Chelsea beats Arsenal to reach 600 Premier League wins

Chelsea has become the second Premier League club to reach 600 wins since the inception of the competition.

The Blues have been great rivals with Arsenal, but the Gunners were the biggest club in London in the early days of the Premier League.

Since Roman Abramovich bought them, they have become arguably the most successful club in London.

They won the Champions League last season and have become one of the best clubs to watch in England again under Thomas Tuchel.

Sun Sports reveals that their 3-0 win over Aston Villa at the weekend was their 600th win in the competition

The report reveals that they have achieved that after 1,118 matches as they have been ever-present since the competition was rebranded in the 1992/1993 season.

Arsenal has also been an ever-present, but Chelsea has beaten them to the 600th win by two matches.

Mikel Arteta’s side currently has 598 wins and they would have beaten the Blues to the record if they hadn’t made a poor start to the season and losing their first three league matches of the competition.

However, the Gunners have won more league games than Liverpool who have just 583 wins from 1,118 games.

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      1. So he’s cleared a few players not wanted at the club ,I mean that must make him a great great manager having done that .
        I remember the days where getting results made you a great manager ,how times have changed .

  1. “Our strategy at Chelsea is to bring up our own players through the Academy, which we have invested a lot in, and hope it gives results”. Roman Abramovich quote.How many Academy graduates are currently in the Chelsea first team?His strategy has failed and he has been obliged to fund the success of Chelsea from his own deep pockets,pockets which have been lined from the sale of state owned assets which he procured in dubious circumstances.The fact that he pays his “dues” to his ” friend” Mr Putin, to maintain what has become a gangster state, sums up the nature of the beast.A man who goes through Managers with unremitting disdain to preserve his successful plaything.Who says money can’t buy success.Chelsea FC are a perfect example to blow that myth out of the water.

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