Chelsea fans going into meltdown makes David Luiz transfer worth it

Chelsea fans are not a happy bunch following the news that David Luiz is set to sign for Arsenal.

A quick look at the latest headlines gives you just a taste of how they are reacting to the loss of the Brazilian defender.

Here are just a couple from the last hour and both made me laugh I must admit.

Chelsea fans bombard David Luiz’s restaurant with one-star reviews ahead of Arsenal move

Chelsea fan spotted punching poster of Arsenal-bound David Luiz on live TV Give Me Sport

Personally, I was against this transfer but not no more, not now that I know how much the Chelsea fans are freaking out.

It is always pleasurable to see a local rival throw their toys out of the pram, usually, it is Tottenham but there will be enough time for them to have a meltdown, for now, watching the Chelsea fans crying will suffice.

Some will say this is a bit of a petty article, you know what? It is and I don’t care.

Football is tribal and getting one over your bitter rivals is all part of the game and trust me on this, they hand it out just as much. Ashley Cole anyone?

So, with my hand on my heart, welcome David Luiz.


  1. As brought you guys yesterday,Nketiah will join Leeds.

    At last Tierney to Arsenal has happened.Make no mistake.Its not a recent thing or a guess.It was always in the pipeline and was always going to happen.

    The David Luis signing makes no sense.It just adds to the dodgy defending already in the club.Sometimes the business of this club baffles me.So they couldn’t even find a decent younger CB in the EPL?This a CB me and I’m sure many Arsenal have laughed at for years for his godliness and poor defending and I am always happy playing against any team with him inside it

    1. kev, the reason this has happened is because of the kos saga.

      It is pretty obvious thaat the club thought they could persuade kos to stay, but he didn’t chaaange his mind.

      Luis is just a replacement for kos, not as good in my opinion, but that doesn’t matter…and the rumoured price ofr an estabilished cb of just £8,000,000 is great business.

      No idea what his salary will be, but he is fit and ready to go, so what more could we ask for?

      I do have to add though, that all those indignant, righteous and pious fans who blasted kos for going on strike and not honouring his contract, are rubbing there hands and welcoming a player who has just done the same thing…double standards as usual…and don’t say it doesn’t matter because he’s not doing it to The Arsenal. You either have principles or you don’t, isn’t that right admin martin?

      Welcome David Luis, youv’e got big boots to fill and I’m sure you will do it. A really good and sensible purchase that also wekens one of our major rivals.

        1. A totally yes it does if you see his stats from last year compared to other defenders at Chelsea he was there best defender

        2. Neither does it weaken us. To me the addition is welcome and will serve a good purpose. Better than none as at now.

      1. Ken, lets see first whether he is taking a dig at his former club.
        and he is not a captain mind you…

        1. 350oz, so going on strike doesn’t matter now then?

          You obviously didn’t read kos’s farewell message, but that’s by the by.

          I’m pleased if the transfer goes through, but let’s not forget the tirade of abuse that our fans gave him, without knowing all the facts.

          Just an observation 350oz that’s all it is my fellow gooner!!!

          1. Going AWOL to force a move and getting rid of Arsenal shirt in front of a camera is a different matter I believe.
            I did read the message Ken and in my opinion it doesn’t explain anything (why he left or behaved that way), in fact we are still in the dark. I do appreciate he thanked the fans though.
            Of course no hard feelings Ken.

      2. Of course its double standards.Many Arsenal fans criticized Mourinho for not wanting Cech to move to Arsenal but I wonder if Arsenal would have been happy if it was their legend being sold to another rival.Today the man is back at Chelsea as if he never left.
        Listen, I don’t know why we always have to settle for less.Why can’t we just give it our all and bring a decent CB in.I will be hoping to hear the remarks from fans during the season.I hope he won’t be lambasted by the same people.Chelsea should count themselves lucky and for Arsenal it’s the same old.We will likely have a discussion and the end of the season for the need of a CB

        1. Kev the well is drying up we have had a GREAT transfer market, David Luis is stop-gap can’t you see that we will get it right in time for God’s sake give the board some credit PLEASE

        2. Slow down guys, it’s about time Arsenal toughened up. We’ve been far to soft for years Let players leave when they like, pull what strokes they like, as long as they don’t mind it when the boot’s on the other foot. Football’s a dog eat dog world now, the days of Joe Mercer working in his Father’s shop to subsidise his wages are over.

      3. Spot on!s lot of arsenal fans are Clueless about football matters especially some of a certain continent and before being accused of racism,bias…this s fact,they are gullible ,I mean when you don’t know what position a player of your team is, there’s no excuse I’m sorry;or asking that player,this player even though those same players are out of reach of our club for various reasons, this is real football not FIFA,before going forLuiz arsenal bidded over 50M for a French CB from Liegzip who wanted the release clause of 92M, you can’t blame the club if fees have got out of hands!!

      4. @ken1945
        Not quite accurate re kos and sideshow Bob.
        Kos was our captain and wouldn’t go on tour he also said straight out he wouldn’t play for us again and skipped any meetings arranged to try and resolve.
        Luiz aggressively pushed to leave but at no point disrespected chelsea or refused to do what was asked of him. Also not the captain of Chelski.

        1. Kieran, sorry but he refused to train with the first team, according to the reports.

          The part that you are ignoring is the one that kos said talks had been going on for months”, not denied by The Arsenal either.

          So if kos wasn’t captain, would that have been easier to understand?

  2. This Luiz transfer pisses me off as much as mustafi staying…..was Luiz and Dante in Brazil 7-0 demolition by germany(2014 world cup)…could as well have gone for boubakar kamara

    1. there were many players on the pitch did that German demolition end their careers?
      also the same German that Demolished Brazil in 2014, how did they perform in the recent world cup?
      football is football, u beat me today i beat u tomoro…..

      1. Am just not a fan of Luiz but as they say when the desired becomes unavailable the available becomes desirable

    2. Would much rather have David Luiz over an unproven 19 yr old CB, especially when we have just bought Saliba. It’s only a 2 year deal anyways and we are getting him on the cheap. It’s not the end of the world. People bring up 7-1 but fail to mention he was a starting CB in EPL winning sides, won UCL and put in a wonderful defensive performance in that UCL final where Chelsea were completely depleted. He’s far better than what we have currently, including Sokratis.

    3. Fernandinho and Silva Was also in that team. I wouldn’t blame luiz alone for the loss because the whole team were poor that day…#justSaying.

      I see luiz signing as a stop gap. Hopefully he gives us a decent season.

      Some fans like the signing while others dislike it.

      I spoke to some Chelsea fans and they are gutted he is leaving.. Some said they don’t have a decent CB anymore in the team while others are glad he is gone… I see a divided stand on this signing. Let’s just hope it turns out well..

    4. How often do we have such 7-0 demolitions in football games. we quoting things happen years ago. Last season in chelsea, how many times were they beaten with such a margine?

    5. How many thumpings did we get from Bayern? 5-1 twice, 8-2 by utd, I can go on. Judge Luiz and our CB’s the same regarding those beat downs. Perspective please

    6. Ozil was in that German team. What had he brought to our team? Look around you’ll see shine in some of the Brazilian’s players.

  3. Hahahaha… Laughing with you, as a Chelsea fan. I’m a bit more cerebral than the typical tribe member. That type of lower order thinking gets you… Well, David Luiz. It’s ironic that you’re stuck in a loop of banter, coming fresh off the Koschelny incident. But like you say… Football is tribal for most dregs. You get as good as you give. Just try not to hurt any innocents, when your primal impulses kick in.

  4. Ha ha ha.brilliant.made my day.The chavs crying.isnt karma wonderful.They were quick to take the piss when Giroud joined them & scored in the el final hey?how the tables have in the eye for Giroud as well.

    1. Giroud is still a legend, he moved to Chelsea because we wanted to move him on. He would’ve stayed if he was wanted. I’m sure when he retires he’ll be an arsenal fan over Chelsea all day long.
      It’s his job and he always have his all and respected the club.

  5. Transfer trading is big business these days.
    With Luiz coming in it means the manager has no real
    confidence in any of his CB’s and the truth be known he would gladly sell them all now and bring in 3 top class CB’s.
    But that would cost 250m at least.
    So in the short term he has to make do with what he has.
    At the same time he must target top young talent like Saliba
    for 27m before their price becomes 70m.
    He could also sell Mustafi 40m and buy Dayot Upamecano
    now for 65m even if we loan him back like Saliba.
    Mustafi would not be missed and Luiz Holding
    Socritis Chambers and Mavro should be enough.

  6. Remember them laughing at us that for them they have been banned from recruiting players but they had spent more than us

  7. Hold your horses boys, Luiz is a winner. Let’s remember that. He is proven in the premier league and that counts for something. We should be positive about his coming. I can’t wait for sunday…really buzzing. Come on you…..

  8. But he is still better than Mustafi when it comes to game reading and sportsman marking. Welcome D Luis.

  9. I dont get people hating in the luiz move. Weve been dismal at the back for so long at least now we would be dismal but entertaining! It’s never dull with David L.
    Seriously though. Weve bought a senior cb in to be around the young cbs and one who has bite and fight inside him.
    Above all he knows what it’s like to win and hopefully can instill a bit of that throughout the team.
    Also emery and edu have worked with him before so they know him well.
    Wouldn’t surprise me if we sign him and announce him as captain.
    Then we get him to rip of a Kos mask as his hair springs out for the unveil 🙂

  10. Whether his age is gone or coming we had to fill some void and above all he is now an Arsenal player and needs all our support just like any other of our players so as to get the best out of for those complaining, just keep it for yourself maybe untill january but as for now its time to support our boys regardless of their age and where they signed from.

  11. So much has been made about our defense. The truth however is that we don’t have bad defenders. We just defend badly and it is a coaching thing. Mustafi was highly sought after when he was in Spain. I remember how we all rejoiced when Arsenal signed him. It was a collective sigh of relief because finally, we had signed a good defender. Same with when we signed Socratis. We need to invest in the best defensive coaches we can find. The whole Pat rice/ Steve Bold team doesn’t cut it. So let us hope that now we have gotten rid of Bold, we will have better results.

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