Chelsea can still stop Arsenal signing Aubameyang – squeaky bum time!

Apparently there are still problems with the deal between Arsenal, Chelsea and Dortmund over the striker Merry-go-round, with Chelsea trying to blackmail Arsenal over the price for Giroud. If they pull out then Batchuayi will not be going to Dortmund on loan, and then the Gunners may not secure Aubameyang!

David Ornstein has reported on twitter….

Could this deal really still fall through? We all know that Giroud’s missus doesn’t want to move away from London while she is pregnant, so what could Wenger do? Will Arsenal accept a reduced deal for Giroud if they have no choice? Or perhaps Wenger is playing hard ball, as he has included Giroud in tonight’s squad…



  1. GB says:

    This is an old story, things have changed in these last few hours. Auba is at Colney having medical and a new deal for Giroud to Chelsea at £18 mil has been agreed. Michy to Dortmund should happen tonight or in morning b3fire the German 5pm transfer deadline.

  2. ADoseOfReality says:

    It’s not squeaky bum time. Chelsea desperately want a target man, way more than we want Auba although in a perfect world we’d get Auba without helping them. The hold up on this deal, contray to the media peddling the penny pinching idea and dortmund happy to play along to deflect flak from their clear poor gamble on giving him a contract and how badly he wants out, was Dortmund getting a replacement. When Giroud didn’t want to move, no doubt and fair play to him because his agent worked out he was by far Chelsea’s best option (they were looking at Carrol/Crouch ffs.) He wants to stay in London so we’re involved in a triangle which Michy going to Dortmund but don’t pretend Chelsea are not desperate for Giroud, Morata is misfiring badly and they have nothing else to offer. Arsenal hold the strongest hand if it all falls though they have Giroud who is on good terms with club/fans/teammates alike with minimal risk to his transfer value, Dortmund are 2nd with keeping Auba but he wants out and his relationship with club/fans/teammates is terrible and massive transfer value risk come summer so not great for them then Chelsea who are desperate for a new big man and have Michy who they don’t want to play. Fed up with the media acting like Arsenal haven’t held all the cards at all times during this negotiation and it’s so sad to see so many Arsenal fans buying into the bs media narrative too.

    1. GB says:

      Well said my friend!

    2. killamch89 says:

      I agree. Arsenal are doing some good transfer business this window. I agree that Giroud has given his all to Arsenal and is 100% committed but when we have the opportunity to sign another top class striker as competition for Lacazette we can’t say no. I understand that Giroud is loved by most fans but let’s be real Giroud has never fit into our style of play and never will. In addition to that do not forget those games against Monaco and others where Giroud missed a million shots. Lacazette wouldn’t be here if they thought Giroud was good enough. For once Arsenal is finally being ruthless and now you all are complaining? I hear Ian Wright who slated Giroud openly back in 2015 why are giving up a good striker for a World Class one. Like really? If somebody were to tell me a year ago that we would be going from Welbeck and Giroud to Lacazette and Aubameyang I’d think you’re crazy but life is funny.

  3. barryglik says:

    Arsenal want Auba a lot more
    than Chelsea need Giroud.
    Chelsea could offer 5m and
    we would have to take it
    because Chelsea can scupper the PEA deal by
    refusing to let Batshuayi go to BVB.
    Chelsea see it’s like the Sanchez deal we ended up having
    to take the Mkh swap no money deal or lose Sanchez for nothing.
    Arsenal could pull out of the PEA deal and sign
    just Evans but fans would be very angry.
    15m for a 31 yr old who is leaving soon any way is good value.
    Take the 15 mill from Chelsea for Giroud.
    Evans for 20m is a steal compared to VVD 75m
    Out Sanchez Coquelin 12m Walcott 20m + Giroud 15m.= 47m.
    In Mkh free Auba 55m and Evans 17m. = 72m.
    Net spend 25m for top striker decent AM and decent CB
    Good business.

    1. ADoseOfReality says:

      Nonsense. Chelsea have been hunting a target man all window and are desperate so much so they were going to sign Carrol! We don’t need Auba we can absolutely wait until the summer watch the price drop or sign an alternative, we don’t have a huge hole to fill (Why the Mhki deal was so good.) If we don’t get Auba we have Giroud a player Chelsea desperately want who can do a job. We’re only in for Auba because it’s such a good opportunity for us not because we need fill that hole. Improve the team, no competition at all, fair or most likely better than fair value and offloading a player at fair or better than fair value we’d want to offload anyway. This is how we operate and stay competitive with money bags like the Manchester clubs. Chelsea are actually trying to operate on our level now although they have the safety net of previous investment and if it all goes bad 2 or 3 seasons running their owner will step in. Dortmund hold no cards either they gambled on a bidding war when they gave a player who they knew wanted out a juicy sign on fee + improved wages and it backfired. We hold all the cards. Stop pretending. 18 mil is the rumoured agreed sum with Chelsea which like you say is insane value. As I said we hold all the cards! Stop buying into the media bs, if we were Liverpool we’d be getting insane praise right about now for our dealings. Mkh was a coup btw and a player we wanted to sign originally. Reread your comment now and actually think we’re along the same lines. We’re getting insane value arguably the best January a club has ever seen but we need it 🙂 Guess I’m used to hostility here and read your first line that I disagree with and skimmed the rest! You just missed the fact we can scupper the Giroud in Batshuayi out deal which means a lot to Chelsea too though!

    2. bryden says:

      Chelsea can’t scupper PEA deal if they DA allow not Batshuayi to BVB. Anthony Modeste is the coolest plan B for BVB. With Modeste running away with the 3rd top scorer bragging right in Germany last year and he wants a nice back to Germany and a fine fit for BVB.
      PEA is Arsenals

  4. Me says:

    If it all falls through at the last hour there will be positives to it all.
    Trust me there will be positives…

    1. Handyandy1 says:

      All this talk about forwards is papering over the large crack we still have at the back. THAT’S our weakness and not a damned thing has been done to address it again. We need a commanding central defender like Evans. I’m getting sick and tired of saying it. Grrrrrrrr

      1. ADoseOfReality says:

        Your right handyandy but unfortunately the only way we can ever hope to compete with the rich clubs is to wait for stars align Auba/Sanchez/Ozil moments or picking up cheap gambles that work (and can everyone please get over the fact we’re the 2nd highest ticket behind Spurs it doesn’t change how deep our pockets are just illustrates how many local fans we have in an affluent/expensive area like Spurs the biggest penny pinchers in the land right now.) I hope Evans is still on but that talk seems to have cooled with Kos’s injury issues he’d be the ideal leader to nurture whoever makes the grade out of our younger CB’s.

      2. Mobella says:

        Now, Evans is commanding. He is not better than what we have. What we need is better organization at the back and evey other players to understand and play their defensive role in the team.

    2. ADoseOfReality says:

      It won’t it’s bad news for everyone. Every single club/player wants this deal and out of the 6 parties who want it we’re the least invested so can hardly mess it up!

  5. Mobella says:

    What most of us don’t consider is arsenal has another player in Welbeck we can throw into the deal if we truly want PEA. As it stands, I don’t think Dortmund can risk having a player who has fallen out without with everybody in their ranks. They will take any player even money in his place and trying to face by saying they won’t sell if they don’t have replacement for him.

  6. Innit says:

    “Squeaky Bum Time”…This is the first time i have heard that expression before
    Interesting. You learn something new everyday innit

  7. Me says:

    I hope to god the deal falls through.
    We don’t need new players we need a new manager.
    And to get shot of that invalid cripple that has the audacity to call himself a goalkeeper.
    Losing 2-1 to the worse team in the league.

  8. Me says:

    And Cech has the nerve to publicly state Arsenal have not been good enough?
    Washed up useless has been.
    Arsenal are a football club not a retirement home !

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