Chelsea still worried about Arsenal title challenge

While Arsenal fans were reacting in our usual calm and understated manner (ahem) after the Gunners early horror show at the Emirates saw us slip to defeat against Premier League strugglers Watford, not everyone was as quick as most Gooners to give up on Arsenal challenging for the EPL title.

In fact there are at least three key men at the current league leaders Chelsea who still appear to be pretty wary of the Gunners, which is probably increased this week as Arsene Wenger prepares to take the team to Stamford Bridge looking for a repeat of the match against them at home, which saw Arsenal inflict their heaviest defeat of the season.

Their star forward Eden Hazard has told Sky Sports that the two teams he thinks will present the biggest challenge to them lifting the huge trophy in May are Man United and us, although the bigger gap back to United makes their task a lot tougher.

In another Sky Sports report their manager Antonio Conte has urged his players to focus fully on facing Arsenal on Saturday, while speaking about us as possible title winners and reminding them how well we played to beat them in September.

The Italian said, “We play another great team because Arsenal is a great team who can fight for the title.

“Don’t forget we lost 3-0 away and I think this could be a good chance for us to show that the second part of the season we are a totally different team if you compare us to the previous game.

“It is a good chance for us. We play at home, which is very important, but it will be a really tough game.”

We certainly hope so. Finally we have Metro reporting the joy and relief of their midfielder Nemanja Matic about our loss to Watford which gives Chelsea just a little extra breathing space. Would he be so bothered if he thought Arsenal were out of the race?

If the people at Chelsea are still worried about Arsenal, is it a bit early for us Gooners to give up on the title?

Sam P.


  1. frank says:

    We lose to Chelsea our season is over. It is as simple as that.

    1. Koss says:

      It’s over already buddy. Stop deluding yourself, wake up.

  2. Tatek Girma says:

    Of course, Our Watford loss will give them some sort of confidence and space to breath. However, we have to leave it behind and go forward as we can do nothing about the past except learning from it. Therefore, let’s wake up soon from the hangover and ready for this decisive match which will be held at lunch time away. We have to show them that we are a real title contender. Otherwise, it will be a title good bye ceremony.

  3. Soweto_Gooner says:

    If we win all our remaining games(lol), we will be on 92 points which I believe will be enough to win the league. Chelsea is still going to lose many points this season, but our beloved Arsenal will always find a way to mess things up.

  4. Uzi Ozil says:

    Even if we win Chelsea (doubt), our season will still be bottled because we will lose some odd games here and there.

  5. Nwaneri says:

    The season is already over in my own estimation, why?.It will be easier for a horse to pass through the eye of a needle than for Arsenal to beat Chelsea at Stamford bridge( Gospel according to me, Chapter 1:1).
    Spread the gospel.

    1. Fatboy Gooney says:

      Straight from the horses mouth ?
      Surely you meant camel ? ?

  6. Fatboy Gooney says:

    The only way that we will beat Chelsea is….
    If they are still rolling around the floor laughing at our Watford result.?

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