Chelsea’s Fabregas full of praise for Arsenal ahead of return

Chelsea midfielder Cesc Fabregas was a breakthrough star at Arsenal, following his switch from boyhood club Barcelona, and despite losing favour with the Gunners fans, only has positive words for his former side.

Arsenal travel across London to take on the Blues this weekend, in a must-win match-up, but one of their players will have mixed feelings towards the game.

Cesc Fabregas moved to North-London from Barcelona as a 16 year-old, and was progressed through the ranks into the first-team, and he has nothing but positive words to say about Arsenal Football club and the people working there.

“There’s many things said about me, about Arsenal. I don’t really care what people think about me any more. It’s just about what I feel towards them,” he said.

“Arsenal will always be the team that believed in me the most. I was a young kid, 16 years old, playing for Barcelona.

“Arsene Wenger, especially, and Arsenal Football Club, gave me everything.

“Without them I would not be a World Cup winner, a European Championship winner.

“I would not have experienced all of this that I’m doing in my life. I will always forever be grateful.”

Cesc hasn’t enjoyed the best reception when returning to North-London, and his words here will certainly not change many Arsenal fans opinion of him, but I cant help but feel his words, especially as he was one of my favourite players once upon a time.

It pains me to see him in that Chelsea Blue, and then I remember the reports that Wenger actually turned down the opportunity to re-sign him from Barcelona, and it leaves me torn.

Does Fabregas deserve a little slack, knowing that his heart still hugely belongs to our club?

Pat J

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  1. Fab doesn’t get to play much at Chelsea but is very likely to get a Premier League medal this year. I for one wouldn’t complain if Wenger brought him back next season.
    Who else wants him back?

    1. He’ll be 30. What’s the use for him any longer? That ship passed when Wenger decided to opt for Ramsey, Arteta and Wilshere.

  2. Na!!! He doesn’t deserve s##t!!! We were there for him!!! He wasn’t!!! He should have been here by now but just a benchwarmer for a soulless club leading the charts towards becoming Mr. Nobody!!!

  3. Those people who think he shouldn’t have joined Chelsea are simply being petty. Football is a job, okay? I’m sure many of you haven’t worked for the same employer all your lives. And football fans aren’t the most loyal people as well. Just see the way we treat some of our own players at times.

  4. I for one was happy to pass on him after Ramsey’s blinding season (what a one season wonder?), and Ozil signed the previous season. With Sanchez signed, things were looking up. Cesc turned us down despite loyalty payments and back dated pay rises to be reunited with his beloved Barca. I did not mind returning the snub.

    However, to sign for a direct rival pissed me off. I would have been happy if he went to West Ham or another aspiring club like Stoke. Seeing him win the league with Chelsea hurt and I don’t want to see it happening again. If he is to fully serve his punishment for turning his back on us, he should rot at Arsenal and maybe occasionally pop up with a good performance in the cups.

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