Chelsea under Conte proving Arsenal must replace Wenger

First of all I want to say that I am not one of the Wenger Out Brigade and have backed the Frenchman for years despite the fact that Arsenal looked nowhere near winning the title. I think the prof did amazing things in keeping Arsenal in the Champions League in the financially barren years and have held to the theory that the Arsenal fans calling for the end of his managerial reign would miss him when he is gone.

That may still be true to be frank. We only need to look at how Manchester United have struggled under three different highly respected coaches once the long spell under Sir Alex Ferguson was over, and they have spent fortunes that our club almost certainly would not.

However, a look closer to home shows Arsenal fans the opposite to that in Antonio Conte. With pretty much the same players that Jose Mourinho struggled to get anything out of at the start of last season the Italian has Chelsea on the verge of another title and looking unstoppable.

This highlights just what an effect the boss can have and not just with tactics but with his inspiration of the players. I feel that Arsenal and our players have gone stale and need a change and I think somebody at Arsenal needs to take the plunge and replace the long serving Wenger.

It may not go the way we hope, at first at least, but without taking the risk we will never get the reward. What do you guys think and who do you think should replace Arsene?

Sam P.


  1. Godswill says:

    One on one Chelsea players aren’t that better materials than our players. Then there is a missing ingredient or cook.

  2. marty53 says:

    I think everybody knows that Wenger did an amazing job keeping us in the Champions League while we had financial restrictions moving grounds but time moves on. Others teams and managers have overtaken us now and Wenger’s tactics and philososophy are clearly outdated and not working. Whether it’s him or the players I don’t know but the whole club and squad need a complete overhaul and fresh ideas. Someone would be my choice.

    1. marty53 says:

      Of course I meant Simeone……

      1. Godswill says:

        Ruggedness like Conte.
        He doesn’t even pay huge for players but can identify needs and fits.

  3. palmer17 says:

    We’ve been stale for years nothing much has changed apart from ticket prices

    1. arsenalfan1 says:

      An article written by a slow learner. At a progressive club Arsene would have (and should have) gone years ago.

  4. Fatboy Gooney says:

    Even these Ground Hog topics and moans are becoming boring ??
    Nothing ever changes And Come May we will all Be struck with a cute memory loss whilst celebrating the double!
    The Wenger trophy ?
    St Trottingham Day ?

    1. pmc says:

      Hi Fatboy, it may all change this year, and I for one would not be surprised if we do finish behind the spuds and out of the top four come May, I was always a big AW supporter and would constantly say to other gooners to be cafeful what you wish for, but the time has come, no genius makes the same mistakes over and over again, when was the last time Arsenal played champagne football, its not good enough to say we dont worry about how the other team are going to play we just play our game, this has not been working for years now and a change is needed, if AW cant change then we need some new

      1. Godswill says:

        @Fatboy Am not sure of anyone of the two.

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