Chelsea preparing to hijack Arsenal’s move for La Liga midfielder

The Guardian is reporting that Chelsea is looking to hijack Arsenal’s move for Atletico Madrid’s midfielder, Thomas Partey.

The Ghanaian has been a target of the Gunners for much of this summer as Mikel Arteta looks to add a defensive midfielder to his team.

The Spaniard has helped Arsenal achieve some success recently, but he knows that he will have to get better players to be able to achieve even more.

Arsenal has been told that they will have to pay Partey’s 50m euros release clause to be able to land him and that seems to be a problem for them.

They have turned their attention towards a move for Lyon’s Houssem Aouar recently and they might be beaten to the signing of Partey by Chelsea.

Frank Lampard wants to sign Declan Rice for his midfield this summer, but he is struggling to get the deal done and the report claims that he might turn his attention to Partey before the transfer window closes.

Lampard has enjoyed unlimited backing from the Blues in this transfer window and that might see him beat Arsenal to the signing of Partey.

The Ghanaian midfielder reportedly wants to move to the Premier League, but he isn’t willing to force his way out of Atletico. 

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    1. Emmaobi please tell me you are joking, have you watched Kante recently, even the true Chelsea fans knows Kante is nearing his end.

    2. Think its b.s pal, even hours after this story his odds of going chelsea havent changed, 14/1 were as we are 4/9, auoar is like 4 or 5/1 now though after being 1/10 😢

    1. The Arsenal way😃😃😃 we are the only club who will reject a 60million bid for a player and months later do a swap with another player who is not worth 20million.

    2. Im not throwing my toys out of pram just yet(that will be monday at 11pm)but honestly how are we to compete with any of the top teams or the next tier in the prem even with a net spend of at best 5m.No Team can improve with that kind of investment in the top English football Div.Football has changed unfortunately and financial fair play is just a token efforts not enforced..without even any t.v money spent on players our ownership is a joke.i understand the times we live in but it hasnt stopped all the other big teams and smaller 1s investing who have owners who are minted.just like ours.this self styled self sustainable model they bleet on about all sounded great back in the day but its not going to get you top 4 these days.our owner needs to put his money up now and support a very promising new manager who could take us places with a bit of investment or sod off and sell up to someone who understands what Arsenal actually is and cares even a bit.

  1. I really hope not as I would rather have a defensive enforcer bought if that’s all we can get done and he ticks all the boxes. Another target goes somewhere else then shines… typical!

    Nice to be backed by your owner every season.

    No Aouer
    No Partey

    Maybe Jorginho…. really Arsenal?

    This may not turn out to be a good window after all. Thanks Edu, I actually thought he had it under control behind the scenes, starting to lose abit of trust.

    Get Mesut back in the fold since Aouer isnt coming and get a CDM.

    Stan needs to leave Arsenal. Wish it would happen sooner rather than later… another battle for Top 6 again this season if we are left with Xhaka & Elneny for CDM then Cabellos & Willock for CM. Doesnt look good and is the worst midfield in the top 10!

    Better pull a rabbit out of the hat Arsenal or alot of trust will be lost.

    1. We experienced this hype every season during Wenger era and they started again under Arteta, I think the board are tolling with the fans emotions, for good three months they can not get a deal for just two players, it’s a shame.

    2. We or a mid table team now we only get scarp and left overs we be lucky to get any European football next season

  2. Throwback to last month when there was an article here saying we shouldn’t be worried about chelseas transfers and most people on here agreed. We weren’t even talking about the likes of spurs who’ve ended up having a great window. Normally we deluded ourselves until around Christmas time. The delusion was short lived this time!

  3. Just a reminder that Thomas himself has said that he only wants to move to The Arsenal and has agreed terms (reportedly).
    Also remeber that Mikel Arteta has said that the club will be looking to bring players in, so all this doom and gloom is just playing in to the media’s arms – at least we should wait until the window closes before condemning all and sundry at the club.

    1. Ken1945 I know you are a man who deals with fact and not just speculation, so please can you share the link where he said he wants to ‘only wants to move to The Arsenal and has agreed terms’, I know you put (reportedly) but it will be nice if you can share the link sir.

      1. Lenohappy, the report that he only wanted to join us and had agreed term appeared on many sites, including JA right back when we were were in the driving seat.

        Perhaps Pat can find the article, but there is no doubt that it was “reported” he only wanted to join The Arsenal, had agreed terms and it was just the two clubs who needed to agree a price.

        Actually thinking about it, that was why it was, again reported, that we concentrated on the Aouar deal, because the deal with Partey looked like it was done and dusted – just needed the right amount of money from kronkie.

    2. You can’t really think a player would rather join us over Chelsea? I mean I know we’re optimistic but let’s be real, no player is going to choose us over a champions league team. If they did, it would say a lot about their character and desire to play at the top level

      1. Jonny142, so what does that say about Aubameyang’s decision to stay at our club when it has been reported three clubs, all in the CL, were wanting him?

        In actual fact, he signed for us when we were out of the CL, so I’m not sure that your point is valid, as we can also cite Gabriel wanting to join us over PSG as well.

        Let’s see what club Partey does join, if indeed he does leave AM.

        1. @ Ken…key word in your comment being ‘reported’. Show me where a team made a concrete offer that was accepted by Arsenal and Aubameyang turned it down to stay with us. Didn’t think so!! Also show me where PSG agreed a fee for Gabriel and Gabriel turned down PSG for us. Point is very much valid. The only reason that would have happened was because he thought he would get more game time here.

    3. I was very optimistic myself Ken but all we have had this last week is reports coming out from the twitter idiots who believe themselves that they are in the Arsenal boardroom making the deals themselves .
      I always wait until official news ,and it’s not looking good ,and you know that I’m not a doom and gloom idiot .
      But i won’t be happy if we go into the new season with this midfield ,I mean we have only had all September to sort out deals ,i thought we had turned a corner regarding transfers But maybe not .
      I will wait till Tuesday morning to pass judgement .

      1. That’s all we can do Dan – what’s more laughable, if it wasn’t so sad, is the fact that AW got the blame for this when he was manager and here we are, three years later – three different managers – three musketeers down to one – gazidisgone and his mate kronkie showing just who was the real culprit.

        I always said that time would tell what was the real truth and here we are mate – facing yet another scramble before the window closes, while all our rivals are spending millions.
        spuds have signed five new players for Gods sake and I’m just reading that the sales of shirts with Bale’s name on the back have already brought in some fantastic revenue for them – at least they can see what a “name” can do for their club!!!

        1. Well Martin as just put a new Article about Wenger (2nd one )which no doubt will bring out the usual 5-6 Wenger Doubters .
          I’m sure they will give us their usual drivel to make themselves feel better about themselves while disregarding the facts .

        2. Ken
          There MUST come a point when Kroenke takes stock at the way the EPL is going
          More and more hugely wealthy individuals/ countries/partnerships are investing with the view to winning the PL/CL and being regularly in the top 4.
          Kroenke cannot hope to keep his investment growing unless Arsenal virtually guarantee a top 4 place each year. The last few years in the EL have been damaging to him financially so he needs to do something .. and soon to protect his investment or he will either have to take a different view on his lack of investment as a means to protect it- by coughing up some dough

          1. I share your optimistic view SueP, but have been disappointed season after season as to the backing we can expect from Stanley.
            Mind you, some of the awful decisions over the last few years on how to spend and invest his money, might try the patience of a saint.
            I hope that this time, he can manage to see what a gem we have in Mikel Arteta and he does support him in the way he needs to, if he ever expects to get a return on his investment in The Arsenal.

  4. Thomas partey to chelsh*t would instantly destroy the remaining trust I had in edu and our board, this lad is available for freaking 45mil one the best f**king midfielder in la liga last season and one the most consistent player for the past three seasons and here we are chasing a f**king ghost all Summer..

  5. Thomas Party
    Ibrahim Sangare
    B. Soumare
    A. Diallo
    A. Doucoure
    A. Diawara

    Any of these players would of brought physicality
    and athleticism to the Arsenal midfield yet EDU and
    MA are looking @ good ol Jorginho on loan.

    SMFH over and over again

    And MA is really happy with the transparency with
    which the club has approached the

  6. As anxious as I am about the current state of affairs I’m not ruining my weekend stressing about situations we know nothing about, and let’s be honest, the Arsenal camp have so far revealed absolutely nothing…zilch

    Everything is guesswork and I’m no mystic meg

    I’m with you all on it being underwhelming but until the window shuts we have to accept that the club are trying to do what they can within their means.

    There is no Abramovitch or the Everton ownership to pump money in so unfortunately there is a reliance of getting people out to pay for those coming in.

    1. Ironically the money being pumped into Everton is Forshiri and Usmanov from us to them…. well played Arsenal

        1. It was the jerks who owned substantial stakes in Arsenal who preferred Kroenke. As I have said numerous times, the fault also lies at the doorstep of those who were entrusted to run the club by Kroenke. Last year the outlay was substantial. In what way did the club improve as a result? Pepe? Saliba? And previously Papa? Torreira? The point is significant amounts have been mismanaged by Raul etc…

    2. Also it’s a bit suspect that no English media has confirmed this whole Aouar stuff.
      No English journalist has confirmed it, more baffling Ornstein has been quiet about it.
      Matt Law, a whole lot of English journalists.
      Everything’s been from France so far, we all know Aulas uses the media as pawns

  7. Can you imagine if our midfield is Elbeny, Xhaka and Ceballos for the whole season? Arghhhhhh!!!!!

  8. Two days left in the transfer market. We miss out on signing James Rodriguez. If we cant get Aouar and Partey, then play Pepe in the number 10 role.

  9. How can the hijack a lie?
    We act like we are after high profile players, and then get nothing.
    Surely you Don’t believe who we are going for Surely..
    Year in year out we are lied to and you all believe it. Actually I will reword that we all believe as I do get drawn in to the believe and lies from time to time.
    Things won’t change with the #u$t At the top. Kroenke out!!!!!

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