Chelsea reportedly keen on signing Folarin Balogun – Should Arsenal sell?

It seems to be common knowledge nowadays that Mikel Arteta is willing to sell Folarin Balogun this summer as the youngster has indicated that he wants to continue getting first team football, which he is very unlikely to do at Arsenal, with Jesus and Nketiah in front of him in the pecking order and now the new arrival of Kai Havertz which could also hinder his progress.

The 20-year-old striker’s impressive skills and potential have made him a highly sought-after talent, with footballtransfers now saying Chelsea are expressing interest in securing his services.

Yes we know that they have just sold us Havertz, but Arsenal now faces a crucial decision regarding Balogun’s future. They must carefully assess the impact he could have on the team’s success, both in the immediate term and in the long run, and the big danger is that he continues his rapid development at Stamford Bridge instead and we could end up with serious egg on our faces.

Balogun’s goal-scoring prowess and technical proficiency make him an asset that could potentially contribute significantly to Arsenal’s aspirations for silverware. The club must weigh these potential benefits against the risks of letting go of a promising young talent, which could potentially deprive them of a future star. The management must make a calculated judgment regarding Balogun’s worth to the team and the consequences of his departure before selling him to a rival, especially our very noisy London neighbours.

One good thing is that Chelsea’s interest could help to drive up Balogun’s Transfer fee, but surely we won’t end up letting him cross London, will we?

Sam P

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  1. No point in discussing the rumor which cannot be true. Chelsea just got Nkuku and no chance it will sign similar player. And if anyhow they meant to buy Balgaon, then we should happily accept 50mil for him.

  2. Which king of ridiculous rumour is this. If chelsea end up buying balogun, then there is a clear indication that these American owners have no clear amd good ambition for chelsea

  3. Which kind of ridiculous rumour is this. If chelsea end up buying balogun, then there is a clear indication that these American owners have no clear and good ambition for chelsea. Very pathetic and appalling

  4. He scored six penalties, so his productivity was just slightly better than Pepe’s at Lille

    I’d prefer Arsenal to try him out first, but maybe they have analyzed his other stats/ tendencies in Ligue 1 and deemed him not suitable for our current system

    His price tag would most likely become much lower next summer, regardless of his productivity in the upcoming season. If he is unwilling to sign a new contract, we’d better sell him soon

  5. The Balo ‘gun’ should not be sold even with a buy back clause. He is the future striking machine for the gunners.
    He should be given playing time and allowed to better himself.

    Gabriel Jesus is not as good as the ‘gun’. He can be offloaded instead.

  6. If it wasn’t Arteta that brought Gabriel J, he would have been told point blank by the gaffer to start looking for another club.

    1. If it wasn’t .. what? Would have been told .. what?
      Make sense man

      If my auntie had a dick she would have been my uncle .. what!!!!

  7. Our preseason games should be used to assess just how good Balogun is – then the club should make it’s decision.

  8. No one aboard will give 50mil for Balogun, so why not sell in EPL? First option will be West Ham, Crystal Palace – if they cannot pay, then Chelsea is fine.

  9. Either the club know something we plebs do not or they are nuts for even considering selling Balogun. He must be given a run of at least half a year. Eddie Nketia is a talent but I fear he will be a better player in 5 years like so many we have had before. We should be fighting United for Hojlund.

    1. Maybe we could swap him with Hojlund if Roma is interested. Win-win situation as well dealing a blow to Manutd in the process.

  10. I’m ok with selling both Nketiah and Balogun so we can bring in a player more suited to our play and who can shoot well. I think of all the great players that have worn our shirt and then am left underwhelmed by our current strikers. I rate Jesus well but he should not get a free run at it because as good as he is he is not that good

  11. I don’t know why the club trusted Nketia over Balogun. They should give that boy chance to fail. Nketia has gotten so much opportunities in the past and has not been able to convince a lot of people of his consistency in front of the goal. I think they should sell Nketia and not Balogun. And if they must sell him, not to a rival club.j

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