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Chelsea v Arsenal betting Preview – Backing Arsenal need not be a lost cause after all..

With the Unai Emery effect not looking like having an immediate effect on Arsenal as yet, and Chelsea’s facile 3-0 win at Huddersfield last week, the bookies are making the Blues very hot favourites to inflict more pain on the Gunners in Saturday’s late kick-off. The home side are odds on to win the game outright while Arsenal are as big as 7/2 to give Emery his first win as our coach. Many Gooners may prefer to spend the evening looking for the website for highest casino bonus to while away their time instead of wasting their money on backing Arsenal!

After seeing City easily take Arsenal apart in last Sunday’s game, it is difficult to have any confidence, but we all know that Arsenal are always more likely to win if we are expected to lose easily (well, we used to think that!) so the big price on offer could be a little tempting in a London derby so early in the season.

Although we haven’t actually won at Stamford Bridge in the League since 2011, our head-to-head record since the Community Shield a year ago has actually been quite respectable and they haven’t beaten us (not even on penalties) in the last six meetings. Let’s have a look.(courtesy of Soccerway)…

Looking at that record with the amount of draws at 90 minutes, you could argue that betting on it to be a stalemate would look like good value at around 3/1, and perhaps that would be the best we could hope for at the moment. I would certainly be happy with that right now, and of course a spirited performance from the Gunners.

Because of the Bergkamp effect (see my logo at the top of the page), Arsenal have always been favoured on Dutch betting sites, but even they don’t fancy our chances either. But all is not lost, as I am looking for a big value bet. Although Chelsea may be hot favourites to win the game, I don’t believe that Alvaro Morata or Oli Oli Oli are as good as our hitmen of Aubameyang and Lacazette, and a price of 6/1 for Pierre-Emerick to score first is a very good 6/1. It only takes one moment of brilliance…..

What do you think is a good bet?


41 thoughts on “Chelsea v Arsenal betting Preview – Backing Arsenal need not be a lost cause after all..

  1. Zaidy James

    Callum Hudson odoi, coming on for Chelsea at the 75th minute to attack a tired bellerin. Don’t think I’ll be watching this game.

      1. Zaidy James

        Yes he might be able to keep up with the speed but its the skill that will kill him. Have seen the last time these to boys met. He ran Bellerin back to pre school.

        1. gotanidea

          Bellerin will not show his true abilities and speed in a friendly

          He is not allowed to tackle in a friendly as well, but he would break Odoi’s leg(s) if they meet again in EPL

          1. Zaidy James

            Don’t be niave and give credit where credit is due. Go watch a video of Odoi v belle and them come back here and tell me what u think. All I’m saying is a tired bellerin that was trying to keep up with hazard all game then still needs to face a fresh and fast odoi….

          2. GunnerJack

            Congratulations! I didn’t think you could post a comment even worse than you normally do but you managed it! This is by far the most stupid comment you have ever made – and that’s saying a lot! Pathetic doesn’t even come close to describing you.

            1. GunnerJack

              Bellerin tackles with all the fury and fight of a feather duster. And gotnoidea has the brains of a feather pillow.

      2. jon fox

        Shame then that he can’t mark, tackle, jump properly, outmuscle anyone, cross accurately in attack and stay in position when we are defending then. Isn’t it!

  2. gotanidea

    If Ozil plays, Chelsea could win easily by targeting him

    Emery has to try to drop any no 10 tactic. Because we don’t have a no 10 that is technically gifted enough to protect the ball and the one that can produce perfect through balls consistently

  3. McLovin

    AMN out for 6-8 weeks. Small fracture.

    Jenkinson out for 6-8 weeks, sprained ankle. Now one will loan him now.

    Kolasinac to return to training in October.

  4. barryglik

    What do fans think about Arsenalfantv
    being forced to change their name?
    I mean ten sports channels
    a hundred pundits 50 blogs like this one
    a thousand news papers and thousands of
    internet outlets give Arsenal criticism.
    Why only Arsenalfantv being forced to change?
    Why can’t they call themselves Gunnerfanstv?
    Now they can only use AFTV which could mean anything
    Aldershot,Aberdeen Atlanta Afghan fantv.
    For such an outspoken organisation they rolled over and died so easy.
    Wonder why they did not take it to court?
    They don’t say anything worse than any one else
    They were either threatened or paid off.
    Love to know what really happened.
    How would you feel if this site had to change to “JUSTA”?

    1. Welbeck

      I think some of the criticism (however fair it may be) coming from AFTV helped to make the Emirates stadium a toxic environment. Fans of other teams regularly tune in to see our own fans tearing into our manager/players. Some of those comments are blatantly disrespectful and wouldn’t be allowed in any other area of life.

      I’m not saying that constructive criticism isn’t justified but you cannot keep insulting humans on a personal level for trying to do their jobs. AFTV is one of the most watched/subscribed Youtube channels on the web.

      I wonder how people feel now that Wenger (a well educated economist) has left the club he cherished so much. It’s almost as if, the values Arsene stood up for have gone… Does anyone miss him yet??

        1. ozziegunner

          I enjoy watching AFTV and find many of the commentators such as Mo, Graham and Lee Judge passionate, but fair, intelligent and even handed in their commentary.
          The same can’t be said for many of the pundits, especially those ex players from Manchester United and Liverpool, who appear to be trying to get back at Arsenal for beatings they received from the good Arsenal sides they faced.
          The attack on Arsenal Fan TV appears to be in line with Kroenke’s compulsory acquisition of the remaining 3% shareholdings, acts of bastardry to stifle any investigation into and comments on the oerations of the Club.

          1. Go ask Alice...

            I subscribed for that channel solely because I thought our club ran it in some capacity. It wasn’t very long before realizing just how wrong I was. I reckon allot of their subscribers believed the very same thing before subbing. Its a bit of a conflict of interest – With the channel boasting a line up of full on AFC supporters – Yet at the same time, the more turmoil and angst within the AFC fan base means their pockets are the better off for it. Conflict of interest if you ask me. The other full on supporters may complain about the prices and such, but they’re all financially, as well as physically supporting their club rather than earn from it. If that was me earning I’d try to be more respectful and thankful than some of them come across. You can be honest in a respectful way depending on your character. In my opinion one of those groups has much more right to criticize and make demands than the other group. That’s my two cents, not saying I’m right, just the way it looks from the outside.

          2. Welbeck

            I can accept that not all of the commentators on AFTV are illiterate, most of the footballing pundits on British TV used to play for our rival teams and they love ripping into us. Michael Owen, Danny Murphy, Alan Shearer and Robbie Savage…. Hmmmm now I’m thinking most of our harshest critics are ex Liverpool players, Mark Lawrenson etc.

      1. jon fox

        How do we feel now WeNGER HAS GONE? THRILLED, DELIGHTED, even orgasmic. I thank God, every morning when I wake and remember he is gone. And countless thousands think the same. Witness the thousands of regularly empty seats that got him sacked. And for a “well educated economist ” to pay£35 mill for Zhaka, means his economy degree was at the University of Mickey Mouse!

        1. Uchman

          it’s only a hater of afc that won’t miss wenger, but till untill emry gives us more than 3 league titles, more than 7 fa cups and more than 7 community shiels,more golden trophies,, beats weger’s 49 matches unbeaten run,wins the champions league , gives us more than 20 years consecutive champions league football, offer us the best brand of football in the league, built a better stadium than the emirate stadium and also build the best training centre with the best facilities in the country , give us better legends than Henry, viera ,kanu, petit, overmers, pires, Freddie, ture,campbel, edu, Gilberto Silva, cecs, rosicky, help, flamini, ozil, Sanchez, Lehman etc, increase our yearly turnover from 400m pounds to 1b pounds,give us a better head to head count against every team in English football, make us the richest and the most valuable club in Engand, then arsene wenger will still remain the best thing that has ever happened to arsenal FC, no amount of propaganda ,abuse, banter and lies will change facts and truths, wenger will still remain the smartest manager in epl history and will still remain the most successful manager in the history of afc,

      2. jon fox

        In other words, they were acting like passionate home and away fans – which the regulars on there ALL are , as you should know. And having paid through the nose for their love and passion for our club and put up with a team who were constantly bullied away last season, as many of Wenger’splayers just don’t care enough -or even at all – they are fully entitled to their say. They arev passionate honest and care. Which is more than anyone can say about our appalling owner and half the team last season(and going back years before). Supporters ARE the club. Not thr team but the CLUB. WITHOUT PASSIONATE FANS EVERY CLUB DIES. THINK ON THIS REALISTIC TRUTH AND RECONSIDER YOUR VIEWS.

    2. McLovin


      What do I think of that? FASCISM. The club want to hide disgruntling like they did at the Emirates Stadium last season with Wenger Out banners being taken down.

      1. stubill

        Of course it’s not fascism, it’s called protecting your employee.

        If someone came into one of my businesses, and put up banners like that, I’d have them removed as well.

        1. jon fox

          Stubil , and if your employees treated THEIR customers with the contempt shown by WENGER, KROENKE AND HALF THE TEAM , YOUR BUSINESS WOULD SOON BE BROKE. Think on fella! Our club regime were so completely arrogant and uncaring about our marvellous fans, because they know that, unlike normal businesses, our fans can NOT go elsewhere. That faith deserves care and to be treasured , not arrogance and contempt. This is, in part, why so many top flight clubs are corrupt. Eventually half the season ticket holders turned on the club they love and the club, only THEN, sacked Wenger. WHAT A SHAME OUR OWNER WOULDN’T SACK HIMSELF!

    3. dan

      because it was an absolut joke and an embarrasment. who would want to be associated with the fools on there. rival fans watching it to laugh at us. the people on it could not string a sentence together blud blud blud , i mean what the hell is that.

      1. Welbeck

        Exactly this Dan….. They managed to get the most illiterate street boys who couldn’t string a reasonable sentence together to (mis)represent the club. If you speak like a street urchin you can’t expect to be taken seriously.

    4. Danny Mc

      Because the whole thing was a total embarrassment. Made us a bigger laughing stock fools shouting and screaming blud blud blud ….could not string one sentence together between the lot of them. I’m glad it’s changed , giving air time to fools has nothing to do with football

  5. Wolfgang

    How did RM win the cl? By neutralizing Salah.How? Well the RM defender
    was involved in a so called innocuous tackle which resulted in the Egyptian
    being less than dangerous by at least 50%.
    Emery must do do something like this legally. There are many gray/grey areas which can be exploited. The Chelsea main strikers must not be isolated otherwise I believe the gunners lose since the defence is still finding its way.

    1. gotanidea

      Agree, that is what they call “professional foul” a.k.a play little dirty

      Arsenal have to be able to contain Chelsea’s explosive wingers (Pedro, Willian, Hazard, Odoi etc)

      Otherwise those fast attackers would give Arsenal a Sterling’s treatment

      1. Welbeck

        Maybe Emery can do a “Mourinho” and choose players/formation/tactics just for specific opponents. That would be a massive improvement. For example, A midfield of Torreira, Elneny and Ramsey (yes Rambo is a very effective AM/CM), gives Arsenal good runners in midfield. I would put The Cassette (who remembers TDK/BASF 90 radio recordings??) as a striker with Aubameyang on the left and Welbeck on the right (or vice versa). You all know Welbeck gives energy to the team and he can defend. Our defence pretty much picks itself at this moment.

      2. McLovin

        Stephan Lichsteiner is great at that, mark my words. He will bring a bit of nastiness into our play.

        1. Welbeck

          McLooooooooovin…. From what I’ve seen, Lichtsteiner is no nonsense kind of defender who isn’t afraid to bully opposing players (we used to get slaughtered by media/fans alike for having “soft” players). I like Gabriel for that same reason and I was sorry to see him shipped out. He always gave it back to opposing teams. He was our modern day Keown, a downright nasty B@r Steward!!!

  6. Danny Mc

    I’m glad arsenal fan tv was forced to change name . Total embaressment the fools on there could not put one sentence together . All that blud blud blud what a joke .

    1. ozziegunner

      Danny, regardless of the name change people will still watch it. You of course are free not to do so.

  7. Andrew E

    I am so upset about Maitland-Niles’ injury because he worked so hard to get into the main squad. However I have no doubt he has the character to get back to where he was in the squad, he is definitely one for the future of this club and I think Emery knows it.

    Regarding the Chelsea game, I would be happy with a draw as we are still in a learning curve adapting to Emery’s new system. Maybe he will just shut up shop (after Man C) to give the system more time to work?

  8. herb

    If only Emery could play 3-5-2 formation against Chelsea!!!!!


    With this lineup I would be 1000% sure of an Arsenal win, but play the same lineup he used against city and i am sorry to say i can only see one winner (Chelsea) with a margin of 3+ goals.
    1. I choose Iwobi because he’s the only midfielder in Arsenal NOW who can hold the ball better
    2. Mkitaryan >>>>> Ozil and he has never and will never be a winger…. Arsenal is just copying Mourinho’s stupid tactics of playing him in that position.

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