Chelsea v Arsenal Review – Creators v Predators

Creators Vs Predators: The Arsenal Dilemma by ElusiveArsenal

When writing an article after an Arsenal match. I find staying off Twitter and taking an hour off to cool down absolutely necessary. Without that, most of this would be filled with curses and rants directed at everyone from the manager to the players to the irritating fans.

I think it’s a sign of the times when a loss to Chelsea is seen as an ‘improvement’ over last season’s match. Sure, we started well, passed well and all that… but that was it. We passed well. Once again, we were caught in the same trap of passing in front of the opposition’s defence with no purpose or cut. It says it all when Podolski’s late cross was more or less the first time we put a decent ball in from wide positions.

I once said having Jack, Ramsey and Ozil on the same pitch was a mistake that should never be repeated. Then injury takes Ramsey out and we were lucky enough to witness Ozil in the middle with Welbeck, Ox and Sanchez around him. We destroyed Villa and Gala with similar lineups, but as always it seems Arsene just plain refuses to learn from mistakes.

Throughout this season, whenever Ozil was pushed out wide, he had underwhelming performances, but the few occasions he was played in the middle he shone like a star drawing plaudits from everyone. It is because of this consistent trend that I will never judge the German on his performance as long as he is on the wing. Because: HE IS NO WINGER!
Now I agree we should not have bought Cesc 100% but Wenger’s reasoning that we already have Ozil is rendered mute when the German has started only two matches this entire season down the middle; One of which was in the EPL.
But enough of the general rant. Let’s take a look at this match. Here are five standout points:

Referees Vs Arsenal:
Two matches in a row. Two leg break challenges in a row. Both yellow cards. Oscar’s persistent challenges result in a 78th minute yellow after numerous cynical tackles. Handball denied, and overall poor game from the ref. Arsenal players will continue to get injured until they receive a fraction of the protection other big clubs receive from referees.

Too many Creators, Not enough Predators:
Most fans agree that the ideal line-up is having three runners ahead of an astute provider. We had that in Sanchez-Welbeck-Chamberlain behind Ozil mid-week and they ran rampant on Gala. However, this week, we fielded Ozil and Sanchez on the wings with Cazorla in the middle. Sometimes turning into a 4-1-4-1 with Wilshere sharing space with Cazorla. Problem with this selection was the complete nullification of any wing play which is what Chelsea kept using to stretch the Arsenal defence. With too many creators looking to squeeze the perfect pass through the middle, we were quite predictable and Chelsea defenders were all too happy to let us pass in front as long as we did not attempt to go behind. A lack of willing runners also meant that there were no through balls to be had either.

Strange Substititons
Cazorla and Wilshere were quite easily the best Arsenal players on the pitch. Granted it took a bit longer for Wilshere to grow into the game but by the second half, he was beginning to boss proceedings. Hung out to dry on the left, it was always impossible for Ozil to put his stamp on the game and his frustration showed more as time wore on. He should have been off very early for Oxlade Chamberlain, but as with the Southampton match, if Wenger decides he likes a player, they can do absolutely nothing and still stay on: a la Podolski. Once Cazorla was taken off, our attacking game stumbled, then it was absolutely murdered when Wilshere was taken off. A hungry wild card like Joel Campbell would have been preferable to Podolski: the only Arsenal player with worse work-rate then Ozil.

There WAS something positive:
For all the hate and bile poured into this article, I must admit that there were positives to be taken from this match. Chambers absolutely refused to be bullied down his side even after he got a yellow. Another solid performance from the lad. We did create a few chances and if Wilshere’s control was slightly better, we might have been 1-1 or even better. We weren’t outplayed and was a pretty even contest until Cazorla was taken off… and oh yeah, Wenger shoved Mourinho.

Fans.. fickle as flies:
This match demonstrated the problem with our current state fan-wise with lots of fans spewing absolute garbage about Ozil, Wilshere and Welbeck all game long even though they Ozil was hailed as a hero few days ago. It’s time we got behind the team and recognize when a defeat is the manager’s fault and not the players..

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  1. Even if we had all the players we needed as well as the quality, we still be in the same situation (or may be better) because Wenger is the ultimate problem.
    You cannot have a manager who still believes that having most of the possession should win you the game… That is not part of the logic in football anymore (well in modern football).
    You have to be tactical and work on drills and set ups in training.
    Those players cannot deliver descent corners all game! Are they working them in training?
    Set pieces are just pitiful! Are they working them in training?

    Again, Fabregas showed his quality and opened us up at the end… Easy !

    1. Even if we manage to buy Messi and Ronaldo, Arsenal would still lose to the likes of Moro and his Chelsea team. Wenger failed to beat Moro even once in his life, how pathetic is that?

      We are ritually Chelseas B*tch.

        1. haha true..while defending Mert seems to pick and choose what is worthy of defending and leave the rest for the boss to clean up! Along with a DM, we need a world class CB- easier said than done though!

    2. referee once again was player of the match but no one can take the blame from wenger he is the most poor tactician i know of among top managers even the invicibles couldn’t do a thing in the champions league.

    3. Jeez man everyones got an opinion. Arsenal played well yesterday and were unlucky not to get a goal or something from the game. Wenger isnt the problem, everyone loves to label him and ozil as a scapegoat. Its that Arsenal are never going to shell out the fees and quantity of fees that Chelsea do. His tactics worked for the most part yesterday, Ozil did play well (watch the game twice and youll see) and we were close to giving Chelsea a scare. Wenger isnt leaving anytime soon, so get behind him and the players. This obviously isnt the best start to the season, but it can only get better. COYG

      1. Pal, that really cracked me up when I read it. Wtf? “A to B”, is that some kongfu move or what?

  2. 1. Bar Alan Pardew…..I honestly think Wenger is the worst tactician in the EPL right now. We had NO game plan!! Just passing the ball around aimlessly….hoping to create an open. Even if we lost the match, there should have been shots on targets for us.

    2. Imagine if kosch had gotten a red card….our next back 4 would’ve been Gibbs, Per, ______ and Bellerin??? We have NO defensive cover. NO proper CDM and we honestly expect to get top 4? Be realistic. The squad is too thin and January might jst be too late.

    1. Are you some sort of manager? Because this mans been around the game for all his life, he knows his tactics, he tried to adapt vs chelsea. Arsenal sat back and let chelsea come to them and were unlucky in this game, on a different day this game could have been flipped on its head. Everyone loves to critisize, but maybe come up with something constructive, the window is closed so get over it. We will get the top 4, everyone says that every year and we do, maybe we should be striving for more, but I think well have a good year this year.

  3. I started to support arsenal is because of wenger. He changed the game played, is so nice to watch. Nowadays how we played, back pass, side pass till opponents start to pack their half than we start to pass the ball into the net. That how we played most of the time.

    What happen to wenger? Is he don’t have players he want? Or his is still finding the new play?

    Nobody is perfect. Wenger good point can be his bad point too. The royalty to the player he like, kill arsenal and fans.

    My observations to wenger that what priority he take as a manager.

    1. The board financial requirements.
    2. The particular players he want to achieve with,
    he will stick to him all the way.
    3. His ego.
    4. Fans.

  4. Can some one tell me why 4 -1 mid week Ozil in middle Oxy wide then he changes it a game that had Welbeck running at the goal keeper scores hatrick and then he plays Ozil on the right never touched the ball for 20 minutes and not one shot or attempt at goal The man Wenger has lost it surely he can’t keep changing things and just play the way he wants It wouldn’t mater who he buys he will still play that person out off position it’s like he thinks he knows best about a player like Ozil who is a play maker not a tackler has not played that way ever is it just me or am I barking up the wrong tree CB

  5. It is appalling how fans prefer the manager to be on the field to do what these well paid players are paid to do. fans also, fail to realise the manager doesn’t play ozil in the middle in physical & reckless hard-tackle games. It up to ozil to do what manager told him, plus extras if possible. if wilshere and szcesney were progressing ambitiously arsenal will not be in this peculiar mess on the bridge.

    1. First, Wenger is very well paid too.. and he should go to Stamford Bridge realising that Mourinho has a strategy for playing his Arsenal way… It is up to Wenger to out think the oppositions manager before a ball is kicked.. In defence of specific players, who sometimes shouldn’t be defended so readily, Mourinho, has beaten many Wenger teams with many different players over the years. Personally, it would seem that Mourinho does his research and adapts team, formation selection to suit. Wenger on the other hand makes it easy for him by not altering his tactical approach. Chelsea’s plan was to keep Ozil and Alexis quite – that they di.

    2. Oscar just as lightweight as Ozil, still manged to step up to the plate in that match. And if Ozil is too lightweight for the game, then bench him. Why is he on the wing in the first place instead of Ox? Its because Wenger dont know what he’s doing anymore and nor do the players. All they do is uselessly pass around the ball, dont shoot even when theres an opening. Its ridiculous to watch.

      1. Lightweight or not oscar made quite a few crunching tackles in the game. Unfair to expect ozil to do the same. At least for the last game, i will not put the blame just on Ozil- to be honest our offensive play hasn’t got going!
        In all honesty, let’s reset our expectations from ozil. He is someone who will always play- never win a game for us on his own. Once in a while will provide a few assists!

        I have this feeling that this season is make or break for both ozil and wenger; but unfortunately in the process, we will again be scraping for 4th !

    3. Now that is a silly statement Rich you never move a player out of position to protect him Ozil has the brain and know how to pass in a flash just like Berkamp if that’s the case then Ceck the Chelsea keeper would play wide to keep him from hurting his head CB

  6. Wenger himself should retire at the end of this season, has done remarkable job but time is up now. Jurgen klopp must take his place.. Then buy world class Reus, strong DM khedira/ Schneiderlin, top class defender hummels and sign young versatile defender some one like fabian schar who can play at all defensive positions because injuries can hurt us at any time and sell arteta, podolski(wants to leave) etc and other liablity players.. This is almost every arsenal fan’s wish to buy top quality players… Then here we go.. COYG!!

    1. Yeah imagine this set of fans with Klopp – a manager who has just overseen his 4th Bundesliga defeat in 7 matches.


    1. leaving with FA Cup just made sense. Wenger finally redeemed himself, but is now going to walk out a loser for sure. No way we are winning UCL or league under this man. FA Cup was his only shot, and it took him 9 years to win that trophy again.

  8. I love all our players but sorry to say this Wilshere and Ozil can be really frustrating to watch sometimes.

    Ozil is not living up to his price tag and don’t give me that been played out of position bull. Madrid fans warned of this when they sold him and has come apparent now, his not a big game player and has lost that hunger in the past few years. His not the Ozil that played in South Africa 2010, what a player that was. He performs better in a star studied team, had Ozil joined city Chelsea he would have been brilliant because the rest of the team would have bursting their gats for him and his sole responsibility would be to provide a killer pass, BUT having sais this Cesc, Silver, Xavi, etc are not high energy or tough play makers but they put in there best even when the chips are down and they actually put in a fight and show desire. His earned the stick his been getting to be honest and realistic here, we are always bashing players like OG time for our highest paid play to get some too. Step up Ozil or let other players take your spot!!!

    How I miss last seasons Rambo in times like this, Jack is not just good enough and Wenger should realize that because as things stand will end up trophy less come end of the season. Our team is never balanced when his on and he doesn’t seem to learn from his mistakes. Jack should be relegated to the bench and should be brought in the 2nd half or should be started against small teams. His not the best team player and his always trying to win the game himself than sticking to his primary role depending on where he is been played.

    If we could get new coach most of these players would be sold off or dropped. Our better players would improve massively too and we could actually have a full squad for once. Win or loose I have lost all hope in Wenger now and its not only based on yesterday.

    Here’s fun idea, at the beginning of the season why don’t we just concede 6 points against Chelsea than go through the misery of our fight less team play against us. Wenger people are laughing at us for your silly mistake!!!

  9. Nah. It may be Wenger but I doubt it. Is time for us to admit the cold truth: bar 1-2 players the whole team is a bunch of pussies. Artists. More interested in their hair than putting the bone to the bone. A team of Beckhams reading tattoo’s folders and cologne offers instead of the fuc king whiteboard in the dressing room.
    Where the fu ck was that big mouth Podolski yesterday? Want a change. Fine, how about playing something for a change? Rosicky looks happy he will be around for a season. Diaby is checking his bags for the summer sale and Ramsey pulls a hamstring because he couldn’t hold a fart.
    Bunch of pussies I tell you. And yes, Wenger has to do something with that because he does not bench them when they deserve. Put the kids in the field ffs. At least we have an excuse for losing.
    Chambers is off so Bellering is going to have his first EPL appearence. I bet he’s also surprised the moment came so early. 7 fu cking games. SEVEN! and we already have trouble with the yellows.
    Get Milner if we missed on Medel and send Arteta in front, He deserves it after all these years Wenger tried to convert him in a CDM. Give the man his moment.
    I don’t even talk about Ozil. He will be ok hopefully but physically he should not fare in the Premier League unless he works on his strength.
    I am too upset about a game we shouldnt suppose to lose so I stop here.

    1. Where i come from there is a saying ” fish starts smelling from its head” means the stink that is coming from Arsenal is coming from the top.

      Arsene Is the main problem with Arsenal, this is his team. He bought every single player in the team, none were bought by other managers. He had 18 years to mold the team the way he wanted and this is what he got. He truly is a specialist in failure.

      He bought the players
      He chose his staff
      He trains the players
      He motivates the players
      He gives them the tactics
      He chooses who to play and where to play them
      He makes substitutions in the games

      This is 100% his team, he built it with his bare hands, and the best he can get is 4th place year in year out.

      Stop making excuses for Wenger and see the reality.

      1. That is bang on, and many of those who support Wenger and blame players should take this to heart. I think Ozil is a fantastic player, but everyone especially Wenger knows he is a “delicate flower”. He has to be used correctly, and not for certain types of games, as Mourinho did. When he is played, the team needs to be built so as to play around him. Yet even though he doesn’t suit the role Wenger gives him on the wings Wenger persists in playing him there. That is the purest example of poor management.

      2. 100% correct. Dont get how someone can blame the players for being lightweight yet not blame the manager. Arsene brought every one of those players in. He formed this team.

      3. I don’t make excuses for Wenger as in my eyes the manager is the first responsible for the result. What I am commenting about is the fu cking attitude of the players. Is Wenger showing them how to run? Is Wenger showing them how to shoot? This is fu cking basics and if you don’t understand that then you should probably move your arse to the next football pitch and try to play a game.
        Tactics? What was wrong yesterday until Koscielny conceded the penalty? All of them were very well positioned on the pitch but instead of fouling when Hazard was out of the box we have allowed him to move. Terry would have been breaking the legs of Welbeck well before he could enter in the box in case Welbeck passed Matic.
        Ozil will never play ball in the EPL if he’s not allowed to roam whenever he wants. The moment he was in the middle Matic and Cahill were breaking his spine, don’t say you haven’t seen that.
        Yes, this is a team built by Wenger so I don’t fu cking understand why are you complaining. Why not bashing Wenger when he bought Ozil or Podolski? Is easy to talk after the facts. Have you seen Lyon-Lille yesterday? Lille had 11 !!!!!!! players injured. Talk about bad luck. Debuchy, Ramsey and Giroud fell without even touching the ball. That is bad luck. Maybe Wenger is cursed and only thing to do is to leave the premises but not like that, not after 7 games when we miss half a team for things out of his reach.

        1. the other apparent issue is that the arsenal players are nice lads! people like cazorla, Ozil etc do not foul or get aggressive ! we all know what fabregas does- why did we not try to nullify him?

          It is embarassing when every pundit says that breaking down arsenal is simple- snap at their heels, push and shove them and they lose their game. Does it take a manager 17 years to realize that and make amends! what the f***k is going on ????

        2. @ Budd I really dont understand what you are saying. You stopped making sense a long time ago but this last comment – and i read it twice- makes no sense at all.

          Of course he teaches the players how to run and shoot, that is what training means. Yes ofcourse he teaches basics, that is what training is.

          And lets just say he doesnt teach these things, he is the one who bought the players who cant run and shoot.

          He is the one who can not motivate his team.

          Give our squad to Moutinho, give him 30M in January window, allow him to sell who ever he want and watch what he does with this team in a season.

          He filled all of Chelsea’s holes in two transfer seasons without spending more than Arsenal. And sold Mata and Louis for 85M

          A real manager should get the best out of his squad, look at Klopp, look at Simeone.

          Dont tell me Atletico Madrid has better players, better shooters, and runners they are just simply better managed.

  10. For next season if it happens somehow INSHAA LLAH THEN we all be happy:
    Ospina/ Sir Shesny Debuchy/schar/ bellerin hummels/per kos/chambers gibbs/monreal/ schar khedira/ schneiderlin/ chambers ramsey/ wilshere Walcott/ OX/gnabry Ozil/Cazorla Reus/Sanchez Sanchez/welbeck/giroud…
    Manager: Jurgen klopp
    formation: 4-2-3-1 style: gegen pressing… We will kick Mourinho’s ass with this team, top class & enthusiastic manager, formation, style next season INSHAA ALLAH…

  11. I believe that the biggest problem for us is that we are to soft in the CDM position. We needed a Matic or Fernando type player this summer.

    However, yesterday we did not really play too bad (or as bad as some fans are making it sound). Chelsea defended brilliantly. I really liked the way Ivanovic was giving nothing away to Sanchez. Would have loved to have Ivanovic in our team.

    Nevertheless, we need to put the disappointment behind us and move on. COYG

  12. Pitiful it is indeed when you watch Ozil try to dribble and lose the ball in the process. He just gives up and looks forlorn. I really hate that. That dude should man-up.

    1. Ozil will get a wakeup call but it will be from Joachim Low, not Wenger. Low was at the game yesterday and Schurrle, Ozil, & Podolski were being judged. If Wenger can’t talk to Ozil & get him fired up I’ll bet Joachim can/will with the threat of his international team duties. Playing out of position DOES NOT justify lack of effort, constantly losing the ball & looking forlorn all game.

  13. It seems to be another season for nothing… Well, trophies wise.
    It is still football and we will gladly watch it despite the frustrations and the subsequent downs.

    I am just worried we might not get top four (even if it is still early).

    On an other note, every time I watch match of the day or BT programs, I am always surprised to see Robbie Savage as a pundit or so called “specialist”.
    This country is just amazing me day after day.
    The guy was at his best, an average player and he gives technical comments and “advises” on post match games (like Jamie Redknapp who has graced the medical room more than anybody)… lol
    Anything is possible when you have a load mouth and you play the twat…!!
    Look at Joey Barton, a twitter freak giving his opinions on football behaviours and tactics…lol
    Paul Scholes suddenly found his voice and can now talk about what he thinks about the new breed of footballers.
    I can say that I have seen everything in football in terms of low downs.

  14. Why i like klopp? Because of his reputation as currently among the top managers of europe in the list of mourinho,simeone,guardiola,ancelloti etc.. Also love klopp’s tactics and style gegen-pressing.. This playing style can win us the league and hopefully champions league with talented and hardworking team as mentioned above my team in previous comment.. I am anxiously waiting for klopp to succeed our beloved wenger to raise us again to our past heights like invincibles and make us i-e Arsenal as a strong force all over europe and world INSHAA ALLAH.. I just want my team Arsenal to be at top over all teams thats it… No more excuses, i want my team to be the best again and people love and enjoy watching them.. COYG.. Coming from hopeful fan from pakistan Raja Danish…

  15. In terms of the challenges I think sure it was bad but welbeck did exactly the same to cesc. Can’t be blaming everything on third parties as much as I’d have liked it to have been a pen for the handball, it was 50/50 some refs would give and some not. For me I’d feel aggrieved if we had one against us for one of our players blocking in the same fashion.

    We were out played and out thought by JM as always.

    It’s sad that it is all we can expect is fourth place.

  16. It’s a tough job being an Arsenal fan having to deal with Wenger. Most of the time he frustrates you by not signing the right players, not playing right formation not winning trophies. Then once in a while he will buy a top player like Ozil, Sanchez; once in a while the right formation like Galatasaray match, once in a while we win a trophy like FA Cup this year. It’s almost like he lives to frustrate us.

  17. Wenger will never resign. The current state of arsenal family, the board, staffs and players, they are all feel comfort as what they have now only the fans feel other wise. Everyone in comfort zone, know even injured, lost of form, no trophy, their rice bow is secured.

    If you want to be an arsenal fans, you have to lower your expectations, just follow, win loose or draw, no passion, nothing.

  18. Look, we have an amazing team of players. Yes we are missing a few players to complete the puzzle. But the biggest issue is our team balance. That is why no one is performing exceptional for more than one game. Its about the balance in the team. Ramsey, Wilshere and Arteta are put into the starting XI each time. For some reason Wenger feels he needs to accommodate every one of our midfielders.

  19. our tactics worked well for 35 mins it’s just that chelski 1-2 moment of brilliance that made the difference costa/fabre gas was quiet for most part of the game again matic showed what we are missing it’s a long wait till international break gets over + we will have theo/arteta/ramsey/gnabry back after that & if we an do well till jan & make new additions we can still win it but it’s down 2 wenger

  20. I saw an article on this site saying we were preserving/saving diaby for chelski game how long will he occupy a pos. within the squad this has gone far too long we need to move on release him from his contract & get kodgobia/lars bender/schendrlin not more LANS (like a new singing)
    the entire squad has 2 pay price for one individual

  21. I actually thought we played a good game, due to some individual brilliance they got a goal, Wilshere actually did a good job on Fab (until later in the game) got caught playing a high line again and quite flat.

    My thought was if we planned to go for it play the Gala line up and put a more defensive player in cazorla position such as hayden or coquelin, not a fan of wilshere playing there , was really disappointed in Ozil thought it was a game he could show his class, yes he was played wide but he got into some good positions, falling over on several occasions with the slightest of touches, he needs to be stronger on his ball or sit on the bench til he gets that ability, Ssanchez also was disappointing lost to much ball to chelsea rightback

  22. I just hate it when we lose and people on here starting slagging the team off, how can you not see an improvement in the team? there’s no point slagging Wenger for a tactical mistake, because his approach yesterday was different. last year, Liverpool away and Chelsea away arsenal played with two wingers including OX and as they boombed forward they left no protection, and we know what happened in both of those matches. Mourinho is very good against big teams. He knows how to organise his team and he can play defensive if it needs bit, even Pellegrini a man with arguably the best team in the premier league has failed to beat Mourinho at the Etihad last time out, so it just proves how good Mourinho is, like it or not, he knows what is doing. It’s such as a shame, that Arsene doesn’t apply the same methods. Mourinho set his team up to the opposition strengths. However, in my view, Wenger put the best possible team out there yesterday, it’s okay to critise him why didn’t he play O blahh blahh , however In my view he didn’t start OX because of the team balance, he wanted people who are good on the ball, can keep hold of the ball and pass around each other and hopefully create spaces, which didn’t happen a lot, I understand that, but by playing OX and Sanchez, this meant that on the break Arsenal would have had 5-6 players getting to the opposition half, which if the ball broke it would have been easier for Fabregas to get the ball look up and pick any pass and he wants, which would have seen us lose maybe to the same score line as last year. I know he played OX and Sanchez during midweek but Galatasaray are an offensive team not like Chelsea in this game. It’s alright slagging the team off or tactics off, but you need to understand to what extent. I’m not saying Wenger is perfect because he’s not. If that was me, I would play a defensive game, let Chelsea have the ball, as the home team, they would have had to come at us, but in the end it was the opposite, which is a frustration. Surely Steve Bould would tell Wenger………….

    Anyway Gooners keep the posivitives, Arsenal would do well this season, although I cant Chelsea losing a game this season, I hope Arsenal can get all the players back to fitness and hopefully challenge now…. couple of good games coming up and hopefully Arsenal can get loads of points and hope for others to start dropping some

  23. Watched the game with my housemate who supports Chelsea. It’s embarrassing. Never looked like winning anything result was always going to go one way, I know everyone will say well Chelsea has been flush with money, but where was spending this “warchest” last window? Same bullshit every year in the transfer windows. Sanchez is a good signing but when you look at who we bought them from he was probably there 7/8th best player. Result yesterday was only gonna go one way which shouldn’t be the case. What really annoys me is Wenger being so stubborn to realise that football has moved on, can’t rely solely on possession as when we don’t have it we are useless. Wish we would set up different for the big games but Wenger is intent on his same bullshit that hasn’t worked for 9 years. Fresh ideas are needed quickly before we drop out the top four (which Wenger seems to be adamant is impressive). How do we go from being top of the table to only just hanging onto champions league spot?

  24. how can we be nine points behind chelsea already and it is still early october . out of a possible 21 points we have 10 points and chelsea have 19 . and yet some poor fans on here still insist that arsenal can win the league ! , yes , win the league . hahahahahahahahahahahaha . oh dear , love the possitivity fellas but hate the blinkered realism .

  25. Yesterday was a good opportunity to unleash Joel Campbell. He’s virtually unknown in the EPL and the Chelsea defenders won’t know how to handle him. Could have been a masterstroke…

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