and then they do something about it, with money that the club has generated…

    Arsenal come 4th and then strengthen up enough to stay 4th… As if that is good enough! And its not as though we haven’t generated funds to spend…

    I’ve never been a big fan of pretty much replacing half a squad, but it is very clear that we are short in many areas!

    Two injuries and we are fooked…

    1. Don’t get me wrong, our starting 11 is brilliant, and would be capable of winning the EPL.
      But with CL games and injuries, I don’t see us having the depth to pull it off.

  10. Enjoyed this article a lot.

    I’m not gonna laugh at Man United seeing that we could barely beat Leicester on Sunday. But I do believe we actually had a decent transfer window and grabbed some great players. Sanchez and Chambo Jr do things on the pitch that makes my jaw drop. Danny isn’t world class, but he has hunger and drive which is what we need on the pitch. And I still can’t believe we signed Ozil.

    But we can have the greatest players in world and still play terrible and tactically wrong… like against Leicester. Everyone, including Wenger, needs to step up their game.

  11. Wenger knows best but from my position on the couch Welbeck looks like a proven entity. I have said this a few times over the last few days but Welbeck scored 8 goals in only 13 matches as a central striker last season. I’m repeating myself so that us Gooners can be really positive this season. The positivity will spread to the stadium , to the players and onto the pitch. Welbeck is better than Falcao, and I guess Wenger was in the market for Falcao to actually get Welbeck. (pushing Falcao’s wages up at the same time). Remember he keeps promising more English players. Our club will keep getting stronger and these big clubs will start cracking under the strain of excess wages.

  12. most of you are d###riding wenger hard and thats a very sad thing

    some people hate on wenger for no reason and their opinion should not be taken serious
    but most of you lot dont even accept fair criticsm on him(thats very sad)

    1) His tactics are completely outdated. some people point out this on forum
    and get slated
    Well then tell me how many times when we are losing a game or drawing a game does he change the formation or playing style?

    2) never substitutes in time.
    60 min and if its not working every manager changes his players
    but he never changes the players till 75 minutes( even if the game is crying for it)

  13. you know the funny thing is

    during world cup time in this site everybody was questioning how welbeck can get a place into starting 11 of england
    some were even calling him s##t

    i remember it correctly

    now after signing for arsenal he can be a gem in the making
    Pls explain me how this quick some of you have changed your opinion on him??

  14. people wont agree but we are not even half of what man utd are

    1) they have a much bigger fan base
    2) they have much more trophies than us
    3) their club is worth more than 2 billion while we are at 900 million

    so dont laugh at them
    it would be good if we were to look at ourselves at them

    they are the still the biggest club in england by some distance

  15. I’m delighted Welbeck has joined us, he’s fast, powerful, hungry and wont stop running. Hopefully his positivity and energy will ripple through the team. I’ve got a feeling he’ll score a lot of goals for us. A front 4 of Welbeck, Sanchez, Walcott and Ozil is mouth watering!

    Just wish we’d addressed our DM and CB, (depth) frailties. I hope that we are still considering free agents that may be available.
    As for no CB wanting to join us to sit on the bench, we should have targeted a top CB, offered them regular playing time and benched/phased out BFG. He’s getting older and slower 🙁

    1. 38*yepes 6″1 prev napoli
      colombian international world cup(ospina*)
      left sided centre back
      wants to move to prem
      very good=intercept,heading
      lacks=pace(merts backup)
      last season;
      #86%pass completion,
      #won more tackles per game than kosc,nearly twice as much as verm and merts
      #58% of duels more than koscielney 50.91%, slightly less than tv and per
      #65% areal duels/7 clearenses/game similar to per last season

      30*jonas free agent
      80-82rating prev valencia main striker
      worth 11m
      champ League 14app=8g,5ass
      la liga113app=36g/16ass
      excellent=ball control,
      very good=dribble,preditor,long shots
      decent=free kick,speed,passing
      last season comparison;
      # ave 0.87 shots outside area better than giroud
      #39% take ons better than giroud not far from welbeck
      #56% shot accuracy would rival the best finishers in the prem.(r0oney 53%,rvp46%)
      #scored 10 goals 1 more than welbeck,
      #ave identical amount of goals from corners as giroud
      #78% pass completion better than giroud69%
      #ave 0.71creates more chances than welbeck
      #ave 25.74 passes similar to giroud better than welbeck(plays similar passing game to arsenal)

  16. A defensive mid, just one defensive mid signed and I would have been happy.
    I can’t see why we didn’t sign one, it baffles me.

  17. LOL MANURE, you can’t buy class, you’re despartion reeks of shite (just like you’re club) and i think you’re manger is a bit of a loon, should’ve stuck with moyes lol

    Moye’s could of done the same thing…..Hang on i could “that one ermmmmmmmmmmmm that one, don’t care about price tag, and that one”
    More money please ran out”

    1. Do not underestimate Van Gaal, he is an excellent manager whose only aim for this season looks like a top 4 finish.

      1. So what are we saying here – we can applaud LvG and Man U for a bigger net spend in 4 weeks than Arsenal has had in the last 10 years and that top 4 for Man U is all that is expected and is OK? But Wenger doing the same on less for longer is crap.

  18. @writer
    RVP and Falcao fit, think a mid-field with Di-Maria-Mata-Rooney and RVP-Falcao upfront. I agree they do not have the man power yet to balance a 3-5-2 system, but this 5 will set up the attacking core. Now blind will be a wing back as he was with Holland, Young/Valencia are the pain points on the other side of the wing. They still lack the depth, but with no UCL I think they will do just fine.

    Back to Arsenal, we have definitely done good, but had chance to do even better. Why buy average when we can buy top players for little more? I would have taken 1 more CB to be satisfied with our transfer window. We could have offered a mil or 2 more for Manolas, we had so much of free money from Fab and vela sell!

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