Chelsea 0-1 Arsenal – Something is definitely brewing this season…

Something special is brewing... by Konstantin Mitov
Well lovely Arsenal people, we’ve gone away to Stamford bridge, dominated the game and took the 3 points. Third consecutive year in a row we win there. Even so I have PTSD from past years, and I was a little nervous, but honestly it was comfortable.
We went there, imposed our game and deserved the win. I wasn’t really bothered with the Aubameyang story, but we made him look so poor he was subbed. I truly can’t rember Ramsdale needing to make a save. Shout out to the defensive unit, Gabriel, Saliba and Ben White were immense!
But you know, what was the biggest indicator of change for me? Man city won in the most deflating of fashions for us, and how do we reply? We go to Stamford Bridge and we win comfortably. We silenced them! The Bridge was so quiet.
If I can be a little picky, we could be a tad more clinical in front of goal. Jesus could do with a goal. If his confidence was high, that header ends up in the back of the net. But we found a way to score anyway. The only team to score in every PL game so far, but still I would like to make games a little more comfortable with a second goal when we are on top.
I’d like to finish by wishing you all a “good ebening” as don Unai humbled Man Utd, Spurs were rolled over by a poor Liverpool team, and we are 11 points clear from United, 13 in front of Chelsea and 15 off Liverpool. If we beat Wolves away, we go to the World Cup sitting on top of the table.
Live the moment and enjoy, people.

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Arteta is as happy as us after crucial win at Chelsea…

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  1. The defence of saliba and white, at this moment, are the most incredible unit for a long time. Saliba should now be called Mr. Coool. There was no moments of panic, rash clearances, wild blocking. What a defence we had yesterday

  2. Isn’t it wonderful to have so little to moan about, and so much to cheer.

    I admit to being a bit jittery because a one goal cushion wasn’t enough to calm my nerves- even though Chelsea were poor.

    Self belief is half the battle and this will only help the players more as time goes on. Chelsea were not a bad team on paper. There are very fine margins at the top level in sports. The Nadals and Serena Williams of this world have that never say die mentality which sets them above the rest. Arsenal as a unit are beginning to have a similar focus

    1. I agree with several of your points. It was a really impressive display, one that I did not expect that we would be able to carry out at Stamford Bridge.
      Chelsea were missing some important players and it is worth noting that several of their senior players no longer have the speed and athleticism they used to. Nevertheless, with our first team, we will give any team a difficult game.
      We still lack clinical finishing and there are occasional lapses in defence that could yet prove an issue over the course of the season so there is still room for improvement.
      Overall, we are in a great place and many players are yet to peak, so onwards and upwards!!

  3. An article that thinks it is cool to openly mock Emerys accent is not one I could ever praise. To paraphrase the immature Konstantin I will add, ” Live the moment and enjoy, people. But, in so doing, do not give way to childish and puerile mockery of accents”!

    It may well be a so called harmless joke to you Konstantin, but it continues an unfortunately thick headed and all too common habit of mocking those who are seen as “different”.
    Do remember that all so called perceived”differences” are only the individual packaging that ALL we humans wear! And than decide, Konstantin, NOT to repeat your mistake again.

    1. Agree with you Jon about Emery.
      The man has an incredible CV in the Europa League especially with Sevilla. The guy deserves respect even though it did not work out with AFC.
      I wish he does very well for Aston Villa against every other team except against us.

      Apart from that I am really enjoying the ride and HOPE it lasts till the end of the season.

  4. As a fan who has always loved the reliability of top class defences and as one who lamented the absence of any sort of REAL defence at all for well over a decade, WELL OVER, prior to THIS SEASONS PROPER DEFENCE, I rejoice that at long long last DEFENCE is once again at theeheart of our top class team and its managers philosophy.

  5. Konstantin, in support of jon, how’s your pronunciation of English words?
    Emery is a fine coach who has my respect despite his difficulties with our language.

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