Chelsea defeat shows Arsenal nowhere near EPL ready

Okay so we still have three weeks before the start of the new Premier League season, but it is just as well because Arsene Wenger and the Arsenal squad have a hell of a lot of work to do to get ready for it after getting a proper pasting from Chelsea in the third game of our pre-season schedule.

The weekend before the EPL season kicks off Arsenal will face Chelsea again at Wembley Stadium for the Community Shield and unless we do a lot better against the title holders in that match there will be very little confidence among us Gooners that the new season will be the one which finally sees Arsenal crowned champions of England again.

Even though Wenger named a side with a few young Gunners in it and you would expect us to be a lot stronger when the real competitive games begin, there were players like Ozil, Monreal, Xhaka, Ramsey and the new striker Lacazette in from the start but we were second best throughout.

I don’t think we should start panicking just yet but that was a rude awakening that Wenger should not take lightly. How worried were you guys by the way Chelsea took Arsenal apart in China?



  1. Josh37 says:

    haha same story every pre-season…
    If we win it’s nothing special..
    If we lose?… Drama!!!!
    Its about match-fitness first and foremost. We fielded a 19yo CM at CB FFS!!

    1. khangunners says:

      I think arsenal fans are cowards and pathetic. We will take our team to the moon with one victory and when they fall we all go to hiding instead of talking about the problem and how it can be rectified. Just look how many fans who were ohhh we are winning the league, wenger has changed where are they? We need to change our mentality and be one lets hve ambition for arsenal fc not fight each other. Am sure when we lost someone stoped typing and will come here after we win and take the team to pluto! Start criticising fans who see the team needs surgery. Hehe lets support the team lossiing is not bad if you learn from it but waiting for you to win then ignoring that you lost last time is not good enough. This is how arsenal is at the moment. The basics crossing the ball!! How many games hve fans pointed out this? You tell me the manager can’t see this? We need wenger to start learning from a defeat or we will be left behind

      1. frank says:

        I always say i dnt kno why arsenal fans forget easily…just becoz we won the fa cup everyone forgot how shit we were some hv guts to call sanchez an average player but wait till the league begins coz if u say anythin negative about arsenal now Justarsenal fans will eat u up

      2. Alfredo says:

        Khan I strongly agree with your comments. It is time for we fans to wake up and pretty fast too to reality.

  2. oldtimer says:

    terrified we were playing the same way we played in2014 2015. long ball over the top and all at sea. Have no confidence at Can see we will have a hard time being inthe top 10 let alone top 4.

  3. Arsenal_Girl says:

    I know.
    Same every season
    Our preparation is poor
    We sign players late
    Some of our players lack physical fitness
    Confusion on positions

    That’s why we have poor starts to the season. With poor start that cut hurts our chances to do well

    Players should be physically and mentally prepared for the season.

    Also, let’s stop being lazy and too cheap with transfers. Let’s sort out Lemar, Alexis situation. Sign Goretzka, Carvalho or another top CM BEFORE the season starts

  4. khangunners says:

    I think wenger is poor in selection and doesn’t know how to spot a players position no more. Looking at iwobi the guy will never be a winger we need to let him play in the middle. We will loss alot of matches with him on the flanks as he rarely comes back to defend and he doesnt keep his width (always cuts in). This is a big issue for arsenal as all our wingers cut in and there final ccros my oh my. This is why games like this are good we see the errors and we need to act on them not ignore them and say this was just a pre season game, just a friendly mind you chelsea fielded 5 sub players that shows the difference in quality.

  5. Imran says:

    I think iwobi will replace Ozil in the middle once Ozil moves. I clearly see lacazette being replacement for sanchez. Wenger is waiting to get lemar cheap. At one side he says business must be done early but at another side he repeats the same mistake every season. Why was he sleeping when bakayako was available for 40milliomns? Mackelele says he is similar to Viera. Arsene again misjudged. I don’t know why still chambers Wilshire, Perez,jenko,Debuchy , Gabriel are still there. When is he going to sell these players and buy one or two big talents as CDM and winger. I think they have to be proven ones. May be Carvalho or ndidi and lemar or mahrez. We don’t need rafnha or Benzema.

  6. Emmanuel Chukwuma says:

    Sometimes I’m shocked by the level of desperation and panic that creaps into our system whenever there’s any little mishap in our great imaginations. Arsenal are in preseason preparations towards the upcoming season and lost a friendly against Chelsea and hell has broken out. What do expect, to win every match and then revel in the euphoria of a super team only to see ourselves deflated when the real thing starts. Please, please, give me a break. The important thing is that the manager learns from the mistakes of these friendlies and corrects them and strengthen the squad in areas that need to be streghtened.

    1. Lugdush says:

      U are just taking tje point…id our manager learning from his mistakes? I dont think so…the problem today is not about lose, is about not getting better than last year or two years ago, we are the same old arsenal or worse! (Today i saw a topic asking about where is our sexy playing style, but i didnt read it).

      Chelsea didnt win the game today, they completly overplayes us

    2. Jack says:

      It is not about loosing a match. It is about our team putting in their best and not running like headless chickens on the field. We want to see the grit the desire and players putting in their best. They should do justice to wearing an arsenal shirt. That would come from the preparation within. I agree it was a friendly and I agree it does no mean anything, but please pause for a moment and think that we were 5th on the EPL table last season. Where is the desire from the team to go that extra bit and show us we mean business this season. If we won the league last season and were warming ourselves for the forthcoming season it would be different.

  7. Who said Arsene can't do grime? says:

    We haven’t been ready in over a decade

  8. Ronald Sercombe says:

    Another 2 seasons of AW at the helm and the boat will sink…..for sure. As the song goes….“`When will they ever learn“.

  9. Let’s just stop mourning. This is preseason,we shall do things the same way as all the other past seasons. We shall drag on our transfer activities apart from selling, we shall buy no more. Wenger was clear before preseason tour…. That he would buy 2 or 3 players and we have them already. We shall still have the same midfield hoping that the old little magician recovers quickly to rescue the situation but it will be too late.
    Look at the top 6 of last season, each one of them realizes how tough the season is going to be and they are strengthening. Arsenal? We have strengthened but can’t dream of surpassing teams which were better than us last season. Fellow gooners, cut your dreams to manageable levels. This is Arsene Wenger

  10. Vijay says:

    So if we beat chelsea 3-0 in the community shield we’re title favorites? Calm down its just a friendly.

    1. killamch89 says:

      lol I have been saying this long before the match was played. You can’t read too much into pre-season. It is primarily for fitness, team integration and the youngsters to have a taste of first team football ffs. Had we won the game would we have been title favourites? Here is another example. So Bayern lost 4-0 to AC Milan today so that means AC Milan is going to win everything in Italy and win the Champions League too? I keep saying this and I will say it again that a good portion of our fanbase doesn’t have a clue about how football works nor knows how to use common sense to evaluate what is going on?

  11. charles says:

    We need to be beaten more times for the boss to fork out some money

  12. Jack says:

    There was a time when we retained talent for long and we won big trophies. Now it seems we only retain players whom other clubs won’t pay huge salaries. Let’s be honest if big clubs were clamouring for Ozil like they are doing for Alexis would he still stay? Your guess is as good as mine on that. On the other hand look at Chelsea they were 9th on the league table last year but they still managed to retain Hazard, Pedro’s, Willian etc. etc.
    We talk about stability in the club, is the stability limited to the manager and the support staff and extended to players whom other clubs won’t pay as much as we do?
    If Arsenal FC is to be run in the way it is being run then we should probably start participating in Australian leagues may be we would win something their.
    Let’s not limit our aspirations to top four in EPL let us plan for serious contention for the title and for that we would need talent and we would need the hunger to compete and win, “they wanted it more than us” was never good reason and it should never be in future.

  13. Janssen says:

    Points lost in the first game of the season count the same as those lost in the last game of the season. Had we managed a draw in our opening game last season against Liverpool we would be playing CL football right now. I don’t think too many of us will claim preparation is our strength.

    What’s worse IMO, and arguably part of the preparation, with or without Sanchez leaving we needed to sign at least one other player that could improve our starting 11 (preferably 2). And we didn’t. Relative to our main competitors our transfer window is starting to look poor. So it is of the utmost importance that we get back to transfer business. Mahrez seems to be off the table shortly and Lemar might already be off the table. Get a move on Wenger!!!! And sign a high quality attacking player.

    Wenger seems to have too many responsibilities. Once he goes to Asia it seems our transfer business grinds to a halt. That should not be the case IMO.

    If Sanchez actually leaves, despite assurances to the contrary, we are having a terrible transfer window since his replacement should have been on the Asia tour IMO.

    I have been trying to bite my tongue this summer until the season starts, preferring to comment on actual results rather than speculation but it has been getting harder to do so.

    I still believe that our challenge this coming season will be to get back into the top 4 and that we should be wise and realistic enough to know that the 19 point gap to the top of the PL table is unlikely to be closed this coming season with the way we are going about our business.

  14. Yossarian says:

    Arsenal usually have lots of wins in pre-season, then go on to lose the first game that’s actually worth points.

    I’d rather lose every single pre-season game, then go on to start the season strongly.

  15. Mark says:

    I’m not concerned. It was a friendly on a long tiring pre season tour (a money led tour I’m sure..).

    I’ll be more concerned if we lose to them in the Community Shield in a few weeks.

    Remember, we just beat BM.. 😉

  16. arsenal-steve says:

    Sad to say but we were useless. Watching the other teams using the market to improve shows what a total dodo Wenger us. Two top players want to sign for us, are available, good enough and need to be got NOW to be ready for the season. Riyad Mahrez and William Carvalho. Wenger can’t even get players who want to play for us. Amazing. He is useless.

  17. Henry says:

    The problem Wenger have selling below average players like Jenkison, Debuchy, Gabriel, Walcott, and the likes is because there are no interest from other clubs for this players. That underlines the level of rot at Arsenal football Club. Who is to blame for this? Wenger of course. And the problem is he does not seem to know how to deal with it to get the club forward.Managers like Mourinho, Pep, Pochettino and off course the legend Ferguson will declare these players surplus to requirement to make room for better gifted players. Pochettino brought in as much as eight players three seasons ago and today they are contenders for the EPL crown, Jose Mourinho did it at United last season and bet that United will be one of the title contenders this season. Koeman is already at it since the opening of this season window 8 at the last count and still on the look out for more. Pep 5, even Conte in spite of winning last term is already positioning to win again with 4 in already. Winning for him like Mourinho and Pep is a habit. Back to our dear team Arsenal, despite the fact that we were poor last term and requires strengthening to compete, Wenger has only done just 2 signings. We need minimum of 5 new gifted signings to be competitive this season. Two creative midfielders to bring back the flair and a dam good centre back to organize the defense and we will be ready. Time is running out on Wenger. Bring out the check and do the business fast. And lastly, please Wenger enough of the Chambers, Jenkos, Walcott, Welbec, Gabriel. ……….. Henry.

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