Chelsea to help Arsenal land Aubameyang in three-way deal?

Chelsea are set to help Arsenal land their top target in Aubameyang this week, by allowing Michy Batshuayi to join the BVB until the end of the season.

The Gunners were this week claimed to be very close to confirming the arrival of Borussia Dortmund’s Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang after a long drawn out pursuit this month, and they were believed to be on the look-out for his replacement prior to confirming his departure.

Chelsea are now believed to have sanctioned a loan deal which will see Michy join the Bundesliga side until the end of the term, which should see Dortmund trigger the move for our target.

The Blues are also linked with a move to sign Olivier Giroud from our side, with the Frenchman keen on staying in England, with the club having been strongly linked with the capture of a target man all January, with the likes of Peter Crouch, Andy Carroll and Edin Dzeko having been speculated.

We could now potentially see a three-way transfer happen with Michy, Olivier and PEA all moving on this month.

We are expected to break our club record transfer fee in order to sign the Gabon international, while we are said to be in want of £35 Million in order to part ways with Olivier Giroud.

We would most certainly be getting the best deal out of the three, with our target consistently firing for his current side, even bagging 21 goals in his 24 appearances so far this term despite being unhappy with the BVB hierarchy.

Bild even claim that our deal to sign PEA will go through today.

Are Chelsea about to help us get the deal over the line? Is Giroud suited to Chelsea’s needs?

Pat J

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  1. Invincibles49 says:

    If Auba happens, Giroud will go to Chelsea as he wants to stay in London. The only reason his move to Evertone stalled last window.

  2. Eddy Hoyte says:

    I hope so!!

  3. GB says:

    As I’ve said before, I personally would not like to see Giroud go to Chelsea. They actually cross balls properly into the box, unlike us and he would score a shed load of goals for them.

    1. Sven says:

      Hazard + Cesc + Azpilicueta would help Giroud to a ton of goals with their pinpoint passing. Plus he needs to play a lot due to the World Cup, and he would likely be a backup for Morata.

      Better for him if we loan him to West Ham or someone like West Brom where he would walk in any starting line-up. Of course, Dortmund would be good for him, too. But if he wants to stay in London, Moyes will welcome him to Hammers with open arms right now.

  4. GB says:

    I expect kev or resource or whatever name he is using today to be on soon claiming victory in us signing Auba, even though it won’t happen until tomorrow or Wednesday. He will say that as the deal has been agreed today, subject to them finding a replacement, that he has been proved right! Mystic Meg he ain’t though, just quick to repost other’s rumours.

    1. gotanidea says:

      @kev the man a.k.a @RememberResource? a.k.a @Resource is almost right. Now I hope Arsenal would get Adama Traore:

      And Denis Suarez:

      With Aubameyang, Adama Traore, Denis Suarez, Ozil, Wilshere and Mkhitaryan in the squad, the other clubs would think thrice before attacking Arsenal.

      1. JJPawn says:


  5. GB says:

    PEA will wear number 14 shirt………

  6. Chekwube Kwentua says:

    This is how I see this Aubameyang, Giroud and
    Batshuayi transfer scenario.
    Arsenal can’t sign Aubameyang until Batshuayi
    joins Dortmund who can’t leave until Giroud
    joins Chelsea who can’t leave until
    Aubameyang joins Arsenal.

    1. the Drax says:

      my head is spinning from that infinity transfer lol

    2. Maks says:

      But that’s only in Wenger’s head.
      Luckly somebody else is doing transfers in Arsenal !
      Wenger out!

      1. PIRES says:

        you always find a way to that we seems to sign a quality player in Auba its because sombody else is doing transfers .and when it stalls its because of wenger i guess….Stop your war behind your screen!!!

        1. Maks says:

          Hello… Im just saying that I am happy that your dear Wenger is not in charge of transfers anymore… Sven is! And I am (repeat) very happy, not moaning at all… you ll moan soon when Wenger will be out od the club!

          1. jon fox says:

            ” Heres the thing that’s driving me berserk. How is Arsene Wenger still in work. La la la la la etc” Dear old deluded pires is Wengers lover , I reckon.

  7. Enrique says:

    A striker is the last of our problems. not Even having messi and neymar on our side will we win any major competitions. Problem is attitude, Leadership, courage, passion, rage, guts to overcome adversity and more attributes that shape strong character. None of these has ever been taught by AW, its just not in his genes.

    I know our 2000’s were precious. But, we had no competition back then, Physically and technically we were the best by far. Back then we never showed mental strenght either.

    AW needs to leave. New mentality. New dna in our players. If it doesnt happen, we wont be winning important trophies regardless any top class striker like PEA.

    1. gotanidea says:

      Top analysis, Luis Enrique. Now please approach Gazidis to hire you as Wenger’s replacement.

      But please don’t do ridiculous experiments like what you did during your last season in Barcelona. And kindly do not bring mediocre players like Andre Gomes and Paco Alcacer into Arsenal.

    2. neil says:

      Absolute bullshit.. rather than an anonympus blog site please be brave enough to tel Henry Keown Dixon Viera Winterburn Bergkamo etc that they had no mental strength !!
      Sick and tired of morons like you on this site !

    3. jon fox says:

      No mental strength in the early 2000’s ? I reckon YOU have none right now. We were famous for mental strength and physical power in those days. You are hugely embarrasing yourself in writing such complete nonsense!

  8. Phil says:

    Giroud going to The Chavs actually weakens their squad as Batshuayi will score more goals than the Frenchman will.Giroud is NOT a good finisher he is NOT a good target man he does NOT hold the ball up and bring others into the game he has NOT got any pace He is NOT anywhere near the class of Lacazette.JUST GET RID OF HIM.If he was anywhere near half decent he would have doubled his goal tally for us since he’s been here.

    1. Jan says:

      Little bit harsh but its true!

  9. Kenyangooner says:

    I’m happy with the prospect of aubameyang signing for arsenal and I really hope he does. Though arsenal shouldn’t sell Giraud to Chelsea. When we desperately needed a striker Chelsea refused to sell us demba ba. That should be reason enough not to deal with them.

  10. JJPawn says:

    Would prefer to think of this as each club helping themselves, but we are paying the premium to get Auba, while weakening Plan B with Giroud off the bench, a role in which he delivers often.

    But, if we have to sell, then we have to sell. Try to get some petro-cash from Chelsea while at it…

  11. deleny says:

    i dnt care if wenger’s included in the deal. Just get me auba and my week starts getting better. Aubameyang and mkhitaryan at the hrt of our attack is pure mind blowing. Just include ozil and wilshere….thats enough sweetner for the remainder of the season.

  12. Maks says:

    If they allow Giroud to go to Chelsea than again we will strengthen our direct opposition for the new trophy (4th place).

    1. Maks says:

      I would give them Danny Welbeck for 15 mil.

  13. Gelz says:

    This PEA transfer is taking to long, so far we are close but not confirmed, Batshuayi may go on loan to Dortmund, but we will definitely not be getting 35 mill For Giroud from Chelsea or any team and even if Chelsea do secure Girouds services he will become there supersub and not a first team regular, Chelsea want Dezko from Roma along with Emerson, I see Giroud probably getting a loan move to West Ham.

  14. Innit says:

    We have strengthened United. We have strengthened Liverpool. Now Chelsea. We might as well Strengthen Spurs and City now.

    I wish we could strengthen Arsenal
    Arsenal needs strengthening innit

  15. Jay Dee says:

    I really am glad that PEA from all sourced seem like its a done deal with a few loose ends. He would be a master addition to the team. What i am struggling with a little bit are two main issues.

    1. While we are all dreaming of a change in formation, we know Wenger is too stubborn. So how do we balance Lacazette and PEA?? Does that mean one plays off the other or from the wing, if so why didn’t we just bring in a winger??

    2. Our major issue the last few seasons and this season has been mostly defensive, with LB playing CB, CM playing LB, RWB playing LWB, first team defenders left on the bench for reserve youth players- a lot of goals losing us major wins, defensive mistakes that were so glaring. NO experienced Defender or defensive midfielder guys?? Not even a Booby Chang from Kuvukiland?? I celebrated when Coquelin left because i thought it meant Nzonzi or someone else stronger and commanding was coming. We have scored as many goals as all our rivals, except Man City and Liverpool but check the difference in goals conceded, as many as West Brom, sitting in 19th. We still think our problem is attack??

    I am celebrating yes knowing PEA is a really good addition, but our struggle at the back is nowhere close to being sorted. Man City are tight at the back this season but are spending 50mil for LAPORTE. What happened to our Ambition guys.

    I also blame myself and other fans. Arsenal is among the most supported teams in the world and we all have not pushed enough for change. We still buy Arsenal merchandise, we still celebrate a string of average performances, forgetting that even relegated teams win some. We want to start crying when we become like Aston Villa or Newcastle- struggling to stay in the league or championship. This rich idiot may not prioritise the club but once we affect his money, he has to act. And now they are talking about Wenger as part of senior management. Good bye Champions League football, welcome relegation battles. Dont tell me we were nothing once. I used to wear diapers, does that mean i should be happy messing my pants now. I should grow and CONTINUE TO GROW. Stop saying Man City are rich. According to a lot of survey, Arsenal is richers WITHOUT DEBT so we have no excuse. 20 or so of Champions League football is a lot of money

  16. Me says:

    Its all media speculation.
    We have been here so so many times.
    And the clock is ticking.
    And strangely enough I couldn’t care less if he or anyone signed…

  17. RSH says:

    we cant stop helping our rivals, can we? Even when there is no pressure to sell to a rival. Giroud will only help them get top 4….

    1. Robin Vanpayslip says:

      Yes, we need to stop selling players to WBA and Everton. They will move ahead of us at this rate.

  18. Tom says:

    Too much excitement for what is still in the balance. Is Giroud going because Auba is coming…

    Well, what about next year, does Welbeck get sold for Lemar to come in? Or Malcolm? Does Giroud get sold for Auba coming in or is Auba a replacement for Sanchez and Mkhitaryan is really for Walcott and therefore does someone else replace Giroud like Draxler (who is maybe actually replacing Ox)!!!!

    Press Save and play tomorrow after work…

  19. Sarmmie says:

    why is it that we only see our players as good at the prospect of them playing for another club. giroud has been at arsenal for almost six years he’s only scored 105 goals, you think he’ll give Chelsea the top 4 finish at our expense?, you’re wrong

  20. Jay Dee says:

    Giroud’s finishing relies heavily on hood crosses into the box, something Chelsea have a lot of. Check Morata’s heading stats before and during Chelsea. If Giroud moves to Chelsea, he will double his current stats. Its not because he is a good player, just a good header. However, thats all it takes with Hazard, Fabregas, William and the list of excellent crossers goes on. If he was moving to Leicester Citu, no one would be complaining. We are strengthening their bench

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