Chelsea v Arsenal Review – Great comeback but a poor performance by the Gunners

Match review against Chelsea

Arsenal faced off against across town rivals Chelsea on Saturday night and was really a game of two halves. Arsenal returned from the international break looking a tad sloppy and sluggish and not like the team we saw triumph a win over Manchester City two weeks ago.

Arsenal started the game against Chelsea on the back foot, Chelsea who have been really struggling to get into form this season, came out of the tunnel raring to go and with a lot of energy that I think caught Arteta and Arsenal off guard. It took only 15 minutes for the home side to go in front, after a header from Mudryk hit the arm of William Saliba and after a quick VAR check, it was given as a penalty. Cole Palmer stepped up for Chelsea and slotted the ball into the bottom right-hand corner of David Raya’s net.

Arsenal hadn’t even found their feet yet and we were already 1-0 behind and looked like they lacked the tempo in the first half to get back into the game. Although we had a few chances and most of the ball, we still looked like the weaker team and just not as organised has Pochettino’s Chelsea, who were keeping a solid line of defence that Arsenal couldn’t seem to break through. Going into the tunnel at half time 1-0 down and with a lot to do.

Arteta tried to change things up and brought on Tomiyasu for Zinchenko at half time, hoping that he’d push the defence forward a bit and bring a bit more pace down the wing. But after just 2 minutes after the restart, Mudryk managed to lob David Raya and find the back of the net putting Chelsea 2-0 up. What I think was originally meant to be a cross, caught Raya off guard and off his line and just out of reach for our Spanish Goalkeeper.

Areta again looked to his bench for a bit of energy and hope to get back into the game and brought on Emilie Smith Rowe, Nketiah, Havertz and Trossard and again Arteta’s super subs made the difference. After a badly timed pass out for Chelsea’s goalkeeper Sanchez landed into the feet of Declan Rice who saw the keeper off his line and went for it, lobbing the keeper and landing in the bottom of the Chelsea net, getting Arsenal back into the game.

The moment the goal went in, Arsenal burst out with energy and looked ready to go and only 7 minutes later, Trossard managed to equalise after a pinpoint cross from Saka landed to the feet of Trossard who buried the ball in the back of the net putting Arsenal level.

Although most would have expected us to easily win, Stamford Bridge is always a tough place to go to and to come back from being 2-0 down to grab a point was a real show of character from the Arsenal squad.

What’s your thoughts on the game Gooners?

Daisy Mae

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  1. Arteta has learn a piece from Jose Mourhino and not Wenger in this case to learn to sub in a must win match early in enough and not dying minutes. We could possibly have won at Stamford if we got our sub on earlier

  2. The oppositions just need to use Christmas-tree formation and park the bus, to counter our 3-2-4-1 formation

    The Xmas-tree setup allows them to assign two players on each side against our wingers

    One possible solution to break such setup would be making more long diagonal crosses to a tall striker, winger or central-midfielder

    This is why I wanted Saka and Odegaard to make more long diagonal passes to Havertz

    1. Only thing way this could work if MA continues to shoehorn Raya into the team is for Raya to be instructed to arrow all those passes now to players beyond the center line. This way, if he misses the mark and we lose possession, we will have enough time to stay compact and defend progressively.

      I suspect Havertz is getting back into the starting 11 if Raya stays on as #1 against Sevilla due to this very reason above

      MA you bast**d lol, you benched Havertz to show us what we will miss when we started moaning about why he is starting games! Well done! Now enough of that, you made your point alright. Now find your best starting 11 and give us a good 30games run!!

      1. Yes, Raya would need Havertz to escape from the opposition’s high-press sometimes. He can’t always rely on short passes

    2. That’s why you don’t hold a LEVEL 5 COACHING BADGE. December is only around the corner. You can set your Christmas tree 🎄 up with nice little decorations on it. Don’t forget in with order you put the the reindeers in,,,,, oh, and Ruddolf doesn’t sit in the sled 🛷

    3. Formation aside, the Chelsea players just wanted it more yesterday. They were faster and more committed in their challenges, winning more 50-50s and not giving us space to play in their half

  3. We were saved by the bell, in the end it felt like a massive point if you ask me.

    First to begin with the gaffer starting team selection was poor,

    The Ukrainian was left to do too much against the tricky and experience Sterling.
    How did our only world class player did not start in this one, surely the plan must have been for him to come on in the second half and kill off the game.

    Havertz should have been given adequate time to fail on his old stumping ground, his involvement and contributions have been vital in the last too games.

    In a nut shell all three Partey , Havertz and Tomi should have started at the Bridge.

    We dominate for long spell in an away match hence my rating

    Rice – 8
    Tossard- 7
    Martinelli- 7
    Saliba- 7
    Magalhaes- 7
    White- 7
    Saka – 6
    Jesus- 6
    Odegaard- 6
    Odegaard- 5
    Jorginho- 5
    Zinchenko- 5
    Raya – 5

    Rice is my man of the match, as he spearheaded the come back,

    1. I would agree with Partey if fit, but we don’t know enough about his fitness to be definitive. Tomi is a good shout particularly if we are facing tricky wingers away from home. With Zinchenko the hope is that we would have more dominance and creativity in MF.
      I think bringing Havertz on later was the right call.
      A strong bench and good substitutions were key to the comeback.

    2. Gunsmoke, truth is Raya is not working, Zinchenko is being found out, Haverz didn’t work, Jorghino isn’t working, Jesus as striker isnt working. We are unbeaten and we are in the mix but things are slowly catching us up/out. Changes needed and the first start is Partey and Rice, the second is sort out Zinchenko. I really dont know the answer to the Raya and Jesus problems. Many things that are being done/changed are not bearing fruit. It was plain wrong to change Ramsdale the way he did. It was plain wrong to buy Haverz. It was plain wrong to rely on Jesus as our main striker and it is not working playing Zinchenko at inverted LB.

        1. It is hard to criticise but things are not right. We are getting results (so far) in spite of, not because of.

  4. REPOSTING (Hoping MA will see it)

    Player A
    Good Wingspan
    Aura + Energy
    Proper shithouse, making attackers think twice
    Occasional brain fart
    More likely to concede from corners and freekicks
    Never saw a clean sheet he fancies
    Radiating confidence at the back and spreading it
    Countless world class saves
    Demonstrably shot stopping efficiency
    Zesty, Fearless and Clear Communication
    Part of a team averaging atleast 65% ball possession all season (rendering passing from the back argument mute)
    In tune with the fanbase and their mood
    Wants to be there
    Brave at all times, including in front of hostile opposition fans
    Has a die-hard attitude to facing down attacks and shots
    Earned no favors

    Player B
    Absolutely no wingspan
    Doomed Aura except when claiming crosses
    Radiate sense of doom when passing from the back
    Attackers always feel confident he is there for the taking and they act accordingly
    Less likely to concede from corners and freekicks
    Increasingly regular brain farts
    Never faced a shot he fancies
    Barely wants to be there at times
    Desperate communication (doom and desperation oozing from every pores when swarmed)
    Barely noticed the fans. Can’t channel fanbase energy and use it to the team’s advantage
    Has a visibly noticeable “helpless” aura to facing down attacks and shots. Lunges has “whelp! did my best” written all over it whenever a shot left the boot of “any” opponent player
    Favors in abundance (gaffer twisted himself in a knot and went out of his way to excuse his doomed back passing attempts”

    Pretty easy to guess who is who. Now pick your poison.

    1. Good try!
      But you are fooling yourself bigtime if you believe -or even hope- that MA has either the time or the inclination to read JA or any other fan site.

    2. Well MA wants to extend his apologies for overlooking your initial post out of the hundreds of JA comments he conscientiously analyses after each game. Hope you didn’t mind reposting it. He is glad to have picked it up this time and is exceptionally grateful for your brilliant input. Keep up the excellent work!

      PS: MA wanted to reply to your post but understands it would incur a delay as he’s still under moderation, so he got me to relay his message. He will try to give you a shout out in the next pre-match conference, if time permits

      1. Tough life eh? No space for humor?
        But carry on top4. You will arrive where you are headed. Godspeed.

        1. I know it’s hard for you to believe, but MA and I have been email pen pals for years. We talk about everything under the sun and he often compliments me for a great sense of humour. I even invested my life savings in a coaching academy that he is setting up for aspiring football managers. You should enroll too

  5. I agree with one thing though and that is the best use of Havertz is crossing long balls to him. That’s when you’ll get the best out of him especially in this games where the defence is solid.

  6. 50/50 jon.

    50/50. They are humans too. All humans needs feedback, regardless of how much money they are raking in.

    How do you suppose they relax during breaks lol? It cant be all tactics, fancy dinners and movies and model girlfriends I imagine

  7. @Lupe_Nets. You are very naive Help Line or Life Line may listen to your post. I don’t know who else will

    1. @pjennings I saw you only go around, hopping from post to post, insulting people and sucking the joy out of everything and everyone and cannot enjoy this life much…or even at all.

      Alas I felt no pity for you as you are exactly where you need to be in life.

      Carry on.

  8. On the question of Ramsdale and Raya neither are world class but, in my view, I prefer Ramsdale for the positive energy and enthusiasm he brings to the team. If one looks back on history, almost all the successful teams have had quality goalkeepers: Arsenal – Seaman and Jens Lehmann, Man U – Schmeical and Van der Saar, Chelsea – Peter Cech, Liverpool – Alisson, Man City – Ederson. Another example is Bayern who normally dominate the Bundesliga but have struggled for nearly a year without the injured Manuel Neuer. My opinion? Get a top quality keeper in January or risk more disappointment at the end of the season. Last point, City without Ederson yesterday looked vulnerable at the back and could have dropped two points.

    On yesterday’s game Chelsea were overall the better side but we deserved a draw at the end.

    1. World class? ONANA who is suppose to be world class is finding it hard to keep up with EPL.

      MA knows the best reason his starting Raya over Ramsdale,

      Onto the Next game

  9. Despite the poor performance I am proud of the comeback. We Definitely have a spine. This is the toughest working team we’ve had in a while

    I think very highly of Trossard. I think he’s too good to come of the bench. I think we should start him more often

    I’m okay with Saka performance because he just came off injury. I think he should have been on the bench for this one

    Anyway at least we are at the top on points with City. Theyve had 2 losses and we haven’t had a loss yet. So a lot to be proud of and a very positive start to the season

  10. Arteta playing Jorginho I knew we would struggle, if you watched this game, Jorginho played mess and blocked us from breaking through Chelsea midfield, Declan Rice and Martin Ødeegard always played behind because they knew Jorginho was not defensive…Arteta you got to think things through.

    We struggle to win with Jorginho!,

  11. @Lupe_Nets. Dear Lupe,,,, I’ve had a great decorative life,,, and I continue to have a great life. I’ve been to more countries than you’ve changed underwear. In late 1986 I left Australia to resume a goalkeeping coach roll in Germany at the football club Hamburger SV. Over the years I was very fortunate to make 48 League Appearances whenever there was a goalkeeping crisis or whenever certain goalkeepers were not up to scratch. I was there for not quite 10 years. I had a 6 year spell at FC Schalke at youth and senior level. One of my goalkeepers was Manuel Neuer who was under me for 5 years. Neuer has played almost 120 times for Germany. Has been the captain for his country for a few years until this year. I’ve worked for Football Australia as Director of Goalkeeping. I moved permanently to Japan in 2008 as Goalkeeping Coach for the Men’s and Women’s Senior International teams as well as Goalkeeping Coach for their under 17, 19 and under 20 International teams. I’ve been to 3 Men’s World Cup Tournaments including last years World Cup in Qatar. And guess what @Lupe_Nets???? I’m great mates with Tomiyasu. I’ve been been to 4 Women’s World Cup Tournaments with the women including this years World Cup in New Zealand/ Australia. I was with the Women when they won the World Cup in 2011. I’ve been to 4 Olympic Games,,, and that was strictly with the Women. We won the Gold Medal 🥉 in 2012. In the last 4 years I’ve base myself in Australia while still employed by the Japanese Football Association. I have my own Goalkeeping Academy here in Australia. I leave Australia permanently in early November this year to reside in Japan. I’m continuing my role as Goalkeeping Coach for the Women’s International team. I’ve stood down as Goalkeeping Coach of the men’s team so I can also spend time with the Early Development Of Young Players Scheme. I was given the choice of doing 2 roles, but not 3. And it was a very easy choice to make. In this day and age there are way too many International Tournaments and Friendly International matches. Impossible to undertake both Men’s and Women’s at the same time. Could do it 6 years ago. So in all that time, since 1986, I’ve coached many many goalkeepers. So off the top of my head, roughly, I’ve helped 18 goalkeepers play at Full Senior International Football Level. That’s for Germany, Australia and Japan. That’s not a bad life for someone at 57 years of age. I’ve partied with some outrageous people. I’ve met some of the best players in the world. You can’t get any better player than PELE. I’ve met him at least half a dozen occasions over the years. I’m not exactly complaining about life @Lupe _Nets

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