Chelsea Schmelsea! Arsenal still have much to do!

Mourinho still has a point about Arsenal by DN

No matter how much Arsenal fans want to comfort ourselves by saying that Arsene Wenger did a brilliant job by keeping the Gunners in the Champions League when his transfer budget was basically a piece of string and a winning smile, the fact is that football is all about results, especially in the modern era.

So Jose Mourinho may be a pr@ck, but he does have a valid point when he taunts Arsene Wenger and Arsenal about the lack of trophy success in the last decade. I firmly believe that Wenger has done a great job for us in the circumstances, but circumstances have changed and Chelsea´s spending power is now on a par with ours.ç

So Wenger really needs to produce in the next few seasons and a good start would be to beat Chelsea on Sunday. Only a fool would still believe that Arsenal can win the title after Chelsea beat Man United last week, but we should already be looking ahead to next season. I know the manager is.

If we fail to beat Chelsea on Sunday it will not make a lot of difference to this season but it might make a difference to Wenger and more importantly, the players. It is time to deliver, in fact it is way past time. If Wenger´s run against his rival extends to 13 games without a win this weekend, we have a problem, don´t you think?

And we should not get so caught up in the recent run of form because until Arsenal prove that we can win the title again, there is still a hell of a lot for Wenger and his team to prove.


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  1. Sunday there are 4 main individual battles I’d like to see us win.

    1: Hazard vs Alexis. Alexis needs to show why he shouldn’t have been overlooked for PFA Player of the year. More goals, equal assists in fewer games & mins played and was a lot more essential to our season than Hazard was to Chelsea’s.

    2: Fabregas vs Özil. We’d all love for Özil to be the difference on Sunday and really show why Fabregas wasn’t and isn’t needed here anymore. And to get rid of this stupid ‘flop’ reputation. Tired of people saying ‘Oh, Özil’s ####’ when they never even watch him play. Just regurgitating what they hear from media.

    3. Matic vs Coquelin. Prove that we really do have the metal and bite in our midfield Francis! He’s done it against all the others, Chelsea are next in line.

    4. Mourinho vs Wenger. About time Wenger got this ‘never beaten José’ tag off of himself. First it was ‘no trophy in 10 years’. Gone. Then ‘can’t beat big teams’. Gone. Then ‘hasn’t won at Old Trafford for X years’. Gone. Time for another to go. And of course winning this battle gives us the 3 points too!

  2. Let’s see Mourinho pay £400 mill on a new stadium without any oil money backing, having to sell his best players, and win competitions at the same time. Then maybe he can talk. Otherwise any comparisons/comments on recent years gone by at Arsenal are pointless and unfair.

      1. 1. Arsenal has spent
        1,750 million pound over the
        last 11 years on wages alone.
        You’d think we would have won something by now.
        2. Manchester Utd under Sir Alex did alright.
        How many titles again?
        3. Arsenal is owned by 2 billionaires so the
        money has always been there.
        Its club policy to not compete for the EPL or ECL title.
        Not saying this is right or wrong just saying that
        the club chose this pathway.

        1. Do you really think it’s the clubs policy not to compete for the EPL and ECL. I think it was about trying to balance the books. If you look at the four top clubs in the EPL we are the only ones that could cope if some revenue steams dried up.

          1. Wasting money on Rubbish
            like Park Squilacci Bendtner
            Djourou Santos Girvinho Sanogo
            Diaby Arshavin Podolski Campbell
            Ryo Frimpong Vermaelen Senderous
            Cygan Jeffers is not balancing the books.
            Stupidity + negligence would be more accurate.
            The reason all the best players left is because
            they knew the club was not seriously pursuing titles.
            They went elsewhere won titles and got paid lots more.
            Arsenal has only itself to blame for the failure
            to win titles these past 11 years.

            1. This is the difference between a real fan and a plastic. If you had any common sense you would know that Wenger’s job after 2005 was to make money for the club whilst maintaining a consistent challenge for the CL positions. Why ? Because CL is the only thing that will attract top players when you don’t have enough money to buy them, proven by Liverpool. Secondly, we never bought players better than Squillaci because we didn’t have the money to buy them, nor were we attractive enough to convince them to join due to the fact that Chelsea were on the rise and Fergie was still there. Stop whining like a pre-pubescent child.

      2. Let’s see mourinho build a team and keep them in the top 8. He most likely couldn’t do it

  3. Im backing my gunners 100% on sunday! Would love it for us to prove our critics wrong by beating chelsea on sunday at the emirates! We are arsenal! Coyg!

    1. cant concede in 1st 20mins. lets just start there.
      i’d also like to see a mobile giroud & some longer balls & outside shooting tomorrow.

  4. Im backing my gunners 100% on sunday! Would love it for us to prove mourinho and our critics wrong by beating chelsea on sunday at the emirates! We are arsenal! Coyg!

  5. Wenger and Morinho are both
    very successful at what they do.
    Mourinho’s strike rate for Premier
    titles is much higher than Wenger’s though.
    Mourinho moves often usually after 3 years
    Wenger stayed at Monaco 7 years and Arsenal 18 seasons.
    Wenger could have gone to Real Madrid or PSG
    where titles are guaranteed but chose not to.
    Wenger has gone 11 years without a title. Why? I don’t know.
    I can not imagine Mourinho staying two years without winning a title.
    Neither has managed their country. Why? I don’t know.
    Mourinho still has time. May be after the next Euro?
    Both men are leaving amazing legacies. Both will be legends.

    1. Can’t disagree with most of that but having difficulty identifying any Mourinho “legacy” left after any of his 7 stints in 15 years at the 6 clubs he has managed.

      1. I would never ever classify for mourinho a legend or believe that he will have a legacy, what will it be, playing 19th century negative with 10 men behind the ball? Or only going to teams where experience, money, and quality is in abundance?

  6. I think Mourinho is jealous of Wenger and our great club. He has stated on more than one occasion that Wenger has got a great job. Victoria Concordia Crescit

    1. Mourinho says Wenger has got
      a great job because Arsenal
      does not require the team to
      win the EPL or the ECL.
      4th EPL and last 16 ECL is the pass mark.
      Whereas Mourinho has to win the
      title every second year or he is sacked.
      It is interesting that both men deliver what their clubs demand.
      May be Arsenal need to change the orders.

      1. We still not serious, if we were we wouldn’t be 10 points behind the leaders.

        I think it is more the other teams failing than us improving this season.

        But only another season not any worse than this will confirm it.

      2. @davidnz – Infact, the target Wenger was set was to qualify for the Champions League on three out of the seven years after moving to the Emirates, while having to sell his best players/make low-cost signings etc. So Arsene was clearly massively exceeding targets set him – and since those 7 years are up (2006-2013), we are starting to compete again – 2 massive signings (Sanchez & Ozil), favourites for a second FA Cup in two years, probable runners-up in the league. Educate yourself on the bigger picture.

      1. Give it a rest. You re probably the type of guy who is finally on a date w the girl of his dreams and manages to complain.

    1. And has been for 10 years … It’s a magic property of the wenger kool aid .. You are supping away but it always seems to refill … Almost

  7. Hi guys, I must say dt I admire d passion wt which arsenal fans care abt their club….AND I AM A CHELSEA FAN here!
    But I do hope(4 ur sake) dt u lots don’t come out all gunz blazing against us tmoro…it will be foolish.
    In games like dis u make a lot of sacrifices (sometimes including ur style of play to win dem). Mourinho is doin everytin he can to get anoda one over Wenger: “erm, I dont hv strikers, Fabregas came to win titles” diz ar mind games.
    In fact, Costa may even start on Sunday.
    So if Wenger will ever defeat Mou (I hope it doesn’t happen, 4give me my blood is blue), its not by playing sexy football, its by countering all his antics even d mind games. I liked hw u guys were set up agnst man city @ d Etihad. Dts hw it is done, u must adapt to each game. Last week, pipl belived man u wud crush us and they did (70%-30% possession) bt dey also left empty handed. U must learn from dia mistake nd be cautious!
    Wat I’m saying in essence is if u must win its gonna be d HARD way guys!
    Defence is d best form of attack.
    Lastly, Bellerin is good but he won’t be able to keep up wt Hazard for 90mins.

    My take? a 1-1 draw.
    Catch you guys at ur lovely Emirates tmoro.
    ( oh how my gf loves dt stadium!)

  8. The earliest (most preferably tomorrow’s game) Wenger gets one over Mourhino,the easier challenging for the title would be for us next season especially with Wenger in charge…Alot of the mental blocks weighing the team down has been eradicated since the trophy drought ended so let’s erase the last (I guess) of them which is the “Wenger can’t beat Mourhino” ish.

  9. I can’t help being amused by some of the comments I read. The only one I am yet to read is perhaps that which questions Wenger why he opted to build the stadium instead of keeping the money to buy quality players and continue winning trophies like Mourinho or why Wenger didn’t leave Arsenal and go to the many clubs which wanted him and where he could have won lots of trophies! It is very unrealistic to compare the careers of Wenger and Mourinho just like it is equally unfair to compare their outlook to issues. One is a short term tactician who wants to win at all cost and then move on while the other is a strategic thinker who looks at both the present and future of the club he manages. Wenger is a man who will sacrifice short term glory for long term benefits and ensure that the club has a bright future while Mourinho is the everyday man we meet on the street who wants to make quick gain and doesn’t care whether he runs bankrupt in the next few years. Since the majority of us fall in the Mourinho category we find him more palatable than Wenger. He is simple, comical, amusing and and he speaks the language we all easily understand. He doesn’t waste time on ideas and philosophy; hence he is a special one. On the other hand what Wenger did for Arsenal will never die. The stadium he built will always be there to generate income for Arsenal as well as provide a healthy playing environment. The fruits of his foresighted management are now beginning to be felt by even those who feel Mourinho is a better manager. The comments that Arsenal is now at par with Chelsea in spending power is a clear admission that Wenger’s policies are far superior to the others and have started to yield dividends. Arsenal’s spending power is not from a billionaire owner but from internally generated revenue as a result of Wenger’s management style. The players which have put Arsenal where it is today, save for Ozil and Sanchez, were unknown quantities until Wenger transformed them into the players they are today. It is not a coincidence that Arsenal is the only team this season which has won 8 games in a row and yet did not spend hundreds of millions to achieve such a feat. All this is thanks to Wenger’s down-to-earth and patient approach. It is not easy for people who want quick results to appreciate Wenger but those with the eyes to see can now do so. From here Arsenal will move from strength to strength and the sky is the limit.

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