Chelsea star says Arsenal will now be a REAL title challenge

Cech to help Arsenal win the Premier League? by Sam P

The football world in England is still not all that convinced about the new Arsenal and our chances of finally regaining the Premier League title next season, despite the very positive looking transfer of Petr Cech and the way we finished last season.

A quick look at one betting site shows Chelsea as the favourites at around 3/2, with Man City second at around 3/1 and the Gunners back in third at around 5/1. So they do not expect to see much difference from last season, at least judging by the transfer business already completed.

That is not a theory shared by Frank Lampard though, as the midfielder who spent most of his career in front of Arsenal’s new number one has joined John Terry in warning Chelsea that the signing of Cech could well see Arsenal close the gap on Chelsea and put up a real challenge for the BPL crown, as reported by the Daily Star.

The New York City FC player said, “Arsenal signing Petr Cech is a big deal.

“A lot of mates who are Arsenal fans have bemoaned their keeper situation for ages.

“Cech is a world-class keeper and person and I think he can help push Arsenal right into the running next season.

“Arsenal weren’t a million miles away over the last few seasons.

“They are always challenging before falling just short but I think Cech going there, as John Terry said recently, will save them points.

“I think Man City and Chelsea will be challenging for the title once again. They remain favourites but Petr will make a difference.”

We certainly hope so and I think a lot of people are underestimating the effect that our injury problems had in the first half of last season. If I am right, and fat Frankie is right about Cech, Arsenal must be on for the title Gooners. How can we fail?

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  1. Cech alone won’t do it,we need a few more top class signings and the British core of Ox,Wilshere,Theo Walcott must stop being injury prone and stand up to be counted now

    1. All valid observations IMO. Also, want to note how particularly cringeworthy the last line of the article is….

      “How can we fail?” – Give that crap a rest pronto, no team in Premier league history goes from 12 points off the year before to being nailed on for the title the following season. In fact I can’t recall a time ANY team has ever been able to ask the question ‘How can we fail?’. Have a bit of sense, no need to give others ammunition to mock us with delusion like that.

            1. You managed to miss my point entirely. I’m criticizing the idea we’re nailed on for the title this year, not at all suggesting we can’t win it.

    2. As things stand were best equipt to challenge chelsea. In terms of quality and depth We have a good attack,excellent midfield offensively/defensively good as well,very good defense,the best gk options.(new dm,st or fed with end product)

      United will be more settle next season and have a good squad but are far from finishing signing players.The loss of rvp and falqao,henriquez Hernandez ?means they may go for a world class striker to supplement Rooney.higuin posiibly(not better than rvp or falqao) depay doesn’t worry me YET if anything it’s blocked them from signing a top quality winger.

      City have the best xll but not much of a squad. Milner played cm,am,rm,dm,St. Last season he would need replacing buy 2signings.bony is a downgrade to dzeko and negro.
      (They will struggle to sign X11 players so there signing will be younger subs)

    1. Some raccoons here say we are very good to go, with Giroud as our “worldclass”/”elite” striker, Le Coq as our only outright defensive midfielder.

  2. Il be happy with two scenarios

    * We purchase a top quality striker, Benzema, Higuain, Lacazette(choose your pic)
    * We give Theo a full season to prove himself up front and hopefully he can stay fit
    and improve with his hold up play, his movement off the ball and finishing has improved
    immensely(His finish in the FA Cup final wasn’t as easy as he made it look…with his weaker foot) and we then sign Reus to play on the right.
    Alexis Ozil Reus

    My fellow Gooners can play with the rest of the line up to suit their wishes, but I say if we have those 4 leading our attacks, teams will be sh*tting bricks leading up to our games.

    And when teams decide to park the bus we bring on OG nice and early in the 2nd half Mr. Wenger, OG with all his hold up play & flicks will allow us to hold up the ball and allow late runners like Ramsey into the box unmarked plus with OG we can swing a few into the box coz hes clinical with his headers.

    Im exited to watch my team play again and I have high hopes for the new season.


    1. You have high hopes??? Oh dear. I wouldn’t like to be there when your hopes come crashing like a poop from a plane far up in the skies.

    2. Lacazette is a big drop off in quality from Higuain/Benzema, he’s far more to do with potential. Like saying you want Reus/Pedro or Sterling. I think we have the young Gen sorted all over the field, IMO we need one or two more of Cech’s ilk….quality, proven, established, winner.

      Vidal and Reus…..go on Arsene son, treat yourself

  3. Are we really a complete team and see ourselves as titLe contenders? Or are we willing to go on and make the necessary additions……The choice is ours to make…..the consequences will be ours if we don’t make a wise choice…… I wouldn’t Listen to Lampard right now

    1. They say Karma is a “bitch”, well I’m forced to believe now becuz this seems a bitch-slap from Karma.

    2. C’mon mates, have some decency.. RVP did his best for the club while at AFC – he gave his all so don’t go yapping about how he betrayed arsenal..which one of you guys on here will see an opportunity for progress and just let it slip…personally I feel his pain & manure are back stabbing b#tches…he’s just too good for turkish fc – remember his world cup header against spain…super!!!

      1. No, he didn’t do his best. He languished in the hospital for 7 years hoping his colleagues would come Visiting every May with his winners medal in tow . And then he finally got out of his sick bed in the 8th year, played Some good football, and decided he was too good for Us. If that’s not daylight robbery please tell me what is

  4. Theo / Wilshere / / Ox too injury prone. The same old story will be repeated – at crucial times the injury will rear it’s ugly head and wenger will have no WC substitutes to turn to. We all know Cech alone cannot do it, need couple of WC signings to really compete. Will only bet if Wenger signs a DM and a striker. Cannot bet now, sure way to get more poor…Be realistic!

  5. Off Topic:

    Everyone hated on Wenger for selling RVP to direct rivals. But now that he’s most likely on his way to Fenerbache, what did he really do since leaving? Had one decent season and score some goals. Next 2 years he got injured and Man Utd finished below us both years including missing the CL spots.

    In return for the sale, we got Podolski who was a great finisher. and Santi who’s been one of Wenger’s best ever signings.

    I’d say it was worth it in the end. Man Utd sunk fast, and RVP was clearly past his prime and still prone to injury. You can like or hate the moves Wenger’s made, but there’s no doubt that most of them have been spot on, perfect timing. Looking forward to seeing who he signs this summer.

    1. No it wasn’t worth it, he won United the title then they’ve had Moyes and a barmy LVG since. He was conned by Fergie so he could bag United the title one last time before he retired and RvP probably feels bitter about that. Don’t feel sorry for him though cos he jumped ship and left the best manager in his career with an equally bitter taste.

      As much as I dislike his move from a personal standpoint he would’ve been the star ST we all are desperate for as we added gem after gem in the summers since. It must be said I’m still a little upset we sanctioned the move altogether.. Shame he made those choices in the end, but no way it “worked out for the best” ….I’d take a league title over 2 FA cups, and if he stayed we may well have seen one.

      1. Seriously??? “If he stayed we may well have seen one”?…you kidding right? …for how many seasons was RVP with arsenal fc & couldn’t even win us the carlin cup?? – I remember vividly he once missed a penalty in a cup final which cost us the trophy.

        1. Well you sound switched on. What’s your point? Are you trying to tell me RvP was bad?

          Also, would love to know about thus vivid memory. Who was it against?

  6. Pipo shouldn’t criticize foolishly bout being injury proneesp wilshere’s case. Did you see the tackle he got from fellaini? Which player wud hv escaped that injury free cause the b*stard dug into hez ankle n didn’t even receive a red. Our players are not amongst those protected by officials and they are always tackled with intent to injure by opponents!! Eg debuchy’s injury,lucky carzola been kicked twice on the stomach once getting hez shirt. Ripped,alexis vs many teams,ozil vs chelsea. Look @ the tackles causing injury b4 u call s/one injury prone.

  7. Oh and I just got word from my very reliable source that we won’t sign a new striker until theo has hez trial in the middle during the pre-season.


    1. Really?…reliable source right?? How reliable is he/she – is that source of yours the ozcann (spellings) guy??? …if not then buggoff

  8. Cech is a huge signing for us. If you look at the teams that have finished above us in the last ten years they have all had a quality keeper, Cech, Courtois, Reina, De Gea, Van Der Saar…. In this time we have had: Almunia, Fabianski and Szczesny… A top stopper is vital, especially if you are not a defensive team. Last time we had a quality keeper we went unbeaten.

  9. People have been saying it ” Arsenal – pace setters, Title pretenders, running out gas” but its true they were right. Its by fact Arsenal has been having a goal however a goal without a plan is just a wish. Wenger has also been cautious on spending just trying to groom team spirit but at other times he exposed his weaknesses especially very adamant to change and making late substitutes that don’t add value to the team. Whatever the case, next season’s title will go to the wire. There are four teams capable of winning that precious commodity, however Arsenal’s chances stay or falter by the events of transfer season and Le Proffs Attitude. The team with more clean sheets will win the title – I predict

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