Chelsea should worry about a VERY positive Arsenal side

Arsenal finished last season in style and we have taken up where we left off, with four wins out of four in the pre-season games, despite the squad rotation and youth player additions. We have lots of promising youngsters and just about all the senior midfielders and strikers nicked a goal or two in our run.

Wenger is very happy with the preparations ahead of the crucial game against Chelsea next week, with just a slight reservation about only scoring the one goal yesterday. He said after collecting the Emirates Cup: “First of all our defensive stability was very good,”

“After that our game is well structured, we can create chances and our technical level is good.

“Physically we are already not far from a very good level and some young players have done extremely well. We could give them a chance and that’s very pleasing for our fans to see that as well.

“We had two different teams, two good games, everybody played well, we have no injuries and we had clean sheets. The young players who played were convincing as well so you could see that it’s a photo of the present and of the future as well. The team spirit is very good as well so everything is positive.

“It smells like we can score goals. That is something that is very positive. Around the box our passing looks incisive, dangerous, creative, and our finishing has not always been at the level that we want it to be in the last two days but we cannot complain.”

We all know that the game against Jose Mourinho’s side will be much more competitive, but we have beaten some very talented sides to get us up to speed and our confidence is at a very high level, which makes the Community Shield a great chance for Wenger to finally beat his arch-nemesis and send a warning to the reigning Champions.

The Gunners buzzword at the moment is “cohesion” and our captain Mikel Arteta believes we are on the brink of greatness. He said: “We have been together a while now and we have this belief now that we are capable of achieving something important,”

“It took some time to build this cohesion, this momentum.

“I think the crowd is feeling much closer to the team at the moment and together we can make it.

“I think pre-season has been good. The tour in Singapore was great as well, probably the best we have had.

“Here, the opponents were tough but we managed to play well and win both games.

“Overall [the Emirates Cup] has been a really nice tournament. I have enjoyed the games as well, they have been very good. I hope the fans had a good time.

“I think they have been missing football for a while so I hope they enjoyed.”

What was there to not enjoy! Four wins, lots of goals, a great defensive record and, most importantly, no serious injuries. Chelsea, meanwhile, have lost 4-2 to a depleted Red Bulls team, and have won a penalty shootout against PSG, and it certainly won’t do them any favours to be playing Barcelona after midnight on Tuesday in Washington DC. They certainly won’t have had the settled preparation that Arsenal have had and could perhaps go to Wembley without a pre-season win under their belts.

This is the perfect time for Arsenal to add more pressure on our biggest rivals by adding the Community Shield to our new-found trophy haul.

Onwards and upwards!

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  1. Interested to see the team picked for this match.

    Debuchy Mert Kos Monreal
    Coq ???
    ??? Ozil.???

    Only players I know will start

    1. I trust wenger in many things in football but beating Chelsea specifically mourinho is NOT one of them…these guy has surely dominated wenger in whatever game he plays defensive or not…but the most painful of all is the surprise gift of a 6-0 loss on mr wenger’s 1000 game for us…Its like that situation when the guy who bullies you and you hate the most f**ks your prom date and then brags all over your face in in-front of the whole school

      1. Why all the negative? For most past meetings, Mourinho always has his team while Wenger does not. It may change this season. Cheer up.

        1. wenger has had the chance to have a good team in three seasons now so i really don’t get that reference…if he really wanted, then am sure by now we would have the best team or at least a title challenging team…even the one we currently have can only challenge for top four

        2. After this weekend You all will realize how far from being a top team we are then come next week You all will be asking for wenger to go.

    2. I’d say Bellerin may get the nod, Debuchy’s been away from competitive football for quite some time.

      Or else TW & OG & AR up top.

    3. I want to see this team. Terry and Cahill can easily defend against Giroud so Walcott should start up top and I believe Bellerin is in better form than Debuchy. Ozil can drift in so we really only get wing play from the Ox and Walcott. Walcott/Ox/Ramsey/Santi/Ozil can get us goals as all these offensive players can interchange positions and there will be no target man for the chelsea defence to mark.
      Bellerin Mert Kos Monreal
      Ramsey Coquelin
      Ox Cazorla Ozil

      Subs-Martinez Gabriel Gibbs Debuchy Arteta Wilshire Giroud

      1. I don’t like the way you guys keep hoping to see Per start in the game against chelsea rather than Gabriel Paulista… He is strong & light footed too – he kinda does a better job than Per IMHO

    1. calm down mate..even wenger is afraid of chelsea…once beaten twice shy so wenger is like 30 times shy of chelsea…May God help the old man deal with these pressure

  2. On a side note…. Mourinho: ‘other sides are trying to buy the title.’
    I don’t even know where to start…. Just because he’s sold a few players doesn’t change the fact that he’s inherited a billion dollar squad which was the result of Chelsea making a mockery of the transfer market for the better part of a decade.. He’s been afforded a transfer and wage budget that maybe 5-7 other clubs in the entire world can offer!! And yet he’s whinging if United do what he and his current club have been doing for years. An absolute joke!
    Is he trying to make Chelsea the underdog?? Newsflash Jose! You’re the manager of Chelsea. The biggest joke of a spending team the world has ever seen who’s success is built solely on the owner having enough money to make your club it’s play thing! Get a grip on reality…
    Jose your biggest rival is us! And our net-spend over the past decade is a drop in the ocean compared to the budgets you’ve been afforded….

    1. Do you think the DELUDED one cares what you or anyone says he just likes to talk out of his a5s

      i am well impressed with Arsenal so far but the real game is about to start no more softly softly approach with plenty of space so no one gets injured from both sides (which our boys love )

      its soon back to playing, every tackle, shot, dribble, pass counts with no space, so for me if we buy a talented animal in DM i would be happier then just buying striker, i think against bigger clubs we need to wrestle with them in our half and catch them with counter attack which we seam to be great at

  3. ___________Cech__________

    I think arsenal must play like themselves, play defensive , and beat them in counter attacks

  4. Like always i am surfing around the internet, playing wannabe scout and i came to the conlusion that we wont sign a new Striker. Benz is a good striker but he is not the striker Wenger is looking for. Wenger wants a tall player up front who can wrestle with others for the ball. He Wants an Adebayor a like player. Thats also the reason we got Sonogo bec he is similar to him. Giroud is only an option bec there are none other who can do this job. Simple as that. It doest matter if he is a good footy talent or not. The point is there is no better then him to what complies what Wenger wants from a striker in the team.

    What i wish for is that if we cant get, Lewandowski who is muscle pure and magic or Cavani who is tall but also very skillfull. ( can beat players with ease). then it would be good to buy an attacking middlefield player who could contribute with more goals.

    Reus, Pedro, Draxler.

    1. Ks-Gunne agreed with Lewandowski but i really don’t rate Cavani any more, Cavani will be better suited with teams like United, if i can chose money no option i would go for Suarez every time but that boat has sailed

  5. And we should worry about Chelsea/City/Man Utd/Liverpool & Stoke.

    Top class CF (cavani/Zlatan/benzema),
    Reus on RW (versatile enough to play anywhere across the front) and a decent enough DM backup option as Tired of Arteta tread in treacle and Mis-direct passes.

  6. well let the boys decide who wants the win most. I get this rivalry thing between mou and wenger, but Wenger should take his mind of that and prepare his team for the match,i ain’t in for mou and his mind games this season. I say we forget him and go into the game with the belief that we need to win this match against chelsea not we need to win against mou… hopefully the boys will give their best am sure. I wish i can fast forward this week to match day,am eager to watch this match. fam ya’ll should stay positive… #COYG #YA GUNNERS YA!

    1. OX looks like he has new Turbo fitted in his legs, he looks sharp and fast what with Belerin also on that wing we cant go wrong unless they forget to defend

  7. Giroud has never looked good against Chelsea in any of the games he has played so I’d go with Theo up top. Debuchy has been out for quite a long time so would go with Bellerin. Bit hard to chose between Gabriel and Mert but I would go for Gabriel. I see this season Gabriel establishing himself as a starting player.

    Bellerin Gabriel Kos Monreal
    Coq Cazorla
    Ramsey Ozil Chambo

  8. I believe the key to this game would be how clinical we are in front of goal. From my observations of the pre-season we are creating a lot of chances but waste a lot of them. Against Chelsea we won’t be creating that many so would have to take those which we do get. Other than that our team looks good. Hope we get the win over Mourinho. It would give us a lot of confidence going into this season and in the big games if Wenger has that Mou monkey off his back.

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