Chelsea NO threat but Arsenal NEED Besiktas win to sign Carvalho

With just over a week to go before the summer transfer window shuts and all the Premier League clubs are stuck with what they have until January, Arsenal fans are hoping for at least two more players to come to the Emirates before Monday night.

One of those should be a defensively minded central midfielder, with Sami Khedira and William Carvalho looking like the most likely players according to the Arsenal transfer rumours in the papers at least. And this article is going to deal with the young Portuguese international who is currently playing for Sporting Club de Portugal.

There were suggestions this week that Chelsea were set to trump the Gunners with a £35 million bid, while we have apparently had a bid of 25 million euros rejected. However, the Portuguese sports paper A Bola has reported that his club have not had any contact from Jose Mourinho or anyone from Chelsea, leaving the way clear for Arsenal.

But that does not mean that we will get our man, even if we do up the offer and it is accepted, because the latest from A Bola is that the talented 22-year old has let it be known that he will only join Arsenal if we confirm our place in the Champions League group proper for this season. Because Sporting finished second in the Portugese league last season, they are already in the draw for the group phase and the young midfielder does not want to give that up, so that gives us even more reason, as if we need it, to beat Besiktas and book our place.

Then we will see what Wenger does. Who, if anyone, do you think Arsenal will sign next week?

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  1. Carvahlo, a CB and a decent striker, and this would be the best transfer window for over a decade!! Come on let’s qualify for the CL and get the players needed. COYG!!!

    1. Don’t know what the big deal with this guy is? what is his claim to fame? that Manu scouted him..if he is that good a finished article then why are we the only ones who seem to be interested in him? and > 25 million for an untested guy- too much I think? Would rather spend it on a epl hardened dm

      1. Far out EPL fan boys are delusional. “EPL proven” means nothing. EPL proven just means EPL 200% spike in price.

    2. I wouldn’t go as far as saying Wanyama is better than Khedira but I get what you’re saying lol..

      1. @Galen: Agree with you 200%. Why not Wanyama? Has a presence and is now used to epl after 1 season. Wanyama and CC and we are decently covered in the DM position! I have no problems going for Khedira but such high wages for a player who is perennially injured is a huge huge risk!

      2. I dont know why I still fell Khedira will be our midfield signing. He is in the bracket of Wenger’s latest type of signings.

        Anyhow whichway, I hope we get covered in that position, otherwise we will get uncovered steadily by strong teams.

      3. I could never understand why we didn’t sign Wanyama from Celtic, he was obviously good enough and cheap.

        I hope we don’t get Khedira, he is damaged goods, a glass player who would spend half of his career with us on the bench.

    3. Southampton will NOT sell Wanyama, any more than Schnederlin.
      I said when we were linked first with MS, that from what I have seen Wanyama is the player that would be better for us, but, the other Club HAVE to be willing to sell first.
      Agree about the Carvalho guy, but, who thought Callum Chambers would prove to be such a good buy.

      1. I’ve talked about wanyama since last season, but i’m quite sure we all know wenger ain’t going for another big, strong midfield power house….just to give himself the extra challenge…
        and since Southampton isn’t selling to us(unless we pay big) then i don’t see us getting him.
        With Di Maria heading Man Utd eminent, khedira be stuck on bench probably.
        so it looks like carvalho that we’re getting.

        but tbh, i can never understand wenger when it comes to transfers.

        1. No Carvalho – apparently Wenger flatly won’t buy players with 3rd party ownership rights. Ancelotti says SK is staying put – looks like they have sorted it out, 1 more year at RM then Bayern looks likely. No SK. MS and VW not leaving Soton.

  2. we need to win to qualify to UCL and we need to pay 30ish mil to get carvalho if we actually want him..easy!

    and with Podolski aparently going, do i dare to say, Reus?

    1. Haywill! I want a honest answer to this question and Im asking out of curiosity. Are you under 18?

  3. Carvalho is a big strong CDM who can protect back 4 as well as CB when needed. He is physically
    strong and good from set pieces heading the ball as has height which we lack.

    1. And he is also a potential playmaker playing from deep, plus picks the right passes. Still only young. The best prospect around, also overpriced.

  4. Ancelloti has confirmed that di maria will be at united. I’m very dissapointed with this one especially if Podolski will leave in the coming week

        1. Man U have been royally mugged on this one. Di Maria more than Fabregas and Sanchez combined!!!!!!!!! £200M spunked in 12 months and they look worse than under Moyes.

  5. Still need a striker, even if we get Carvalho. I don’t care even if it’s on loan, we won’t achieve anything with only Giroud as striker.

  6. So it look like Carvalho is our first choice for DM, but who’s going to replace Podolski?

  7. OMG, the article is about a CDM or any other new singings hoped and we are still talking about Giroud..

    well, regarding the article, I hope its true, I ve seen more of Khedira so I d prefer him (aside being a WC champ and friends with our German guys, so it d be easier for him to get used to), but I am not agaonst what i ve seen and read from Carvalho.

    The late comeback at Goodison feels right and is a boost of confidence to Wednseday. However we cant be complacent or at ease, they guys have it clear that the game IS a FINAL.

    1. BTW talking about Girouds goal…just saw the entire game……what an excellent effort from Monreal man, he never gave up on that ball and put the perfect inch pass for Olly to score. And Olly didnt rush himself, he calculated it.
      Ramseys goal was also excellnt, and Santis pass as well.

      1. What I loved about OG’s goal was the ironic jeers from the Everton fans when they assumed AR had knocked his cross out of play on the full – 4 or 5 seconds later the ball was in the back of their net. Priceless.

  8. “Arsenal NEED Besiktas win to sign Carvalho”…!!

    What the f*ck is that all about?
    Who said that? Wenger?

    I hope it is true (even though I really doubt it, but we never know), but Carvalho won’t be enough (especially if Podolski leaves)… We need another CB and a striker (and that disgrace Wilshere sent on loan), but I am not holding my breath as Wenger still in charge.

    We are the only club in the BPL with only 6 defenders…!!!

    I don’t know what are the ambitions and objectives of Mr Wenger (and the club hierarchy), but it is in fact not the league or the CL (we just don’t have the squad, the quality nor the man power to achieve those goals), so what is the plan?

    Another of those small cups?

    Just unbelievable, how weak we look already (thanks it is the beginning so we can improve) and how clueless the guy in charge, the deluded one, looks already out of depth and again tactically pathetic…!!

    We just have no chance unless he gets the last transfer days right and his tactics spot on!

    1. Our star players aren’t fully fit (apart from Ramsey) and Alexis isn’t fully integrated so hasn’t got that understanding with the rest of the team yet. All of this will come. The team has shown heart in both premier league fixtures to get some sort of result, which is more than could be said for last season. Granted Wenger needs to bring in a couple of players before the window closes, but he’s said that he’s not adverse to bringing in a CB or a DM. In Wenger speak that means he’s working on both. The Giroud injury against Everton may have forced him into the market for a striker as well. We will have to wait until the end of the transfer window to truly assess our chances. You seem to forget that we haven’t lost a game, got a draw in a fixture that last season brought a pretty hefty loss. It’s not been that bad.

    2. I wonder who actually came up with the idea, with the wage the Guy is on, I bet he can leave for a Champioship side to earn 65k a week.

      As for Wishere, he will keep playing till he get back to his best, deal with it. We really need to support him. Perhaps, AW will stop playing him at d Emirates till he comes good.

  9. I think recent games might have forced Wenger’s hand with transfers. We’ve scraped results and it hasn’t been comfortable at all. Granted we haven’t had a full preseason together, but we should be brushing these teams aside with little effort when you look at the quality in our team. These results highlight what most of us already knew, we have incredibly gifted tika taka players but no gritty players as the base. Add some size and grit to the midfield and our fortunes would instantly improve. I don’t rate Carvalho as highly as most of you but if he’s the only big guy available them I’d take him.
    I’m gunna say it simply, Giroud isn’t Arsenal starting quality. We looked better with him against Everton but he normally doesn’t complement us. We need to add a consistent striker who can turn up week in week out. Theyre not coming, but Cavani or Falcao would be perfect. Out and out strikers who stick the ball in the net. With our wingers and creative mids, a top drawer striker would have a field day. Add a striker and DM and we are dark horses to do something.

  10. Yes, imagine Fabregas playing right now instead of that “dope ass” Jack”where is the ball”Wilshere… See the difference… No, see the huge difference…!!

    “Wenger was right to let Fabregas go to Chelsea”…!!! The only reason he went to Chelsea is because Wenger wanted to give a “go” at Wilshere…!! It has nothing to do with Ozil!

    Like anybody in his right mind would compare Fabregas and Wilshere (a level he will NEVER reach in his entire football life, that is just a fact)…!

    If you ask Wenger, that deluded will tell you that Wilshere will reach those levels of performances… !!

    1. @LoCkAy
      Real Talk…
      Cesc is a damn “fighter” with the pass touch of a seamstress. Can dribble, score and ain’t afraid to defend. Jack needs to be sent to Accrington-Stanley and take Ozil with him…

      1. Ozil had better stats last season then fab did and he played less games and hours so why you think Ozil shod go talking crap mate and can’t be a true gooner if that’s what u want. Ozil will b magic this season remember only just back and no pre_season with new players but if we get dm Ozil will get better as more room to roam the park

        1. @bumba007
          I’m just callin it how “I” see it dude. I care as much about stats as I give a f**K about the sh*t you’re shovelin.
          Ozil’s a damn 42m “shrinkin violet” who has got to do more than add to his damn stats tally.

        2. That whole stats thing sickens me.People fail to realize that stats can be used to justify any argument that is being made.There is stats the interpretation of stats..People here read stats but never really take the time to interpret it.

          1. Jeez no wonder some of you boys get so wound up – “the whole stats thing sickens me” – bless, the diva needs to have a sit down and take a deep breath. I do admit though stats are awkward sonsofbitches to deal with when they say something different from what you want them to say.

        3. stats need to be put into context to be accurate.

          Fabregas was playing false 9 in barca, and benched when messi is on.
          Ozil is a starter at arsenal. Just. can’t. compare.

          is ozil horrible? No. but is he as good as cesc, no.

          why wenger didn’t get cesc? cuz he doesn’t want to win with a player that has abandoned him when he needed him most.
          so the excuse becomes ” we have Ozil”.

      2. The amount of times you respond to Lockay with your dudish “real talk” is disconcerting – either Lockay’s second account talking to himself since no-one else does or you slavishly worshipping at the altar of Lockay.

    2. Yeah mate we had a lot of hopes on that lad but with days passing by the guy is simply below par there is something wrong with his footballing brain,maybe he needs more talking to and counseling from the manager

          1. All a bit dumb….top midfield a work collectively need 3 in tandem… Barca with 10 men were unbelievably good tonight with iniesta rakatic ans some kid id never heard of playing off each other and feeding messi…. Wenger failed last season to combine jack ozil and santi … Though in some respects they may be a bit similar … A combo of wilshere ozil and reus could do it for me… In any event wilshere has got the skills to be part of that kind of midfield it’s wenger’s job to put it together this season and he has Sanchez now to combine with

            1. @rkw
              AW has already put them together. They have to step up on the pitch and make it work…
              Yeah, Jacks got the skills. But if he doesn’t apply them then they are useless to both him and the squad.
              When Olivier misses a sitter or doesn’t score at all, then every article, regardless of what the title is, instantly turns into a “sh*t on Giroud” thread. Even when he pulls our azz out of the fire with a goal.
              But let someone, anyone say anything about Jack and they’re called “plastic fans” or the Ramsey comparisons get thrown around.

              “NO” player is beyond criticism. Especially when they’re under performing…

    3. @galen
      We cannot afford to “accommodate” Jack. Nor do we have the time to wait until he gets his”sh*t” together. Just as we need a CB, DM and CF “NOW”, we need Jack to get his head out of his azz”NOW”

      1. agree. When Ramsey was getting unwarranted starts, target was top 4, and we really didnt have much better players. Now we want to win the title, and better players like Cazorla/Ozil/Rosicky are being benched in favor of Wilshere, who is not producing at all.

    4. Agree with that mate wilt is class just needs get confidence back that’s all like Ozil needs not try so hard it will come

    5. @galen you dont need to reply them.they are always the 1st to slaughter a play and also the 1st to say “i told you people he would come good” if the player eventually turns good just like in the case of ramsey. they keep manufacturing things like the defensive work of fab.we are into 2matcher and already fabregas is god where as ramsey is scored two in two matches

      1. @Tope
        If a player comes good, then he is simply doin what he’s paid to do, benefit the team. But when he doesn’t, the whole damn team suffers…

  11. Why are we letting the most clinical finisher in our squad go?

    .. especially when you have people like Sonogo around.

    Podolski last year

    20(apps) 8(goals)
    4(apps) 3(goals)

    1. @dopplesoldner
      Because, though he may be our most clinical finisher, his work rate “SUCKS”. Jacks next…

  12. Presumably you and many supporters said the same about Ramsey! Now look how wrong you all were! Ozil is fantastic, thats why he played for the world champions. Wilshere is a great player and will so this season. Giroud considering he played upfront on his own last, did really well, and scored lots of goals. Why can’t the supporters, support the players and the team. No wonder the media are always attacking Arsenal, our socalled supporters, are made of plastic.

      1. Why should he save it?you work your fingers on your keyboard to attack a gunner as if you can manage a pub team. You keep shouting jack as if he was responsible for the two goals conceided. Give the guy a break or better still if he pisses you off that much dont watch him(the 2013/2014 goal of the season scorer) play.

        1. @Tope
          You’re kiddin, right dude? The 2013/14 season is over. Get with 2014/15 and bring Jack with you.

  13. Kheidra would be a fine aquisition.
    His influence on the young
    Arsenal players Walcott Wilshere
    Gibbs Ramsey Chamberlin Chambers
    Bellerin Campbell Sanogo + Gnabry
    would be immense.
    His linking defence and attack
    his prior knowledge of Ozil at Madrid and Per
    in the German national team
    makes this a most important signing.
    Not saying he alone completes the puzzle
    but what a vital piece.
    # The “puzzle” is never completed
    of course, it is ever evolving.

    1. u changed your avatar to khedira and his missus- wtf man

      do something productive with ur time…like porn…or horse tranquilizer

      1. I put up an image which
        goes with the article.
        Better than the same
        old avatar all the time.
        C’mon Muff brighten
        up the page son
        Imagination lad. 🙂

  14. I am waiting for Wenger to give us the old, WE tried to sign this player and that player but it didn’t work out. Wenger will be singing the old Song by Thin Lizzy.
    when I tell you I am going to
    sign Top Class Quality Player.

  15. Sad that Poldi is leaving! Have seen some of his international goals for Germany, they are just superb. And he scored some great goals for the Gunners too.
    Just watch; He will be scoring goals a dozen at Juventus and we all will be regretting.

  16. This bull crap again Fabrigas this Fabrigas that fukn get over it,how long did it take him to get over your dumb ars after he dumped us. My God ,Fab’s got to be the biggest scam in the history of being a fan favorite
    He always comes out having his way No matter how many shocking decisions he makes just because some stupid fans can bring themselves to bring down his poster from thier wall

    Jack sulks right now but at least I can sleep soundly knowing he’s not going to be putting on a disgusting blue Jersey The minutes he can’t get his way.

    1. @hunter
      Jack wouldn’t make the 1st team at Chelsea. He knows he’s safe at AFC as long as AW’s there. See how long he lasts once AW leaves…

      1. Never mind Chelsea – in fairness JW won’t make our 1st team when everyone is fit/available.

    2. agreed mate all these dumb cesc comments degrading our players to somehow justify cesc who left us in the ditch why dont you lot go support cesc and chelsea .who is cesc anyway what did he achieve when he was with us ? he used used us and left when it got tough and he was the cattleist for players like nasri rvp leaving

        1. how long you been supporting arsenal you probably started the other day with the amount of bashing you do to a lot of the arsenal players to be honest you probably dont have that connection with arsenal since u live in america so its easy for youy to bash the players and praise the chelsea players like their something

    3. what does Jack not going to Chelsea have to do with anything. I’d rather Wilshere improve his game than spout about his loyalty. Because honestly, no player is loyal in the modern game anymore, so the fact you think Wilshere could never join our rivals is a false perception you hold. Bet you thought the same thing about Fabregas a few years ago and look what happened?

      1. No one’s saying it’s not possible but the difference is Fabrigas has shown his true color twice. I mean even when he was with us it came with an emptor he was always going back to Barcelona .cept No body believed he would jump as early as that he was barely in his Twentys .until Jack gives me reason to think otherwise
        I would choose him over Fabrigas, he’s not a member of my team, besides twice bitten….

  17. Quotes from Wenger about Giroud: “He scored 16 [in the Premier League last year] and he’s very convincing,” the manager said. “You never have to set any limitations for any player. For me, he’s improving every year and don’t rule it out that he scores 25.”

    So we wont be signing another striker, so for me, our chances at winning the league have dramatically decreased. Wenger has put his faith in lamppost. Why the hell does Arsene never get what we despeartely need?? Another summer with no top striker, or new CDM (so far). This is why we cant win the big trophies. Wenger is still deluded when it comes to the quality of some of our players. Arteta, Giroud starting isnt going to win us UCL, or PL title. If Giroud starting won us the title, it would be up there with the Invincible accomplishment.

  18. @ NY_Gunner Wow, how insightful so by your logic Torres should have set the league alight by now. because when they brought him he was an alpha striker and would have fitted in any team’s first 11
    And can you tell us how that worked out? this is why I hate stupid speculative statements because you just never know.

    You need to stop being so vile, you can highlight Jack’s shortcomings without being so hateful .and yes I believe in Jack’s credibility to the club is 100% .A real fan would know that. but since you still love Fabrigas so much I can give you directions to Stanford bridge

  19. How do you write off a team after only two matches? Easy, I have!
    After best part of 80 million spent none of the new signings have impressed either with their skills or their fitness. A professional on over 100,000 per week can never afford to be not fit it`s the tool of his trade.
    Fabregas was a match winner from day one at Chelsea, reason? He understands the requirements of EPL football and was prepared. With what we`ve signed it will take two seasons to find out if they can handle it. Stop buying names Wenger and buy experience.

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