Chelsea plans to upstage Arsenal by beating them to Premier League target

Arsenal is facing a serious battle in their bid to sign Brighton defender, Ben White this summer with a report claiming that Chelsea is now interested in signing him.

The Gunners have been in talks with Brighton over signing the new England international for much of this summer.

However, the deal is taking time for them to conclude and that could play to their disadvantage.

The Sun reports that Chelsea has become interested in his signature and they have asked his representatives about the possibility of offering him a deal.

Manchester City also reportedly has an interest in his signature, but it seems the Blues are the most serious.

The FA Cup finalists can offer him Champions League football and could possibly challenge for the Premier League title next season.

They are also in London if he would like to live in the City and this should worry the deal makers at Arsenal.

Sports journalist Duncan Castles said in the Sun report: “We’ve told you there’s been interest and a conversation with Man City.

“I now understand that Chelsea have notified the player of their interest in signing him.

“I think that’s significant competition for Arsenal because Chelsea can obviously offer Champions League football, can offer a club based in London in the same way that Arsenal can.

“But one that should be immediately competitive for the Premier League title, and one that hasn’t had much hesitation about spending aggressively of Ben White’s profile and age range.

“I think on previous podcasts we suggested that once serious offers started to come in for White, it is likely that other clubs would get involved in a competitive bidding process.

“And I think a competitive bidding process is obviously going to be of benefit to Brighton.”

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  1. Here we go again folks.
    Just as those of us who appreciated and understood EXACTLY what our previous managers/coaches/buyers were faced with…. money talks and no matter how many fans will blame the club if we miss out, it’s the way it has always been since Russian and Arab money entered the PL.

    Let’s hope our fans will understand the situation that MA faces!!!!

    1. A minority will understand KEN but most will not and have no intention of even trying to understnd the Kroenke situation. Sigh!

    2. Point well understood Ken. That said if we went about our business with minimum fuss and haggling, then maybe we could land our targets. As much as I dislike Dein for bringing Kroenke to Arsenal, he used to get it done. That’s what we need: a proper transfer closer. This is not on Arteta.

      1. Agree ahmad73, that’s why I wanted to makes it clear that this isn’t down to the current manager, but goes back to when kronkie got his hands on our club.
        I understand there is a major tournament going on, but if manure can sign a player for £70, 0000,000 odd, why can’t we do the same?
        It’s been farcical for years now and all we do, is alert other clubs who either hike their price, or go in for our targets!!! Insanity!!!

  2. These exactly what Brighton wants more teams bidding means more money for them, it has nothing to do with what the players want or who bids first.

  3. If an article originates from such an eminent publication as the Sun, it must be true? Enough said.

  4. Why can’t they rap the deal then. They always take ages to complete a deal.

    I say get rid of Edu, he can only bring in aged Brazilian players at high wages.

    They are struggling to complete Lokongo deal as well. Arsenal is going down and clubs like Villa are now challenging us.

  5. could be a blessing in disguise, finally Arteta will have to use Saliba and we can use that fee to purchase a creative midfielder.

    1. Point is Arteta has already dismissed Saliba. Simply because once upon a time, he said he was ready to play.

  6. Arteta send out mavro and Saliba out on loan and loss out on Ben white then I will see who comes in

  7. The sending out on loan of Saliba and Mavro is totally on MA. It is highly irrational to put ones ego before the Clubs best interests, this is what has happend with the unfortunate Saliba.

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