Chelsea wants to reunite Arsenal star with Tuchel

Chelsea has been linked with a move for Arsenal goal machine, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.

The Gabonese striker has been Arsenal’s most important player for the last three seasons and although the last campaign was a poor one for him, the Gunners still see him as an important part of their plans.

While Arsenal crashed out of the Europa League at the semi-final stage, Chelsea won the Champions League, reached the final of the FA Cup and finished inside the top four.

The Blues are looking to build on that and they have prioritised signing a new striker.

Timo Werner has continued to underperform and The Telegraph names Aubameyang as one striker that they are considering a move for.

It says that the Blues are impressed by his goal-scoring ability and they are looking to reunite him with Thomas Tuchel.

They previously worked together at Borussia Dortmund before Aubameyang left for the Gunners at the start of 2018.

The report says the Blues wanted to sign him last summer but considered that he was too old.

It then adds Tuchel can make a case for signing him by pointing at his goal record under his management which is impressive.


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  1. I can’t see it myself although the link to Tuchel is there. Could make a nice change to see Chelsea take one of our ageing, expensive stars…

    Personally feel that Lacazette fits our system better and dont think we should keep both.

    If I could wave a magic wand and substitute Auba on his salary for Abraham on his, I’d be sorely tempted.

  2. I think he can still do it if he really wants to and has something to play for. He was always going to be the sort of player who’d disappear when playing for a team in mid table. If he moves to a bigger club like Chelsea I’ll be interested to see how he performs

    1. Bigger club.Ha ha ha ? Since when? Oh 2006.when they got financially doped? Yes I hear u say.What about the two European cups? Well so have Notts Forest! More successful of late & that is it.

  3. If it’s true let’s cash in and keep Laccazet give him 1more season renewal or max 2season but if not sell laccazet and buy a younger striker

  4. They renewed for Giroud, so I do not think it is true.
    If true sell would be good.

    1. His positional awareness and conversion rate is great. He was affected by his family circumstances and malaria…etc or our midfield is not able to create to him and he still managed 15 goals and 4 assists in 39 games which is not bad at all.

      With that said, that he is a good player, I would still sell if a good deal came.

      1. People seem to totally discount the physically debilitating impact of malaria on anyone, let alone an elite athlete.
        The ignorance astounds me.

  5. Chelsea aint as dumb as we are in making signings……my thought? just click bait rumor by sports bloggers

    1. A fit Aubameyang reunited with Tuchel at Chelsea would be a devastating combination.

    2. CFC did sign Giroud from us, so signing one of the most lethal CFs is no brainer.This man single handed delivered the FA cup to us last year. He can still do it for another 2-3 seasons. He has performed in France, Germany and England.This season was a one off but still returned with 15 goals. Just that the likes of Xhaka and Elneny have an obsesssion with back and side passing. With a new MF (as what it seems with the romours) a more direct game would benefit Auba. However every player is replacable – if CFC are willing to break the bank vault for him, so be it. Take 60M GBP and invest in Patson Daka or Paul Onauchu or welcome home our boy Harry Kane.

  6. I doubt the efficacy of this rumour, however if it happens to be real with a very juicy offer, please hesitate not to cash out and invest in a younger proven striker that fits the system.

  7. Auba’s going nowhere, who is going to buy him and pay the huge attached salary for a 32 year old who seems to be on the decline? Certainly not Chelsea who can afford to buy the best strikers available.

    1. Uba is 31 and Chelsea bought a 36 year old last season, i think they will fancy him, i won’t mind 50 million pounds on the lower side, i will use the proceeds to buy a young and aggressive striker like Musa Ndembele and still have balance to top up and get Bissuma.

  8. The only reason Auba did not perform last season was because of how Arteta set his team up. His midfield did not feed the strikers. They fed on scrap in the form of aimless crosses. After shipping Ozil off Arteta played without a number 10 and that stifled the attack of Arsenal.

    In a Chelsea team Auba will flourish.

    1. I agree Ghani; however a bout of malaria and other off field issues didn’t help.

      1. Come off this Malaria thing.
        Malaria is not as bad as you people are making it. It only take 2-3days on human even without Doctor’s attention and just taking only Malaria drugs. Auba was treated by the best Doctor, so Malaria doesn’t affect his playing. Even at that, Auba has already lost his scoring touch since August 2020 when he signed the contract.
        He had Malaria in 2021 and his Mom was sick in 2021, so how has 2021 issue affect his scoring in 2020?

        That said, I believe Auba can still score 20+ goals for 2-4 seasons with better creative players with good tactics and not feeding on scraps and bad tactics.

        1. Bob’s, where do you get your information? Malaria is still a major and serious disease in sub Saharan Africa affecting over 220 million people and being responsible for over 400,000 deaths. The impact on an elite athletes performance should not be discounted.

          1. Ozzie, But he is right is saying that PRIOR to getting malaria, Auba was still pants, And as far as Arsenal is concerned, THAT is what is relevant. I agree on what you say about malaria but that is a separate matter and does not explain Aubas bad form prior to malaria.

  9. AFC played their worst football last season because of a missing player in the field but still prfomed. Can one name one pass and one interception by the most fencied WILLIAN. We played these games with 9 men. Noone saw this. I am shocked. Someone trie by all means to cover this up.

    1. Willian 20/21 season – 25 appearances, 1 goal, 5 assists, 5 big chances created.Ozil 19/20 season, 1 goal, 2 assists. Willian is not the most shocking player to pull on a red/white jersey. Nevertheless, Willian does need to be shipped out, this post is not to defend him, but to make a point that there was a more worse player on mega wages and mega transfer fee and returned us zero transfer fees and zero contributions in cup and league success.

      1. why don’t u be signed and score more goals if u know football focus on u career this men don’t care wether they score or not #

  10. If the chavs offered north of £35 millio.Take the money & run.The only downside is he would deliver the title for them in first season just like a certain RVP at Man Utd.Tuchel knows this.It’s a gamble to stick or bust.

    1. There is minumum chance we will be title condenders with too many player changes (if things go as per Mikel’s plans), top 3, FA cup and maybe the league cup would be a successful season. We hire a hitman like Daka or Onauchu and we will be competetive, not with the likes of Dembele

  11. Here we go again. Some gooners wd keep Aubameyand past his sale by date. To think Tuchel would even countenance having that outdated player is an insult to that technical master. He deal with what he has at his disposal and appreciate those technical youngsters for whom he can devise tactics to execute while Auba and Arteta keep repeating old tactics which is why they’ve been found out. Yeah, maybe you and your manager and team fit like hand in a glove.

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