Chelsea plan to win trophies – Arsenal plan to build a ranch in the USA

Ignorance and apathy will stay with this club until some proper action is taken. by Konstantin Mitov

Are you surprised? A team with a defense that leaked 51 goals, dropped it’s pants the moment we conceded. And it was of course a defensive mistake. You see, it’s not just Mustafi. I actually feel a little bad for him being the scapegoat of the entire mentality of a broken squad that lacks balance.

It is the legacy Wenger left us and we will carry our cross for a long time. We hired a manager whose only real achievement was winning this trophy and even he can’t do it. Should he be here next season? No. Allegri is free by the way and so is Mourinho.

We had 3 major problems that led to the sack of Wenger. First was our defending, second was our record against the top 6 and third was our typical collapse when pressure arrives. Tell me which one was fixed by Emery?

Let’s start with the defense. The injury of Holding really hurt us, but acknowledge the fact that our defense is aging and every player has a mistake in him. Where was the organisation once we conceded? There is not a single leader to pull those players up.

We do exactly what we did the last 2 seasons and we will play the Europa League again. We had an easy run for the top 4 and we bottled it. Those players can’t handle pressure, but whose fault is that?

First of all, they are not coached to be winners. We are a friendly club and that is why we are now full of cowards, who know they’ll get away with whatever comes their way and make a good living here. Good teams are ruthless, they don’t rely on one player or manager. They have a plan, and it’s to be at the top. Our plan is to build a ranch in the US.

Why wasn’t our owner at such an important game? Who will be responsible for this abomination? Nobody again. Our whole structure is wrong and it can only be changed by starting at the very top.

This owner needs to be removed. I don’t see how someone will buy the club honestly, but unless he leaves and we put people who will put a real plan to get us back to the top we’re never going back to the champions league and honestly do you think it’d be pretty?

We would be destroyed by Bayern or Barca or whoever. We’ve never beaten English opposition in Europe. We need ruthlessness. Look at Real Madrid. They will overhaul massively this summer. They will return better and the players will pay the price.

We’re having 45 million for next season. That barely gets you one good player. We’re letting Ramsey, a player easily worth 60 million leave for nothing. I can’t imagine a scenario where planning as bad as this will get us anywhere.

We think we have a deadly attack, but where were they when it mattered? What did Ozil, Auba and Lacca do in the game that was our last hope of saving the season? We spend more than half a million a week on them!

Welcome to the real world people. Open your eyes. For years we’ve been heading downwards and we’ve done nothing to revert the process. It’s going to be worse next season. How dare does Emery come out and say he wants to make us top 10 team in the world? Who is he kidding? We’ve heard enough lies.

Our kit deal for next season is bigger than the transfer budget we have! If we won’t spend, why don’t we get Ten Hag? A manager that develops young players and does wonders with them? Why don’t we drop Xhaka, Monreal, Koscielny, Mustafi, AMN, Kolasinac, Mustafi and so on when we know they aren’t good enough.

What is up with the academy too? We build top facilities to produce the best talent, yet I don’t see any end results. Grealish is rocking it at Villa. Even Pep deploys Foden at an incredibly talented City side.

We eventually got what we deserved. We should get rid of everyone who resembles the old Arsenal and appoint different. This will not change though. Why is Steve Bould at the club? Where is Vieira? Where are the true players who once made Arsenal great?

The list of people that need to go is really long – Mustafi, Xhaka, Iwobi, Koscielny, Monreal, Ozil, Mkhitaryan, AMN. Now add the players who leave for nothing – Ramsey, Lichtsteiner, Welbeck and Cech.

Those are 12 players and a lot of them started the game! We’re a laughing stock already, we must opt for change. The time to do this was 5 years ago, but the second best time is now.

I’m so depressed. It’s extremely hard to be positive about Arsenal no matter how much people have tried to label me negative. The reasons we are here are apathy, ignorance, ego, bad coaching, bad contract managements, bad structure, bad manager and bad players.

Everything is wrong. I’ve said enough and I’ve tried enough. You can only do so far being alone. But painfully and unfortunately I was right again. We just refuse to see the reality and focus on the problems so we drift along papering over the cracks until you see that the entire ship is paper with a shiny cover to make it look real, but this can only float so far.

Eventually it will sink and we’ve hit rock bottom, but I’m tired, really tired and if there is something to be happy about it’s that this nightmare is officially over. The players can stay on in Baku if they want. Honestly if we get rid of every single one of them I will hardly miss them.

A year after Wenger is gone I’m still here hoping for change. This is sad and pathetic, but while Kroneke owns this club, absolutely nothing will change. Having that said, I hope your summer is better and the sun shines upon your path.

Thanks to everyone for following this wonderful forum and reading the articles here. It’s time to take a long break from yet another season of exactly the same. Best of luck to all of you lovely Arsenal people out there.



  1. I guess hindsight is a lovely thing. And that every time we look like we’re on to something we fall apart. It doesn’t matter what part of the season. It’ll eventually happen. We need next season to be worse. Much worse. A 16th place finish where we survive on the final day. And preferably without the players that are leeching us with those fat contracts. Once nobody gives a shit about us I’m sure we can act like a decent company and terminate non-performers without the tribunal getting in the way.

    1. There’s not much there that I disagree with Konstantine, the future looks bleak for sure. I don’t think Mourinho, Allegri or any other top manager will come to us while the current board and owner is in place, and unfortunately for Emery he is the one who will be held responsible, I have just read that our two chief executives or whatever Sanlehi and his partner in crime are called have called for calm and that good things will happen next season, well sorry but they are as you say again papering over the cracks.
      as for the players I actually felt for Auba and lacca last night, whatever people might think they are both top notch players but with average players with very little creativity behind them they have their work cut out getting good service from them these two plus Terrierra and Leno are the only players I would keep the rest can fall in a hole and disappear for all I care along with Kroenke and his gang of money grabbers.

  2. I don’t see manager is much problem….
    His record against top 6 is quite decent this year considering our crap players…
    Biggest problem is Kroenke….
    Only those teams can succeed nowadays who can spend 200-300 Millions in Transfer window… I don’t even consider academy because look at Ajax, they have so many crispy academy players but ultimately they failed…
    It’s all about money investment…. If Arsenal would have spent 300 Millions then we would have been challenging for title and we would have won the EL. Even you or me would have won the Premier League if we would have been the manager of Man City with that kind of resources…

  3. If it comes to it and we can’t spend then use the youth, iwobi, willock & cech to an extent are the only ones that showed they have balls on that team last night. Both should get more minutes next season along with Nelson. Spend every last penny we have on defenders and go from there.

  4. You ruined some fair points with stupid stuff like the ranch comment. Also, no one knows for sure how much we have to spend this season. As for shipping out AMN, a decent manager would play him in his correct position, not sell him. Our academy is producing really top quality players but our stupid manager won’t play them. Kroenke is not going anywhere and isn’t raping us of money so get over that and call for change where it matters like management and coaching, scouting and contracts and having a head coach with balls to play some U23s with a plan and some recognisable style.

    1. You are quite right. Kroenke does not run Arsenal FC. He leaves that to the manager and Board,all of which are very well paid. You are right also when you say Kroenke does not take any money from Arsenal FC. His contract with the the bank from which he borrowed the money to complete the purchase of Arsenal FC does not allow him to take any money from Arsenal. As for all this desire of the fans for Kroenke to put hundreds of millions into the club.This never going to happen. Close perusal of Kroenke business empire makes me think that he does not have that sort of change available anyway.Even if he has I wish someone would explain how he could legally give the money without breaking the Fair Play Rules. I bet both Chelsea AND Man City will rue the day they did.The other point I would offer is that Kroenke did not buy Arsenal Holdings , of which Arsenal FC is a subsidary,for the football side of the business, he bought it for the stadium which will only increase in value and by any standard is a sound investment and convinces me he will never sell.

  5. First of all, I wasn’t even mad or anything, but how badly it affected me. I couldn’t sleep, I mean I just got my health back and for some stupid reasons I lose sleep because of some average club I’m in love with.
    I stayed up all night, you know that feeling?
    Not angry, not happy, just as if you don’t even exist.
    I swear I’ve been saying I’m tired of this team but it keeps getting worse, I really need to cut ties with this club.
    my health,my sanity should be first priority.
    Yes there are other important things in life, but when you’ve spent all your life supporting and building a brand, you just don’t act like it’s nothing when that brands get destroyed.

    I gotta find a way to cut my emotions with this club, the repetition of failure is too much.
    I don’t blame Emery for the loss yesterday, those players are bunch of cowards, losers and bloody hypocrites, they all knew what was at risk, they all knew how important this game was, Emery selected his best team, and they all went there to get hammered that way, Just take a look at our bench last night.
    Emery isn’t responsible for AMN giving away two goals, Emery isn’t responsible for PEA losing the ball in that position for us to concede another goal.
    I blame Emery for gambling with our top four chances for his bloody Europa league hunt, I blame him for our failure to take top four, we had it, he gambled it and lost everything now.
    I lost my faith in him three months into his first season, I still don’t have any believe in him though

    1. We feel almost the same way actually. I don’t really feel angry but I am unhappy. I eventually slept last night but woke up very early to the thoughts of our loss.
      I can only hope now for next season and hope we ho another step further in Europa.

  6. No matter how bad we feel we still have to accept .
    That more than half this won’t leave it’s just not happening

  7. I am not a top player or coach and I’ve never been but I’ve played my little local football under different coaches even though a previous thread on this site I commented on our main and biggest problem of this season,it’s not defending, passing or scoring although they are problems for many years too but our main problem is”keeping the ball”which is down to our midfielders,from the defensive one to passer and playmaker..they are terrible at it,xhaka is the main culprit,there is no way a match can be controlled when ur midfielders can’t keep the ball for longer than 3 seconds..when the midfielders can keep the ball and recycle it perfectly then they will be able to spot tiny spaces to hurt the opposition but all they do is rush attacks which is more prone to failure than success,I’m not slating anyone here,our best at it was Ramsey and it wasn’t a coincidence that we controlled better when he was available, think back to man u and Napoli games,even though Napoli were rapid they couldn’t do anything cos Ramsey bossed them by recycling and attacking intelligently,even ozil is one of the worst at it,he can’t hold the ball cos he’s either too weak or lazy to do it,,all top teams except Liverpool have these kinds of midfielders think gundogan,Silva,fernandinho,busquets,modric,kroos,isco,rakitic, Arthur,pjanic,even jorginho and painful to say eriksen..we can’t compete if we don’t get one of these gutted for cazorla,he was our version of them..if the midfielders can’t protect the ball then imagine the pressure on the defense,even if we have van dijk,Ramos,Arnold and Marcelo as defense with this midfield we will concede tons of goals,I play defense too so I understand wat I’m saying,dats wat makes guendouzi appear so good though he needs to mature andunderstand the game better to know wen to release and wen to hold and wen to recycle.. painful we lost to the chavs but I am not blaming anyone just highlighting our biggest problem of this current season,,our defense is old and weak but if Kos and nacho can get an upgrade,then the defense would be fine imagine the pressure on koscielny weak bones and muscles every time imagine sokratis having to wrestle every time due to limitations of our midfielders the defense can cope if they have decent midfielders in front of them,,a goal was conceeded yesterday wen aubamayang had to drop so deep to help the midfield do their job, painful it bit him in the arse,surgery on the midfield, treatment on the flanks and defense but sadly no one can hear me especially kronkie…dark time hover the arsenal

    1. Very intelligent write-up. You have a good understanding of the game. We lack midfielders who can hold the ball and navigate their way out of difficult situation. Guendozi is the best at doing that but his positional awareness is bad. Sadly our number one playmaker is the worst at it. We also lack width and players who can run at opposition defence, that’s why some of us couldn’t understand the regular criticism of Iwobi when he was the only one that gave us something close to that. When all these is lacking in a team and with the average defenders we have you can’t escape being thrashed.

  8. ——————Lacazette———-
    Auba——- Smith rowe—— reis Nelson
    ———— Torreira ——- Bielik——-
    Kola—- Papa——- Holding—— Bellerin
    I guess this might possibly be our team next season

  9. Kroenke isn’t the biggest problem. He isn’t the one suggesting Ozil should be on 350 k a week, he’s not the one that signed Mustafi and Xhaka. He’s not the one who allowed for Ramsey’s contract to run out. The biggest problem were the people that ran the business side of the club. I’m pretty sure the new guys will do a much better job and sack a lot of players as well as bring in decent replacements. None of that will still bring us the top 4 still but at least the stress of having useless idiots on the pitch will be gone. I hope they find a decent replacement for Auba this season and for Lacca next season as those two won’t stay at a banter club that Arsenal has become and will always remain. I said this before, them two are the last top players Arsenal signs. Any future top player in an Arsenal shirt will be a developed prospect, not a proven acquisition.

  10. This summer is the worst, because there is nothing to looking forward to, knowing that we will play on this Europa League again and lose again, our transfer budget is like nothing, all tickets have been sold, the owner will be still there, the coach will still be there. It’s feel like I won’t see Arsenal playing next season because there is no interest anymore.

    I remember the last time I feel excited watching Arsenal is at the prime time of R.v Persie. No trophy but at least it is beautiful to watch that team. Now it is boring and hopeless.

    People on this website usually scream for players like Xhaka, Ramsey, Iwobi, Mustafi to be sold, but let me tell you this. With the money we have, we’d better hope they don’t abandon us for another year without CL. If you sold them, you will likely to have worse replacements, cheaper and without EPL experience. They didn’t live up to our expectation but to be frank, we bought them for only 30m and that money can’t buy you any star nowadays.

    In my opinion, the only thing we could do now is to use more young players. We are likely to lose again but at least if the young players progress well then we still have hope in the future.

  11. You guys can start by refusing to buy season tickets when they are released and buy only when you see what you wanna see, else I will be here reading the same article same time next year or perhaps earlier.

    Stop complaining and take action.

  12. I like the look of that team. Without many doubts, it is the younger players who will resurrect our club; but I fear management won’t allow that and will tinker with buying a few European unknowns who will take a season to adjust…. I am close to despair…..

  13. Also our management is poor. It is as if the low mentality is transmitted from the board. Look at how we sign players. At the end of last season our problems were obvious, but we started the season without addressing much of them. Is Sokratis an upgrade on what we had, were we to rely on Guendozi, even Leno was a gamble. The only player we signed was Torriera. If you want to be a champion behave like one. Sign players who wants to play and win the Champions League. They will play and secure Champions League qualification for you.

  14. Emery does not seem to be getting enough stick.
    Willock scored 2 vs Blackpool in the cup and we did not see him again till last game of season,,
    Emery ussed the same players week in week out even when they were playing badly, Wenger did this as well.
    when we have a shit defense what is the point of adding an extra shitty defender ? AMM could have played in midfield, We should have played Jenks at RB ( he is a Rb ) monreal at Lb. why did we need 3 cbks to mark Ollie?
    the manager is a joke..he only got the job as he gave a presentation on how he would improve the players.. anyone seen anything of that yet?

    1. Well said! Emery made the wrong decisions end of the season. He got too comfortable with 3 at the back after it worked for a handful of games. But it clearly wasnt the last couple months. He should’ve seen this.

  15. 2 key points came out this week.

    Point 1.
    Cech mentioned that when he joined he noticed that this team was not too hurt by losing.
    Bentley said of his time at Arsenal (during the invincible era) that competitiveness was so much that players hated losing in training – even resulted in arguments and physical confrontation.

    Beyond Unai this is the fall of the expectations at AFC since the move to the Emirates 13 years ago.

    Point 2.
    Unai mentioned this week that the board felt that AFC had lost their competitive nature in recent years and this came from AW himself losing that competitiveness.

    Reasons found during Emirates 2006 – 2013
    Point 1 and 2 go hand in hand. If you loss competitiveness you loss caring if you loss.

    I can see that AW losing some of that competitiveness may be down to the sheer competition from firstly Chelsea, then Man City, followed by Spurs and now Klopps’ Liverpool.

    But competition is not enough to hinder AW. The shift in football in the last 13 years has been incredible. Data in football, Branding in football, Nutrition in football, agents role in football…

    Football has shifted from being a community based support network to being an international audience where more and more fans are supporters of players then teams.
    (E.g – Barcelona has 71m followers on Insta, Messi has 120m. Salah has 27m, Liverpool has 16m…Ozil 19m, Arsenal 14m…)

    As much as them days where the club told us it is all OK we learnt that Arsenal didn’t compete because of the cost of the Emirates. WE couldn’t spend, we sold key players and slowly we became less competitive and made £40m up until the purchase of Ozil in 2013.
    In the same period United spent £88m, Liverpool £124m, Chelsea £233m, City £437m.

    So 2006-2013 was a key catalyst to a change in culture at AFC. Clubs over took us, we lost that key DNA of what makes us a success because we were no longer a smaller club given time to buy and develop unknowns as we became Champions, and expectations was such that we were expected to spend to compliment established talent.

    We couldn’t spend, the demands outstripped our actual position as a financial institute and we find ourselves unable to compete.

    A culture of change is required. It starts with what we can do.

    Monreal, Jenkinson, Litchsteiner contracts expire June30/19 – let it run to an end.
    As we don’t want to lose out on players leaving on a free and we shouldn’t want to renew some of the contracts running out in 2021, I would look to sell Mhkit, Mustafi and Ozil this summer.
    (I don’t want to go into Ozil debate of if we need him, not given a chance… I just see 3 players who I would sell from the contracts that are running out – It might be a statement too from AFC). £60m from sales + £40m from budget gives us £100m.

    Be brave AFC!!!

  16. It’s the corrupt Board and corrupt AW/Gazidis plus Shrewd – is it Stan or Satan Kronke that jointly brought us to this laughable state. Men! It was practically impossible to stand up and walk home from the viewing center last night, Arsenal’s fans looked as if we were in the morgue. I already knew that we have lost the game when I saw the starting lineup, I resolved to live through the pains as the fraudulent board, the media, Pat, Xxnofox, Jon fox, Lupe and co have succeeded in coaxing Emry to be featuring yesterday’s acclaimed strong squad that we all know they are failure prone. From the moment Emry dropped his stand against Ozil featuring or starting our matches our unbeaten run abruptly came to an end. From the day they succeeded in convincing him to drop/stop starting their so called “Headless Chicken” the one that is not fit for EPL not to mention donning Arsenal’s shirts (IWOBI) marked our confirmation of missing out of the UCL. Only Emry knows what stuff he’s on that he maintained that loosing band until both were sure that we’ve missed UCL spot before he made starting lineup changes in the last match and got fantastic away result that we couldn’t get at home even against Brighton. I guess Emry wasn’t happy as went back to the Lossing band starting lineup yesterday and those that wants us to lose in disguise based on sentiments applauded and we’re saying – that was the strongest squad. I remember them calling and mocking gotanidea but at the end history have vindicated the just. The headless chicken proved himself within 6 minutes, oh may God bless IWOBI. Anyone that gives him good remarks will be termed Nigerian as if it’s only in England and Nigeria that Arsenal have fans.
    Since we’re now shirt selling boutique club and not passionate trophy winning football club, between Arsenal’s no. 10 Jersey and Chelsea’s no. 10 I can imagine which one/brand will be the most sought-after individually not club wise after what transpired last night in the next one week, month and year. I keep saying that the fraud contract that AW and Gazidis roped Arsenal into with Ozil and Mihky should be scrutinized/investigated, contracts he never granted when he was running the show. What are their contributions to the present Arsenal team or are they enjoying pension? That contract puts Arsenal in the situation/position of a man that has tsetse fly perching on his urinating organ if he hits it, he may end up smashing his testicles but if he allows it to stay he is mortgaging his life. Emry should be
    firmly decisive over this matter with the Board. Emry tried in his first season, yet I put the blame of our not qualifying for UCL and not winning the Europa solely on him. His decisions in wrong choice of tactics and players selections when it mattered most costs us that.
    Finally we should start the campaign for Kronke out if he fails to inject good funds for players acquisition, he really does not have passion for football. Let’s hold on in buying next season’s tickets please. If it comes to boycotting matches let’s unanimously do it, let him, his family and board be the ones in the stadium and let’s see how they’ll survive. Thanks.

    1. Whao, l am impressed with your submission. You’re correct, all the blame is at Emery’s feet. Czech was not supposed to be within the post, Ozil was supposed to be on the bench, he got the tactics wrongly yesterday. Playing from the back could have unsettled Chavez yesterday but a wrong goalkeeper was picked.

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