Chelsea star insists ‘dangerous’ Arsenal will not be taken lightly

Chelsea star Kai Havertz insists that his side will not be taking Arsenal lightly this weekend despite claims that they are not in a good moment.

The Gunners started their league campaign with defeat at the hands of Brentford last Friday, and we are missing some key players which definitely give a negative vibe heading into such a big matchup, and you can be forgiven for not having great expectations going up against our London rivals.

Chelsea are on a role at present, winning the Champions League, European Super Cup and and their opening Premier League match against Crystal Palace in their last three outings, while our misfortunes are growing aggravating.

Kai Havertz isn’t allowing himself to get carried away however, and insists that his side will not be taking their opponents lightly, stating that we have ‘a lot of quality players’.

He said in the pre-match press conference(via the Metro): ‘At the moment the atmosphere is very good. When you start the season like we have, winning a European title and our first Premier League game, it’s very good for us.

‘It’s just the beginning though and there will be some tough challenges ahead, with Arsenal on Sunday the next one. We have to keep going, we are just the hunters and we want to keep winning games.

‘When you have a little taste of winning trophies like we have done, you want more of that. So that’s the goal for the season ahead. It will be tough on Sunday and Arsenal are dangerous because they have a lot of quality players.

‘People are saying that things aren’t going well for them at the moment but we know they have very good players and we need to take care in our approach. We have prepared well for this weekend and we will look to show that on Sunday.’

I kind of which the Blues were going to take us lightly, although they must have plenty of confidence at present which we can cause havoc with.

Our recent record against Chelsea is positive, and our win on Boxing Day definitely came against the grain of form. Coming to the Emirates with the crowd set to return also should make for a spectacle, and I’m not ruling anything out.


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  1. No team wants to be favourite.
    This they fear will lead to a lack of focus and intensity whereas being the under dog inspires
    the do or die mentality.
    Both teams say their opponents have a fantastic squad and are playing incredible football.
    Managers who are known to dislike each other
    heap praise on their opponent
    to avoid giving him bullets to fire.
    The pre match mind games have begun.
    If Arsenal win Arsenal could go 6th = with Chelsea. Arteta could be here for years while Tuchel could be sacked by November.
    If Arsenal loses Arsenal will be in the relegation zone while Chelsea will be joint top
    A lot is at stake.

  2. When u watch how other teams like BHA score,why cant Arsenal do likewise?Quicksilver movement and 2 /3/4 passes and the ball is in the net. .
    Arsenal take an eternity to shoot let alone score. Thats the problem and it could get worse with the monster sized Chelsea striker.
    Brentford bullied Arsenal . Why?
    We dont have the physical presence of apv4 .
    Teams will try to imitate Brentford.
    Of course Arsenal can beat Chelsea. Football is an unpredictable game . Unless its BM vs team x,the formerwill be strong favourites

  3. Despite Arteta’s good record against Chelsea I don’t see an Arsenal win happening this time. Too many problems with illness & injury + integrating new players all at the same time. But I don’t think losing this game, or the next one against Man City will be a reason to panic (Although I’m sure many fans will do just that) and I’d expect a big improvement leading upto Xmas

    1. I agree that to panic as, many will do, is immature and unhelpful. That is why I call those types fans but not supporters. Supporting means being a positive SUPPORTER. A fan is merely someone who claims to like the club but so often spends his or her time doing the total opposite of actually SUPPORTING.


    1. I hope it’s nothing to do with Covid and if it is then get well quickly Ben. He could be isolating having been in close contact. 😔.

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