Chelsea make move for Oxlade-Chamberlain – Should Arsenal try a swap for Matic?

The most worrying Arsenal transfer rumour this morning is the news that Sky sources ‘understand’ that Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain has told Arsene Wenger that he will not be signing a new contract, which will not please Le Prof who has previously said it would be a disaster for Arsenal if the Ox moved on, and also recently stated that the England international will 100% be at the Emirates next season.

The Sky report said: …. Sky Sports News understands the 23-year-old – also wanted by Liverpool and Manchester City – this week told Wenger he has no intention of signing the extension currently on offer.

Arsenal play Chelsea in a Beijing friendly on Saturday before flying back to England, and the Blues plan to open talks about a transfer within 48 hours of the Gunners’ Sunday return..

This is very worrying news for Arsene. He has also publicly stated that he will not sell to any of our Premier League rivals, and you can’t get a rival much bigger than Chelsea at the moment!

My thinking is that the only way Arsenal fans will not turn on the Boss if he allows him to go is if he demands that Chelsea return the favour by giving us one of their stars. Of course I am thinking about Nemanja Matic, who is already surplus to requirements at the Bridge after the arrival of Babayoko. He is a proven winner and a class defensive midfielder which is a position we could do with improving.

There is no way that Arsenal can afford to let Alexis Sanchez AND Oxlade-Chamberlain run down their contracts, so we may as well try and get something out of Chelsea in the deal.

What do you think?


Updated: July 22, 2017 — 6:28 am


  1. If its true Ox wont sign an extension thats appalling.

    He has been very inconsistent and only really had the second half of last season where he looked like he was a premier league player… to then act like a big time charlie would be very wrong…

    where is the loyalty from these players who have been given chance after chance and then soon as they finally do one or two good games they want to leave ! ?

    where would he even play at Chelsea ?

    If true then maybe get Fabregas back.. he would cover for Cazorla until Santi is fit again.. do we need Matic in the new back 3 formation ?

    1. Dont care about Ox at all sell him get as much as we can for him!!
      Fabregas back would be awesome..he is better than Cazorla.
      Matic wants to leave but he prefers Manure move.

  2. I would ask for Matic , Pedro/Willian and Fabregas and we give them 30/40 million . As good as the Oxford is he has not really loved up the hype around ,Uchida like Walcott. We should insert a buy back clause should we sell him . Pedro and Willian would serve as better wingers as we saw in the league last year and Matic is a massive improvement on the Defensive midfield position compared to Elneny and Coquelin. Fabregas is perfect for the Carzola role albeit he is lazy but he can make the transition from defence to attack beautifully. His passes from deep midfield to unlock defences were superb last season . If we are to strengthen a rival let’s do so by making sure we arm ourselves with their fringe players who could destroy .

    1. Ox plus 40m for Matic, Fabregas and Willian

      followed by adding Lemar, Mahrez, Lemar and Grotzeka

      Formidable midfield and subs

      Most fans would be happy with the signings and spending

      Fifa vs Reality

  3. Let him go. Sign goretzka or Ross Barkley

    1. Barkley are you having a laff?..We could do with Goretzka though

    2. Barkley
      Everton’s Barkley?

  4. It shocking that the Ox won’t sign a new contract though he been inconsistence so let him go, i can’t see matic fitting into a back three, though he be good cover for Ramsey or Xhaka if they are injury,i would go for fabregas, or William

  5. Let’s do this business; it’s 70 to 30 benefit in our favor.

  6. Who said Arsene can't do grime?

    Swap for Eden Hazard.

  7. I hate who started the idea of Matic to Arsenal not to talk of Matic for Chamberlain… I distaste the redundant style of thinking like we’re some inferior team…tell me, if Matic is not good for Chelsea why should he be good for us? Matic was very below per for their team since two seasons ago, he only shone the firs season he was bought… Why should a team like Arsenal too need Matic? Chamberlain is one of our own, he might demand to leave bcos of chances but he’s still young, at 23 he’s a beast…
    WE ARE NOT SELLING HIM OR SWAPPING HIM FOR THAT LONG POLE CALLED MATIC, they want to give us their worst player and we’re exchanging a prospect, It will be stupid of us, more stupid than Gallas for Ashley Cole+10million.. U remember the daylight robbery? Why not Hazard, Willian?

  8. Remember Resource?

    I have a lot of news regarding arsenal. I don’t know if admin will post this. I do contribute positively to this forum admin. So please do cut me some slack.
    Chamberlain will sign a 110k pw 3yr deal on his return to london. This news fed to the press by his previous agent.
    Rafinha to arsenal is on the cards. Arsenal have been keeping close tabs on him they value him at around 22-25m
    Alexis is not in France, he is in chile and will go back to london this sunday and then back to training on the 30th. News on him is as it stands deal on the table, city are ready to buy him but arsene is adamant.

    1. @Resource
      Thanks to you, we waited so long for Lemar and the news is drying off its content gradually..
      Wait, are you selling your transfers vision to us? Or you really are who you call yourself? Actually I’m not using an assailant tone on you but I’m only curious your Lemar deal is yet to materialize, if it still works, you’re my hero anyway.. But until now, No!

    2. Well if this is true its bad news for me
      I really hope he leaves.

  9. He should be sold if he doesn’t sign a contract simples…he has never been able to play for a full season…infact he frequently gets injured in august or on the 1st day of the season

    Like RVP the minute they get a run of form they feel they have to dictate with the club that has paid their wages and stood by them..

    Don’t give in arsene!!

    1. Yea, you are spot on mate!

      If he signs, then a expect him to play a couple of games and get injured, after that inconsistence kicks in..if he stayed what is the best he cando for us??
      Can he produce like 10 assists in the league alone, let alone score 10 goals??

  10. Wow! Ox said that to Wenger?????!!

    This is so ridiculous, Ox also thinks he is something??lol
    I will let him go in a jiffy,I mean without hestitation, he should discarded quickly like a waste…

    This is a player who Bellerin and even Iwobi has outperformed in just a season compared to his 7 years or what?
    Wenger should even try to pacify the’ nobody’ at all..
    Many of us think he has come good, but what if that’s because his contract is almost up? We have been here before with Walcott and with all the hate Walcott gets he is more productive than Ox

    I won’t even try to get any player from chelsea cos chelsea is doing us a favour and if he eventually comes great which I really doubt, I will never ever regret it or blame Wenger….

    1. Osh! I meant “Wenger shouldn’t try”………..I guess my anger got the better of me there….

      1. Nevermind buddy
        Hes leaving!!
        Fingers crossed.

    2. Hmmmm…. doesn’t sound like something Ox has said to Wenger, sounds more like something the agent has leaked to sky sports. Would be interesting for Sky Sports to publish their source…

  11. If Ox said that then he is an idiot. Let him go. I don’t mind Matic or Fabregas coming.

    Seems like Alexis and Ox have disappointed me this summer. They could have been part of something special and they would get more love from us than Chelsea or PSG or where ever they end up.

    Arsenal is bigger than both of them

    1. They are both driven by their agents …. indicative by the rumours coming out that AS wanted a 3 year deal at PSG, but PSG only willing to offer a 4yr deal. PSG obviously wise to the tricks now, although at 31/32, I can’t see that many big money options being open to the agent. I don’t think AS was ever going to stay at Arsenal, even if we were in the CL, the agent wants to cash in every 3 years. A shame that Ox and AS are having their futures decided by greedy agents.

    2. AFC is bigger youre right and it will be bigger and better without Ox!

  12. I want fabregas in straight swap

  13. Ox loves it at Arsenal, I think this is all driven by his agent, who was behind the Sterling move as well. Not sure why Ox changed to him, but I think the agent thinks about his own future, as much as his players future.The problem is, any of these other clubs he moves to, he will be expected to be be available, and if not, will rapidly drop down the pecking order. He will also get hell when he comes back to Arsenal, if he plays at another PL side. Unless they are paying him a huge amount more, than the contract being offered at Arsenal, I don’t feel that losing the security of Arsenal, and a place where he is happy, will be a good move for him, and if he gets injured, he might not find it as easy to come back into the first team as at Arsenal. I have always liked Ox as a player, as unless injured, he always gives 100% and is maturing. I feel a move away will hurt him as much as Arsenal. He must decide his career, not the agent.

  14. NO. NO. NO. Ox is one of Arsenal’s best attackers and they already have a Matic. His name is Xhaka. Ox for Matic would be a massive mistake.

  15. Ox is mediocre he is welcome to most fans who are carried away by the Ox myth and its only a myth. We had Gnabry who was clearly better somehow we let that talent go – a big mistake if ever there was one. People should be honest when assessing Ox he is only adored largely because of face familiarity and the fact that along the way we’ve become accustom to mediocrity – its a trend we got to stop. If he really wants to go then we can do better than the ox.

  16. unexciting discussion … rafinha as carzola replacement and lemar as walcott replacement … would be big upgrade … possibly with the young german dm thrown in … would keep one of giroud or welbeck … sell walcott gibbs debuchy jenkinson and (reluctantly) wilshere …promote a couple of youngsters … good to go … not ridiculous net spending … but will the yoghurt man do this … doubtful

  17. direct swoop of ox for fabregas is class…then keep walcott to play wingback incase bellerin got injured or suspended…didnt pedro play wingback when moses was injured? theo has pace and last season remember how they combined with bellerin in first half of the season on the right flank…tracking back, covering…hey ox for fabregas anytime, anyday…

  18. I just dont understand whats this all about Ox?
    He is nothing special and he never will be!
    Just sell deadwood!
    We cant win epl with Ox Theo Jack Monreal Gabriel Chambers Welbeck Jenkinson Ramsey…

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