“Chelsea fans crying as we speak” Arsenal fans give their verdict on Willian debut

It is safe to say that there were some Arsenal fans that were not too enamoured by the signing of Willian with a few calling him a Chelsea reject and questioning whether Arsenal was becoming a retirement home for Chelsea players.

Well, if today’s performance against Fulham is anything to go by his detractors are definitely in the minority.

The Brazilian had a brilliant debut which included three assists and he was a thorn in the side of Fulham all afternoon long. In fact, he must be a big candidate for Man of the match.

Arsenal fans took to Twitter even before he was substituted to hail his performance and below are just a taste of what the faithful have been saying about the 32-year-old who joined us on a free transfer.

Hopefully, William will be consistent and maintain the high level of performance that he showed this afternoon, though there will be far harder challenges than what Fulham provided today.

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  1. Two VERY SOLID debuts, well chuffed!! MOTM award for gabs too will do a world of good for him settling in 🤘🤘

  2. A great performance by Williams,will surely add more creativity to the attack. Great start! Three points,three goals,three scorers,and a clean sheet.

  3. We are surely going to have a great season. What a start by the boys, great all round performance. Gabriel looks solid in defense. Now let’s keep the momentum going. Willian what can I say🔥🔥🔥.

  4. YEP! MotM Willian’s MotM for me too! Great start allround and seeing Auba just pass that curling shot into the net was pure BERGKAMP itself! ORGASMIC!
    MA is doing rather well for a mere “assistant coach,” eh Mogunna and TopGunner!

  5. I trusted his signing thou others doubted him as a retiree …his performance was consistent at Chelsea. Just add in auour and partly and swap Guindouze with Draxlar. With that trust me,we gona compute for title

  6. Fulham didn’t know what hit them, I’ve always said that since last season that Arteta’s Arsenal is very very dangerous cos they operate as a unit… They defend and attack together in overwhelming numbers. The scariest of all is the way the players play is so amazing in a short span of time… The passing is slick… Even elites like Liverpool can’t really do anything when we go on the move.. This is scary 4 a team who was about to finish their last season without a trophy, but to win 2 trophies and a ticket 2 Europe.. What can I say Mr Mikel Arteta.. Well done sir.. Well done

  7. Yeah right, one assist from corner kick, one as shot blocked by keeper and third all about Auba class finish. If this makes Willian into CR or Messi then Arsenal fans are delusional as hell. None of the Chelsea fans are crying, they have bought better and younger players. I don’t understand Arsenal Fans they make there avg players into some sort of super stars and it’s not only William it’s been like that for all our avg players in the past. Players like Henry, fabrigas, Berkamp, Viera etc etc were world class not players like Nelson, Willian, David Luiz, Willock blah blah.

    1. Jesus christ really? We win 3-0 and all you want to do is complain, and abuse us fans by calling us all delusional,honestly why do you watch arsenal? Honest question I really want to know.

      1. And know one except you compared him to messi or CR, FYI. And do you know ALL the chelsea fans? Outlandish claim.

    2. Blah blah blah.. come on man you got to be a little more interesting you can’t ruin this moment the joy is too much for your vibe!!!

      1. He doesnt want to do that SueP, just wants to bash the fans and the club like some sort of mental masochist.

        1. At least I am not dumb f*k like you, every year pundits and other football experts say we are not going to win the title n some years they have been saying we won’t finish in top 4 but dump delusional fans like you call them biased and also laugh at some little fans on this site who are in touch with reality that point out what is obvious. No wonder why Arsenal is constant decline for some time, MA is one in a kind of manager but one manager can not change the fortune of club unless he is supported by talented players. Fans like you are hyping Willian like Messi …hahaha..you guys must be smoking the same sh*t Arsenal board was smoking when they made that bid Suarez.

          1. Mohsan, Most fans do not smoke waccy baccy, unlike you I strongly suspect, since you alone brought it up, for reasons of your own. Most wise fans avoid it as they know it rots brains.If the dope cap fits, then please wear it!

  8. Arsenal off to a flying start y’all!!! Look out for Mohsan though he came out early 😝.. Willian Willian Willian I knew the man is class he just needed better players around him.. not bad for an old man with walking stick eh!
    Gunners for life!!!!

  9. Rubbish chelshit……
    We’ve always been at the receiving end, with our best players leaving
    Good that they’re feeling the brunt(although they’ve made really impressive additions)

    Wish MA, Edu and arsenal can be that aggressive in the transfer market

  10. Pessimist will never see good, it’s their nature
    Even after arsenal wins the champions league
    I know you’ll still have something to complain about

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