Chelsea aiming to hijack Arsenal deal for Gabriel Jesus – Formal proposal reported

For the last couple of months it has looked like Arsenal’s attempt to lure Gabriel Jesus from Man City to join Mikel Arteta’s project looked to be going very well, with an offer from Tottenham being dismissed by most fans and pundits, due to the fact that Jesus would only ever be a backup to Kane and Son while they were still at the club.

But now it has been revealed by AS in Spain that the World Club Champions, Chelsea, having now had their sanctions lifted since the sale of the club by Abramovich, are now also in the running, and have made it clear that they are intending to make a ‘formal proposal’

This is what the report states….. “Gabriel Jesús (25 years old) is very close to leaving Manchester City. This is what they know in the ‘Sky blue’ team, which has just signed Erling Haaland and that they will let the Brazilian out, as long as there is an offer that meets his expectations. It is in this bid for the striker that clubs like Arsenal and Tottenham have appeared; and ultimately Chelsea.

“As Diario AS has been able to learn, the blue team is very interested in Gabriel Jesús and will try to close his signing this summer, once the institutional situation is settled after the end of the British government sanction and the arrival of Todd Boehly for club presidency. It is precisely these steps that could delay Chelsea’s offer for the player, although he has already been informed that there will be a formal proposal.”

We may not have been worried about Tottenham’s offer, but an offer from a massive team like Chelsea, who are guaranteed Champions League football and also have chances of winning it, could put a serious spanner in the works.

It is expected that Chelsea will be moving Romelu Lukaku on again after just one season, and are in desperate need of a 20 goal a season hitman.I have a feeling they could offer higher wages than the Gunners as well.

I would say that the only thing we have in favour of an Arsenal move is if Jesus believes in Arteta’s project and is certain he will be the main man for the Gunners, whereas nothing is ever certain when you move to Chelsea other than a very big payday…

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  1. IF, which as yet is only a rumour- and we all know that MOST, by far, rumours prove to be false- Chelsea ARE seriously interested in Jesus, I think we would be blown out of the water. But its a big IF!
    My gut feeling is he will soon be our player.

  2. It’s up to the player at this point, what are the ambitions of the interested clubs? What guarantees of playing time? How much in weekly wages?

    He walks into our starting lineup, but can we match the weekly wages that will be offered?

    Personally, wouldn’t pay over 40 million for him, and not more that 200k a week, which is a massive weekly wage.

    The club will make the decision on whether he is the striker for us, so we will have to wait and see.

  3. Truth being told,I wouldn’t be a tiny bit devastated if we were to fail to sign him!as long as we get a high calibre of a CF that is.

      1. Couldn’t agree more Mark, I honestly don’t see AFC
        leading the race for any of these strikers…


        If they happen to strike out with Jesus, MA and Edu
        May be forced to circle back and brake the clubs all
        time transfer fee record on Osimen.

  4. I hope the rumor is true, because we’ve got Nketiah and Chelsea could sell Havertz or Lukaku to us afterwards. Broja could also request to leave, if he sees Jesus coming

    Arsenal had better focus on Zinchenko first, as he could be Xhaka’s successor. He has also been playing CM and LB roles very well, so he could break the opposition’s defense with his dribbles through the left midfield area

    1. Agree on Zinchenko GAI, but I would also add that
      there is no reason why deals for Bissouma and Aouar
      shouldn’t be wrapped up in the next few weeks, Both
      tick all the player profile boxes for Edu and MA and
      would cost the clubs PEANUTS.

      1. Bissouma’s skills are great and he could be our main CDM. But Arsenal have got to make sure he won’t ruin the dressing room, because he’s still under investigation in sex attack case

        As for Aouar, we’ve got Smith-Rowe and Flores who can play similar role. I’d prefer Paqueta, his teammate, as he’s taller and faster than Odegaard

        1. The thing is with arsenal they wait and wait until the player value either sky rockets and they are priced out or a next team just swoop in and get the deal done within a few days. We could have bought Neves last season to replace Xhaka but we did nothing. Now Neves fee is too much for arsenal. Now we need a new midfielder to partner Partey. Yet we have not made a solid decision on who the team needs. That should have been done way before season ended, it’s not like we are replacing the manager so the manager and board should have known what is needed even before season ended. But these days that’s just typical arsenal.

          1. I’d prefer Liverpool’s method. They bought some cheap players before other big clubs approached the hidden gems, instead of haggling the prices of the famous players

            We got Martinelli and Tavares using similar method, so hopefully Marquinhos will also be a good addition to our team

            About Neves, I’m glad we didn’t sign him. Because I’d prefer Arsenal maximize Partey’s creativity, skills and aggression, by moving him to a more advanced position and assign someone else in the CDM position

            1. All good points but the drawback with Partey is that he haven’t completed a full season for us as yet. I do hope this is a big year for him and it would be nice to pair him with Bissouma

    2. Gai G Jesus can go to Chelsea for all I care I prefer a physical tall or lanky player ie Tammy Abraham or Osimhen. We should not waste time in signing a DM and a deputy for Thieney. If Saka leaves S Nasbry would be a good option. Arsenal should make quick whoever they want to sign.

      1. Yeah, I also want a tall CF to complement Nketiah. Gnabry would also offer a different RW attacking style than Saka and Pepe

  5. I wouldn’t be disappointed if we sold Gabriel Jesus, he seems similar to Timo Werner, also Lao Havertz, we could snatch any of them, even lukaku,

    If i had the power to decide, I would go with wijnaldum, Ward-prowse, Nkunku and possibly a towering CF, we could promote an LB and RB.

  6. to be honest Jesus is too good for Arsenal. EVERY one of the clubs mentioned are a better fit.

    1. Jesus coming will not be the coming of arsenals saviour. Don’t think he can score 20 goals in the league a season so I will pass. If he was that prolific, City wouldn’t have bought Haaland and would be looking to keep him. So if he doesn’t come, it’s no big deal

  7. At Chelsea he’d just be another squad player but at Arsenal he’s got a chance to lead the front line…
    Much more exciting challenge at Arsenal IMO

  8. gai, a bit optimistic to think Chelsea would sell Havertz. Maybe Lukaku but could we afford his fee (probably in the region of £60m+) let alone his wages?
    Another point, would they be willing to swap UCL for EL? I like a bit of optimism but prefer realism!!

    1. Yeah, it’d be very difficult to sign Havertz. I just hope Chelsea’s new ownership sells Havertz or Lukaku to get a lot of money

  9. Hugely overrated player. Hasn’t hit more than 14 in a season for City. In fact he’s only hit double figures twice. Playing in that team and the chances they create he should be getting 20+ every season. He doesn’t even have the excuse of not getting a run in the side. If he costs any more than £20m I hope arsenal get him….to be honest, unless we got him on a free you’re welcome to him.

    1. Jesus is a good striker, but not top class in my opinion. On such a star studded City team creating chances for fun, you would expect more goals from him.

      If a team decided on a one-two punch, a plan A and plan B striker, Jesus would be a good plan A that contrasted with a tall, aerial, holdup type Plan B player.

      Otherwise, I don’t think Jesus will be challenging for the golden boot at Arsenal if he never did for City. Sorry but Edu tends to go starry eyed for anything Brazilian.

  10. I’m afraid that us signing Jesus will be like walking on water

    They have CL and we don’t. They will be more attractive to him

  11. I hope we don’t see Edu/Arteta do a ‘January’ and wait, wait, wait and sign nobody. Everything is ‘almost’ but actually nothing happens. Wish they would sign Yves Bissouma and get it over with.

  12. Whilst Jesus is an ok striker, arsenal should not over spend on getting Jesus. Paying over 30 mil for Jesus would be a very poor decision. If the other teams wants to pay over the odds for him, let them. There are way better forwards out there than Jesus that we can get better value for money from. 12 goals in a season is now what is labeled success for paying 30 to 40 million for a striker. Sad days these are where money trumpet scoring and giving all for a team.

  13. Chelsea could do all the summer window players signing transfer high jack from Arsenal if they so wish and intend to dp curing the summer window. But I believe the purported high jack plan of Gabriel Jesus signing from Arsenal by Chelsea ny will not deter nor hinder Arsenal from moving to other top quality players transfer targets to sign them duing this soon to open summer transfer windowand sign them if they want to do their transfers to AFC.

  14. Some, I think quite a lot, of Jesus’s goals were scored when he was a sub., often at times when the score has been settled. Scoring goals on such occasions would be relatively easy compared to doing same at crunch times.

  15. We shouldn’t pay more than 30m flr Jesus, 35m tops.
    Don’t think any team would pay more than that for Jesus.

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