Chelsea prove too good as Arsenal suffer consecutive league defeats

Arsenal suffered a second painful defeat from two outings, with Chelsea proving to be just too strong for us.

The Gunners actually started the match well, we were getting interchanging well and were proving difficult to contain, but our rivals began to work into the match well, and that man Romelu Lukaku proved exactly why his club made the move to splash a club record fee on him this week.

The forward was involved in the build up, collecting the ball outside the box and holding off the defender, before laying it back to the midfield and making his move back towards the box. Reece James was picked out in acres of space alongside down our left, and played the Belgian in perfectly to tap home his debut goal.

The visitors were pretty much on top for the remainder of the half, moving the ball about well, and the second goal came around 20 minutes later than their first, in almost identical fashion bar the finish.

Reece James was once again played into with acres of space down our left after Kieran Tierney had once again vacated his designated area, but the despite Marcos Alonso headed to the six-yard box, places his effort into the net himself.

The feeling was that the game was done even at the interval, and I wish I could say that the team came out on a mission in the second-half, but this Chelsea team has proved that they are on another level from most teams.

If there was ever an argument for changing managers, today’s opponents are exactly that, with Tuchel taking the exact same squad that Lampard had last term and made them almost unbeatable.

We brought on Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang on the hourmark, but he came on for Bukayo Saka who clearly isn’t back to 100% as of yet either, and while he looked sharp, Auba was unable to help change anything.

Pablo Mari had our best chance of the match soon after, when the Spaniard leapt unchallenged only to find his headed effort sneak past the far post, while Lukaku forced a strong save from his own headed effort also.

The visitors look set to challenge for this season’s PL title, but the gulf between our sides is monstrous, and despite outspending our rivals at this point in time, there is a lot more investment needed to bridge the gap between us and say City and Chelsea.

Would a full-strength Arsenal side have made any difference to today’s result? Are Chelsea simply too good, or should our side have done better?



  1. Arsenal won only 7 aerial duels after 70 minutes, whereas Chelsea won 14 of them. That should tell us why we were so weak in the first half, despite being better technically

    We spent 100+ M to buy a speedster/ a diminutive CF and 50 M to buy a short CB, whereas Chelsea paid 100+ M to buy an ultimate flat-track bully

    Hopefully Arteta noticed how Lukaku held off Mari, Holding, Xhaka, Lokonga and Tavares. There’s still one week left to make some deals, to fix our problems

        1. 😂😂
          Nah HH. I think GAI has way different opinions then those articles. You can see from the wordings. I just think his internet is faster than me😂😂
          Or he lives with the Admin and posts the first comment along with the article before its posted.

          1. Yeah it is just conspiracy but I love those things. We know they are not true yes but they are fun.

          2. Lol Guy! That was funny😂😂
            But I love GAI’s posts. They bring something different to the table every time and shift the general mood.

      1. Unfortunately we won’t buy a new CF until we sell one of our senior strikers

        Chelsea always buy a strong dominant CF since Abramovich came, from Drogba to Costa and Lukaku. Arsenal don’t that player type for some reasons

        1. Yeah we were busy copying that bleeding Barca model for so long..
          I hope we get one though. Onoachu looks like a beast. He is an Arsenal fan and had issued a come and get me plea.

          1. No I dont think so GAI. Quoted price of 12 million heard somewhere.
            But yeah as you said we might loan Jovic. But I am not keen on him cuz as referenced by you previously Xhaka might grab his throat lol. Also he is a one season wonder like Aouar so far.

    1. Problem is manager you can spend £500 million and it won’t make a difference. We have spent north of £100 million so far but we see same shxt again n again. Not to mention money Arteta and Edu has blown in last two windows as well.

      1. December 2020:

        Arsenal 3, Chelsea 1. Managers Arteta and Lampard.

        August 2020:

        Arsenal 0, Chelsea 2. Managers Arteta and Tuchel.

        Its quite obvious.

          1. You mean the away game angus? WE GOT BATTERED THAT GAME. And won by Jorginhos Christmas gift. We played like f’n Burnley then.

            Jesus Christ with these people are so delusional.

        1. Can’t judge the team now. Arsenal has been unfortunate with injuries and covid 19 interference. Most clubs too would struggle with this impromptu circumstances. The best we could have realistically expected from this game was a drawand would have been hoping that Chelsea had a bad game. Unfortunately it didn’t happen that way. I think the guys gave their best, but you can’t play the European champions with a half fit team. Our best player in every department was unavailable. Partey in midfield, Gabriel and White in defense, Aubameyang and Lacazette in attack. Saka and Martinelli are not yet fully fit. If we had a complete, they wouldn’t be starting. I still have high hope. CoyG.

          1. How many the top teams would not struggle if their first-choice striking partnership, + 4 other first team regulars were out for several games. Leicester have a few injuries to cope with, and were outclassed by the Hammers last night. This is the reason why Kroenke will be cutting Arteta a fair bit of slack, and won’t make any moves to replace him for a couple of months. Of course, if we were to lose to Norwich, that might change.

      2. Logic he was talking about Auba/Laca both signed before Arteta. You talk about his spending this year none of White/Ode/Ramsdale were on the pitch which is the 100 mil you quote. So please go leave entirely illogical opinions somewhere else.

          1. I have stopped blaming any player go and bring another set of players into that team will still perform the same way, the situation on ground is much of the manager. and this is not about today’s loss this about the general performance and our position on the table

        1. Angus, the reason why we are sliding down as time passes by is because of fans like you who dismiss plan facts Infront of their eyes as illogical and that feeling resonates to the board. Keep living in your dream world and keep giving excuses after excuses we might lead the excuse table at the end of season and can defend our title.

          1. You mentioned spending when none were on the pitch your obviously not logically. I think the performance was awful today because the 2 goals should never have happened. Just pointing out your illogical thoughts

          2. Will add Partey/Gabriel were injured Artetas two largest signings last year so spending is a poor criticism currently no?

      3. You are totally correct.Arteta has to be one of the worst managers Arsenal has ever had who is now creating one of the worse Arsenal teams.We again were terrible and I just can’t see where the improvement is going to come from.We’ll loose to Man City that’s obviously so the Norwich again is massive.Loose to them and we are deep trouble

        1. His 5 largest signings were outside the squad, one was a choice in White, the rest forced. The two best according to most debut handed by Arteta Smith-Rowe (who signed a contract under him) and Lokonga signed as a back up to the more expensive Partey. Maybe when Artetas 5 biggest signings play there might be improvement?

    2. Laca is not diminutive hes stonger than Firminho (Jota), Aguero (Torres/Jesus) and Cavani (and they play Martial/Greenwood regular) That is the last 4 seasons 1st/2nd. Your obsession with strong CF is almost as large as your obsession with inverted wingers. We need quality upfront hoping Auba provides it failing any signings and Martinelli/Balogun kick on as back ups as the season progresses.

          1. also you highlighted Auba as speedster not fit for that purpose he’s taller than most if not all of those players mentioned so I fail to see your point.

          2. I believe they’re as strong as Lacazette. Firmino and Cavani are obviously better aerially than Lacazette

            Aubameyang is quite tall, but he’s not good in aerial duels

          3. If you mean exclusively aerial duels, say it. Torres/Aguero/Jesus/Firminho/Jota/Greenwood/Martial are all similar or worse to Laca btw in that regard.

        1. Gai

          A coach only needs to be dynamic tactically. Aguero, Salah and Saido mane scored loads of goals for City and Liverpool respectively. It all depends on the team set up. All teams won’t have an imposing CF. Yes it’s an advantage no doubt. Arteta at the end of the season won’t be judged based on having not too tall CFs. Not all teams with tall Center forwards wins the league

        2. Oh dear, the height thing again. Perhaps there should be a ‘midget’ league, where talented footballers under 6ft. in height could ply their trade.

    3. Dušan Vlahović of Fiorentina could be a man who could make a similar impact, a beast man! £65million get it done Edu.

    4. Gai
      Our lose today is not just having a CF it’s more of our formation and set up. This defeat is avoidable. We all predicted a 3-4-3-1 formation against Chelsea but the coach went all out in a 4-2-3-1 knowing he doesn’t have a tall CF for crosses. Arteta is sometimes a victim of his own ideas and rigidity. We had forward playing DM who did well going forward but lacked the needed “steel” and physicality today to protect the back 4. They would have also have helped Pablo Mari who had no strength to handle Lukaku. Oh I missed Gabriel today.
      Arteta got his formation wrong. Chamber I guess would have been better than Pablo to offer physicality against Lukaku.
      As per been technically better than Chelsea, who cares? this type of game is all about having a good results. 3 points in the kitty for Chelsea and 0 for our team. I’m not happy as a fan.

      1. Homestly if the team cant defend against lukaku, we should just forget abt it entirely. Play Bellerin instead of Cedric and get the right flank alive. Will nvr win any game if the team looks lost in attack and defence.

  2. It’s coming home it’s coming home championship is coming home 😜. I have stopped worrying and taking our club as serious because they don’t take themselve as serious and neither do some of so called old wise fans.

    1. It will not be coming home because next week after the loss to Man City the board is going to get rid of a panic buy that Wenger made a few years ago…

  3. Trust the relegation process

    Worry not, our manager is experienced in difficult situations

    No, wait..

  4. People didn’t appreciate Kos enough when he was here. Look at how Lukaku easily dominated Mari and they weren’t even sharp enoug hto defend him the right way. Kos easily owned him.
    Btw what an absolutely world class save by Leno in 76th min to kind of keep us in the game. This guy’s reflexes man, only if. The less said about the performance and the players though.

    1. Agree kev, for me Kos was one of the best defenders I have seen. He was an intelligent defender who was a good reader of game that is why his interception rate was good , he had good pace, had good positional sense and was good in air as well. I mean can you imagine any of our defenders now surviving along Mert in defence…hahaha

      1. Disrespect to compare anyone of the CB’s we’ve had lately with the BFG.
        Mert made Kos tick and Mert though was slow, he was an intelligent defender who knows when to make a move to intercept.
        A lot could go on, but Mert with these CBs we have? Don’t do it Bro… Mert wipes the floor with these weaklings

        1. Agreed. BFG had a great game reading sense. Slow but good positioning meant he along with Kos gave our most solid defensive performance this decade with some 32 35 goals conceded(dont remember exactly, it was in Ken’s article)

        2. Mert wasn’t great at arsenal because he was far far too slow to play our high line system, just didn’t fit. Obviously he was a good defender, just not at arsenal – if anything it was Kos having to bail out Mert, the way Sol had to when he played with Cygan

        3. Hi Eddie. Arteta said Saliba is not ready for the first team. When will he be ready? Maybe when his contract is about to expire. I don’t think he could have been worse than Mari.
          Holding is not intelligent when it comes to scoring with his head.
          Something is wrong with this club. Arteta and Edu should be relieved Ed of their jobs. I would rather bring in Steven Gerrard or Zidane. This job is bigger than Arteta. He has no clue. He can’t take us to the top.

          1. Don’t think Gerrard or Zidane will accept this job.
            Zidane won’t, it will put a dent on his CV.
            Gerrard only have to wait for Klopp to say he’s ready for a new challenge and he’ll be in line for the Liverpool job.

            The only other opt we have is Conte, and even that will be a long stretch because he’ll demand a huge transfer budget

          2. So what then Eddie?
            Not a ‘ go to’ proposition for any established coach apart from a couple waiting to pounce if the chance arises

          3. SueP honestly we don’t have much options and TBH Arsenal don’t look appealing anymore.
            Like so many have said, the only significant chat will have to start from the owners

          4. The only problem with that is who’s to come in. Conte turned down the mighty Spurs, and would demand to be in complete control of comings and goings, and so would never work with Edu, plus he would require a huge transfer budget. I don’t rate Zidane as a top manager/coach, and he basically failed at Real Madrid.

      2. He makes so many interceptions its unbelievable and he’s one of the best defender I’ve seen in not allowing the attacker to turn when he’s behind them. Lukaku’s game suits him very well and that is why he did well most times against him. I disagree on Mertesacker though. I believe if Mertesacker was fast he’d have been world class. I know its funny but the way h e read the game was so good. Its just that his speed put a lot of pressure on Koscielny. Kos doesn’t even know how good he did over here.

        1. kev, I think you meant lack of speed, NOT “speed”!

          Talking of clear mistakes, why has no Gooner mentioned that header wide of their post was by Holding , not Mari, as Patrick incorrectly wrote.


      1. Nah apart from that he wasn’t appreciated enough. The mistake in the Carling Cup final also tainted him a lot.

      2. It is torturing to see Lukaku who was pocketed by a defender we gave away to torture our back line today.

      3. He was our best since Kolo, and he was our main man in defence for a long time. We weren’t all that successful during his time here, which is why he won’t be remembered so much, but I did rate him.

    2. Lukaku is stronger, more experienced and more skillful than before

      Look how he held off Mari, Holding, Xhaka, Lokonga and Tavares. I don’t think Koscielny could handle him

      1. Kos dominated him when they were here. Its not because he was stronger but because he was smart and was able to read him.

  5. At long last I have come to understand majority of the fans who support Arteta did so not because of their love of the man but the love of the club. Slowly slowly I have come to understand their point of view. It would have been easier to understand them had they not most of them take a dig at those who don’t believe in Arteta.

    It has taken time but I finally got it. I am curious to know do they still think things will change?

    1. Well for someone to answer this they must first see how the team play with the new signings and all senior players. Today it was half the team on the pitch. Missing Gabriel, Partey, Aubemayang, Laca, Odegaard and so on

      1. 2 games in.
        Judge him after 8 games.
        If we lose at West Brom on Wednesday the heat will be on.

    2. For me, Arteta was a complete unknown when he came, obviously was going to make mistakes due to his lack of experience, but generally speaking in management, he would either have it, or he wouldn’t. Early on he got some good results, got us playing better, said since things that made sense to me, which suggested that yes he had it. That bought him a lot of time and mistakes because there’s a sense that eventually he would get it right, if he genuinely did have it.
      The acid test for me was always going to be this transfer window. It was the first summer window where he had a bit of time and money to really influence the direction we would go, and we’ve messed it up. We focussed on the wrong areas (white instead of attackers) and shockingly renewed one of the players we really needed to move on if we wanted to transform the club in the way Arteta wants to (and I’m sure he wants to). So this finally proved to me that he doesn’t have it.

      1. How can you say we got it wrong in the transfer window when none of the players signed for big money were on the pitch and those that were Lokonga was widely considered one of the better players? Tavares also did well after probably Tierneys worst game (future captain no doubt but apart from the cross Martinelli hadn’t sprinted for he had a bad game.)

        1. I’m not basing my opinion on this game. We haven’t improved our attack, which is what was desperately needed. We’ve tried to be clever in signing a ball playing CB, which wasn’t an immediate concern as though that will make all the difference. It’s the kind of signing you might make as a finishing touch, once you already had a solid side, which we don’t.
          We’re basically praying that Auba rediscovers his old form so that we can start scoring goals again, but that’s what we were doing all last season – we should have brought in someone to address the obvious lack of goals in the squad.
          I like Lokonga a lot, no complaints about signing him at all, but he should right now be backup to Partey and someone else who isn’t Xhaka, who both should be gone by now (along with elneny, whom I respect but, come on it’s time).
          If we were planning to put Sambi directly into the first team from day 1 (I don’t think we were) then that’s just another example of bad judgement and putting undue pressure on a young player.

          1. I am personally happy with all the acquisitions this window but you are correct we have a non existent attack right now something which should have been addressed first as you correctly stated because it was the thing we struggled most last season.

            I am afraid that is the job of the next coach who I am convinced we might see inside next two months. He won’t manage to sign anyone but he will capable of utilizing what we already have.

            There is no way Arteta is going to survive the next 8 games.

    3. HH What took you so long and why did you change your view? You ask “do they” as if “they” have just one opinion between them all!


      For example , I still support MA , even though in an ideal world which we do NOT have while Kroenke remains owner, BECAUSE I realise that we areincapable of attracting aproven world class manager like Allegri Nagelsman , Conte as they will not accept tth jon under Kroenke. THATis just one, among other reasons why I do not moan and call for MA’ s head as you do. But others who want MA to remain will have different reasonsfrom mine for their thinking. And others different reasons still and so on!

      Too simplistic is your thinking HH! Things in life are rarely so black or white.
      You need to look at things with wider thinking and see the many shades of grey. This is one reason I say you are not yet mature in your thinking.

      Perhaps though, you are BECOMING more mature now after your post above. There seems to be genuine hope !

      1. First I have not changed my view on Arteta I am even more firm in my belief that he should be gone as soon as possible.

        When I ask “do they” yes I mean they have one opinion. Regarding Arteta there are only two general opinions whether he is the right man for the job or not. The wording might be different from person to person but the message is the same.

        It has taken me long maybe because those in support of Arteta didn’t express their views well enough (or in your case confronting Arteta out Arsenal’s loyal fans and supporters with all sorts of accusations of not being true fans and supporters) or I just didn’t understand them well.

        I will credit Guy when he was Arteta supporter for making me read Arteta supporters views in another angle or new light because he expressed himself well enough, and his views although contrasting were relatable.

        You might remember your accepting our fate post and yes I probably might have misunderstood your views back then (and all Arteta’s supporters for that matter except TMJW) but in the end whether Arteta out or Arteta in we all want the same thing.

        Yes I understand Arteta supporters views now but still I am on the frontline of Arteta Out Brigade and proud to be.

        And I am curious to see if their views will change in the near future because I don’t see the improvements they hoped for.

        1. HH, because the people in favour of Arteta have no leg to stand on other then excuses and judge him in future slogan which is doing everyone’s headache now. I mean you can still see above in comments they still fotn blame Arteta and give excuse that he did not have his signings playing in the match. What about the team he had last year which was good enough to challenge for top 4? Also Ben White was in last match what did he do? It’s not the players but it’s the manager who is the issue because we have seen it Infront of our eyes since Arteta joined established players have struggled under him and the new ones who we bought who were so called not part of Arsenal loosers mentality are playing same way as the ones before them. 97% of the team is struggling from Leno to upfront Auba. Still they think it’s not Arteta’s fault and everything is fine then why does the table differ then ? There are 3-4 people who are just straight on stubborn and don’t want to see the reality. Well if you close your eyes in day time it does not make it night 😉

    4. For my own personal judgement of Mikel Arteta, I only gave him this season to start performing because he has had enough time to turn around the team and he has started the season on a wrong notes

    1. Agree 100% Sue – I coexist with all fans but those from Clelsea – so many of them truly are nasty, rude, aaogant, aggressive people.

  6. Are you aware that this is the first time Arsenal will play two games in a new season without scoring a goal? championship here we come

  7. We need a ruthless Coach who will stamp a unique result-oriented brand of football on the team. For how long are we going to trust the process with Arteta? Wenger was as able to compete with some players that were below the quality of our present players. It’s from believe and team spirit…not signings

  8. No doubt that was embarrassing.
    From the start till end, that was embarrassing again.
    No press from the attack, and Arteta couldn’t even get them going or pick them up.
    Saka was woeful isolating Tierney at the back.
    This team didn’t give anything in this game.
    2 games, 4 goals conceded and no goal scored.
    Folks will say we are affected by the Covid, that’s not excuse for this performance.
    This was pretty terrible.
    From Martinelli to the defense, our marking remains pissful poor.
    Mari will never be it.
    Hopefully White and Gabriel can be our CB pairing for seasons to come.
    No excuse for Arteta, that was terrible coaching and management.
    Another Loss against City and the fans in the stadium will have his head.
    I’m still keeping my head up for this season, we have to battle for top four, but Arteta seems to have learnt nothing from last season at all.
    Last season was the rookie path, he ain’t that anymore. And I’m not convinced with things continuing this way.
    If you don’t learn from mistakes, them you ain’t a fast learner. There was a lot to learn from last season and improve on.
    Might seem like shit, but even I could manage this team properly for a couple of months. The weaknesses and lapses are all there to see.
    How come he’s done nothing to fix it ??
    Zidane will never accept the Arsenal job.

    1. Eddie- Arteta will be judged after Norwich at home and Burnley away. If we don’t get 6 points then he must be seriously questioned Spuds at home and Brighton away follow those two games. Does anyone seriously believe this novice is even capable of turning this sh*tshow around? I can’t see it and I’m not sure Arteta believes he can despite this being his own squad.
      Yeah we were missing players who would have started but where is the pattern in our play? We supporters still have no clue so how can the players. He needs to put out a team on Wednesday that will win at WBA. We as fans are embarrassed enough. Lose there and it should mean the end.But Teflon Arteta gets away with everything it seems. Sooner or later someone must get hold of this and get in a manager that will turn this club upside down.
      Just pay Conte what he wants and he would soon get this club at least competing because after two games I’ve yet to see anything to be confident about

      1. Phil I’m sure you’i aware I backed him last season and I constantly said that was because he was a rookie. My expectations this season ain’t what it was last season. It doesn’t seem like he’s learnt anything and our games keep getting depressing.
        It’ll be good for him if he can turn this around, but can he?
        I think Conte would do a great job, but it’s too early to think the board wants a replacement for Arteta

        1. Eddie- honestly? I actually believe most fans “wanted” Arteta to succeed. However, deep down, very few believed he could turn things around.
          So much is written about Kronke not financing his Club, but I’ve never thought that. I agree he is an absent Owner, but he has invested his millions and knows his asset will continue to devalue If he fails to put up the money. How can even his biggest critics not agree that he had backed every manager with transfer budgets since he took full ownership of the club? The problem we have is the players we have bought.
          Pepe at £72m. Seriously?
          Xhaka contract extension?
          Aubamayang and his obscenely overpaid contract?
          And of course Willian?
          The Saliba debacle?
          These decisions are trusted to the manager. Arteta is proving incompetent beyond belief.
          He is a deadman walking and I just cannot see him turning this around.

      2. We should be smashing Norwich. Burnley are awkward at home but you have to win even if its 1-0 2-0. That is my min expectation.

    2. ok Eddie I will try to cheer you up:
      1 We were without perhaps 5 of our starting 11

      2 We lost to the CL holders
      3 We kept them out for 14 minutes
      4 Lokonga looks a really classy player
      5 We only play WBA on Wednesday
      6 43 pointa has never been relegated, so we only need…errm… 43 more

  9. By the way, this is the same Chelsea team (+Lukaku) we dominated last December. What changed? Chelsea changed managers.

    1. There is still certain Arsenal fans who are hoping Arteta comes good, they will say but Chelsea are European champions and City are EPL champions we can’t judge Arteta on these games 😂

      1. Hi Kev. It is lear to me now.

        1. Gerrard is a good shout and perhaps realistic, but I think he’d probably wait for Liverpool before coming here. Zidane simply knows better than to come here – think he’d see it as a waste of time.

          1. Davi, keep an eye on Ange Postecoglou at Glasgow Celtic this season. Ange is the real deal, develops young players, doesn’t suffer fools gladly and is a serial winner. Steve Gerrard will have his hands full this season

      2. Firstly, Kev, are they telling lies about Chelsea and Man City?
        Secondly, I would expect that all supporters, be they classed as “pro” or “anti” Arteta, only care about Arsenal succeeding, with or without Arteta as manager. Whilst he is here they are absolutely right to “hope”he comes good.
        Although I doubt that he will succeed and feel we would have a better chance with another manager, I too still hope he comes good while he is in charge of my football club.

      3. We were 2nd in the league for 24 games under Arteta, we scored the 2nd most in the league and conceded the 2nd least in that time. 11 of the 13 wins were by more than 2 and 3 of the 4 lost were by 1. So yeah pretending Arteta didn’t come good in the last 2/3rd last years is to outright lie.

        1. All that is nice, but it didn’t keep us in European football, did it?

          Where did we finish in the table placement?

          #facts don’t have feelings

          1. Facts are facts Durand. Was the last 24 not enough? We finished badly because of the 12 game run in which neither Smith-Rowe or Odegaard played which is interesting when fans say there is no reason to expect more them from next week alone is reason to expect more they were 2nd in everything when they played.

        2. I can say arsenal performed very well in some games last season when there was no pressure anymore that was when we lost out of Europa League

      4. Agree, Kev82; however one would like to see a system of play, tactical awareness, commitment and fight.
        I suppose it was only 2-0, the same as the away loss to Brentford, given the improvement in the quality of opposition, even if at home.
        It’s not losing to Chelsea, it is the manner of the loss; Chelsea not getting out of second gear.

      1. Websurfer, white is not as good as Luiz, was awful last week and all the other players you mentioned played in the EL against the man Arteta replaced and we got stuffed. IT IS NOT ABOUT PLAYERS!!!!!!

      2. Websurfer, no Messi no ronaldo no Kante no Varane no this no that…yeah you are right no comparison really. 🤣

  10. I think if we lost our first 10 games Arteta’s job would be safe they will just bang on this is a process and we must trust it! A serious club would have booted Arteta long ago, we just have to accept mediocrity and Arteta ball for a long time to come.

    1. If we lost comfortably to Brighton and lost comfortably again to a Chelsea team who were not even playing in first gear I can’t see us winning any game in the next 7 fixtures.

      Arteta won’t be here come October. I predict next month he is a goner.

      1. I hope so because this is becoming very painful to watch! What is worrying is if Arteta wins one game somewhere in those fixtures the board will be drawing up a new contract they are in awe of Arteta for whatever reason it is!

        1. The pandemic situation gave them some leeway last year and season. Fans won’t be so tolerant this season and I believe they know it.

        2. That’s it bro, the board that couldn’t bear with Emry with experience and better records, refused him getting players he wants and created crisis for him in the dressing room for Ozil’s sake and his fans have been putting up with Mikel Arteta with all these woeful results. These crooks of board members are taking undue advantage of the lack of football passion of the club owner to make mess of this once a glorious club. Kronke needs to send these clowns and bunch of evil omen packing and that takes care of the nuisance of Mikel too. I don’t give a damn what Mikel’s cronies will say. GAI said let the 3rd match – City’s match decide his fate, my stake is Kronke should lay off the board and Arteta now. The truth remains that Pep compromised the FA Cup for his boy to secure his contract. After then City have been flogging Arsenal wherever they meets home and away and next match won’t be an exception. Let Mikel’s fans stop hipping up excuses for him as well as their shallow statistics unless they are inwardly nursing the ambition of seeing the club relegated.

    2. Just shut up. We 2nd for 24 with 2nd goal scored and 2nd conceded in that time. That is what i point to. If we lose 5 never mind 10 in a row ill change tune.

      1. If that keeps you happy then you be happy Angus but when it was before December it was the same lot of you who were saying how can you judge some one who only had half a season but now because it suits your agenda so December onwards should be considered as Arteta’s level and progress because if you look at the whole season then he has failed miserably…what next you can going to beat your chest when Arsenal put a 3 match winning streak together and then copy paste same comment everywhere. Come on man, be creative look at your other pals like Jon Fox and SueP 😂😂

  11. We are miles off them because we have become ok with mediocrity where as Chelsea demand results.

    We can spend as much as we want but the manager is the problem I’m afraid and the coaches who dont train us how to defend or stand up for ourselves. We always get bullied.

    Not looking good then City next and I heard there we havnt lost our 1st 3 games since the 70s or around that, we might aswell tumble another record on our downward spiral…

    We need an experienced winning Manager now or we are in for a relegation scrap and while were at it maybe do one further in breaking a record and actually getting relegated for the 1st time.

    Worrying under Mikel

    1. The same fans that want EMERY out are now praising him for winning the Europa against United, instead of supporting him and be patient, some fans and the board forced him out cos they never gave him what he wanted, he wanted to sign ZAHA,they gave him pEPE…
      Arteta has never coach a team before, he doesn’t have the experience, now he is gathering the experience with arsenal job,trying to build his team..some fans want him to be sack… A lot of team are waiting for Arsenal to sack him and get him by the time he win something there you people will start blaming the next manager….. I think Arsenal have the worst supporters in England.

      1. His experience gathering is taking us in to relegation territory but what is worse is that his style of football is unwatchable and championship level … Wake up and smell the coffee

  12. Hope to get our first point(s) of the season in September after the international break. 8th might seem like a trophy this season. Don’t call me negative, I’m being factual.

  13. They have no genuine reason for supporting Arteta ‘ they are the real enemies of this club because they cannot see beyond their noses with their sentimental view on Arteta. Is it only Arsenal that is building a team? even Brighton have won two matches already with their average players. This team will go down more and more if it’s not rescued from Arteta and his fans. Every body in the world can see it clearly that Arteta is not good for this club except for some deluded fans here.

    1. This is reactive nonsense.
      Chelsea have a squad that is far stronger than Arsenal’s at the moment so this result is not unexpected.
      The actual delusion is that there some kind of wizard of a manager that will suddenly turn Arsenal into title contenders.

      1. Hi David.
        I disagree with you. The day Chelsea sacked Lampard, we were on the same points in the league. It was the same under performing squad that Lampard had that went all the way to win the champions league.
        There is no excuse at all.
        Arteta is a failure. Arteta cost us the europa league semi final. We had no business losing to Villareal.
        It is not about Chelsea spending. Spurs won Man City without a central forward. They also won today. The Arsenal manager is the problem.

        1. Squad was still stronger they picked up Werner/Havertz alone because of their transfer ban. Add to that Lukaku/Pulisic who also cost the same or more than Pepe. Then you have the rest of their team mostly 30+ or youth. Mount vs Saka, James vs Smith-Rowe etc.

          Interestingly they sold Lukaku cheap and paid 90+ for him and this window sold Abraham to widespread praise. We sold Willock to widespread condemnation. Weird no? Especially as both De Bruyne and Salah were sold too,

        2. Tenuous link Skills. Were Chelsea and Arsenal squads identical to each other on that day? Of course they weren’t – Chelsea’s was stronger even then. Just because on one particular day they had the same points as us when they replaced the manager it doesnt guarantee Teuchel is a better manager or that he would improve Arsenal Chelsea is another club, with different players, a much higher squad value and different budget. I happen to agree that Teuchel is a better manager, but to use that argument is total rubbish.

        3. Was the Chelsea team more accomplished? Of course it was. You can only compare like with like
          Tuchel is a top man no doubt but the squad was under achieving under Lampard

          1. SueP, and Emery outperformed Tuchel at PSG, and has won more overall, yet Arsenal failed to support him, backed the players and sacked the manager. Apart from winning the FA Cup (big positive after Emery’s ground work) what has Arteta achieved and what can we see resulting from his managerial input?
            Pure and simple Arsenal, Arsenal backed the wrong horse.

      2. Man you guys don’t watch TV or what, did Chelsea not hire Tuchel and he turned out to be that wizard who changed them altogether.

  14. To be honest I enjoyed the match as a football fan. Lukaku was fantastic! He bullied our CBs so easily and always seemed to bring others into play well. Also Chelsea Right side had a field day and we saw some wonderful combos there.
    Coming to us, I think midfield was ok between Xhaka and Sambi, especially Sambi. Boy had good passes flying off his boots. ESR was the only positive in the forward line, but his drifting meant centre was vacant. Gabi and Saka were disappointing and Pepe was so so.
    Defensively that left side was embarrasing! CBs were not able to do anything. Cedric lost aerial duels but was okayish. KT along with Saka left his flank to defend itself lol. No more best left back vibes from him now is it? Too one dimensional in attack too…
    MA- dont have anything to say. Looked like he was preparing for his press conference. Not even one hint of change in tactical plans except use ESR to drift right and bring life to that right wing. The current trajectory will mean Arsenal will struggle to get into top 8. Maybe after all our players are back, we can fare better? Looks unlikely but doesnt hurt to hope though.
    Keeping my fingers crossed! COYG!
    PS- Dont concede too much against City lol. Cant stand a cringey speech by fraudiola defending his pal.

    1. Sid that is the thing about good manager people enjoy their football even if you are hate them for doing that to you. It’s interesting to see their tactics and how they motivate their players.

      1. Yeah Logic. I know many people would disagree but I enjoyed Mourinho’s gameplan from 2011 till 2017. Even if he battered Wenger’s teams and disrespected almost everyone I couldnt hate the guy. His Real Madrid in 2011 was quite possibly the best counterattacking side I have seen my entire life, and the birth of his footballing philosophy from being ignored by Barca hierarchy was awe-inspiring. I bet people used to feel similarly for Wenger during 1997-2007 and even beyond that. Same with SAF.
        Funny I hate Fraudiola and he never inspires awe. Maybe my dislike is carryong over to MA as well lol.

        1. Mourinho’s gameplan is in the list of things I have strongly despised in my life. Having a boasty Chelsea fan best friend didn’t help either.

          1. Lol, get that completely. Earlier I used to feel the same as you but as I got to know more and more about Mourinho and that bald fraud, I liked the former more. Basically, his underdog’s story reminded me of Le Prof and SAF at beginning of their careers and how they became legends.

        2. Anything and anyone associated with Barca irks me, after they poached Cesc, Hleb, Song, Henry, Pique and a few other players through unsavory techniques.

          1. Sid, Real Madrid – Dictator Franco’s club given the money to attract De Stephan, Puskas et al. There was no one they couldn’t buy except the Catalans, but they’d bombed the sh#t out of them.

    2. I still don’t get why saka thrives at RW and Pepe at LW but arteta keeps playing these players at their weaker positions…..

      Sometimes I wonder what really goes on at trainings…..Poor tactics all the time…..

      Next headache would be odegaard and ESR……then lokonga,xhaka,partey….

    3. Random question but do you have an older brother and a younger one? If ya do we’ve met and we share contacts (your years ago ex and local area.) Could be fun to discuss the old days when Kanu was backheeling goals for fun! 😉 if your up for it yay or nay it.

      1. Sorry Angus if you were referring to me. I am an only child lol. I just love to read up about football teams so may have lots of useless data inside my head😅😅

    4. the two goals came from Tieney side, he has abandoned his defensive Duty he only focus on attacking,

  15. That was heartbreaking to watch. No passion, no leadership, and a coach who looked out of his depth. I honestly think a coach like Sean Dyche would do a better job than Mikel Arteta with this group of players.

    But the big Q is: where do we go from here as a club?

  16. the thing when you play with youngsters that they are always going to make mistakes….Saka should’v closed off RJ on both goals…
    that’s being said we still have a good team and all isn’t doom and gloom

    1. And the last statement shows exactly why we aew not moving forward.
      We learned to accept mediocrity and that is where Arsenal will be for the next few seasons .
      People said the owners are at fault:
      1. We spent 750 $ in the last 5 seasons . What do we have to show for?
      If I am an owner I am cleaning house starting with the manager/recruitement team/director of football etc and then I will reinvest. We are throwing good money after bad and everyone sees it except a large contigency of our fans .

      1. Players like Saka ESR Partey Ben White Kieran Tierney Gabriel Leno IS a good spine for the futur…Agree though that we need to invest more quality wise…

  17. We were weak technically,physically,mentally,psychologically,emotionally,spiritually among others. This team under this manager is going nowhere but to the gutters. Tierney all game poor. which defender marks AIR. not even space, AIR. I guess Tierney does. The team set up is so awful. Xhaka all game…missing. The defense bullied all of 90 minutes. not one good defender on the pitch for arsenal yet we let Saliba go and Mav. The midfield is so imbalance, where is the DM. and not ball playing DM. A 100% DM. where is he? The organization and the type of ball arsenal should be playing, where is it. oh wait it is give Tierney and we will be awesome. This team under Arteta is an utter mess. Even Swindon boss could do a better job and am not being sarcastic now. #Artetaout

  18. Kicked out of Europe for the first time in 25 years – ✅

    End a day in the relegation zone after more than one game of the season played for the first time since August 1992 – ✅

    Opened a league season with two defeats and no goals after two matches for the first time in our 118 years history – ✅

    Trust the process – ✅


    1. Relegation for the 1st time!! The way things are going may be the case then that can be ticked off too to add to all the records that are tumbling down with our downward spiral.

    2. Just wait for Agboola’s article this week. Ineterested to see how he uses his fantastic writing ability to prop us and MA up lol.

      1. Unlike our (micro)manager, I’ve adapted to the reality and changed my tactics, Sid. Since reading about the discovery of the “homegrown” qualification of a player who has never plied his trade with a club in English soil, I check for the name of the author in the title and description before opening it. If there’s no such hint, I open the article and straightaway scroll to the end of the article. If there’s any mention of “artificial intelligence”, I simply close the window as quick as humanly possible. Guess, you won’t be seeing my comments in the articles so eloquently churned out by the “artificial intelligence” anymore. 🤣🤣🤣

        1. 😂😂😂😂 will miss them lol. One trick I see for AI’s articles is that his headings are also as eloquent, or at least as far from majority opinion as to his articles. TBH I enjoy his articles when they are only opinion-based or at least contain researched content. His writing ability is soo good any negative feeling is washed away lol. but then as you said since he declared Onana homegrown, lol, I check for the contents then read.

          1. MA was 24 games at the end of last season 2nd in point, goals and goals conceded if that isn’t a positive what are we doing?

            Tonight was awful the goals should never of happened. Stop pretending our late game run last year was anthing short of quality we out performed Chelsea/Liverpool/United only Chelsea changed manager. United were neck and neck to be fair, Liverpool were not close.

    3. 2 game results are pointless. 24 games is so many orders of magnitude higher in stat relevance but you ignore it. 2nd points, 2nd goals and 2nd goals conceded but somehow not important to anyone else because the last 2 were bad.

      Further Arteta spent big on 5 players Gabriel/Partey/White/Ode/Ramsdale. None played today and only 1 played at Brentford. That is half a team. Just saying

      1. “2 game results are pointless.”

        Just two more victories last season and we’d be level on points with Chelsea in the league table and playing in Europe this season.

        Or just two more draws and we’d be ahead of Spurs and still be playing in Europe this season.

        Just saying, too.

      2. Good on you Angus for sticking to your guns
        A total lack of reality on display by so many today
        It could have been a massacre with the second 11 going out against the European champions

      3. Yeah 24 games are a larger sample size, but I fear for the repeatitive results arising from a similar tactic. Correct me if I am wrong but we also lost or drew winnable games like Villa away, both Wolves games, Burnley, even one of Everton to count a few. If we had won some of those we could have finished better than 8th. The point I am trying to make is, even if we had a 2nd best record at that time, why couldnt we leverage it to improve our positions rather than padding up our stats. Thats why I feel some people disregard that run. Not because it was a fluke or something, it just did not count in important moments. Sure we won 2 times against Chelsea and did not lose against ManU, won against Spurs. But we also had those results I mentioned above. Lack of consistency was a big problem then and it is now too.

  19. Chelsea were in second gear the whole game. They managed the game totally. Let’s be honest our coaching is going no where. Same old, same old. We need change….desperately. It will get worse. Cauterise the wound before it goes too far.

  20. We had some good spells in the game but are not good enough. Tierney needs to understand he’s a defender first and attacker second. We need tall defenders not midgets but hey, spurs are in top 4 and we are in bottom 2. Man City away next😱

    1. I see you are seeing what I am seeing with Tierney. last season was the same. He keeps pushing ahead leaving space behind for the opposition to counter. How many goals has come from Tierney not doing his job is more than 6 goals. today 2 of them is on him as well as others. but Tierney foremost.

      1. FFS another scape goat, tierney is a solid defender who is encouraged to get forward so he has two jobs, defensive lapses will happen. If you work out how many assists or space he creates
        Offensively for saka etc then all the defensive covering he does, it far outweighs a few mistakes he makes in a season……

  21. Commentary after the game is really annoying me. Tuchel highlighted he was unhappy with the threat carried but Souness is saying they sat in their armchairs its nonsense, Tuchel doesn’t believe that so why does he having heard Tuchel speak.

    The commentary on the goals is fair it was awful was the only times it happened though they didnt miss a similar chance. Outside that Lukakus saved header was no different to Holdings saved header. Commentary nonsense as usual

    1. To be clear we deserved to lose but the media pile on is insane. Arteta is there still praising the fans whilst the media try to provoke him. We should rally around that alone. We can criticise but when everyone outside our family is maybe just maybe we should rally round.

      1. My point was it was a clear cut chance as was Lukakus. Lukaku puts further away from Leno he can’t save it so same margin.

        1. Sorry didnt meant to say saved meant missed with Holding just I had said saved with Lukaku and brain farted.

  22. An article was posted here last month or so on how many points we should be getting after the first 10 games… Alot of folks here were insistent on 20 points…. What a laugh,with the way it’s going probably 9 with a negative goal difference.

    I thought I’d be more pissed about the defeat, strangely I am calm, it’s what this team does to you. Butter it up however you want, I failed to find any positive today, nothing to hang on to.

    What I want to know is are we supposed to give him more time now that he’s spent alot, is it now the process starts, was that a different process when he first arrived???
    West Brom needs to go easy on us.

    1. Seriously? We have City away next and then Spurs home as the only tough fixtures in that period. If we get 9 he’ll get sacked, wont happen though. If we’re adrift December he’ll get sacked.

      His 3 top signings this year were out, his 2 top signings last year were out. That is 5 of the starting 11 so you cant say its going to be the same when they play. Only White (correctly) was left out. Partey/Gabriel are injured, Ramsdal/Ode were not ready. You can’t complain about Arteta’s decision when all his top buys are out the team.

      1. Excuses dont win football matches. Chelsea didn’t start Kante,Werner,Ziyech,Silva. Thosplayers wonthem champions league last season. They still won today. We make too much excuse when we lose matches. Mari, Artetas buy. Soares,Artetas buy. Sambi, Artetas buy. Xhaka, Arteta decide to keep. If you are a top manager you get results from so called average players. which player arteta have improved at arsenal. from memory, not one. Too much excuses.

          1. Wenger kept his arsenal in top 4 with average players like song,denilson and chamakh. When Mourinho won champions league with Porto, to every one those guys were average players, the likes of Deco,Carvalho until they became super players.

  23. It’s not our players….it’s the coaching. Really poor. I think everybody must agree our play was aimless, no cutting edge and tactically inept. How is this going on and on like Groundhog Day, and repeating every week. Change is needed.

      1. Agree with David. Our worst big money singing pepe is equivalent to Werner/Havertz/Pulisic/Lukaku. Behind that Mount is youth comparable to Saka. Ziyech cost 24 mil.

    1. Don’t be too impressed mate cuz hence partey returns.. our manager would send him back to the bench….same way he will send ESR to the bench for odegaard…

      Looking forward to the selection drama …cuz the pundit manager is so clueless

      1. Yet when he had Smith-Rowe fit for the 1st time and Ode to include we were 2nd on points, 2nd on goals and 2nd goals conceded. How you would ever fathom Arteta making it work when he did that last year for 24 games is clearly unfathomable. Ode did arrive after the start of those 24 but results also got better.

        1. Angus I luv the way u all over the site defending arteta, but truth is…..He would be sacked soon ok…

          Kindly check the records thoroughly and see that we weren’t 2nd till after being dumped out of UEL by Villarreal…..then we went on a 5match winning streak with nothing to play for….STATs can be quite deceiving sometimes mate

  24. I feel sadned when I see my arsensl safocatimg like a village team in my home town. How on earth can really win a team that spends £97m on a single player who is proven and my poor arsenal spends £135m on arsensl a batch of future midiocres. arsenal forever.

  25. Arteta Freezed matured players with presence and fighting spirit on the pitch just to keep players he can ask to kneel down with their eyes closed when they come late for training.
    No excuse for Arteta, he has to justify all the big decisions he has made.
    I don’t want him sacked, I want him to be convinced he ain’t good enough. He needs time to try everything he’s got. I want him to give up by himself.

  26. Will add was proud of the support today, was worried but outside one over the top groan when Xhaka played the correct pass backwards the fans were awesome. So my fear were allayed, fair play to all who were there.

    1. Agreed on that. The number one positive today was the crowd. Salute to their dedication and support!
      Number two and three would be ESR and Sambi respectively. Rest were zeros and negatives..

      1. I don’t know if you’ve noticed this today in the game, Sid.

        Just after the moment our fans started booing every Chelsea pass, they scored within the next couple of minutes.

        My real concern right now is, will ASL keep his spot in the starting XI once Partey returns to full fitness.

        1. Am afraid ASL won’t keep his spot as Almighty xhaka has to play….even saka or ESR spots are in danger now dat the beloved odegaard has returned….can’t wait for the next manager to come in

        2. Couldnt notice that VasC. Good point!
          I would hate to see that happen. Xhaka and Sambi were decent today. If Partey has to come in the team he has to fight for his place.
          At the moment only ASL and ESR are looking to having that fight attitude.

  27. What people see in balogun I’ll never understand that. Martinelli for some reason is not the same martinelli 2 seasons ago. That has to be saka’s worst game in an arsenal shirt.he was practically at fault for both goals. Left tieny exposed. Pepe was terrible going forward but was ok covering for Soares. Soares did ok. I thought holding was ok too. I feel sorry for Mari, he’s too slow. He’s tall but can’t jump. Sambi take a bow son. A baller all day. Xhaka was average. ESR was poor, a few good run here and there but that was about it. He leaves the centre too often to go out wide. I can see reason why odegaard is been bought. Martinelli was piss poor, Aubameyang was good for the mins he played. Saka was the worst player on the field. Leno was good saved us a couple of times. The only positive is the returning players hopefully they improve us otherwise we are in for a long season. Arteta should be gone by October highest.

    1. Martinelli is exactly the same. He scored in Europe/Carabao and everyone got overexcited especially when he scored against Chelsea (which only happened because his 1st touch was awful.) Top talent needs time hasn’t changed.

    2. “Martinelli for some reason is not the same martinelli 2 seasons ago”

      There is a lot of that going around.

    3. Did Martinelli get the same quality service as Lakaku? Poor kid ran himself to pieces. For every 30 yards he covered, Lukaku only needed to move about 5. And his legs turned to jelly for being overworked in an unimaginative system. Same could be said of Tiernney, although he wasn’t at his best. had a lot more to do, as Saka didnt do him any favours. And why would you play a lone striker up front in your first home game? Showed Chelsea way too much respect in the opening half and ultimatley paid the price.

  28. We had no answer to Chelsea’s wing backs. Tierney has ZERO defensive awareness and Saka thinks he’s some kind of superstar who doesn’t need to track back. We got murdered on our left side of defense! And clearly Tuchel has got Arteta’s number today. Arteta OUT!!!

    1. No offence but a 1 lost 1 win with a better side is not having someone numbers, CLEARLY! Outside that your spot on the goals were awful and you identified the reasons why.

        1. Never address what I say ever when I respond because you cant. Man up, respond toe to toe. You can’t address what i say because it disagrees with your opinion and you cant counter it. Hence the random not on topic comments. I hope we are 2nd in the second half of the season practically guarantees us top 4 so thanks for agreeing on Arteta.

        2. I guess the difference Reggie is I think we were awful and need to be better than the last 2 you think we’ve been awful for 26 despite the fact that 24 before the last 2 was 2nd on everything points, goals and conceded. That is the difference between us. I can see what happened Brentford/Chelsea you can’t see what happened before, your blind.

    2. Exactly saka think he is become a superstar , he is simply overrated player with poor finishing ability, actually some of the fans here think that he is world class, he is the same player who is in his breakthrough season no improvement, what he has done for the club reached 8th in the table, and Tierney who has heart to over work he runs and runs no defensive or iffensive contributions in this match

  29. Can we all leave Saka alone please? He is just a boy who carried the club last season, played in the Euros, went through a tough time with abuses. We can’t blame him if he is a bit tired. He will get back to his best after a while and the club should be careful overusing him.

    1. Mount was on the bench for Chelsea having played less than Saka. We had no choice. Auba/Laca/Willian didnt train because of covid. That is unlucky. Saka will be fine as the season goes on.

    1. So the guy Arteta handed a prem debut too and the guy Arteta signed. Mari/Cedric were always stop gaps to do with funds. White/Gabriel/Partey/Ode are his big signings.

      1. Angus
        I’d bet 5p that Mari and Cedric were not Arteta signings
        Someone else was responsible for that!

        1. Literally said and I quote “Mari/Cedric were always stop gaps to do with funds” further to that Cedric was free on low wages and Mari cost undiclosed but Transfrmarket puts it at 5 million euros and cheap wages. Whose responsible for what Sue? who do sign for 3 million plus cheap wages in response?

        2. Seriously Sue who would you sign over Mari/Cedric for 3 mil low wages, you can’t even get Bertrand because he wants highish wages? You felt the need to mock please answer the question.

          1. Calm down Angus
            I am with you
            Arteta wasn’t to blame for those two signings. Sanhelli had his paws on Mari and of course Cedric is a Kia client.
            They were stop gaps but the only complaint I have is that they were given longer contracts than they were worth. Again, on Sanhelli

          2. Sorry Sue thought it was the other sue and you were being sarcastic not literal with the 50p comment. Either way I do believe Mari/Cedric were Arteta signings, you just can’t do better in that price range.

          3. As to contract lengths we made it a policy to protect investments so it makes sense. Longer contracts works pretty much universally unless you end up in an Ozil situation which is rare. Willian is fine likely leaves and costs us way less than everyone has pretended by adding up his whole contract when he is 1 out 3 years.

          4. Sorry other Sue but you’ve generally been negative misread it. Wasn’t calling you out other Sue just I know you don’t agree with me on Arteta tis all. Reggie go to bed yourself

          5. Will add long time lurker rarely comment unless I think the overall tone is off. I got involved in the covid debate for that reason, it was logically obvious the uk gov would let the season finish (money/entertainment.) You realise the gov takes 50% of players wages and take % of the profit of clubs? Jon who won’t mind me calling him out was against that and onboard with Arteta others like Sean (to name one) argue the same way they did then ie ignore everything I ever say to hold their current opinion. If I do go 2 for 2 and Arteta works out maybe I get a little less grief in future. I turned a little on Reggie today but most of you anti-Arteta lot have been downright insulting to me repeatedly all summer for pointing out facts and 99% of the time you were unaware of those facts before i pointed them out but when faced with them you argue instead of adjust. Justify that, please… insults in particular.

            Always respected both Sues and enjoyed reading both your comments previous but SueP has been on a similar page to me and Sue has not been. I’m repeatedly commenting now because I think the reaction to Arteta has been absurd that is it. I don’t think we are City, we’re not.

          6. Angus, personally, I am not anti Arteta and want him to succeed. I am pro Arsenal and need Arteta to help us and the Club out by showing a road to improvement. At the moment, based on eighth place last season and two 2-0 losses, I can’t see the start of the road, notwithstanding your statistics. The table does not lie.

          7. Ozzie its two games, after city we have an easy run with the hardest being Spurs at home (they should of been thrashed by wolves today i watched the 90, lucky does not describe it.) December is deciding time otherwise that run will see us do well.I It’s United and after that, that will define the season.

  30. U see why we needed a mountain of a striker in that team. Tierney crosses would have been converted if lukaku was playing for us. We need a similar striker. Any of onuachu, haaland, that fiorentina striker or weghost would do.
    And arteta should do the honorable thing and take a bow to avoid been humiliated out. Someone pls ring up conte and bring him in.

    1. Did you see arteta looking at the ground after 80 mins. I really think he knows the job is far too big for him and I for one wouldn’t be a bit surprised if after we get murdered by city next Saturday lunchtime he resigns

      1. He worked at City (with a large free reign to coach) Perry and played for Arsenal. You think it’s getting too much? Do me a favour, wishful thinking much? That is regardless of opinion on Arteta. Talk about inserting your personal opinion on to things.

  31. Ref and var was as abysmal as us today. Every game Mari looks more and more like the new mustafi. Straight up falling over for a foul instead of staying with his runner for lukakus first goal. Tierney was never there to mark the full back running down the wing for both goals because he’s always having to drop in as a cb when we’re out of possession. Terrible subs too. Saka and Tierney come off when they had been our few bright moments going forward. Obviously there’s no expectations of winning this and the city game, but arteta is gonna be under some intense pressure if we lose our mid week cup game and the Norwich game after city.

  32. For a club like arsenal we have to mix up players with experience and quality and grow the confidence level of team and the ln slowly inject the youth players to the team they will show their quality, we spent almost 130 mil on players and how many of those players will make into top 4 atleast top 6 none of them, this will only ruin our youth players xonfidence to perform and we will end up in loosing, tbh manger has to go also edu he is the fraud who buy these non standard players for high wages

  33. Hmm if we are beaten by WBA and Man City, there’s still 4 days window to be open. If MA is,sacked after City loss, could the new manager be able to buy any players?

  34. Positives:
    Holding was solid
    Sambi looked good
    Martinelli started
    Pepe tried and had some flashes
    Auba looked sharp
    The boys tried.

    Chelsea are more complete and together. We had good spells. Mari falling over expecting a free kick for the 1st and Tierney positioning for the 2nd. Shame really, maybe bias but that looked like a penalty to me on Saka 🤷

    Moral of the story – Arteta is not the right man.

  35. Arsenal problem has never been the players but the manager, we dint need super stars to compete, when Klopp came to Liverpool he turned his average and below average players to super stars. Someone like wijnaldum was an average player playing for Newcastle. Klopp made him the best and two prominent clubs were fighting for his signature this summer. Arteta is our problem, last season our major problem was not defence but midfield. I thought this transfer window we will try and focus on that and fix it rather our coach sent Saliba out on loan based on personal issues with him and spent 50mil on unproven defenders then getting Sambi that supposed to be playing our under 23 to playing for first team. How on earth do we still have someon like Pablo Mari in Arsenal and refused to renew Luiz who was one of our best defenders last season. Arteta is clueless

  36. Well, weak and inexperienced players. That makes them lose in most of ariel duals. The manager didn’t do his job well in daily training to improve his players physical,mental and tactical ability.

  37. In support of Arteta, the loss was expected and to be fair we had too many players out due to sickness, injury or even not match fit.
    That why it was painful we lost last week , though arsenal has always struggled against the tactics Brentford played , Stoke beat us severally under Wenger with such tactics so, am still supporting the team to turn it around.
    Let’s see what happens on Wednesday

    And as for those talking about manager difference, MA beat both Chelsea managers last season

    1. Yeah we won 0-1 with disgusting Burnley-esque performance. Average teams sometimes get lucky and beat top 4 teams you know?

    2. Mediocrity at its best, excuses excuses, atleast we have to score 1 goal to win a match, that isn’t happening for a while

  38. Ok everything was laid bare last week and was stripped stark bollock naked this. Yes we were depleted and yes Chelsea are a long way ahead of us. Last season we did well against them, we spent 125 mil on depth, they spend 95 mil on strength, in one spot that needed strengthening and thats a massive problem in our club. We lost a strong tall defender in Luiz, we replace him with a 5ft 11 ball player, who would have done no better than Mari against Lakaku today, so lets not kid ourselves. Last December we werent a million l
    Miles off Chelsea and very similar managers. They get rid of their manager, got an experienced coach and basically bought one player this summer. Since then they are CL winners and joint favourites for the league. We kept our manager, spent 125 mil this summer and are still sinking and stinking. Plus points, i think Lakonga and Tavares look good prospects but playing in a team that gets over run and micro managed could ruin their development. Our season for whatever reason you want to give is going to be hamstrung by a poor start that could get worse still. This manager can not be trusted to turn it around, he cant get the best out of our players and some just are not good enough, including his talisman Xhaka, who was shown up today by a rookie Lakonga. This season could very easily be another low, just because of what is happening right in front of us. Yes we have players out and yes we have players to come in but it is not just about players, it is about knowhow and this club lacks it everywhere. This isn’t funny anymore this is serious.

    1. Yes the only players Arteta signed for more 10 mil were all out but it’s Artetas fault we lost to the 1st or 2nd best team in the league. 24 games prior we were 2nd on points, 2nd on goals and 2nd on goals conceded that apparently doesn’t count but the 1st game where 1 out 5 big signings don’t start does and the 2nd where 0 out of 5 big signing start does to. I cant take you serious reggie your watching different games and just generally lying, we dominated Brentford 2nd and they scored a 2nd goal so obviously wrong Klopp felt the need to comment on it. Your a terrible fan.

      1. Just keep making excuses Angus the superfan, you just keep burying your head in the sand and keep sticking your fingers in your ears sinking la la la, while telling yourself you are a self appointed superArteta fanboy. And ignore the truth.

        1. Just keep ignoring reality. When we were 2nd on points, on goals and on goals conceded for 24 games straight leading to the summer according to you it didnt matter. Now when we play 2 games with none of Artetas big signing that does matter. Clueless.

          1. Angus, you really are deluded, of course last seasons so called second half meant absolutely nothing. So if we are 30 points the leaders behind at the turn of the year and we then go on a run, that makes us the so called second best team in the second half and finish 8th again because of, does that means we are the second best team in the league? No it doesn’t reality check, we were 8th the last two srasons under Arteta and we have now lost 2 games of this season, not keeping a clean sheet and not scoring and you think thats ok to make excuses for. We nicked a player from the mighty Brighton who now have won their first two games of the season, without Partey, Auba, Lacca, Odergaard and White, they dont need excuses. Smell the coffee and stop calling people bad fans for wanting what this club desrves.

          2. Your entire rant btw is exactly what i said. We were bad, we finished good. The good finish should of been cause for optimism, delusional folk like you ignored in favour of emotion over fact. The fact you got lucky with the 2 game start doesn’t change the fact you’ll have egg on your face come december. 5th worst and 5th is good for the club Arteta inherited.

          3. Also under Arteta we were 5th when he took over and won the FA Cup in case you forgot from Emery so STOP LYING ABOUT THAT. It was emery that had us finish 8th. Tired of you terrible fans objectively LYING about things. You know damn well without knowing that specifically Arteta was 5th in that time that we finished 8th because Emery but you say it anyway because it backs up your emotional ego driven delusional devoid of reality opinion which is why your a bad fan. You could make a living as pundit/football writer they feed on that.

          4. You know what makes me more angry Reggie because I’ve done my research I know the legit counter arguments, none of you literally none of you ever use them because you don’t have that knowledge and your lazy. Why I’m so forthright in my comment because none of you even state the legit counters.

          5. Your not real Angus are you, you must be a robot. “You got lucky with your 2 games start and have egg on your face” are you for real. I didn’t get lucky, what rubbish are you spouting. Dont answer because i dont want this stupid schoolboy conversation with you.

          6. Ignore the fact you were wrong on various statements. Make random insult. Last time I reply to you, you make no sense.

          7. The reason I believe arsenal went on a good run last season and finished 8th was because there was no longer any pressure to perform. we were never going to get top 4 or Europa league places. point is this new arsenal cant play under pressure. and the new players will not play well under pressure either because the old players feed fear and losing mentality in them. team need to get rid of losers.

        2. I agree with you Reggie. We were under no pressure at the busines end of last season. So I believe our few good matches paperover a lot of cracks. The media also hype those games that meant little saying how we were on a good run second half of last season. Funny enough our best game last season was against chelsea with ESR doing wonders. apart from that the was team poor, even when we won games.

          1. It was 24 games Kori 2nd points, 2nd goals and 2nd goal conceded not a late random run when everyone gave up. 24 games.

    2. Have zero time for the way you’ve treated my comments recently but I know your a real fan. Sorry for that, you and others have been massively disrespectful to me recently and I overreacted to your comments. Still don’t agree but I assume you love club like I do.

      1. Angus, you were the one calling me blind, a liar, not a fan and ignorant i was having an opinion on what has gone on and you were slagging me off. But lets wipe the slate clean and agree that we dont agree, probably on anything much. But thats not a problem at all.

        1. Fair I would like you to reread some of the things i say but I don’t expect you to come round. I went too far with the fan comments. The liar comments were directed at outright lying statements deliberate or not that is not a slur. We agree to love the club that is all that matters really.

    3. Reggie, keep an eye on the progress Ange Postecoglou is making with Glasgow Celtic, after only arriving in June this year. Eddie Howe wasn’t prepared to take the job on and preferred being unemployed, given Celtic had finished second behind Rangers by 25 points.

  39. In no way am I defending Arteta or the team, but that was a very good Chelsea team with a lot of experience/internationals. Their two goals came from poor defensive positioning from Saka/Tierney, not, in my opinion, from tactical weakness.

    Again, leaving the manager aside, I will be judging this team when it is at full strength and after a period of adaptation for the new players. 2-0 against the best team in Europe doesn’t deserve the above acrimony.

    1. When they adapt to the team then we’ll end up in championship , 18 months we’re seeing his tactics i don’t see any improvement only our level of competition is getting low at time we were challenging for top 4 now we’re challenging for top 10. Our competitors are the likes of everton west ham and wolves i didn’t mention liecester because they are above us with the quality

    2. But we were 2-0 against the championship play off winners as well, it doesnt matter who we play or when, we are rubbish.

      1. 2-0 thanks to a goal that Klopp called out as wrong and 22 shots league highest for the 1st game? Please do listen to the anti-Arsenal media instead of actually paying Reggie serves the club well.

    3. Again, look at that cold hard facts.

      We will be 0-3 with no goals scored by next week, and very likely be 19th or worse.

      Our chance creation is ZERO, and 50 goals by season end might be a miracle.

      So, according to you, when Arteta will have broken every AFC losing record known to man, we have to “trust the process?”

      Coach between games, play your best 11 and let them do what they do, not bark orders for 90 minutes crippling your own players.

      One of our current best defenders is at Marseille, but Arteta pushed him out.
      AMN is a current rb consideration, but Arteta won’t play him, our mid is non-existent with Xhaka in it, and everyone is laterally and vertically is exposed due to his lack of athleticism, due to Mikel’s tactics.

      Conte or Zidane could walk in and change this up in 6 months max!

  40. On a positive note, we are just 6 points behind the league leaders. If we win our next 36 games, We will have 108 points. COYG

    1. Now Ozil’s setting the Turkish League alight with goals and assists to win big games with Fenebahce.

  41. Easily, l can now predict that Man city too will score 2 goals as minimum while our team will not find the inside of the net. What a shame on Kronke family for turning Arsenal into a laughing stocks on the streets.

  42. I am happy Leno didn’t make any mistake. I don’t see Balogun being better than Nketiah. Xhaka gets 1 decent game in 50 games. I still can’t believe we gave him a new contract.

    I will stop supporting MA, if he decides to bench Lokonga when Partey returns.

    Xhaka doesn’t offer anything going forward and defensively.

      1. That’s what I expect of him sue, This lokonga guy is an absolute gem I’ll have his no on my shirt this season 👌

  43. I don’t think we played terribly especially in the second half, it was just scary how far we have fallen behind the top teams. Just look at the Chelsea bench!! If we can somehow get into the top 4 it would be a miracle. I honestly don’t think it’s all MA’s fault, we have to accept the fact that we have too many mediocre players and some that are past their best.

    1. Really Andrew! Give this team to say klopp and we win the league, we are slow on our build up , and not pressing the opposition and that’s the coach’s doing as far as I know.

      1. Kenya 001 are you serious, do you really believe this team can win the EPL with a different coach? You obviously didn’t watch the match, we were totally outclassed. No one could win the league with players like Cedric, Xhaka, Holding, Mari etc. Get real, it’s not ALL MA’s fault and, by the way, it took Klopp 5 years to win the EPL once and it may be his last.

    2. That’s the problem
      The club over a number of years and for a variety of reasons allowed itself to go from a nailed on dead cert to finish in the top 4 to where we are now
      It is a combination of factors that we’ve never properly addressed by those that had it in their power to do so

    3. We didn’t play badly in the second half because it was game management for chelsea. let them play, keep them at bay, break when they could, and take no yellow and collect the 3 points. Job done for chelsea. arsenal was awful.

  44. I have backed Arteta all through but now it’s clear that he is not the man for the job, the moment i realized that was Villarreal last season, we made foyth look like a world class player, I didn’t expect a win against Chelsea, but we only have one tactic as a team, “ play the ball out, and tierney whips one in, when that doesn’t come off, we struggle, we need a manager that has confidence in his team, I play football and it’s not nice to see your coach, waving his hands instructing you all the way what to do, it has a psychological side, this side are not playing for Arteta, we need a change, no sugar coating, but it is what it is, no shame the Arteta experiment hasn’t worked, we move on. .!!

  45. Absolute tripe!

    Bang average manager already making excuses about not having players ..

    Honestly hearing him talk now I am starting to see the same delusion creeping in that Wenger had before the end of his’s almost like he is trying to convince himself as well as others with words that he has an idea of what he is doing..

    I really think he has lost it. If city rip us a new one that will be a new record in looking the first 3 games of the season within the PL.

    Certainly knows how to break the records does MA just a shame they are the wrong kind.

    And as for those who say we need to wait at least for the future results, when he has a full team and the moon is also in alignment with Neptune I day you wait.

    Just a Sub standard manager for a bang average Arsenal team.

    1. He had 4 out of his 5 big signings to pick from and correctly gave White time. Auba the best player when he turned was also out. Not an excuse, its what happened

        1. Are they unavailable or not? There is difference between excuses and things that just are. They are just unavailable.

          1. Angus I see what you are trying to do..

            Despite players not being available are we or are we not a professional football teams grossing millions of pounds a year?

            Do we not have owners and a management in place who plan and execute things like adequate player cover and acquisition?

            Do other teams never have such troubles or are we unique in our woes?

            It’s the grass is too wet, too long. The referee is biased, it’s the injuries , other teams have more money (unless they are Leicester or any other supposedly lower tier team that finishes above us or wins the league). It’s VAR, it’s Covid, its the taliban, it’s rock n roll…

            See my point?

          2. Angus, Arteta got beat by Emery, you know the one Arteta replaced with Partey, Lacca, Auba, Odergaard all in his team and still got well beat. We wouldn’t be in any different position at all this season whoever plays. ITS NOT ABOUT THE PLAYERS!

          3. Never respond to the actual comment Reggie from now I am going to ignore. You add nothing to debate you just argue off-topic to the comment every single time.

          4. Will add if its not about players why has Odegaard only ever been in the 2nd best team in the league? Same for Smith-Rowe in that period?

          5. But you never answered Angus, Why did Arteta get embarrassed by Emery with a squad that cost a tenth of ours, with odergaard playing and Auba and lacca and and Partey. Dont give your usual insults, when you cant answer, just answer the question.

          6. Already tried to make my peace with you Reggie but if we’re talking Europa then it’s the same team that beat United correct? Same manger who couldn’t get a performance out of the players he had then? All things I’ve said previously. Also insults were new and in response to the constant insults i got all summer and ignored mostly. Just out of interest did we play Xhaka at LB? Do we have Tavares now? Could we have kept Kola instead (best buddy ozil left, no starting and the mugging which was huge for both because I know for fact that carried on behind the scenes.)

          7. Ok Angus, yes it was the same team that beat utd but what that has to do with Arteta and Emery and the fact that Arteta got mullered by Emery with a team that cost far less than ours and people still think we have the right manager, even after that wake up call.

          8. Do you even hear yourself talk? “Arteta got beat by Emery, you know the one Arteta replaced with Partey, Lacca, Auba, Odergaard all in his team and still got well beat.” quote me “if we’re talking Europa then it’s the same team that beat United correct? Same manger who couldn’t get a performance out of the players he had then?” and you finish with “Ok Angus, yes it was the same team that beat utd but what that has to do with Arteta” what does Arteta have do with utd or with Emery losing to Chelsea in a final which Arteta did the opposite of in the FA Cup?

          9. How many times do I need to say reggie, I wont ignore anything you say. Stop ignoring the inconvenient fact when arguing with please.

          10. Reggie just saw your other comment. I do believe in Arteta more than others but that is not why I comment. I think the comments are devoid of reality so I comment. If results continue to bad I have no problem with Arteta being sacked it won’t disappoint me. We don’t know each other (Arteta and I but equally applies to you), we’re not friends, I have no reason except what I have seen to defend him now.

          11. My attitude towards Arsenal is summed up by this. There was a period where it was universally accepted that Oxlade was better than Gervinho. Gervinho was playing a lot getting into dangerous positions and bambi legging it up. Oxlade meanwhile never got even got close to being in those actually threatening positions but when he did have the ball he ran (into cul-de-sac 9/10) or shot a very powerful shot miles over the ball 10/10… everyone clapped in both instances because he looked right, like Wilshere he drove the team on was the cry. Gervinho wasnt up to standard but he was playing better than Oxlade by far. Majority fans thought oxlade was 2nd coming. Reminds of Martinelli last year, anyone who made statements on Martinelli last year, he started both 1 left moved to centre and 1 centre moved to wing last two games. So maybe swallow that? Hes quality but pay attention Auba is miles away from Martinelli not surprising looking at the age gap.

          12. As i’ve made an essay here will add selling Willock bad. Selling Lukauku cheaper and buying him back for 90 mil god. Bias apparently doesn’t exist. Also sell Abraham, good business.

          13. Angus, when if came to Emery compared to Arteta, who has the better managerial CV? Who should the Board have made manager, not head coach, supported.with the players he wanted and supported in discipline, when the players downed tools? Unfortunately Arsenal backed thd wrong horse.

  46. It doesn’t matter who played & who didn’t, Arteta is a very poor coach. We can give all the excuses we want, bottom line is a better coach will do better with this squad. A serious club wouldn’t wait till November/December to sack Arteta, really shows how the Kroenkes are detached from this club. My Arsenal is going down fast & the only feeling I have is numbness.

  47. I doubt Lukaku & co could’ve found their way so easily past Bissumo. We need a backup to Partey he is simply too injury prone

    1. I have read, dont know how true but Arteta wanted White and Odergaard because he thought they were technically better than Bissouma. If true, it says it all.

      1. They are noth technically better so if you have problem at least state why, particularly explain how that makes sense when they all play different positions? Not going after you just you don’t state why Bissouma (good game this week, I tipped 3-0 (prediction league) they won 2-0, so not surprised Brighton are dominant as was White against teams around them.)

      2. Angus, i have been championing Bissouma longer than most on here. The statement i put wasnt MY statement it was something i quoted. For heavens sake stop stalking, stop being argumentative for argumentatives sake and start ACTUALLY reading peoples posts and just actually have an opinion. Or do one.

  48. I don’t really think buying this buy that as player is the solution to the problem of the team, replacing a legend coach like Arsenal wenger won’t be easy we can all see how long it took Manchester United to replace sir Alex, their own Legend coach I’m not sure Arteta can step his leg in the shoe of asene we need another coach that is the truth. Today again we set another poor record, in Arsenal history there’s no coach or team that lost to matches without scoring a goal at the beginning of the season

  49. Ownership has spent 750$ in 5 years to buy players
    like Mari and Holding even Ben White .
    If I am Kroenke anyone who suggessted to buy this garbage is GONE
    Break the ban bring in Simeone and then we can TRUST THE PROCESS
    Arteta is criinally inept. The game today was beyond his tactical ability to adapt and that what separates
    great managers from impostors.

          1. Yes we are.!. MA is still collecting a wage also. Relative peanuts to some top coaches yet he still does ok considering;)

          2. See you questioned why I called you out on another comment involving Mari. So I ask you who would sign for 3 mil cheap wages to replace Mari?

          3. Slightly annoyed you replied to my comment involving Mari the way you did now. You read it. Ignored it.

  50. We still have time and two managers available Conte and Zizu. Unlike some here i don’t think it will require big transfer budget for both to be lowered to Arsenal becuase remember Madrid did not spend anything last season whcih was zizu’s last season, in Madrid manager has no say in transfers as well they are just handed players by president Perez and looking at inter I think we have spent more money then inter in transfer last 3-4 transfer windows so for Conte again that should not be a problem. It’s time for the owner to jump down from the fence and make a decision. He can not be sitting on the fence forever.

    1. I posted the same above, but our management will never make this happen, we could have had Pep, Klopp, Conte and Tuchel before, but just kept plodding along blindly.

    2. Antonio Conte didn’t get an injection of funds into the transfer budget, when he went to Inter Milan. The reason he left was that Inter were going to sell llayers out from under him once he won La Liga.

  51. Just think, we could have had Bissouma, Abraham, and Sanchez (or other type of goalie) for what we paid for Ben White and Ramsdale, who is not even starting.

    We are run and owned by clowns….

  52. Read the article at the Guardian
    Pretty much describes why you need someone like Simeone or maybe even Conte to change the culture and DNA of this club if we even want to win something again.
    We keep Arteta until December and no self respecting manager will come here
    Maybe unemp;oyed Howe will be the next best thing we can attract

  53. Admin Post if it’s ok

    Alot to say and interesting to get a view of more fans. It was interesting reading the replays to this article.

    I got reflecting today on the journey travelled here.

    When emirates happened and stan kroeny (I know) secured the debt to build it, wenger was managing a team that was close to the top of the league, close because we use to fall away with around 10 or less games to go.

    The league was getting harder, and our pockets were empty.

    When the never league wins happened chelsea was competing with man u. Fergie vs mourinho and we became the 3rd team for others to catch.

    We had to first sell players we didnt want to, Fabregas, Nasri, RVP whilst the likes of Walcott was sold to make space.

    It then became cashing in, so we sold 4 players for over £100m to man city over a short period.

    As this point Man city was getting bigger, chelsea man u was on their horizon whilst liverpool was not fair behind them, sneaking back up via cities climb.

    The football landscape had by now changed. If we want european football then we must consider European teams. Europe had, as wenger predicted and many in footy knew, rich invest was coming.
    We saw failed attempts like Depotiva yet there was giants coming like PSG. All of this changed how arsenal thought and operated.

    We had fallen to by this point a team only just getting in europe via Europa. CL was out of our hands.

    We could argue, money wasn’t spent. Yet looking over the signings up to Auba we have spent. Arsenal spending 140m and it being the highest so far this window, well we spend that the window of Pepe and close amount in other season windows.

    It was more so, we were trying to undo the fall that had already started to happen. The FA Cups will be a mark of our talent and class but it was also a reboot to get some league form.

    It never came. Sanchez being sold without us wanting to was hard. He just didnt like the negative connect with the fans and the football team. He was likely swayed too because the big boys are now able to hover around arsenal. Man u and man city both interested.

    I wonder if we had a more supportive role as fans in the ground with the team if he would of felt at home and stayed.

    We could of had these great young talent as we do and Sanchez at 32 (same as auba) at the club.

    Imagine what Martinelli could of learnt as well as the others. From both Auba and Sanchez. All of them, saka and esr.

    Odegaard joining and partey, pepe and Xhaka giving support.

    It’s all what’s if but what wasnt is the Fact when Wenger left, we did not plan smartly enough to have the structure in place. We are now only building this, garlick lima…etc.

    But the worry was we didnt move quick enough and that’s why now kroeny is having to spend.

    But today spending against a club that spends 80% of your budget value on 1 player, it’s a sign of that decline. It’s not that we cant spending 97m on player, it’s that we need to buy several to sort out this free fall.

    Everyone talks about edu, arteta… get them out. Some are for and some against, it’s a culture that I hate yet must be danced. If the team is not doing well, the manager will always be on the chopping board.

    Death by media comes to mind. Some people are more worried about what others say about their football club than helping focus on support their team.

    Is it for passion or pride?

    Against Chelsea, pride will always be on stake. Even we knew they were so much better then us, it felt like the gap was so big.

    It feels like they have gone bigger, but its more the fact we have declined more.

    Yet I feel if we just step away from the game for a moment, we will see something I hope you all see too.

    Up until wenger leaving we had no plan to replace him with a proper business structure and also, with his team we didnt have a plan. It had weakness, it exposed wenger yet he stopped it appearing worse then it is with his tactical savvy approach. Yet we were outside top 4.

    Unai lost the team partly because he wasnt connecting with the players and the fans was keen to turn because the upset frustrated mood went on for longer then unai.

    So, ask a smart man what would you do?

    Firstly sell what you can, strip your assets down only keeping your best ones, some decisions might be questionable but we need to move fast.
    Than you look at improving the liveliness on the pitch which can be better done with younger fresher hungrier players.
    Once you achieve this, you need to add real top talent.

    When wenger was buying Ozil Sanchez it was this situation where you spend around 40m and 300k on wagers for 1 player like this. We than can add Auba laca to this type if list.

    The point is this. We can do the big money signings and big player wages too.
    Partey Xhaka Laca William on somewhere near 200k and Auba on 300k. 1.1m per week on these types if players.

    Our issue was, these guys were joining a team with disjointment in other areas. Neither promising youth or solid performer.

    So now a smart man has done the steps above yet the next stage is to add the top players again.

    So if you go back to my point on Sanchez in this squad now, a few of these types of signings can now occur.

    Look at man u purchases, sancho varane are these profit type of signings. Lukaka

    We can do this, if Laca is leaving next season and william with 1 yr left on his, it is easy to see if we had a top signing it really can change us and it does need a season. Even thou martinez didnt happen, it was a heavy link to us, because we are already considering things… maddison… auour…

    And so this is how I read it.

    And my final point is this. You want to sack a man who is not allowed a season to manage in front of a packed stadium?

    If in football everyone agrees empty stadiums makes the game feel meaningless than surely we should assess a manager with the time to do it as it should be, in front of a packed stadium.

    It surely is what you should ask to do of any manager at any club right?

    Its like if you was a parent and your child wanted to go on stage and read her poem, you say NO, I read your peom and its shit. You cant do it!
    Who are you to think you know it all to think so clearly?

    1. Arsene had David Dein and many other scouts to assist him with a shrinking budget.

      Almost all of stan the maN’s teams have been perennial loser franchises with horrible win loss averages.

      Until KSE is sold, AFC are going to continue to decline.

      1. You miss my point and I feel it is because maybe you have already decided what you want?

        I am not agreeing with the free fall I talk abit but I understand its occurrence.

        Wenger was the central focus of the then structure. We needed to decentralised it, and we never did.

        We then needed a balanced squad, we never did.

        Only now has someone actually come in and said, yeh ok il sort this out but it’s going to take time.

    2. Tom, Sanchez like RVP before him, left because he felt the Club, Wenger and the players lacked ambition. Sanchez even castigated Arsenal players on the field, when he felt they weren’t competing hard enough.
      Unai Emery stated that he didnt receive the support he needed in following the great Arsene Wenger at Arsenal.
      Hindsight is a wonderful thing, but Arsenal should never have moved from Highbury and built the Emirates. Taking on the cost of building the Emirates took resources away from player retention and squad upgrading at the same time as money was flowing to clubs like Chelsea and Manchester City. Arsenal fell behind and is now struggling to “steady the ship” and ultimately catch up.
      As it turned out the capacity of Highbury would have been sufficient, given the number of empty seats now appearing at the Emirates. The biggest issue was that Arsenal was unfortunately never given permission to upgrade the facilities on the original Highbury site.

  54. So when Mari played well in few games last season some people were calling his signing a master stroke from Arteta but now I see people commenting here that Mari and Cedric were not Arteta signing they were forced on to him 😂😂😂. Really Mari and Cedric were signed on permanent basis last summer transfer window and by then you escape goat Spanish dude had already walked out. Only Edu and Arteta were incharge of transfer market. This has been going on for some time now with some particular fans here when some does good Arteta takes the credit for training, management and football maturity when some one does bad it’s the player fault or they are declared as not Arsenal signing or there is a rebellion going on or its COVID. Forget about other fans laughing on us some of the things said here in Arteta support is enough to make even Arsenal fans laugh to ground. Keep going atleast we can enjoy these chats while we suck on the field 👍

  55. Just to throw another hat in the ring we can also go for Xavi (ex Barcelona) guy to take over from Arteta. He has very good understanding of game, has done it on big level himself and he was the leader on pitch for Barcelona in his playing days a real general on field. I have seen some clips of his team and they play nice football. I think he will be a good choice of we can not attract Conte or Zizu. And no he is not like Arteta, Arteta hardly won anything more then fa cup in his life while Xavi is won every major club and international trophy plus he was part of or shall I say heart of most successful Barcelona and Spanish side. So he has got this winning mental and that too with right kind of football in him. I say get him..

  56. Arsenal to win, no matter what. Arsenal til I die, I’m Arsenal til I die, I know I am I’m sure I am, I’m Arsenal till die???????? You know you are, your sure are, your Arsenal till you die!!!!!!

  57. If a change is as good as a rest … then we need to change arteta and he needs a rest … a win-win solution … the attempts to defend arteta on this site are beyond delusional … football like other competitive sports can’t in the end be judged on the basis of history or universal standards … though both can provide insights to where we are …but on how we stack up against the opponent .. at no other top flight club would arteta be in a job with the results he has delivered or has shown any sign of improving as a manager in that time … that was clear to most serious watchers of the game 9 months ago it is now blatantly obvious even to my blind dog .. of course one explanation is that Arsenal is no longer a top flight club in the sense of cha
    Like gong for top honors .. which is clearly the case and has been for a decade or more … and that we are owned by someone who makes decisions about the club on a non sporting basis … which is certainly true … sadly we also have a fan base that is living in the past which doesn’t help … club is rotten through and through … we are in the wilderness years and not really sure how we will get out of it but removing arteta would at least give us a glimmer of hope that the club cares about its plight

    1. I agree we are no longer a top premiership club. I sadly think we are heading in the same direction as Nottingham Forest, once a great football team and now floundering in the championship. The owners don’t know enough about “soccer” to effectively manage and run the club, what’s worse they really don’t care and the club is another “asset” to make money from.

  58. Angus you’re disrespectful and claim you’re talking facts when all you’re doing is spouting bs with no facts or links to back it up. Well show that in the second half of last season we were the 7th best team in the league with a goal difference of +4 so I don’t know where you getting your stats from. But don’t call other people out for having different opinions to your bs ones

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