Chelsea hand Arsenal another BIG title boost

It seems as though Arsenal fans and everyone connected with the Gunners are not the only people who want to see us lift the Premier League trophy. I am not talking about the football media either, as there are not too many of them out there rooting for Arsenal and plenty, like the doughnut Adrian Durham, who make no secret of their dislike of all things Arsenal.

What I am talking about is the bizarre decisions that are being made by our Premier League rivals Chelsea and how these decisions seem to be giving Arsenal a big hand in our attempt to become champions of England.

You will have heard, and probably like me not believed a word of it, the claim by Jose Mourinho that he backed the decision of Roman Abramovich to let us sign Petr Cech. Mourinho knew that this was a bad idea and could see Arsenal fix one of the problems that has kept us from the top.

The second strange decision is the signing of Radamel Falcao for the season. Did they not watch any Man United games last season? Did they not watch the striker struggle for Colombia in the Copa America recently? That is not the same Falcao that used to bang in the goals for Atletico Madrid and if Diego Costa continues to struggle with fitness and injury problems, Chelsea will really struggle to score. Falcao, Jose, really?

I really hope that Mourinho´s arrogance convinces him that his Chelsea squad is already good enough and that he trusts his managerial and coaching skills to get Falcao back to his best because that will hand Arsenal a massive title boost. Has everyone at Chelsea gone wappy?

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  1. My thoughts on Falcao are split. Yes, he has been absolutely garbage for the past 12+ months, however he does have that potential to be a fantastic signing. Chelsea aren’t even batting an eye at his wage demands, so he is a no risk, very high reward signing for them. While I hope he plays just as poorly for Chelsea as he did for United, there is no guarantee that he will. This is his second season in England, so he won’t have any settling in period, and he will be spelling Costa, so he won’t be forced to score goals every game.

    1. costa an falcao were fantastic together at athletico madrid.. they know each others runs etc.
      plus falcao was coming back from huge knee injury to a league far different from ligue 1.

      i hope he doesnt settle there- if he does- they will be lethal

    2. They played attacking football at ATM..and we have no guarantee that they will understand each other as well when it comes to parking the bus..

  2. Let’s not underestimate flopcao, he might have something left in him.I’m kind of surprised by this signing but perhaps José sees something we don’t. Flopcao is drogbas replacement, drogbas was almost the third choice striker so I excpect to see flopcao spending most of his time at Chelsea on the bench.most importantly we have got cech,mourinho having nightmares about this.he knows we are the strongest team to challenge them. With two more world class signings Chelsea will fear us more than ever.the entire Europe would

  3. He signed him on loan as a 3rd choice striker. Barely a title boost if you ask me, especially considering that if he clicks in that Chelsea side he could do some damage. Don’t jump to conclusions.

    1. Flopcao will never be the falcao he was two years ago.that is a fact. His performances in copa proved this fact once again. He is far from his best form and he will never reach that form with Chelsea. He just and I mean just might end up being a good squad player to have.he might manage to score a few goals but that’s it.nothing more.flopcao is history.Costa would bench him any day anytime and anywhere.

        1. No…i’m just a fed up, realistic Arsenal fan that is not clinically insane enough to think Giroud is a better striker than Wayne Rooney, Benzema or Diego Costa.
          I’m not a fanboy. I’m logical.

          1. K-ool who said giroud is better than Rooney,benzema or Costa????Alanfrank said hes better than van pussssy,negredo,dzeko,falcao and a few more average strikers which I tend to agree with him.benzema has a similar goal scoring record as giroud.they both offer something different. But seriously don’t start a let’s support flopcao club cuz you have to agree that giroud is by miles better than flopcao

            1. Giroud is not better than Falcao. Gird has never been world class. He has never even been very good. He is just average or slightly above average.
              It doesn’t take an idiot to know this. Don’t bother me with your moronic arguments. Falcao just had one bad season and now Charlie Austin and Giroud are better? Are you f’ing kidding me? I bet you are one of those who were also saying Yaya Toure is done.
              You are fickle…so get out.

              1. No @seancali,
                you are just not intelligent or articulate enough to present a sound logical argument to counter mine because you know that all of your arguments are based on your blind love or emotions for Giroud rather than logic.
                The only logical thing you said is that based on form, Giroud is better. True, but based on the last 5 years Giroud is not in the same class as Falcao. At no point did Giroud come close to being top 10 or 15 best strikers in the world. Falcao was top 5 or 6 for 2 to 3 years before last season. Form is temporary and erratic and cannot be sustained without class which is why Giroud can never be world class. His form is always temporary and erratic. Falcao had class and sustained his form for 4 years before last season. So its an insult to Falcao and other world class players that when they have 1 bad season out of 5, they are told that average players like Giroud are better. This assumption however is mostly made by shallow-minded analysts. This is were you come in @seancali.

                1. you cant mean that hahahaha
                  man….seancali IS pointing facts, recent facts for that matter.

                2. I disagree. I think Giroud is consistently above average.

                  I also disagree with the assumption that we cannot win anything with Giroud. With the right players and system, no one cares who the striker is. How good was Mandzukic for Bayern exactly? Giroud has scored a good amount of goals the last two years. He is not as clinical consistently as I would like, but for a few months this past season he was probably the hottest striker in Europe.

                  The knock on him for me will continue to be 1. his lack of pace costs us some chances because good crosses are useless if he can’t beat the defender to the spot and 2. he has neither the pace or the skills to create his own shot.

                  Still, if the rest of the team is good enough, it just doesn’t matter. He will finish a good amount of the chances he gets, and as long as we have the team to create chances for him, he will score. Every team has weaknesses, and no team is going to have a world class player at every position every year. I’m fine with a platoon of Walcott, Welbeck, and Giroud (preferably in that order mind you) at striker until we find the “world class” striker we want as I think most of the strikers we are linked with are just as average as Giroud.

                1. i am really starting to think that some if the people here arent older tan maybe 20 or 25.
                  Legend are tricky.
                  A lot of great strikers miss a lot of chances in games.
                  I remember the face Henry put every time he missed in a game.
                  the difference is that legends keep on going…same as the much criticized Giroud,
                  Honestly there are better tan hm…but definitely NOT some mentioned around

  4. Yes, Falcao suddenly is not good because he underperformed 1 season and did not reach the extraordinary heights (top 5 or 6 best strikers in the world during that period) we had seen from him the 3 seasons prior to that.
    Meanwhile Giroud has been extraordinarily AVERAGE for the past 3 seasons and some think he is better than Falcao and Benzema (because of some useless statistics and ignoring the fact that Madrid do everything for RONALDO to score while Arsenal do everything for GIROUD to score and he fails time and time and again). WTF? Do people watch this game at all?
    There is a reason Mourinho wants him and Mourinho is the guy Wenger has never beaten. I don’t think Chelsea are handing Arsenal any favours. Yes they sold us Cech (whom we did not really need)…guess what? they have the either the best or 2nd best keeper in the world Courtois. We Arsenal fans need to get real.

    1. K-ool what are you talking about???comparing flopcao to giroud. Giroud is better in every aspect. And for your info our team doesn’t depend on a single player to get goals like Rinaldo and Madrid.we score as a team.we divide the goals and giroud is more than just a finisher,he creates chances and defends too.your comment is way too childish ..sorry but try to open up your view a little

      1. Get out of here and go watch football!! Comparing Falcao to Giroud, Falcao who was in the top 5 strikers in the world 2 years ago. Compare Falcao’s best to Giroud’s best. Gird can’t match Falcao. You are just a Giroud fanboy which is why this club will continue to be 4th because of fans like you that don’t want quality. I bet you have a big poster of him in your room.
        I don’t need to argue with you.

        1. Yes I support giroud,but as you said one entire season. Now tell me this,which top class striker has an entire bad season????!just name one??this never happens,a top striker might go without a goal for a few games and under perform but not an entire season and the copa America. I’m not a boy,I have been watching the game for more than 3 decades and have never seen a top striker under perform an entire season and copa America.get what I mean?based on current form giroud is way better than flopcao.why don’t you go and support Chelsea cuz the little boy inside you seems to want to

          1. Yes based on form but based on the past 5 years, Giroud does not walk the same ground as Falcao.
            Form is temporary but class is forever permanent.
            It takes someone not shallow to look past form in judging a player.
            If not, I am sure Bas Dost would be top 3 best players in the world.

            1. Based on the last five years yes.but in football these days they look at your previous year and how you performed not five years.still want to argue?? Last five years I agree with you but recent form counts not past five years. Podolski had a bad season and look where he is now…get it????

              1. There are many average players with good form that don’t last, it does not mean they are better than world class players who have been playing with good form and class for years and just had a bad season. You are talking about a guy that scored 4 goals against Chelsea to win the European super cup and plenty other times he has been phenomenally outstanding. Falcao is world class. At the top of his game he is amongst the best 5 strikers in the world.
                Your Podolski argument has no weight. Podolski has had 3 bad seasons not just 1. Giroud has had 3 average seasons. If Podolski was sold, Giroud should not be a regular starter next season.

                1. Me think and hope falcao become another world class torres and schevchenko for chelsea..permanently classy but has been..

          2. you are an idiot for saying giroud is better than falcao…
            maybe u start watching football yesterday

            1. Falcao was a good striker 3 years ago.perhaps one of the best in the world.but what about his recent performances???? How did he perform last year? How did he perform in copa America??? I have been watching and playing the game for more than thirty stop your insults and grow up a little boy

              1. Falcao is still a good striker!
                better than sa no goal and walkbeck.

                and hes not the only good striker chelsea have.
                and trust me, buddy, mou wont play 2 strikers at the same time.
                so chelsea have 2 good strikers they can use if costa needs a break:

                we have poor finishers like walcott, welbeck and – as his name says – sanogoal.

              2. 3 years ago? He’s a little over a season removed from Madrid. He only left Madrid June 2013

        2. I’m the one on this site who always says we need a top class striker.I fkin always say that.and I’m never satisfied with fourth place.but in the last two seasons we have won three trophies so I am positive about my team rather than eating flopcaos shiiiiit

        3. fat Ronaldo was good lets get him. what about gazza and maradonna, then we can be world class.

        4. you said it dude….2 years ago.
          Consistency. Isnt that what we re all asking here from our players?
          What is that the saying goes? you re only good as your last performance….

          hahaha man, 2 yars ago, then why not sign The real Ronaldo? Or van Pussy again? or Drogba? i could go on but this is boring

      2. @seanlovesGiroud,
        I bet if Aguero had a bad season, you would compare him to Giroud too.
        That shows that Giroud is average because it takes Falcao or Aguero and other world class strikers to have a horrible season for them to be compared to Giroud.

        1. make up your mind man, speaking today of agüero isnt the same as speaking today of falcao…

    2. Mate it doesn’t matter how good you were – counts for nothing in the here and now. Falcao was one of the world’s great strikers of the past 10 years but he hasn’t been that for the past 2 years.

      So let me get this right, Benzema has a similar scoring record to Giroud but is actually miles better because as a centre forward in a team scoring 118 league goals he was cruelly prevented by Ronaldo of scoring more than 15 league goals last season, or 17 the season before, or 11 the season before…..etc. He never broke 20 at Lyon in 4 seasons and last time I looked Ronaldo dodn’t play for them. Oh and Arsenal is “set up” for Giroud to score……… are having a laugh surely?

      And the reason Mourinho “wants him” is because he is a Jorge Mendez player and Mourinho has no imagination when it comes to these things………Mourinho is pretty predictable when it comes to any Atletico/Porto/Mendez connections – plenty of stuffed brown envelopes me thinks.

  5. Who gives a rats ass about flopcao.our own giroud is better in every single way. Plus we will get another striker and if we don’t we still have welbeck and Theo who are both better than flopcao by miles

    1. hahaha at Giroud and Welbeck being better than Falcoa. Its clear you love the club enough and support the players. But get real my friend.

      The only striker at Arsenal in the same breath as Falcao is Theo Walcott. And he still isn’t on Falcao level yet. He has all the tools unlike Giroud. He is skillful, pacy and Arsenal’s best finisher by a large mile. He is like 1 or 2 classes away from being world class. There is hope for Walcott and none for Giroud. Walcott needs to do what Sturridge did two seasons ago for Liverpool in the league and then continue in that vain for a sustained period to be great or world class. I hope he gets there this coming season. He is the only hope currently out of a hopeless pack that includes Giroud and Welbeck.

      1. No, if say Aguero or Costa or Ibrahimovic and other world class players had a dip in form or one bad season and fickle ignorant idiots felt free to compare average players like Giroud and conclude he is better because he is their wallpaper idol then I would step in and correct such shallow conclusions.
        Doesn’t make me a Chelsea dog. It makes me not stupid.

        1. You wanted us to sign flopcao????is that your problem boy?????I guess your even a better football manage than Wenger I bet you play to much Fifa manager and shiiiiit for the live if God give it a rest

        2. no man, just no.
          Falcao today is NOT in the same list as the players you mention.
          He is not finished, he MIGHT come good again, but he is def NOT in the same list as Agüero ffs.

  6. My God who cares about what happens at the bridge….lets get our house in order first and then look at our neighbours….but for matters of discussion, a will say these, Mourinho really knows how to get the best out of strikers==>drogba, eto, benzema(34 liga goals when he was manager at madrid), an average milito, costa etc and i don’t know why but i feel that falcao may light the pl next season based on the fact that he himself wants to show everyone what hes got…we must buy another striker who has a better assist goal ratio because a

    mayb turan or willian***Fabregas*** Hazard
    inform falcao
    may arguably be the most devastating attack in the league so lets get ourselves in order and really strength hard…Its human behavior to really forget things for a time and then remember them at once again and i really hope that by second leg of the season, we will still be boasting like some of us are now

  7. n plz guys i understand ur love but for those who are saying they are not worried of chelsea pleeeeaase for anything’s sake, just shut up and come to you senses because facts are facts….wenger and mourinho made me believe the saying once beaten, twice shy…by no means is it a coincidence that wenger has never beaten mourinho in over 13matches…This is not even laughable, its total domination…
    You are probably the guys who yap all transfer period of how we have great squad and then shit on your pants on big games math days

    1. lol…exactly. Its like they all forget during offseason how frustrating it is to watch the likes of Giroud. The Monaco loss at home and the 6-3 thrashing by Man City…the 1-1 draw with Everton…the 1-0 loss to the worst Man Utd for 2 decades in the 2013/2014 season along with a good amount of games over the past 3 seasons (e.g the 2-1 loss to Chelsea in 2012/2013 were he missed a very good chance to score early on before we were dominated by Chelsea) where Giroud has cost Arsenal are still fresh in my head as a constant reminder why we will not win the EPL and CL. Not with this squad, especially not with our current main striker.

  8. Arsene needs to adopt the second half of last season’s tactics to stand any chance in our title challenge. Best I’ve seen tactically from wenger in a while.

    1. Tactics were likely part of the 2nd half upturn. But Wenger was still clinging to some of his old failures – using CAMs on the wings. Ramsey as a (pretend) right winger? seriously? This is still a problem.

      One huge part of the 2nd half success was the emergence of Bellerin and LeCoq. Wenger put his trust in them and they returned the favor 10-fold with some amazing performances.

  9. Only time will tell of Fal-goal will rediscover his world class ability but at this moment in time Giroud is by far better.

    1. Based on form maybe but everyone that loves and knows football and have been watching for the past 5 years know that Falcao is the better player than Giroud over his career and not judging on 1 season. We know Falcao can be, has been and is world class. That is why Chelsea are still willing to take that gamble.
      Giroud on the other hand can never be, has never been and is not world class. He is average.
      And yes, based on form, Giroud, Charlie Austin and Graziano Pelle are better than Falcao.
      It does not mean they are the better players. Like I said…only fickle, shallow-minded analysts will make that conclusion.

  10. The snake wants Falcao for depth. He believes Falcao’s poor season was an anomaly. Mourinho also believes he is a god, not a mortal manager, so he will be able to refocus the fading Falcao.
    It is not unreasonable to believe Falcao can still play football.

    1. The premise of this article is asinine. Falcao was brought in to replace a 36 year old Didier Drogba and this is considered handing Arsenal a “BIG TITLE BOOST”? What kind of madness is this? Drogba started more games than Costa and Remy rarely could he play more than 45 minutes, Falcao was brought in to replace him and WORST would end up spending extended periods on the bench. Best case scenario Chelsea turn him back into one of the best strikers on the planet.

      How is this in any way shape or form a good thing for Arsenal?

      Ok, I understand we are Arsenal fans from now till death but seriously now too many people here equate being objective with being anti arsenal and in the reverse take being an arsenal fan as being ignorant of any kind of objectivity.

      Chelsea have ONLY UPGRADED their squad. It’s amazing to me how we can see past Ozil’s poor first season and a half to his time at Madrid yet Falcao is all of a sudden garbage. Are our wingers now better than Di Maria as well?

      The logic on this site baffles me at times. How this could be seen as a good thing for Arsenal is beyond me. The champions who already have a better squad than we do improved on theitr 3rd choice striker and that’s a good thing for Arsenal.

      1. based on that I asume that if we got Higuain you would say we upgraded our squad, right?

  11. People forget Falcao returned from a long term injury and that he was playing for Manchester United, a team that just begun rebuilding itself. What Falcao needed mostly was a good supply of balls which he seldom got. Chelsea however is an entirely different team with a very strong midfield and wingers that can supply all kinds of balls to Falcao

  12. Yes Giroud is world class if he is westham player but at arsenal a big NO. With our midfielders plus Giroud we can maintain the 4th but is that the fans want? Just think about it, if Giroud presently is other team player with his state, will you buy him?

    Why there is no rumours that link him to other team, that will be interesting.

    1. Yes. I would buy Giroud. You seem to think your opinion is fact. Tell me where you acquired your football knowledge? where? how?

  13. If Giroud is not arsenal player, I think there is no reason to debate at all, he is just plain to watch player.

  14. Like our own theo Falcao has struggled to get going again since his injury layoff. At mu with their poor supply and mismash of a team he never really had a chance. I have a strong feeling next year supply to him will be better, costa will link well with himfif played together and mourinho and the fitness team will get him firing, heck even drogba last season scored some goals! Shrewd move by the arrogant one. Dare I say it but I like players to gell well and longevity of contracts but in certain positions jose keeps freshening things up so opponents don’t get too used to them.

  15. hey guys im new here, been trying to post on here for awhile now but my comments are not being post on the site. whats going on admin?

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