Chelsea pull plug on Giroud leaving Arsenal’s Aubameyang deal in doubt?

Chelsea are claimed to have pulled out of the deal to sign Olivier Giroud from Arsenal today, leaving us with doubts as per our chase of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.

The Blues were believed to hold the key to our pursuit of the Gabon international, with them believed to be open to allowing Michy Batshuayi to join Borussia Dortmund this month, which would free up our move for Aubameyang.

The BVB club are said to have agreed a deal with our club to allow PEA to leave in a deal reported to be between £55-60 Million depending on your sources, but will only sanction the move once they land a replacement, and they were believed to be keen on Michy from Chelsea, or Olivier Giroud from Arsenal.

The Frenchman is not keen on such a move supposedly, with his family keen to stay in London, and had been believed to be open to the idea of moving to the Premier League champions, which was supposed to free up the Belgian striker to make his move to Dortmund, which would have opened the door for Aubameyang also.

The Blues are now said to have pulled out of the deal, despite having agreed personal terms with the French striker yesterday, with Chelsea said to have been annoyed with the delay in Arsenal’s end of the deal.

Chelsea are still expected to add another striker to their ranks this month, but this could well delay any prospective move for Dortmund, and all remains up in the air at present.

Pat J


  1. leo says:

    What d hell is going on…i say what the hell is going on… Just read that aubumayang is on a flight to london..hope the plane doesnt divert mancity or chelsea just like higuain’s plane did… Arsenal shud let go of giroud already..d dude is 31 n isnt gonna be missed threat like the other attacker’s we’ve had…let him n his greedy wife who doesnt have her husband’s career in mind…bet she loves d boutiques in london…smh

    1. Lance says:

      Chelsea have signed Giroud for £18m so that clears the way for Batshuayi to leave Chelsea for Dortmund on loan and for the German club to approve Aubameyang’s sale to Arsenal. Auba had his medicals earlier today at Arsenal.

  2. Innit says:

    Aubameyang is in London. Hopefully it will sealed today or tomorrow but ive learned the har way to wait until a statement is made on the Arsenal website before ? celebrating

  3. iffybright says:

    Is all lies… Giroud is Chelsea bound… Don’t allow panic to ruin your mind

    1. sanmi.marvellous says:

      how sure are you about Giroud depature ???

  4. John mayor says:

    Chelsea doing what most teams will do in the same situation. Which is to drive a hard bargain and save some dough,since they know we want giroud off more than they want him,cos aubameyang deal hinges on michy heading to dotmund .if you ask me mates,I ‘ll say this is the craziest transfer window /most exciting ever….I hope we land our man though.and a defender (even the sometimes erratic luiz) will be the icing on the cake…boy am gushing. ….

  5. COYG_CA says:

    Just love how now the whole deal hinges on Giroud. AFC better be paying him a handsome fee for being the guy to take the heat when we all hear, “at the last minute the deal could not be done because Giroud’s wife couldn’t agree where to go”, or something dumb like that. That would be typical AFC! Which other club has transfer circuses like us? Tell me???? All I know, is, I generally read, ” Club interested in player; deal close; deal done”. Nor at AFC, hell no!!!

  6. GB says:

    Auba is at London Colney now awaiting his medical. Chelsea are playing hardball on the price for Giroud but I’m hearing that if he doesn’t go to Chelsea and Michy doesn’t go to Dortmund (he’s in squad to play Bournmouth tomorrow), then Giroud will go to Dortmund on loan for free till end of season.

  7. leo says:

    To think mancity just made a bid for laporte just yesterday n today he’s already a city player…same thing for lucas moura to spurs…but arsenal are d only club that wud drag a transfer tills it fails…

    1. COYG_CA says:

      Exactly what I was saying . . . .

      1. Trudeau says:

        To be fair, these aren’t straight transfers. Swap deals are rare in football because of the complexity. If Arsenal pull two of these off in this window than they deserve nothing but praise (although I am going to miss Giroud and hate the fact that he’s going to a direct rival)

    2. Highbury44 says:

      But Man City have no issue with money .Apparently they have now spent just short of half a billion on players since Pep has been manager.How on earth is that a level playing field

    3. ADoseOfReality says:

      Moura to Spurs has been a long negotiation and other parties could of easily hijacked it otherwise he’d of been signed Jan 1st. Same goes for Laporte didn’t happen overnight and your delusional if you think it did.

  8. Gun-Powder says:

    What r u gonna do with reported 18m for Giroud??? Might as well keep the super sub with us!!!

    1. Lance says:

      Gunpowder, it is not solely about the money. If Chelsea don’t get Giroud, Dortmund dont get Batshuayi and Dortmund don’t release Aubameyang to Arsenal. We were boxed into a corner so to say and had to accept the paltry £18m for Giroud.

      1. ADoseOfReality says:

        Paltry? He’s 31. Our fans are so negative it’s barely comprehensible. We’ve had a fantastic window.

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