‘Chelsea signing Alexis would see Arsenal board lynched’

Harry Redknapp has claimed that the sale of Alexis Sanchez to Chelsea would lead to uproar from Arsenal’s fans.

The Chilean superstar is heavily linked with the exit door this summer, and reports claim that the Blues will pursue a deal should Eden Hazard push to move to Real Madrid in the coming window.

Alexis is described as liking London, and recently claimed he would love to play in the city with a team fighting to win the division, but whilst not naming the club, he is believed to have meant with his current side.

These words obviously led to mass speculation that Chelsea, or maybe even neighbours Tottenham could lead the race to sign the forward, but Harry Redknapp doesn’t see a switch to the Blues as an option for Arsenal.

“There’s talk of Sanchez going to Chelsea and I’ve heard he likes London but it would be a surprise if that happened,” Redknapp wrote on the Evening Standard.

“The Arsenal board would probably be lynched by their own fans if they sold Sanchez to Chelsea.

“He is so good that he’d improve any team but if the Gunners have got any ambition at all, they have got to hang on to him.

“Manchester City, Paris St Germain and Juventus are all queuing up, though, so it might not be easy.”

I can’t imagine in any shape or form that we would allow Alexis to join a Premier League rival, and selling to Chelsea may well give them next season’s Premier League title too!

I agree with Harry that it would be a shock should we allow him to join them, or any rival, and am starting to believe we may well be able to persuade him to stay!

Could Alexis sign a new contract? Could we keep him next term without one? Would we allow him to join a rival for the right price?

Pat J

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  1. Ronny says:

    Nah he’ll be heading for Spurs!, can you imagine? Uhhhh makes me shudder at the thought.
    Leicester on holiday already then 🙂

  2. Ronny says:

    If he won’t accept the 250k a week we are so say offering then I say sell.
    Also we shouldn’t forget his sulky fit mid season, he’s been amazing and carried us but we can’t any player calling the shots.
    Keeping him serves no purpose when we should cash in for 50m ish.
    Sell to an overseas club only thoughnor if he’s insistent on staying in London Palace and West ham could have him 🙂

  3. L_BOW__Greece says:

    4_Fox_ Sake 🙂

    Kane scores 4 v Leicester

    He’s one of our own he’s one of our own
    Harry Kane he’s one of our own

    Top scorer two season running…
    Arsenal academy lad Harry Kane scores for fun at Arsenal
    Oh no wait…Arsene rejected Harry Kane

    So Kane went to Spurs.

    Another one Wenger “could” have signed.

    But instead the master signed
    Park Chamakh Sanogo Wellbeck Asano Perez

    Arsene really does knows best

  4. spence545santi says:

    the extent of this old man’s folly Jx compares to none.
    where are the hackers when I need dem most?

  5. Nebsy says:

    If the lynch could actually happen, I’d take this chance to urge them to sell Sanchez to Chelsea.
    That’s exactly what we need.
    Imagine Arsenal without Kroenke and the rest of the lizard people. What a mighty fine club it would be without the yank scum greedy claws ripping through it.

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