Chelsea and Costa finally help Arsenal by holding Man United

Obviously Arsenal fans are hoping that Arsene Wenger and the players’ main concern in the latter stages of the Premier League season will be getting to the top of the table and staying there, but if the Gunners are not to win the title this year then the least we want is to finish in the top three.

Fourth place would get us into the Champions League for next season but it would mean two extra play-off games that Arsenal could do without and there is always the possibility of not getting through. Which is why I found myself in the very strange position of wanting Chelsea to score yesterday and then the even stranger sensation of cheering when the arch villain Diego Costa grabbed a late equaliser.

It denied Manchester United a win and stopped the gathering momentum they had been building in recent weeks. The Gunners do not want a rejuvenated and in form United side chasing us down, that’s for sure, and we do not want then finding top gear just as we are set to go to Old Trafford in the league.

Costa has caused Arsenal plenty of grief during his short time in England, but after his late goal yesterday kept United seven points behind us, has the Chelsea striker just done us a big favour?


  1. If the current Man Utd manages to surpass us, the manager and players should line up in a row and get b***slapped by the fans.

    1. The only ones that can help us are ourselves, we have so many weaknesses it’s unbelievable really but hope Giroud gets a goal because as much as I want to see him bench no way the boss is gonna not playing him. Barcelona is coming and we have to find a way to beat them and if you asked me what we could do honestly I don’t know man

      1. Too many weaknesses indeed. I can’t see us winning vs Barca, I can’t see us winning vs Lester either, with the pair of Ramsey/Flamini and a tired/ maybe unmotivated Giroud upfront. I’m not even sure we can keep going with only Giroud and Welbeck, whenever he plays again, through May.

        1. Who’s thumbing you down ?? It’s a fact we won’t progress in the CL, Barca made a fool out of Bayern and we struggled to beat them at home. Imagine the amount of effort it would take to win at the Camp Nou, we simply don’t have the mentality to win there nor do we have the appropriate injury record, I’ll bet you one of our important players will be out injured.

          1. It’s not as if Barcelona are unbeatable ?

            I would play all our defensive players and park them on our goal line, behind Petr Cech And just keep 3 of our fastest players, in line with Barca’s defence, ready for a counter, thats if cech can find them with a clearance.
            It’s not pretty but it’s the best way to play to avoid a hammering and who knows, we may even nick a couple of away goals ? We are on a roll with winning ugly,
            So,why stop now, lets go butt ugly, Quasimodo style ?

    1. Yet he still made a fool out of our defence.. we have no right to be angry since we shot ourselves in the foot.

      1. He didn’t make fool out of our defence. That run in behind Kos at the perfect time and then Willian to spot it and find him was top draw stuff. Like seriously top draw. Not being able to hold your hands up admire and congratulate is all on you. Gab and Mert made two foolish decisions between them, that happens, look at Wanyama, he does it every other week and I’m willing to bet that you want him

    2. Spot on dude. Intimidation then conquer, that’s Costa obvious recipe. I prefer ManUre tailing us rather than Chelsea got their one point, but this was better. So, gracias Costa, you s.o.b m.f. I still hate you from the bottom of my heart.

  2. Theo Walcott: 225 PL games, 53 goals
    Olivier Giroud: 121 PL games, 53 goals

    costa’s record, even tho he plays in such a dirty and vicious way…
    pees on both of them …without apologising

    truth be told he could have made the difference for us.
    ‘oh i wouldnt want that at our club, were too classy’
    yeah? well stay classy san diego, with no league for 12 years and counting

    1. Walcott has no right to be a starting CF for Arsenal with such a poor goal scoring record. Yeah he may have played on the RW most of his career but that doesn’t mean he shouldn’t have been able to get at least 10-15 goals a season from that position.

  3. The only thing we need at arsenal is goals.
    Coquelin and cech are absolutely brilliant doing the dirty job.
    And ozil is pretty good at creating.
    Thats the reason why we should try and use this lineup
    bellerin gabriel kos monreal
    coq ramsey
    walcott giroud sanchez.

    bellerin mertesacker kos monreal
    coq elneny
    campbell ozil sanchez

    The second lineup is quite balanced

  4. Costa just helped their bus to move a step away from relegation and we should just focus on how we can fly past the foxes..what happens to chel..and their own bzness.

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