Chelsea v Arsenal match preview and predicted score

Chelsea v Arsenal – The Gunners can win – but will they?

To be absolutely honest I have no idea what to expect from Arsenal at Stamford Bridge tonight. We could see another shocker as we have done many times this season or we could see a repeat of the performance against Man Utd or the 80 minutes against the Blues just a couple of weeks ago.

The lack of consistency from Arsenal, under all three managers this season has been the only consistent thing about this team and that has impacted confidence within the team and in the stands.

It does help that Chelsea are just as inconsistent, that does give hope of a positive result but that is all we have right now, hope.

Arsenal can match Chelsea, they proved that in the game at the Emirates and one can point to some very bad refereeing and lack of concentration at the end as mitigation and so on a positive note, Arsenal can beat Frank Lampard’s men. It is not as if we are playing Liverpool at Anfield.

The defence is better, yes they make the odd howler but nothing compared to what it was like. The midfield is doing far better, especially Granit Xhaka and Lucas Torreira, though lack of creativity remains an issue.

Without Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang the attack is blunted but Gabriel Martinelli is a potent threat, as much as Chelsea’s Tammy Abraham I would suggest.

So the ingredients are there, but if the mentality is wrong then a defeat looms.

For me, everything will depend on how Mikel Arteta approaches the game. If he sends the players out to defend and hope for a Newcastle United snatch and grab, then do not be surprised if the Blues put Arsenal to the sword. However, if Arteta sends them out to have a right go and be on the front foot then they have a good chance of picking up all three points.

The Chelsea midfield, on paper, is strong but they have been found wanting this season, their defence is not of the highest quality by any stretch of the imagination and they are not much better at creativity this season than Arsenal, so the opportunity is definitely there to register a win at the Bridge.

On balance, I would suggest that a draw is probably the most likely outcome and that is what I am predicting for the game.

Predicted score

Chelsea 1-1 Arsenal

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  1. Kev82 says:

    0-0 1-1 2-2 or 3-3 it’s bound to be a draw it’s what we do best 😂

  2. Shakir says:

    Chelsea may have not won many games but they have been consistent against the big 6.
    We had a good game against them in the emirates.
    And there are many off the pitch scenes which may increase the tempo and pressure of this game.

    I am going for a win,3-1 Arsenal.The only way Arsenal will win is if they bag up 2 or more goals.And i also think this is the turning point of the season.

    1. Phil says:

      So that’s good for us tonight then-they have lost at home to Bournemouth Southampton and West Ham so why can we not go there and be positive? Isn’t it about time we started drinking from the half-full glass and not the half-Empty one?
      The Chavs have shown this season how much they relied on Hazard and are not the side they were.We dominated them at The Emirates and if it wasn’t for a howler from Leno and a Ref who was probably shagging Jorginho’s wife we would have won that game comfortably.
      Our performances have improved even if the results have not gone our way. We need the players to step up and take the game to the Chavs. They have proved they are not the side they were and are no better than us.

      1. Shakir says:

        Thats so true

  3. gotanidea says:

    I hope the front four would wear their scoring boots tonight

    1. Sylva Olabanji says:


      My exact concern. We are not going to have many chances so it’s important for the Frontline to be clinical. And should Arsenal be leading 1:0 till 82 minutes Arteta should let his players know its better to be concervative and gain points than been adventurous and lose the game.

    2. Sylva Olabanji says:


      My exact concern. We are not going to have many chances so it’s important for the Frontline to be clinical. And should Arsenal be leading 1:0 till 82 minutes Arteta should let his players know its better to be concervative, compact and gain points than been adventurous and lose the game. The defenders should not also lose concentration. A lose won’t write Arteta’s name in glory.

  4. Cliff says:

    Sometimes I feel like we the Arsenal fans are hypocrites. Who on earth doesn’t know our team is poor to the core,the worst group I have seen in ages.
    You may lose your memory trying to figure out when we last won a match at anfield,Trafford, lane &the bridge.We actually can count the number of matches we have won this season.
    So coming here with some theories on how we can beat Chelsea in our current state is just unrealistic & hypocritical because the players we saw against Sheffield are the same we see today. At our best we can match that result or it can be worse.
    Let’s face it,if we can’t improve this team personnel wise we should forget registering a convincing win in the EPL even against the bottom team.
    I can’t wait to see the back of this season.

  5. Ali says:

    Arsenal 2 Chelsea 1

  6. JoeyVarkas says:

    I doubt our mentality this season,, it would take a long time to eradicate the weak mentality in the team. Against Chelsea the most realistic result is a Chelsea win,, A draw would shock me to be honest..

  7. Reggie says:

    This is a must win game, a loss would be a disaster, we need to start winning and Arteta needs to start winning, we have been distinctly average under Arteta, our results have been no better than under Emery, in fact, there is an argument that they have been worse, regardless of how people say we have looked on the face of it. Underneath we have been no better at getting results than we had before.

    1. AUBA_14 says:

      How can you make conclusions on MA when the guy took a relegation team with average players and the worst mentality and tried to work with that in such a short period?
      You fans just amaze me sometimes!

      1. Reggie says:

        Anymore excuses for our none improvement. Dare i mention relegation threatened Watford’s impovement in results since their new manager.

        1. Highbury44 says:

          Well said

        2. SueP says:

          I have to disagree with you to the extent that under Emery’s last 5 league games, Arsenal had more goals scored against them than under Arteta’s 5 and some of those were against teams that were propping up the league at the time. Improvements have been made. The team just don’t lay down and give up like they used to and are more organised.
          I can’t argue with you over Watford. Pearson has done very well indeed and did so at Leicester.

          1. Reggie says:

            Sue, but are we getting anymore points under Arteta than Emery, that was the plan.

        3. SueP says:

          Me being me, I did look up the last 5 matches points tally for both Emery and Arteta. Emery lost 2 and drew 3 = 3 points. Arteta has drawn 3 and won 1 and lost 1 = 6 points so whilst this doesn’t account for the quality of each team played Arteta is ahead on points.

          1. Reggie says:

            Oh well, onwards and upwards then Sue. But i might add, a loss tonight would mean 1 win in 6 games with 2 losses. So lets hope for a win.

          2. Reggie says:

            I may be wrong but i think the 6th game for Emery was a 1-0 win,Bournemouth, so a defeat would give them virtually an identical record. So lets hope its a win tonight.

        4. Quincy Okereke says:

          You can go support watford Bru.. I don’t think Arsenal will miss you much.. You have never had nothing but complains since Arteta got appointed.. You don’t have to be here and support Arsenal hey Liverpool is doing well go support them you might probably win the league.. We know where we are we have seen the improvements we are not getting the results yet but like everything solid it takes a bit of time.. I am ready to support our till it comes and I know from the comments a lot of Gunners here can feel good times coming again.. I don’t want to read any more senseless slandering on the team from you if you can not analyze and constructively critique go support another club enough of the negative vibe.. Arsenal all the way!!!

          1. Reggie says:

            Quincy, what an absolute load of anti opinion that i have ever read. I have an opinion just like you, i express it just like you, it isnt and hasn’t been anti Arteta at all, it been level headed and realistic. I doubt very much you have read all my posts but if you dont read another one, it wont be a miss. Accept people have opinions and it might be different to yours and that can be debated, quite right too but if you cant accept that there is varying opinions then you are on the wrong site. And by the way im hoping for a win tonight.

        5. SueP says:

          Now I really know that you are splitting hairs here!!
          Definitely onward and upwards. I don’t post on here to fall out with people and I have no intention of doing so with you.
          Let’s all hold hands, in a circle, shut our eyes and will a Gunners win tonight. I know it will transfer to the team (smiley face emoji here)

          1. Reggie says:

            Sue, you came back with facts and opinion, thats what we are here for.

          2. Reggie says:

            And im holding your hand in that circle Sue, metaphorically speaking, and im going hummmmm. Is that right.

        6. SueP says:

          Yep, I’m feeling the vibes

  8. Chuxzzy1 says:

    Chelsea themselves aren’t that good this season so why won’t an arsenal fan be optimistic of a good result today..coyg you can do this

  9. Chuxzzy1 says:

    Enough of the sleep its time to wakeup Laca..This Chelsea team are so damn beatable

  10. SAGooner says:

    With a front line of Martinelli, Nketiah and Pepe I would give us a chance to win, but not with Lacazette. However, MA is not likely to do that.

    1. Innit says:

      Lacazette is better than Nketiah

  11. Innit says:

    0-1 to Chelsea
    Goal by Tammy

    I’d be happy with a draw

  12. Tom says:

    The heart says 1-2 but the head says 3-1.

    One thing is for sure, we hare not been at full strength for the whole season and at some point we need to take a risk to change the status quo.

    If bellerin is fit, pick him. The rest of the team picks itself But I dont know if the players are working on full capacity or if they are low in the tank….but they have my support nonetheless.

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